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Best Custom Software developers in 2019 in India

List of top Custom Software developers in 2019

Brainvire Infotech Inc


Brainvire Infotech Inc is a custom software development company established in 2000. It is headquartered in the USA, but the company also has several presences in the UK, UAE, Europe, Canada, Australia, France and more. Brainvire provides web and mobile custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Brainvire is able to develop different custom software solutions delivering the following services:
- Mobile app development (iOS, Android, Hybrid, Cross-platform)
- Web app development
- eCommerce development
- Microsoft app development
Augmented Reality, Cloud, Blockchain development

Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Gaming, Retail Sector, Advertising and more are industry sectors that are serviced by the company.

10% Custom Software development company
1-10 employees
United States, South Jordan


Alghanim Industries

Notable project

Leading recruitment agency wanted to automate its workflow, so it turned to the Brainvire team for help. Braivire succeeded to increase the client's work efficiency by 54% thanks to customized Odoo solution. The solution optimizes the recruitment business processes, allows managing work cycles and teams, and has such features as customized invoice templates, automatic overstay & ESB calculation, and so on.

"Brainvire is a professional company with professional developers who understand the problems that we are facing as a company. Outsourcing my projects at Brainvire saves me valuable time because they work efficiently and they unburden me from the actual time management." - Mr Clarke Verdel

"They have done an excellent job of understanding and executing our requirements.”


Since the company was founded 2003, Fingent Corp specializes on helping companies and businesses of all sizes fast and easy solving arisen challenges and satisfies their requests. Now the company has more than 650 projects from more than 20 industries at its portfolio.

- Product Engineering;
- Data Analytic and Information Management;
- Strategy and Planning.

Fingent Corp uses over 20 leading technologies for the projects solutions. The company client base includes customers from 4 continents and more than 14 countries.

50% Custom Software development company
201-500 employees
United States, White Plains



Notable project

The challenge for the team while they working on Up-Skill were to create a training platform that would help to discover potential and maximize productivity of workforce. Today Up-Skill uses Human Resource departments for better selection of potential employees.

"I think that Fingent Corporation is a good partner for our projects and I've enjoyed working with them. The process has been a lot smoother than that I would've thought." - President, Financial Services

Zain Naboulsi
"Fingent`s team ensures long-term success as well as quality development and delivery.”
Octal IT Solution


In 2007 was founded a custom web & mobile app development company Octal IT Solution with presences in the UK, India, and Singapore. Its team consists of over 150 employees, and its number of finished projects counts more than 1100 mobile & web apps for 500+ clients across the globe. To the point, it is an award-winning company that is certified by ISO 9001:2008.

There is a list of custom development services that the company provides:
- Web development (PHP, AngularJS, Java, JavaScript, Wordpress)
- eCommerce development
- Mobile development (Android, IOS, Hybrid, Wearables, Phonegap)
- SaaS, CRM, and ERP development
- Microsoft solutions development

Additionally, Octal IT Solutions offers the development of UI/UX design with interactive elements and self-intuitive navigation.

20% Custom Software development company
101-200 employees
India, Jaipur


Red Card

Notable project

The delivery app for Grocery Shop, that was developed by Octal, has a lot of features like managing different delivery details (pinning address on a map, choosing favourite time to deliver, products scanning), notifying, advanced searching and more. For the notice, it's available for both Android and iOS platforms.

"The herd of experts Octal has striven for excellence no matter how hard they have to hit it. Their innovative approach and focus help them keep the things around in control. Initially, I found them slightly expensive to work with, but when the level of quality delivered, I had no issue in paying a little extra." - Mr. Tony Romeo

Arun Goyal
"Good Company for mobile application development”


Incorporated in 2012 and headquartered in Sola, India, Techuz is a software development company that consists of over 60 team members and has more than 50 clients around the world. Techuz provides custom web & mobile solutions to the global market, and it has already delivered around 120 projects.

The company offers the following services:
- Web development (apps, tools, and websites)
- Native and cross-platform mobile app development
- Cloud Deployment
- UI/UX design
- IoT & Blockchain development

Techuz has got Web Guru Award and 5-star Rating on B2B Platforms, also is recognized as a top mobile app developer.

20% Custom Software development company
51-100 employees
India, Ahmedabad


Mr Button
121 Lessons

Notable project

Techuz was hired by that provides analytics and marketing solution to help admins to get data and analyze user behavior. Techuz has developed two software modules and customized over 8 EDD add-ons and Android app. The company also delivered custom plugin with one click, marketplace for add-on plugins, and plugin marketplace statistics.

"Thanks for the good work. Great WordPress knowledge. This job was quick and efficient, they followed my instructions and tasks quite easily and also had a timel plan. Weekly Skype calls and direct communication also helped the project succeed." - Gorkem, Co-Founder, Countly

Deepak MD
"Techuz understands the business needs”


PixelCrayons is a custom software development company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The company`s 500 professionals are capable to develop custom software solutions for Web, Mobile, IoT, Blockchain, ML and other fields. For today, the company has already developed around 13,800 software solutions for more than 6,800 clients from over 38 countries around the world.

There are the following custom software development services proposed by PixelCrayones:
- iOS & Android app development
- Web app development
- E-Commerce & ERP software development
- Software Migration & Updating
- Content Management

PixelCrayons delivers custom software solutions for industries such as eCommerce, Social networking, Lifestyle & Sport, Games & Entertainment, Mobile loyalty, and others.

50% Custom Software development company
501-1000 employees
India, Noida


BBC Worldwide

Notable project

PixelCrayons has developed an online recruitment system for the client, that significantly simplifies the whole recruitment process by giving such features as vacancies publishing, CV & vacancies management, compartment of vacancy assessment criteria and more.

"So far it has been a very good experience and a pleasure in working together with PixelCrayons and I can definitely recommend the company for a professional IT Service solutions."

"Like their professionalism”


Founded in 2000, Radixweb is IT outsourcing software development company. In its portfolio there are over 3750 delivered projects. The team also has over 2750 happy customers all over the globe. 95% of clients admitted that they would like to work with Radixweb again.

For over 19 years end-to-end development experience the team uses more than 10 technologies to deliver quality product.

Radixweb offers following services:
- Software Product Development;
- MS Dynamics CRM Development;
- Software Maintenance Services.

The company has over 390 team members which specialize not only in development but in providing IT consulting and business analysis.

20% Custom Software development company
1-10 employees
India, Ahmedabad


New York Times
DOT Compliance Group

Notable project

In the process of creating the global portal in the field of recruitment industry, the team had to update Feature-Rich Solution, create an effective algorithm of searching, design the distinctive features for job hunters to seek out and post the vacancies.

"Radix has been an outstanding partner on our software project and truly shares our vision for a visually appealing" - Jana L. Bauer

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.


With over 16 years of experience Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has more than 1000 professional team members and 5 offices all around the world.

The company also has a huge experience in web development (12+ years), more than 7 years of experience in mobile development and 7 years marketing experience.

CIS offers:
- Enterprise Mobility and Big Data;
- Microsoft and SAP Solution;
- BI & Analytics and RPA.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. serves and works with all the industrial giants of India and maintain strategic alliances with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Joomla & Drupal. Moreover, The CIS is one of the best blockchain development company.

40% Custom Software development company
501-1000 employees
United States, San Jose


Joomla & Drupal

Notable project

eSignly was created by Cyber Infrastructure Inc. as an app that secures electronic signatures. The program is easy to use and after just three simple steps users can have a full access to all the documentation, stored in any gadget.

"This team works hard, provides excellent service and exceptional products. Weve been working with them over a year and are pleased with the results." - Jessica Seastead


Contus started its way in 2008 as a Software as a Product company that is headquartered in Chennai, India and with one more office in Atlanta, USA. Its team made of over 350 engineers and experts that serve clients from more than 40 countries of different industries. Contus`s specialists have expertise in providing the development of emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, AR/VR.

The company offers development of such custom software solutions as:
- Enterprise media solutions
- Enterprise full-stack web & mobility solutions
- Video-on-demand solutions
- Messaging solutions
- Cloud & IoT solutions

15% Custom Software development company
1-10 employees
India, Chennai



Notable project

Contus has created an amazing custom mobile experience both for Android and iOS for Lansdowne Pub, Irish pub chain. In the application realized augmented reality, push notification, GPS, and geofencing features. It provides users access to the list of all pub services and social channels, pub scanner with AR with special offerings, the integrated banking system and more.

"I like their straight-forward and to-the-point working style. They have a good pace in their work and stick to timelines diligently. Overall, a good recommendation to anyone." - Rafi Chowdhury


Dexoc is a Custom software development company based in Canada, India, USA & Spain. Our professional software engineers provides offshore software development services to startups, mid-size companies & big enterprises across the globe. Our skilled and professional software developers team uses Agile & DevOps development methodology during the project

18% Custom Software development company
11-50 employees
Canada, Brampton


LifeTools Software Application
Trademark Software Application
Oli C.
"Dexoc is top notch Software Outsourcing Partner”

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