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Best Data visualization companies in United States in Cambridge in 2019.


Notable project

Toyota distributors system was difficult to operate and expensive to maintain, so Tamr developed a database with a special architecture - to process information from multiple sources on a single platform, without interfering with business processes.

"When we were looking for companies, Tamr fit our bill perfectly. They were interested in the mission - they understood what we were trying to do and why it was important to international security - and they had demonstrated the capacity to execute at a commercial level" - Ari Schuler, Director of the CBP Commercial Technology Innovation Program.

Founded in 2013 company quickly became a notable player in big data solutions, specializing in data science and visualization. Development team is extracting the max out of Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Mesos and Elastic to create new databases, help migrate the data, assist in data pipelining and more. Tamr devised their own products: Unify - for data unification and processing, Tamr Steward - issue tracker, and Tamr SMaaS - for machine learning solutions.

Tamr team can help customers:

- Connect and map sources/catalogs
- Transform attributes
- Master and categorize records
- Keep all data up-to-date


Thomson Reuters, Toyota, Societe Generale, Littelfuse, Amgen, US Department of Homeland Security

Employees 101-200
Service lines
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