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Best Data visualization companies in United Kingdom in London in 2019.


Notable project

BlaBlaCar required a special solution to consolidate and centralize heterogeneous data sources for their analytic teams around the world to work with. Dataiku did just that - a centralized data system for global access, taking external data from SQL databases and transforming it into data streams. As result, BlaBlaCar increased team productivity and lowered delivery time.

“Data Science Studio is a tool for all members of the data team from data engineer to data analyst. With the help of DSS, we have created a structure that allows us to empower teams of analysts. One of our primary goals was that iterations no longer be dependent on technicians. With DSS, we’ve succeeded.” Gaëlle Périat, BI Manager at BlaBlaCar

Dataiku, founded in 2013, with its centralized data platform (DSS) aimed at guiding businesses on a journey from data analytics to enterprise AI. They provide tools for effective analysis and, therefore, business forecast. Dataiku offers the following services:

- Connectivity (25 data storage systems)
- Data exploration, machine learning, automation
- Fraud detection
- Demand forecast
- Lifetime value optimization


L'Oreal, BGL BNP Paribas, Coyote, Ubisoft, Parkeon


Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for data science platforms, The Techies “Enterprise Startup of the Year”

Employees 201-500
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

Qubole helped Malaysia Airlines, which had an outdated data storage, to audit, update and optimize it, and in result reduced data delivery time by 90% and brought down the costs for analytics department via cloud services.

"Qubole is able to help us to process the data within a 15-minute time frame rather than multiple days so that we can distribute the information to end users less than 20 minutes after the data has been received." - Ng Kim Hoe, IT Strategy and Architecture, Malaysia Airlines

Big data analysis agency with HQ in Santa Clara (California, USA), Qubole has attracted large investments in recent years. Their experts consult customers with data life cycle understanding, and consequently, modernizing workflow and earn more profits. In other words, they make complex information systems simpler to implement. The patented Qubole technology aims at X-fold improvement of communication with clients.

Company develops products for the following areas:

- Data science / data analytics
- Data engineering
- Platform administration
- Financial governance


Oracle, Comcast, Autodesk, Adobe, Warner Music Group, Malaysia Airlines, Reddit, Shazam

Employees 201-500
Service lines
  • 75% Big Data 75 %
    Big Data
  • 25% Cloud Services 25 %
    Cloud Services
  • 25% Cloud Services

Notable project

Toyota distributors system was difficult to operate and expensive to maintain, so Tamr developed a database with a special architecture - to process information from multiple sources on a single platform, without interfering with business processes.

"When we were looking for companies, Tamr fit our bill perfectly. They were interested in the mission - they understood what we were trying to do and why it was important to international security - and they had demonstrated the capacity to execute at a commercial level" - Ari Schuler, Director of the CBP Commercial Technology Innovation Program.

Founded in 2013 company quickly became a notable player in big data solutions, specializing in data science and visualization. Development team is extracting the max out of Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Mesos and Elastic to create new databases, help migrate the data, assist in data pipelining and more. Tamr devised their own products: Unify - for data unification and processing, Tamr Steward - issue tracker, and Tamr SMaaS - for machine learning solutions.

Tamr team can help customers:

- Connect and map sources/catalogs
- Transform attributes
- Master and categorize records
- Keep all data up-to-date


Thomson Reuters, Toyota, Societe Generale, Littelfuse, Amgen, US Department of Homeland Security

Employees 101-200
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

The analytical platform and processing environment for dissimilar databases and storages at HP Inc. New platform supports simultaneous data analysis from over 20 million devices in real time and provides quick access to all data.

"Databricks unified platform has helped foster collaboration across our data science and engineering teams which has impacted innovation and productivity." - John Landry, Distinguished Technologist at HP, Inc.

Big data processing company from San Francisco, utilizing advanced technologies, machine learning and remote computing, and partnering with Azure and AWS cloud components to support Apache Spark, TensorFlow, MLflow and R technologies. Started as a student research, in 10 years it grew into a leading data science experts by constantly improving big data algorithms for commercial use.

Company offers next cloud data services:

- Data systematization
- Data monetization
- Sales analytics
- Analytical reports


HP, CISCO, Shell, Viacom, Hotels.com, Overstock.com, NBC Universal

Employees 501-1000
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

We offer Dedicated Teams of developers that seamlessly become a part of the clients’ business. Whether you need to scale internal team or extend your technical expertise, our Dedicated Team is always ready to take up your project from scratch, join an ongoing development or render a project rescue service.

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 15% Big Data 15 %
    Big Data
  • 35% Web 35 %
  • 20% Custom Software 20 %
    Custom Software
  • 20% IoT 20 %
  • 10 %
    Augmented reality
  • 85% other
Treselle Systems

Notable project

Having to unite, group and utilize data coming from across multiple retail stores, Treselle team constructed the algorithm and the whole complex system processing about 1 million points of data daily.

“Treselle has done some cutting-edge programming over the years, using machine-learning technology typically seen in big data that has over 2 billion points in it. They deftly handle every challenge with skill sets rivalling big data firms. Their competent leadership and constant communication build trust and peace of mind.” - Co-Founder at Discern Analytics

Offering diverse range of tech services since 2004, Treselle stand strong in big data among everything else. You can count on anything related: from managing and analyzing big chunks of business data to strategy proposals based on analyses.

Treselle’s main focus is in:

- Big data, cloud computing
- Enterprise programs
- Database management (SQL & NoSQL)
- Mobile apps, UX/UI, testing


Ideal Shape, AMI, Flex, Weider, Pampers

Employees 51-100
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data

Notable project

For Tinkoff Bank it was necessary to reduce marketing costs without losing clients. Informatica improved their management system, integrated analysis algorithms, all of which led to a 10x increase in conversion rates.

"Informatica helps Tinkoff deliver on the business expectations no matter how fast data volumes grow, how complex the data model is and whichever data sources need to be integrated. By harnessing big data across the bank, Tinkoff is now uniquely positioned to target, acquire and retain more customers.” - Sergey Sotnichenko, Head of Data Warehousing in Tinkoff Bank

One of the “veteran” data companies, founded in 1993, Informatica lays out the full scope of data processing services, and big data in particular. Their universal approach to solving tasks is based on both years of experience and high-performance data science algorithms and own software - CLAIRE engine / data platform. HQ in Redwood City, California, 30+ offices around the globe, 85 of the “Fortune 100” companies as customers.

Informatica team can help with

- Data in cloud
- Data compliance
- Analytics and data management
- Data monetization


Comcast, Verizon, Western Union, Seagate, Transamerica, US Air Force


Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools (July 2018), 2018 CRM Market Award for Best Data Quality Software & Solutions.

Employees 1000+
Service lines
  • 100% Big Data 100 %
    Big Data