Best 35 Infor companies - Aug, 2020

  • AMCON SOFT image
    25% Infor
    • Ukraine, Dnipro
    • $25 - $50/hr
    • 101-200  employees
    • BroadTeam
    • InnLogist System
    • Skylog System
    • FLIP Taxi
    • Vervechka
    • NavisGPS
  • AIT Business Services

    AIT Business Services

    AIT Business Services image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Nieco Corporation
    • Workrite Ergonomics Furniture
    • SteelCase
    • Middleby Corporation


    AIT Business Services is an industrial manufacturing software and ERP provider with a specialized focus on operations and finance. Established in 1993, AIT Business Services is an industry pioneer and Infor Gold Channel Partner, which provides licensing of CloudSuite Industrial, effectively implementing Enterprise Resource Planning.

    AIT Business Services serves customers of all sizes from start-ups to enterprises mainly from industries such as life science, automotive, aerospace & defense, high-tech, electronics, and industrial manufacturing. Today, the company specializes in providing more than 16 products, including:
    - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)
    - Infor CloudSuite Business (SyteLine)
    - Infor Ming.le
    - Infor Mongoose.

    Introducing products into the business processes of AIT Business Services highly experienced in providing project management, application training and education, data Conversions, and application personalization services.

    Notable project

    Workrite Ergonomics hired the AIT Business Services to take over the planning, implementation, and post-launching experience. So, AIT Business Services managed to replace the outdated ERP system with Infor SyteLine, which can maintain the company's reputation as innovative and customer-oriented. As a result of cooperation, the client observes an increase in productivity, an increase in the response rate of customers and delivery times without adding significant additional resources, and more.

    "The planning, implementation, and post launch experience have all met or exceeded our expectations. Infor did what they said they were going to do. They listened, studied, planned, and then executed and delivered what we asked for and needed." - Lesley Ransley, Director of Information Systems, Workrite Ergonomics

  • AppSetter


    AppSetter image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • PJW
    • Stars Microelectronics
    • Rainthai
    • dkw
    • TDIC
    • CPPC


    AppSetter is an Infor CloudSuite software provider that offers end-to-end implementation solutions to help clients meet the complex demands of MTO (Make-to-Order) and ETO (Engineer-to-Order) operations. AppSetter is recognized as one of the leaders in the ERP industry, and most of its employees have more than 10 years of experience in providing services such as:

    - Software installation and Configuration
    - End-to-End Implementation and Training
    - Cost Consulting Professional Services with processes and methodologies
    - Project Management Services
    - Special customization services with ad-hoc reports

    The solutions implemented by the company are aimed at providing ERP systems for customers of any size, allowing them to effectively manage their entire commercial organization. AppSetter offers many ERP solutions like CRM, multi-site, sales, source, configure, supply chain, finance, service and more.

    Notable project

    One of the company's clients, a large manufacturing company, which collaborates with Adidas, Patagonia, Montbell, was in need to implement Infor CloudSuite system into its business. Thus, AppSetter was able to implement all the necessary functions in the ERP system for the successful development of the client`s business, including increasing shipping time, improved cycle counting, increased sales, integrated production, and production planning, improved visibility, and more. Now the client can share supply across customer orders, which it can't do in the past.

  • Copley Consulting Group

    Copley Consulting Group

    Copley Consulting Group image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • ARTEL
    • Boston Power
    • Curtis
    • CAV Aerospace
    • EyePoint
    • Dornier MedTech


    The Copley Consulting Group is a consulting, ERP solutions, and business analytics company with over 30 years of experience. Copley Consulting Group guys are highly skilled in business systems, project management, and technical application support, which are necessary for the successful implementation of Infor ERP solutions. The Copley team aims to offer business solutions for FDA regulated, general manufacturing, high technology, aerospace & defense, marine industry, higher education, police & public safety, health & human services. To provide clients with the opportunity to take full advantage of the CloudSuite capabilities, the team specializes in providing such ERP Services as:

    - Program Management
    - Business Process Workshops
    - Client User Training
    - ERP Conference Room Pilot
    - ERP Go-Live Support

    Thanks to many years of experience, the company guarantees an easy and efficient implementation of the system thanks to proven methodology, which includes planning (planning & organization, installation), education (business process workshops, core team app training, process finalization & testing), personalization (integrations & personalizations, I&P testing ), migration (conversion planning & training, data achieve, live data prep), transition (go-live execution, post go-live support).

    Notable project

    AccuSpec Electronics needed a technology partner who would be able to seamlessly implement the ERP Solution and help AccuSpec Electronics achieve the goals of improving timely delivery, as well as double sales and profitability within three years. The new system provided the customer`s business with advanced tools for customer management, materials management processes, work control, and workshop. Among the achievements of the company, which were realized thanks to Infor SyteLine and Copley: improved on-time delivery to 94%, increased accuracy of cycle counting by more than 90% and productivity by 50%.

    "Stability, flexibility, and the ability to handle complexity and grow with the business were important factors, and Infor`s application proved strongest. The 10-week implementation we sought also appeared most probable with Infor." - Ty Eggemeyer, Accuspec Electronics, LLC

  • LeanSwift


    LeanSwift image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Carolina Canners
    • NorSea Group
    • Propper
    • Master Halco


    LeanSwift is a Florida-based Infor enterprise software provider that has been delivering ERP solutions and integrations for over 20 years. Being an Infor Alliance Partner, LeanSwift consists of highly-skilled Infor M3 consultants who provide CloudSuite ERP implemented solutions for distribution, food & beverage, manufacturing, fashion, and chemical industries. Providing M3 business and technical consulting services across multiple industries and verticals the company experiences in:

    - Professional Services (implementation, migration, upgrades, Infor operating services, etc);
    - Managed Services (significant cost savings, productivity & employee efficiency growth, etc);
    - Hybrid CloudSuite Hosting (management of AWS Cloud account providing hosting infrastructure, AWS hosting, etc).

    Moreover, the LeanSwift team specializes in providing mobile apps for Infor M3 through its premium mobile interface for M3 or CloudSuite that provide on-demand ERP functionality anytime.

    Notable project

    Interplastic Corporation turned to LeanSwift because it needed to replace the outdated CSS system with ERP Infor M3 13.4 solution. A decision was made in favor of Infor since it satisfied all the client's needs regarding finances, customer order management, inventory, procurement, production, and more. The LeanSwift team worked on this project with Doppio, who was responsible for the technical integration and data migration, while the LeanSwift team was responsible for the M3 functional flows. The project included MES, Optiva, EAM, advanced scheduling, bank integrations with Infor M3.

    "We do start integration work ourselves, but although the application was very sophisticated, the backend integrated that's the most critical thing, right? So that's where we are relying on LeanSwift to help us. It really enables us to take full advantage of the applications. We had a great implementation and work." - Walter Fogg

  • Progressive TSL

    Progressive TSL

    Progressive TSL image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Genel Energy
    • Impact
    • seplat
    • petroceltic
    • Desire Petroleum
    • Hansa Hydrocarbons


    Progressive TSL is a leading business systems and solutions consultancy, based in London, UK. The company is specializing in handling the critical needs of oil & gas organizations. Having 15 years of experience Progressive TSL serves the global client base and offers the following services:

    - Consultancy: system review & analysis, system design, process design, system implementation & upgrade, knowledge transfer & training;
    - Product solutions: IBM Maximo, Infor EAM, Infor SunSystems, Unity, BankLinks for business, Reporting, ProInvoice/ProOrder, ProEther, ProSync, Business intelligence;
    - Technology solutions: hosting, IT outsourcing, support.

    Over 50 companies have already experienced collaboration with Progressive TSL. Each of them decided to approach the company, since it has in-depth oil and gas knowledge, provides scalable solutions, offers personal involvement in project delivery and constant support, focuses on partnership and relationships, etc.

    Notable project

    Turkish oil and gas business Genel Energy approached Progressive TSL to upgrade their finance system and transfer the accounting in-house to London, because of growth in business. With the help of Infor SunSystems Progressive TSL had implemented the solution, which satisfied venture accounting and reporting needs. To underrate the risk of possible failures the company decided to implement a new wholly redundant solution with clustered databases, excessive servers, and reliable network storage. Results of the project: quicker processing of invoices and expenses, faster time recording, more accurate cost allocations, efficient financial processing, increased visibility, direct reporting, etc.

    "Progressive`s pragmatic approach, willingness to get their hands dirty and dedication to their work have all been key to a successful working partnership. Not only have I been impressed with Progressive`s depth of expertise in finance, finance systems and the specifics of the oil & gas industry, but I`ve also been impressed with the speed in which our system implementation has been delivered."

  • BPX Global

    BPX Global

    BPX Global image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Nestle
    • Eurocash
    • Global Cosmed
    • ZUS
    • Max Computers
    • Libet


    BPX Global is a global consulting company, based in Wroclaw, Poland. It specializes in business transformation navigation via modern enterprise solutions. The company addresses its services to middle-sized companies and large enterprises. It is also considered to be the cost-competitive provider of certified solutions in SAP ERP Space.

    BPX Global offers a wide range of services in many areas:
    - Business intelligence: All data in one place, Advanced Analytics, Data literacy program, Audit, Support;
    - Infor CloudSuite industrial: Hi-tech; Foundry; Metallurgy, Automotive, Aviation production; Small, medium enterprises; Global/local templates deployment; Infor business process design;
    - IT service management: Custom apps, XSM, ITSM, Application development, Optimization, Customization, Training, Audits, Implementations.

    Notable project

    Avans needed Qlick Application Support and approached BPX Global to implement sales analysis & store rotation applications. The company decided to design an application for sales analytics of 250 home appliance stores together with 4 online stores. BPX leads the training of a new app and now provides installation and app support. The newly launched application provides integration of data from various sources and allows easy access to reports for end-users.

  • EOH Infor Solutions

    EOH Infor Solutions

    EOH Infor Solutions image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Belgotex
    • Ross Mould
    • Sunbird
    • The FXGroup
    • UWC
    • Astral


    EOH Infor Services is a large enterprise systems provider that serves over 70,000 customers in more than 164 countries globally. Started its way in 1996, today, the company specializes in the supply of enterprise applications and implements enterprise resource planning solutions. Infor ERP offers business improvement solutions for aerospace and defense, healthcare, automotive, equipment, chemicals, industrial manufacturing, public sector, hospitality, high tech and electronics, and other industries.

    To meet all client's needs, the EOH Infor Services offers such advanced Infor ERP products as:
    - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) - improve productivity and respond faster to change;
    - Infor LP - flexibility in operations and strengths in financials;
    - Infor M3 - flexibility in operations, technology and scale;
    - Infor Service Management - deep industry-specific service management;
    - Infor System 21 - deep complex industry understanding;
    - Infor VISUAL - understanding the specifics of order-driven manufacturing.

    Notable project

    Reynolds Catering needed to update and optimize the old ERP system, as it felt that the system required to be updated, as the software wasn't capable of dealing with processing more than 3,200 orders anymore. Together with EOH Infor Solutions, the Infor M3 system was chosen to meet the needs of the client`s business. Thus, the introduced ERP system allowed not only to optimize business processes but also to improve the decision-making process throughout the company, including the warehouse, call center, supply chain, and financial departments.

    "Having embedded Infor M3 at the core of our operation, we are now firmly fixed on making sure we lead the industry when it comes to customer service and developing new offerings." - Richard Calder, IT Director, Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd

  • Guardian Business Solutions

    Guardian Business Solutions

    Guardian Business Solutions image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Badger Alloys
    • METCAM
    • Midwest Enterprises
    • Diversatek Healthcare


    Guardian Business Solutions is a manufacturing ERP software provider with over 22 years of experience. Since 1997 the company has implemented proven business processes and high ROI technology systems for manufacturing clients in the Midwest. Today, Guardian Business Solutions has over 1,000 successful engagements in its portfolio, offering unique approaches to each client, which in turn helps to avoid risks and failures in the implementation of ERP projects.

    Guardian Business Solutions specializes in providing such types of ERP Infor solutions as:
    - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) - Planning and scheduling, quality and service management, business intelligence, advanced technology platform;
    - Business Mobility Solutions - Increase shop order visibility, accurate labor tracking, enhance inventory control, barcode scanning;
    - ERP Consulting Solution - Proven project management and implementation methodologies, expertise, personalizes project approach, designed around the business.

    Notable project

    As an integrated enterprise for assembly, warehousing, and distribution, MidWest Enterprises for the Blind, Inc demanded a solution that would accelerate its business processes, and give them an advantage among competitors. Also, the client needed to reduce operating costs and maintain profit margins. The Guardian Business Solution team provided a method for replicating the MWEB ERP production system, thereby providing an application that implied easy-to-use touch screens, barcode scanning, and voice recognition for quick and easy access and data collection by employees to increase customer service.

    "They`ve helped us schedule - to learn our capacity. Do we need more people? More equipment? More machines? We`ve gone through a lot of changes in last few years and Guardian has been able to work with us through those changes."

  • Single Source System

    Single Source System

    Single Source System image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Spence Restoration Nursery
    • DCL
    • Evapar
    • CresCor


    Single Source Systems, Inc. is an Indiana-based Infor software services and solutions partner with over 20 years of experience, and over thousands of successful engagements. Since its establishment in 1985, the company specializes in ERP, third-party, and proprietary software deployments by offering such solutions as ERP implementation, ERP software, and professional services.

    As for ERP software, the Single Source Systems team specializes in providing CloudSuite Field Service, as well as Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solutions. Professional services offered by Single Source Systems include ERP consulting, programming, and technical services. In addition to Infor ERP, the company also offers additional software and services as:
    - Productivity Tools by Single Source
    - IncentViz by Single Source
    - Syteline Shipping & Logistics
    - The Service School by Single Source.

    To ensure high-quality and effective implementation of Infor ERP systems in a client`s business, the company uses its own methodology - Milestone, which includes 5 stages of and 20 phases work to implement new or updated ERP software.

    Notable project

    Resolute Industrial required a flexible software solution for its business to combine a wide range of departments into one facility with one chart of accounts. The Single Source Systems` task was to implement Infor CloudSuite systems in the shortest possible time. To do this, the team used the QuickStart database template for the CloudSuite Field Service, which made it possible to quickly create a system, run tests, and start working within 3 months. It helped Resolute Industrial to effectively use its capabilities throughout the organization, including sales, accounting, management, production, and procurement.

    "I knew from many implementation experiences that we needed a partner that could think on their feet and move quickly to get things done. That is difficult to do. Many providers would have made this process overly complex, but the right dynamic was there with Single Source. That`s what made this implementation a success." - Soulby Jackson, VP Operations & Market Development, Resolute Industrial

  • Visual South

    Visual South

    Visual South image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Georgia Tech CMIT
    • Southward Corporation
    • MinTel Communications


    Visual South is an Infor ERP implementation and consulting partner with over 26 years of experience in providing Infor ERP consulting, ERP & ISM implementation, application development, and business process review services.

    The Visual South implementation process consists of 5 advanced stages, including project planning, software install & data Conversion, process development & training, pilot testing, ERP launch, and post-launch support. As for the Infor ERP Consulting Process, it, in turn, implies root cause identification, procedure development, and full-service experience.

    Additionally to services, the company provides many products to choose from, depending on the characteristics of the client`s business and its needs:
    - CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) - Cloud or on-premise ERP that helps to drive bottom-line profit, grow with ERP software, get it up and run quickly;
    - Infor VISUAL - ERP for manufacturing companies that offers high visibility of the business processes;
    - Infor Service Management - provides system-wide visibility, control, easy extensibility, and device readiness;
    - Infor CRM - aims to provide the ability to maximize customer interactions for business;
    - Configure Price Quote.

    Notable project

    Visual South not only managed to efficiently and quickly implement the ERP system in the work of TIGHITCO Inc. but also to make this process as simple as possible for the client. Visual South provided all the necessary information about the work done, the timing, problems, and features of implementation on the first call of the client. In addition, even after the end of the project, Visual South guys provide the client with advice and support to ensure that TIGHITCO Inc. is on the right track and uses all the features of the implemented system for the harmonious development of his business.

    "Visual South did an extremely good job leading us through the implementation process, identifying what steps we needed to take and the sequence that needed to be done." - Peter Nicholas, General Manager, TIGHITCO Inc.

  • ComActivity


    ComActivity image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Beak & Jonson
    • Peters
    • BlueScope
    • GWA
    • Anzco
    • Raptis
    • Super Amart
    • Toyota


    ComActivity started its way in 2005 as a leading provider of enterprise software and services. The company also collaborates with Infor, AWS, Optimity, and OAK BarrelI. It is headquartered in Sydney the company has 3 offices in Australia, and 1 office in New Zealand.

    The company offers the latest version of M3 that is available in the cloud or on-premise. It proposes jScripts, Mashups, SDK Development to make the user interface of any Infor solution customizable. Also, ComActivity specialists are able to integrate Infor solutions to other Infor's or non-Infor's systems. Being a Gold Channel Infor's partner, ComActivity offers the following Infor application services:
    - Infor implementation
    - Infor integration and updating
    - Infor apps support
    - User Interface Customization
    - Document Management

    Currently, it has delivered over 50 solutions for famous brands across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. The company works with end-to-end supply chain businesses and its clients are mainly from food & beverage, fashion, retail, pharmaceuticals, automotive, building, supplies, electronics, and mining industries.

    Notable project

    For Beak & Johnson, ComActivity has implemented WarehouseACTION and Infor's M3 solutions. ComActivity had successfully updated Infor's M3, so the client received better transport processing and increasing warehouse effectiveness. Also, the company had created a great WarehouseAction mobile solution that is the most adaptive to all business requirements.

    "We trusted ComActivity and knew that they knew our business well. They showed us the depth of Infor M3 - and how it could do exactly what we wanted it to. "

  • Fortude image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Red Wing Shoes
    • Gold Coin Group
    • Gunnersen
    • Gemcon


    Fortude is an Infor ERP solutions provider that was founded in 2012 with the main office in Colombo, Western. It is a Global Infor Alliance Partner and Microsoft Partner. It keeps in over 200 Infor certified specialists that deliver Infor M3, CloudSuite, and Birt solutions in more than 15 countries to Fashion, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Distribution and Healthcare industries. Fortude has one of the biggest Infor M3 consulting resources around the world.

    The company offers the following services:
    - ERP consulting: implementation of M3 and M3 CloudSuite ERP solutions, process automation, ION integration services, customer integration, support services, etc.
    - Enterprise software development: custom software development, and customization of functional enhancements for ERPs.
    - BI & Reporting: ERP optimization and updating of the existing systems.
    - QA: Infor Testing as a Service including automated, mobile app, migration, compatibility testing.

    Notable project

    Fortude has delivered Infor M3 solution for Asia's leading animal nutrition & feed company. The client's business got a fast growth, so it created significant issues related to work, sales processes, inventory, and manufacturing management. The client wanted to work in 10 countries and support over 2400 users without problems, transform manual 50-year-old workflows into a new system. And, Fortude managed to these requirements only for 10 months. The company has successfully implemented Infor M3 ERP solution across five countries.

    "I appreciate and I`m thankful for their guidance which exceeded my expectations. The team are open to new ideas and willingly share all their knowledge."

  • Semantic Systems

    Semantic Systems

    Semantic Systems image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Airbus
    • Faes Farma
    • Fagor
    • Ulma
    • Velatia


    Semantic Systems was established in 2002 as a specialist in ERP, Industry 4.0, Outsourcing IT, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Data Analysis. The company's head office is in Derio, Vizcaya, and other offices are in Barcelona, Madrid, and Mexico.

    The company collaborates with Infor, Microsoft, SAP, SAGE, and more. As an Infor's partner, Semantic Systems provides Infor LN, Infor Baar, Infor PM, and Infor ION solutions for different industries. The company can help you to implement, integrate, and customize Infor solution as well as migrate system to Infor ERP. It is worth noting, Semantic Systems is certified by ISO 27.001 as specialists of systems and processes in outsourcing, information systems, and telecommunications management.

    Semantic Systems offers the following services for its customers:
    - Consulting and Implementation Solutions
    - Software development (ERP, CRM, SCH, MES, etc.)
    - Applications Maintenance
    - System Migration
    - Application Integration

    Notable project

    Laboratorios Alcala Farma is a client with a 20-years-old existence on the market who chose Semantic Systems for ERP migration service. The client needed to be more technological relevant, more effectively, and cover greater functionality. To satisfy all customer's requirements, the team suggested migrating from the Baan IV to Infor LN. So, the Semantic System had successfully implemented it. Thanks to the project, Laboratorios Alcala's business processes were improved as well as integral management.

  • TriMin Systems, Inc

    TriMin Systems, Inc

    TriMin Systems, Inc image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Husky Corporation
    • Precision Pulley and Idler
    • Alexandria Industries


    TriMin is an Infor and IBM business partner that since 1986, aims to provide easy-to-use, and designed to speed performance software and services to help manufacturing companies achieve their business goals. As Infor covers all industries, TriMin team aims to provide ERP end-to-end solutions for almost any industry including aerospace & defense, chemicals, construction, distribution, energy, high tech & electronics, hospitality, logistics & 3PL, professional services, public sector, retail, and much more.

    The team of manufacturing experts specializes in providing such advanced Infor business solutions as:
    - Infor Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ)
    - Infor Business Intelligence Birst
    - Infor PLM Accelerate
    - Infor Supply Chain Execution
    - Infor Ming.le Social Collaboration and Business Process Management

    Infor XA keeps a special place among the company's products - a fully-integrated set of software applications that are provided for the companies that develop, sell, produce, and compete globally with their products. Additionally, TriMin Systems also specializes in providing tools for more efficient implementation and use of Infor ERP solutions: iBOM tool, materials requirements planning (MRP) tool, multi-BOM upload to XA, and engineering change management solution.

    Notable project

    Turning to the TriMin Systems experts, Precision Pulley and Idler chose Infor XA as a product, since it fully meets all current and future needs of the business, and provides many advantages for the industrial manufacturing company. Thus, as a result of collaboration, visibility was improved, the analysis and decision-making process was simplified, but more importantly, business efficiency was significantly increased by automating tasks that previously required manual control and filling.

    "I am pleased with how well our new implementation of Infor XA went, and the information it`s providing our employees. It will continue to grow with us and provide value to our company for years to come." - Roger A. Brown, VP of Operations, COO, CFO, Precision Pulley and Idler

  • Godlan image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Gloucester Engineering
    • The Worden Group


    Godlan is a professional manufacturing services company, established in 1984. Being Infor Gold Channel Partner Godlan provides clients with Infor`s extended enterprise solutions, which in turn are displayed on the latest technology platforms which provide and support the integration of word-class processes.

    Godlan`s team members can cope with the needs and bring success despite whether it is market penetration, material sourcing, cost reduction, etc. Moreover, Godlan`s team also maintains such certifications as Microsoft technologies, Public accounting, Masters in Business Administration and APICS. 

    Within 35 years of experience Godlan offers a wide range of services: Cloud industrial ERP:
    - Customer service & order management, Materials & inventory management, Personalization framework & toolset, etc;
    - Manufacturing execution system: Production Control, Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Workbench Suite, Quality Control Solution, etc;
    - Logistics and supply chain: Materials & inventory management, Product lifecycle management software, etc;
    - Business intelligence & analytics: Business intelligence, Advanced forecasting, Document management;
    - Sales management: Sales and operations planning, Customer service & order management;
    - Infor OS: Infor OIN, Infor Mongoose, Infor Data Lake.

    Notable project

    The Worden Group specializes in tables, study carrels, computer stations, etc design, and manufacturing. The company creates innovative solutions for different spaces and purposes. CloudSuite Industrial enabled substantial growth of Worden with no serious increase in resources. Godlan also allowed customer management via the Opportunities module. It makes seeing an apparent picture of the Sales funnel possible.

    "Infor CloudSuite Industrial has allowed us to grow substantially this year without significant increase in resources, and managing customers through the Opportunities module (Infor CRM) is allowing us to see a clear picture of our Sales funnel and help us understand areas where we can grow."- Kyle Meyers, Master Scheduler/ERP Administrator, The Worden Group

  • Central Data

    Central Data

    Central Data image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Toledo
    • R.M. Wright Company
    • J.H. Bennett & Company
    • Marlo Beauty


    Central Data is Cloud ERP software, e-commerce, and data Analytics services company for wholesale distributors and retailers with headquarters in Farmington Hills, USA. Specializing in providing cloud-based solutions, the company offers Infor products such as CloudSuite Distribution, Distribution SX.e, Infor OS, and Implementation Accelerator.

    Being an Infor CloudSuite Distribution provider Central Data provides following sets of services:

    - Consulting Services (project management, business consulting, implementation, training);
    - Managed IT Services (data integrity, PC management, network efficiency, Internet connectivity, vulnerability, desktop, and peripheral support, annual no charge assessments, licensing requirements and compliance);
    - Mobile Solutions (user-profiles and security settings, check item availability information, review customer credit information, review order history, robust distribution ordering functionality, tender credit cards).

    Today, Central Data is a certified partner of Infor and Acumatica with a distributed team in 9 United States cities. As well the company possesses a strong portfolio of more than 150 successful go-lives business process optimization projects.

    Notable project

    Toledo Physical Education Supply approached Central Data since it desperately needed a quality replacement for the old software system. For more than 10 years, using software that did not provide the desired results for the business, Toledo finally decided to replace it with Infor SX.e. Thanks to the implementation of Infor SX.e software system, the efficiency of all processes has increased - entering an order before invoicing, from purchase to receipt. Also, the client meets the incredible performance of their fill rate, which increased by 98.16% over 3 months.

    "Beyond efficiency and the numbers lies the relationship we have with Midge, Daryl and everyone else at CDS. Their support and advice has been crucial to our success." - Steve McNutt, Vice President, Toledo Physical Education Supply

  • Solitea Gemma

    Solitea Gemma

    Solitea Gemma image
    100% Infor
    • 11-50  employees
    • Sinop CB
    • TATRA TRUCKS a.s.


    Solitea Gemma is a Czech-based provider of Infor Enterprise Resource Planning and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM software solutions. Started its way in 1994, Brno, today the company has branch offices in Kladno and Plzen and over 250 successful engagements in its portfolio.

    As a solutions provider with over 25 years of experience, Solitea Gemma offers Infor ERP implementation for industrial manufacturing, automotive industry, high-tech, and electronics. Despite company size, Solitea Gemma team offers a wide range of Infor products, including:

    - Infor LN - a fully integrated functional solution for manufacturers;
    - Infor Visual - supports small and middle manufacturers companies business processes, provides the managers with powerful tools;
    - Infor EAM - reliable asset management software with such base models as asset management services;
    - Infor Scheduling - planning tool;
    - Infor Business Intelligence (Infor BI).

    Notable project

    The second company that needed help implementing the Infor ERP system was a heavy truck manufacturer - TATRA TRUCKS a.s. Being a solution provider, GEMMA Systems upgraded the TATRA TRUCKS` corporate information system to Infor ERP LN 6. A special place in the implementation of the system was given to construction workers in the field of production planning and scheduling, online warehouse control, and time tracking. As a result, the new Infor ERP LN 6 system effectively increased user comfort, accelerated and improved the transfer of data essential for company management.

    "We have managed to eliminate various parallel existing sub-registers in excel tables. This significantly increased the transparency of company procedures. Implementation of Infor PM increased this improvement even more, since its ability of immediate visualization and proper evaluation of current states."

  • BizTech image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Contour Glass
    • Lake Township Police Department
    • AvaTax


    BizTech is a manufacturing ERP and business IT solutions provider with over 20 years of Infor enterprise software implementation experience. As an Infor, Microsoft, HP, and Dell certified partner, the BizTech consists of a multi-functional team, including consultants, solution advisors, and technical resources that worked with hundreds of organizations, by providing them with advanced ERP solutions. Being an authorized Infor channel partner the BizTech team offers such software as:

    - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine);
    - Infor VISUAL ERP; Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP);
    - Infor CRM; Birst.

    In addition to implementation services, the company also specializes in manufacturing ERP support & consulting services to provide professional assistance in evaluating ERP systems, analyzing computer systems, and finding system weaknesses. The BizTech team provides ERP training and consulting for VISUAL ERP and CloudSuite Industrial.

    Notable project

    Contour Glass tempering company had used paper-based business processes for years, but this approach became increasingly ineffective. The main attention was paid to the optimization and automation of production processes, as well as gaining real-time access to production data. As a result of the implementation of Infor VISUAL, relations with customers were also improved and real results were achieved, including an increase in profitability of 78%, a 100% increase in sales over four years, a 75% reduction in inventories of raw materials, and a 50% reduction in inventories of finished products.

    "With Infor VISUAL, we know our production efficiencies, the status of customer orders, and sales volume-all on a daily basis. We have transparency into daily reports with Infor VISUAL." - Chip Game, CFO, Contour Glass

  • VK Sur Group

    VK Sur Group

    VK Sur Group image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Coca-Cola Reginal Lee
    • Antalis TFM
    • Ultraport
    • MARSA
    • Essen


    VK Sur Group is a Brazil-based Infor ERP provider with over 20 years of experience in consulting services and the implementation of ERP solutions for managing the production, distribution, and retail industries. Today, the company is strategically located in 6 countries of South America, to meet all the needs of the region by providing consulting and management services for industry and logistics.

    The customer base of the company consists of more than 180 satisfied customers, who continue to cooperate with the VK Sur Group team that provides ERP business resources, EAM assets, and vertical application services. As an Infor partner with many years of experience, the company provides implementing services for such products as:

    - Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine);
    - Infor VISUAL;
    - Infor SCE;
    - Enterprise asset management (EAM);
    - Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

    Notable project

    AxleTech International needed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation in a short period. The VK Sur Group team had the tasks to facilitate system-generated electronic invoices, which in turn should have led to lower costs, fewer errors, and faster invoice processing. As a result, the system was successfully implemented within 4 months, while the client received such advantages for the business as reducing costs and preventing errors and delays, simplifying processes, increasing efficiency and providing more accurate information, and reducing the time it takes to close financial books by 30%.

  • BE-terna image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Sana
    • Lean Projects
    • Perfion
    • loboSPhere


    BE-terna is an ERP, BI, CRM, and HRM provider that offers full-service business software and business process management solutions through 19 European offices, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Today BE-terna consists of over 800 consultants that have wide-ranging industry-specific expertise, especially trading, manufacturing, chemical, pharmacy, rental, food, and fashion. There are over 2,000 successful engagements in its portfolio.

    By providing ERP solutions, the company offers products such as Infor M3, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. BE-terna specializes in providing Infor M3 ERP Suite-based targeted, industry-specific business software. A distinctive feature of the company is the use of the award-winning user interface 'Infor Smart Office', which fully reveals all the features of Infor M3 ERP, including targeted, straightforward acquisition of data, innovative concepts for cooperation and communication, search engine and customized automation while making the system convenient and easy to use.

    Besides that the company individually approaches not only customers, but also every industry, providing BE-Process industry solution, which expands with an industry-specific solution and includes all core ERP functions for procurement, production, sales, logistics, and financial accounting.

    Notable project

    RAILPOOL hired BE-terna to replace multiple, software systems with a standard, integrated ERP solution. The BE-terna guys were entrusted with the tasks of increasing the transparency of all business processes, increasing the speed and efficiency of services, better coordinating technical and commercial data and optimizing the use of the warehouse. The client has achieved increased availability and cost reduction through cloud deployment, as well as increased efficiency.

  • Avaap image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Asante
    • BCH
    • Canal Barge
    • Charlotte Russe
    • DestinationXL


    Avaap is a New Jersey-based team with 13 years of experience representing implementations and upgrades solutions for organizations through ERP and EHR enterprise software applications to help customers achieve more immediate value from technology investments.

    Being an international industry-focused advisory services and IT management consulting company, Avaap has offices in the USA, UK, Spain, Netherland, and India. The Avaap team consists of over 300 specialists and consultants that provided such services ERP as:
    - Infor CloudSuite Financials;
    - Infor OS;
    - Birst BI;
    - Infor (Lawson) Implementations.

    Avaap guys are experienced across multiple industries delivering ERP and EHR solutions for healthcare, government, manufacturing and distribution, retail, process, equipment maintenance, rental, and services. As an award-winning company, Avaap`s accolades include Infor Alliance Partners of the Year awards, Avaap is also Deloitte Fast 500 winner and Inc 5000 award winner.

    Notable project

    Not-for-profit Lakeland Regional Health turned to Avaap as the client needed improving its system reliability and stability. Together with the Avaap team, long-term success was achieved through the implementation of Infor software (Lawson). Thus, as a result of cooperation, the internal opportunities of Lakeland Regional Health, knowledge, and skills that contribute to the further expansion of the business were expanded.

    "Avaap Managed Services works as an extension of our team. It has allowed us to increase our internal capabilities, knowledge, and long-term success with Infor (Lawson) software." - Lakeland Regional Health's IT Director

  • Mazeppa Consulting

    Mazeppa Consulting

    Mazeppa Consulting image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • MMA
    • Vitral
    • Mustad
    • Kongsberg Group
    • TOPRO


    Established in 1998, Mazeppa Consulting is an Oslo-based team of manufacturing ERP experts and consultants that specializes in providing mobile and business solutions for mainly logistic intensive and discrete manufacturing enterprises. Having over 21 years of experience Mazeppa team provides such Infor ERP solutions as:

    - Infor LN - an all-in-one, global ERP system, designed for complex product manufacturers;
    - Infor M3 - industry-specific, multi-site, multi-country, and multi-company solution suites;
    - Infor OS - cloud operating platform with such highlights as unified UX, digital document management, open business process integration, networked analytics, and business intelligence, etc.

    Also, the company specializes in providing advanced solutions and services to Industry 4.0., digitizing the value chain, and brings business processes and AI together.

    Notable project

    Among its customers, there are such giants as the Kongsberg Group. The client needed to implement a universal ERP system that would eliminate manual processes for project management. To meet customer requirements, it was decided to implement Infor LN ERP system, due to which it was possible to reduce advanced customizations by 70%. Infor LN service management module provides Kongsberg with an opportunity to schedule preventive maintenance for large-scale equipment and perform repairs more efficiently.

  • Sapphire Systems

    Sapphire Systems

    Sapphire Systems image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • BookingPal
    • Townends
    • ACP
    • Arcus
    • GRO
    • Clinton Foundation
    • Medreich


    As an Infor and SAP partner, Sapphire Systems is an ERP, FMS, and EAM solutions provider since 1993. The company's main office is located in London, and the other offices are located in the USA, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and Argentina. Its team count is 250 employees.

    Currently, Sapphire Systems serves around 1,000 worldwide clients of industries such as Chemical, Energy, Fashion & Apparel, Food & Beverage, Retail, Transportation, and more. Around 2,500 systems were implemented by the company for today. As for Infor partnership, Sapphire Systems is a provider Infor solutions of such products as Infor SanSystems, Infor EAM, Infor d/EPM, Infor ION, Birst, and Infor eXFM.

    Sapphire Systems is capable to provide the following services:
    - Infor solutions implementation & integration
    - Infor solutions customization & upgrading
    - Infor solutions support
    - Technical development of Infor solutions

    Notable project

    Marie Stopes International needed a more effective way of reporting, compliance, and decision-making. So it trusted this task to Sapphire Systems. Infor SunSystems turned out to be the best solution for being one centralized platform instead of 37 systems that couldn't ensure consistency and create a common chart of accounts. The client got the new platform that is smarter and easy-to-use, it reduced overheads, centralized reporting standards, reduced risks, because of 100% data accuracy.

    "Sapphire`s methodology and approach seemed more robust and seemed to be more experienced. The presentation put together by the account management team was to the point. And of course, it also came down to price and best value for money."

  • Professional Advantage

    Professional Advantage

    Professional Advantage image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Allied Health
    • SS&A Albury
    • Melbourne Racing Club
    • HUB24


    Professional Advantage is an Infor ERP, FMS, and BI solution provider that was established in 1989. Its headquarter based in Sydney, and its other offices based in London, Melbourne, Colorado, Brisbane, and others.

    The company is the most awarded and leading Infor Partner in Australia. Besides, Infor partnership, Professional Advantage also successfully collaborates with Microsoft and ClickDimensions. For the last 10 years, the company has served over 6,500 clients and completed more than 4,500 projects.

    Professional Advantage proposes the following services to the customers:
    - Systems Integration & Upgrades
    - Development of enhancement modules for the Infor SunSystems
    - Data Insights
    - Consultancy & Change Management

    The company delivers solutions for such products as Infor BI, Infor SunSystems, and Infor d/EPM & BI. To help clients in building super effective and powerful ERP systems, the company offers Infor SunSystems solutions for creating quality financial management systems.

    Notable project

    To be more effective, UniLodge decided to get software for financial management, so it turned to Professional Advantage. The implemented Infor SunSystems' solution by the company gave a lot of positive results. At first, the system excellently succeeded with all financial business tasks. And, of course, such software significantly saves time and human resources. So, as a result, the client's business has become much more efficient.

    "There were a lot of things going on but from my point of view, Professional Advantage simplified what was possibly the most important part of the breakaway. If we don`t have reliable financial data, it doesn`t matter what everyone else is doing. The whole project was done with no financial hiccups" - Eddie Barrett, Chief Financial Officer at UniLodge

  • Merino Services

    Merino Services

    Merino Services image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • METITO Overseas
    • Embros
    • Pan Emirates
    • Kent
    • Ruby
    • JCBL Limited


    Merino Services is a global IT Consulting and Enterprise solutions company and Merino Group`s subsidiary, based in India. It serves over 250 clients in 41 countries. The company specializes in delivering IT consulting and implementation services.

    Merino Services is a channel partner of Infor along with SAP, IFS, IBM, and Oracle. The company has expertise in various industries, for example automotive, food & beverages, hospitality, retail, aerospace, hi-tech electronics, energy & power, discrete manufacturing. Additionally, Merino Services has created a number of apps in such areas as: ERP, CRM, Enterprise asset & performance management, Predictive maintenance, Supply chain management, Cloud-based ERP, Point of sale software.

    With over 12 years of experience Merino Services offers a wide range of the following services:
    - ERP consulting & implementation;
    - Application management;
    - Business process consulting;
    - Migration & upgrade services;
    - Education & training.

    Notable project

    An opportunity to effectively handle complicated and charged business of the textile industry - that is what Merino Services gave to its client by implementing Infor ERP LN. The customer is the largest Indian textile yarn and apparel manufacturer that owns 7 plants across the country. Considering the management complexity of similar businesses, the client needed a powerful ERP system. And, Infor ERP LN was the best solution for it.

    "On behalf of the company, we would like to take a moment to personally say our gratitude for Merino support during the migration period to our new Infor LN ERP System. Thank you again for your support and domain knowledge. We look forward to having the same level of support if not better in all future endeavors." - Deputy General Manager

  • Analysts image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees


    Analysts is an IT consulting company, delivering outcome-based solutions. The company specializes in applying IT solutions in order to help other companies to achieve their business objectives. Analysts serve the clients from all the major industries: banking, energy, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, media & entertainment, retail, telecom, travel & hospitality.

    Analysts deliver insights and analysis on the basis of big data analytics. The company tries to improve cost-effectiveness by means of putting in the place of human analyst resources scalable robust technology. Analysts also offer assistance in making AI-supported investment decisions. The company`s key principles include integrity and transparency, passion for technology, unwavering commitment and pursuit of excellence.

    With over 50 years of experience, Analysts provide their clients with the following services:
    - Digital transformation;
    - Cloud enablement: app refactorization; cloud strategy, cloud migration, cloud development, cloud monitoring, DevOps, IoT;
    - Digital insights/data: business intelligence, big data engineering, data science, augmented data discovery;
    - Cognitive AI: machine learning, image, and video AI, natural language processing, chatbots, and conversational AI, intelligent automation;
    - Digital Consulting: business transformation, agile transformation, PMO services.

    Notable project

    Analysts company helped the client to migrate to Infor Lawson LSF10 system and install new hardware. The customer is a leading utility provider that wanted to improve project planning, and technical services. At the same time, the client had already using Infor Lawson LSF9, but Infor Lawson LSF10 was more suitable to its business requirements. In turn, Analytics had managed to upgrade the customer's Lawson ERP system by migration it to the newer version.

  • Authentic Group Inc

    Authentic Group Inc

    Authentic Group Inc image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Manitou Group
    • Akiolis
    • EFI Automotive


    AUTHENTIC Group is a team of technical and functional consultants as well as IT solutions providers. Since 2006 the team aims to offer Infor ERP system solutions for businesses that use Infor M3 for their enterprise software applications. With offices in Europe and North America, AUTHENTIC Group implements Infor solutions for equipment, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

    Today, the company has over 60 Infor Movex/M3 customers in its client base. Being an Infor partner, the team specializes in providing migrations, process optimization, user-oriented applications, training, and other M3 services to support companies in their development.

    AUTHENTIC supports clients Infor M3 ERP migration projects by providing management, migration, database cleaning, skills transfer, and assistance to ensure the stability and performance of an ERP system. Also specializes in industrial and commercial management, finance, purchasing, supply chain the AUTHENTIC Group team offers international Infor M3 roll-out services for the textile, automotive, SMI, distribution sectors.

    Notable project

    Neuhauser is a leading European bakery and pastry maker that turned to Authentic Group Inc. as it looked for the partner that would support them in the merger of the two ERP systems, SAP and Infor M3. Authentic was hired to manage the interface between SAP and Movex during the migration. The Authentic guys created an accounting interface, thanks to which our key accounts were transferred to Infor M3. The collaboration lasted 6 months, after which the Neuhauser ERP system became more efficient.

  •  The Lake companies

    The Lake companies

     The Lake companies image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • AccuSpec Electronics
    • Advanced Input Systems
    • American Excelsior
    • Auburn Vacuum Forming


    The Lake companies is a provider of enterprise resource planning business solutions, based in the USA. The company specializes in providing SyteLine ERP software solutions for discrete manufacturers. They are also developers of SyteLine Shop-Trak and SyteLine Doc-Trak apps. The applications offer reliable solutions building the SyteLine ERP platform more powerful.

    The Lake companies have expertise in many industries: industrial machinery & equipment, metal fabrication, medical devices, high tech, electronics, aerospace & defense, specialty vehicles, general manufacturing. With 36 years of experience The Lake companies convey the following services:
    - ERP services: SyteLine implementation assistance, SyteLine application support, Systems & technical services, software integration & development services, Software application training, Online training;
    - CloudSuite industrial: Single and multi-site, executive management, accounting and finance, payroll and human resources, sales and marketing, customer service, service management, engineering, inventory, production, scheduling, material planning, supply chain management.

    Notable project

    American Excelsior, a prominent manufacturer of foam products. The company actively uses The Lake Companies` applications Shop-Track and Doc-Track in order to automate their office and shop floor tasks and help to move work from one facility to another in case of different failures. These apps are used to improve American Excelsior`s progression.

    "Infor SyteLine was the right fit for us because it has built-in best practices, but is also flexible enough to adapt to the existing processes that work for us."

  • In2grate Business Solutions

    In2grate Business Solutions

    In2grate Business Solutions image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Daro
    • Pantherella
    • Pentland Wholesale
    • Silverline
    • Hilco
    • Lanemark


    In2grate Business Solutions team is a member of the Anisa Group of companies that specializes in providing advanced software solutions for manufacturing, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, high tech, medical, and wholesale distribution businesses.

    Being an Infor XA Master Channel Partner, In2grate aims to help manufacturers to set their business processes up through delivering the right ERP product with the best implementation approach. In addition to Infor XA, In2grate Business Solutions also provides implementation services for the dedicated Infor M3 ERP system to provide consultancy, integration, managed, and implement services for the fresh produce sector.

    Providing Infor ERP solutions for over 15 years, the In2grate Business Solutions team uses a unique implementation methodology that provides rapid ERP implementation by providing a special project manager who will monitor the process without interfering with business processes.

    Notable project

    Munster Simms Engineering Limited hired In2grate guys, to help it run ideal operating processes. The goal was achieved via the modern Infor XA ERP system, which fully met the requirements of the Munster Simms business model. Now the client can manage long-term procurement needs and workshops. In the end, the Infor ERP solution turned out to be quite flexible, allowing the client to track the demand for components for the entire range and cope with the diverse needs of the business.

    "We are very pleased with this outcome. We have 1000`s of parts, and we sell to such a variety of markets that the thought of having to track component demand for our entire range was daunting to say the least. We were particularly pleased to see that the INFOR ERP solution was flexible enough to cope with our diverse business needs." - Wesley Hanson, Munster Simms Engineering Limited

  • TouchStone Financial Management Solutions

    TouchStone Financial Management Solutions

    TouchStone Financial Management Solutions  image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees
    • Ports of Jersey
    • Spitfire Audio
    • West Yorkshire Police
    • PHSO


    TouchStone Financial Management solutions is a financial management software and IT consulting company, based in London, UK. It works with over 3,000 clients all over the world. It has been implementing FMS for different sized companies for already 37 years.

    The company specializes in assessing, implementation and support of FMS. The main technology used by the company is Infor OS, which serves as the foundation of making sure that all systems work smoothly together and conveys intuitive business insights.

    Established in 1982, TouchStone Financial Management Solutions deliver various services:
    - Business management software: enterprise asset management, spend management, time recording & billing, business process management, document management;
    - Business process review;
    - Software implementation;
    - Cloud hosting.

    Notable project

    West Yorkshire Police was in need of a management information system. TouchStone managed to extract the system manually, re-key into spreadsheets and easily distribute it to different departments and divisions. For the sake of processing automation financial apps, The Infor SunSystems was used. The app also conveys file recording concerning the working hours of each police officer and exports that info into the payroll system. WYP also got benefits from the User Verification Module, which secured their data and automated payment methods.

    "Fundamentally, we were intent on using Infor SunSystems to automate all internal and external processes by interfacing with our payroll, vehicle management and payment systems. As a finance function, we have already downsized and made and saved money which has been re-invested to meet national and local policing priorities, and we are confident that the new version Infor SunSystems will be able to take us further along this route."

  • Columbus Global

    Columbus Global

    Columbus Global image
    100% Infor
    • 1-10  employees


    Columbus Global is a worldwide IT services and consulting company, based in the UK. It focuses on the digital transformation of businesses. The company specializes in design, development, implementation, upgrade, and maintenance of digital business apps.

    CG has expertise in various industries, such as: manufacturing, food & beverages, retail, distribution, rental, lease, equipment. It partners with: Microsoft, Sana Commerce, inRiver PIM, Episerver, Infor M3 and Medius. The company`s services have been successfully delivered to over 5,000 all over the world.

    Having 29 years of experience and a great number of satisfied customers CG offers the following services:
    - Business applications integration;
    - Cloud & infrastructure services;
    - Compliance & business continuity;
    - ERP solutions integration & customization.

    Notable project

    Abcodia`s business processes were slow and needed upgrading and additional help. Columbus specialists implemented Microsoft D365 and streamlined their business processes and as a result, improved the ability to conduct early detection tests. New system is capable of processing thousands of laboratory data files instantly. It checks and highlights every error and mark.

  • Synergy Resources

    Synergy Resources

    Synergy Resources image
    100% Infor
    • 11-50  employees
    • Aero Gear Inc
    • Alden Tool Co Inc
    • AKG of America
    • Kaman Aerospace Corp
    • Magliner
    • Inc.


    Synergy Resources is a software solutions company, based in New York, USA. It specializes in improving the business performance of manufacturing and distribution companies. Synergy Resources` focus is on the Infor ERP visual and Syteline product lines. Having offices in 3 states the company has already improved the performance of over 700 manufacturing and distribution companies all over the globe via operational performance boosting and profitability increase.

    The company`s team will help to deal with customers with the following issues: entering the same data into different areas, product delivery on time, quoting accurate delivery dates, too much/little inventory, etc. SR also possesses a lot of products: Infor visual ERP, Visual ERP extensions, Infor CloudSuite Industrial, SmartViews, etc.

    Synergy resources provide clients with many services:
    - Application consulting: ERP software configuring;
    - Continuous improvement: finding out business issues;
    - Quality assurance: interpreting the requirements and increasing efficiency;
    - Strategic business services: Merger/ acquisition/consolidation, Operational planning, Quality management services, Strategic business planning;
    - Synergy cloud: a cloud environment, providing a high level of dependability, performance, and accessibility;
    - Technical consulting.

    Notable project

    Soldream is the company, which displays the diversity of products and their manufacturing processes. Their management team approached Synergy Resources to update the ERP system in order to grow business. SR team implemented Visual ERP successfully. Each morning on Monday Soldream use Visual ERP in order to import customer’s schedules into their system. As a result of using and implementing Visual ERP, Soldream can show their users that they can manage the supply chain and support their needs and meet expectations.

    “Infor ERP may be the only scheduling system that actually works. It makes our business profitable and prosperous. Infor ERP scheduling helped us move from a $17 Million company in 2000 to an $80 Million company in 2011. We definitely could not have done it without Infor ERP; scheduling. It has been a big part of our growth.”