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Best Custom Software development companies in Australia in 2019.



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The challenge for the team while they working on Up-Skill were to create a training platform that would help to discover potential and maximize productivity of workforce. Today Up-Skill uses Human Resource departments for better selection of potential employees.

"I think that Fingent Corporation is a good partner for our projects and I've enjoyed working with them. The process has been a lot smoother than that I would've thought." - President, Financial Services

Since the company was founded 2003, Fingent Corp specializes on helping companies and businesses of all sizes fast and easy solving arisen challenges and satisfies their requests. Now the company has more than 650 projects from more than 20 industries at its portfolio.

- Product Engineering;
- Data Analytic and Information Management;
- Strategy and Planning.

Fingent Corp uses over 20 leading technologies for the projects solutions. The company client base includes customers from 4 continents and more than 14 countries.


NEC, Johnson&Johnson, CBN, Sony


Clutch, GoodFirms, BusinessofApps, ITFirms,TrustedFirms

  • 50% Custom Software development company
Employees 201-500

Zain Naboulsi

Fingent`s team ensures long-term success as well as quality development and delivery.

Though a small team of designers, programmers and strategists, DreamWalk is one of the best mobile app development companies in Australia. Indeed, their iPhone app and Android apps have reached No.1 rankings in app stores in Australian many times (see Jam, The Secret, Surfy).

Developing apps is always a challenge for them, and they always try to apply expertise

  • 30% Custom Software development company
Employees 11-50

ARKA Softwares is a well-organized custom software development company, offering the best mobile and web app development services across the globe. Our technology experts and consultants are focused on delivering standard IT solutions with top rated quality. We are working with an enthusiasm for any kind of business startups or large enterprise.


Adani Group, ILFS, Airtel, Ommcollective, Benvenuto,  Innerhour,  AllN1,  Mapha

  • 25% Custom Software development company
Employees 101-200

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