Best 44 oDoo companies - Aug, 2020

  • AMCON SOFT image
    25% oDoo
    • Ukraine, Dnipro
    • $25 - $50/hr
    • 101-200  employees
    • BroadTeam
    • InnLogist System
    • Skylog System
    • FLIP Taxi
    • Vervechka
    • NavisGPS
  • Novobi image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • The Berean Call
    • Jodee
    • FulfillXpress
    • NALP
    • Entertainment Promotions


    The US-based company, Novobi, is a CMMI LEVEL 3 certified and Odoo Gold Partner that specializes in IT consultancy and product development. They offer full-service and data-centric Odoo implementation to businesses in the Retail and Manufacturing industries. Apart from Odoo, the Novobi team is also experienced in SAP ERP and eCommerce implementation for Fortune 500 companies.

    Established in 2008, with Odoo consultants in Texas (Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio), California (San Francisco), and Vietnam, Novobi provides US-based support as well as turnkey solutions: Multi-Channel Retail Management, AI-Based Smart Inventory, and Payroll app (for the US and Canada).

    Their expertise in Odoo manufacturing includes:
    - Master data: multi-level bills of materials (BOM), product variants, product kits, etc.
    - Product Lifecycle Management including combining Odoo with Autodesk Fusion
    - ERP, CRM, MRP integration
    - Operations automation
    - Analytics dashboard/reports implementation

  • Implemento


    Implemento image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Veolia
    • Toyota
    • Hyundai
    • WWF
    • Danone
    • Canonical


    Implemento is an Odoo solution provider that started its way in 2015. The company is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, and also it is represented in Prague, Czech Republic. Being the only Odoo Silver partner in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, Implemento has qualified expertise in delivering Odoo ERP solutions to manufacturing, service, heavy industry, food, IT, retail & wholesales, and agencies sectors. For less than 5 years of existing, the company has already served over 50 Enterprise users providing them over 20 successful projects.

    Implemento's Odoo specialists are capable to deliver the following Odoo ERP services:
    - Odoo consultancy, business needs analysis & GAP analysis
    - Odoo implementation and migration services
    - Oddo custom modules development
    - Odoo training & support
    - Odoo Website & eCommerce Development

    Notable project

    In this project example, Implemento helped Chemical House Australian company is a representative of the manufacture and chemical industries. For more details, the customer is a producer of various chemicals for the automotive industries, cleaning, and construction fields. Chemical House came to Implemento because its existing ERP system was too hard for utilizing as a tool for the company's employees due to the unfavorable user interface, and was too expensive in maintenance. So, there was decided to choose the Odoo ERP system as the best-suitable for the client's requirements. After the successful implementation of migration to Odoo system, all the customer's issues were solved. As a result, Chemical House got such additional features as automated scanning and printing of invoices. And, thanks to the new convenient user interface, the system had become significantly easier to use, so the customer reduced the number of employees in the administration by one person.

  • Elico Corp

    Elico Corp

    Elico Corp image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Taolight
    • Platswiss
    • Indie Nano
    • Pimax Store
    • APEM China
    • MacTrends
    • Royal Chef


    Elico Corp is an IT consulting company that was established in 2010 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. Since the date of foundation, Elico Corp delivers Odoo ERP solutions for manufacturing, international trading, service industry, and eCommerce industries.

    Being an active member of the Odoo community association, the company is Odoo Gold Partner and Odoo Training Center. Moreover, it was named as "The Best Odoo Partner" in 2014, 2016, and 2016. Currently, the company has finished over 150 projects for clients from over 13 countries across the globe.

    Elico Corp's Odoo ERP consultants have been providing the following full range services:
    - Standard or custom Odoo implementation, implementation of Odoo modules for HR, marketing, trading, finance, eCommerce, project, and warehouse
    - Odoo online functional training, onsite developer training, and custom made training
    - Odoo consultancy
    - Connectors and integration with 3rd party software
    - Odoo support services such as functional support, technical support, unlimited functional support, private license, and more

    Notable project

    Elico Corp had provided Odoo integration for one of the manufacturing industry representatives. The customer is Royal Chef - a leading cast aluminum nonstick cookware producer in China. For the note, this company is ISO9001 and 2000 certified. So, it approached Elico Corp specialists for Odoo platform implementation for their Xbon factory. Moreover, sales, purchase, warehousing, manufacturing, HR and accounting modules, and Chinese and Persian interface language were also to be included in that solution. As a result, Elico Corp succeeded to have done all of the customer's requirements and wishes.

    "Elico's support has been key in order to move forward in the development of the project." - Michel Huguenin

  • Aktiv Software

    Aktiv Software

    Aktiv Software image
    100% oDoo
    • 11-50  employees
    • Apex Energy
    • Digisuite
    • Bulk Book
    • WIB Technologies


    Aktiv Software was established in 2015 as an Odoo ERP and Magento eCommerce solutions provider based in Ahmedabad, India. Currently, the company's 35+ Odoo and 20+ Magento specialists have delivered over 1000 projects for more than 200 businesses. It provides project-based consultation & development, White Label development, and dedicated teams for software companies as well as for marketing and digital agencies of any size.

    The company follows a B2B approach, and its solution development process consists of discovering, design, development, and deployment. Having a rich experience in developing Odoo solutions, Aktiv Software is capable to solve the most customers' business challenges (such as tasks organizing, scheduling, tracking project progress, analyzing tasks).

    As an Odoo ERP solution provider, Aktiv Software offers such services as:
    - Odoo project analysis & consultancy
    - Odoo module development
    - Database migration
    - Version upgrade and third-party integration services
    - Support and training

    Notable project

    Apex Energy came to Aktiv for help to solve the following challenges: providing more effective handling of accounts and invoices; implementation of customized the batch payment process, it needed a centralized processes management system that would allow managing customers and products separately to avoid various conflicts. In turn, Aktiv Software's guys had successfully implemented the Odoo ERP Enterprise v12 system with specified customizations. The company deployed a module that provides quickly generation of purchase requests and sending of RFQs.

    "It is always a pleasure working with Aktiv Software. Their efforts and dedication have always delighted me. I would definitely consider Aktiv and recommend them." - Philippe de Groote

  • Axis Technolabs

    Axis Technolabs

    Axis Technolabs image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Burble Time
    • LatitudeBooks
    • B2G
    • Powerzoots
    • PoonamPride
    • Whoopet
    • Alaira
    • Ranjit
    • Concord


    Founded in 2008, Axis Technolabs is a software solutions developer based in Ahmedabad, India. The company offers a wide range of services from analysis & consulting to mobile, web, eCommerce, emerging, and Odoo software development. The team consists of 40 experts, who have already delivered over 650 projects for more than 325 clients across the United States, Europe, Middle East, India, and African countries.

    The company's Odoo specialists have expertise in providing Odoo solutions for finance, human resources & PayRoll, accounting, cashflow, POS, sales, and purchase, manufacturing, trading, fabrication, and other industries. Axis Technolabs proposes the following Odoo ERP development solutions:
    - Odoo implementation & customization
    - Odoo deployment in On-Premises, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud
    - Odoo 3rd Party API/ERP integration
    - Odoo data migration services
    - Odoo module development

    Notable project

    Axis Technolabs helped the client of the online education industry in creating a multi-featured eLearning management system based on Odoo platform. The developed software is capable to manage the entire administration process effectively. All data about various activities related to staff and students, timetables, events, and so on are kept by this OEM system and are easily accessible. Such modules as Resource Management, Transport Management, and Library Management also were developed and included in the system. They significantly improve administration processes.

    "The professional team at Axis Technolabs is just other words. Right from quick delivery to excellent communication, the team was always approachable and have impressed us to the core. Now I know where to go for any of our future projects." - Anthony Mayers

  • Blue Stingray

    Blue Stingray

    Blue Stingray image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Bell
    • Silkworm
    • Tectrix
    • Advanced Ergonomic Concepts
    • Blue Stingray
    • L&R


    Blue Stingray is an enterprise software development company based in St. Louis, the USA that was founded in 2009. Being an Odoo ERP and Magento 2 partner, the company develops Odoo ERP, eCommerce, cloud, and mobile apps solutions. Blue Stingray works with representatives of such verticals as energy/utility, finance distributors, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, warehousing, and others. As a company that serves enterprises, and Fortune 100 businesses, it has already served Pepsi, BHS, Bell, Materiallogic, Flow, etc.

    The team of 50 experts offers consultation, implementation, maintenance, and support services for:
    - Enterprise Odoo ERP
    - Enterprise eCommerce store
    - Custom Cloud solutions
    - API solutions customization
    - Web development

    Notable project

    Blue Stingray had successfully optimized an existing Odoo ERP system for the Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R). The client is a manufacturer of high-quality medical products across the globe. And it came to Blue Stingray because its previous developer had provided unoptimized Odoo ERP solution without the implementation of the necessary system's features. In turn, Blue Stingray detected all client's ERP system's issues and succeeded to solve them. Also, there were successfully implemented some custom features. As a result, the optimized Odoo ERP solution had completely satisfied L&R.

    "Blue Stingray has demonstrated extensive software design knowledge, commitment to hitting timelines and deliverables, and left to ourselves we would never have gotten so much accomplished in such a short period of time." - Milton Cornwell

  • Acsone image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Mabilux
    • Belgian Gaming Commision
    • Le Forem
    • Actiris
    • European Parliament
    • Elia
    • Brugel


    Founded in 2011, Acsone company provides Odoo - OpenSource ERP solutions with head office in Waterloo, Belgium, and other two offices in Liege, Belgium, and Luxemburg. Acsone is an IT team that mainly consists of open source technologies specialists.

    The company offers Open Source ERP, digital business reporting, document & content management, and Open Business solutions. For the note, Acsone has a "Best Odoo Partner EMEA 2017" award and is certified ISO 9001-2008. It serves different industries, there are entertainment, manufacturing, finance & banking, eCommerce, and others.

    As an Odoo Gold Partner, Acsone proposes the following Odoo (OpenSource ERP) services:
    - Odoo solution prototyping & analysis; 
    - Odoo implementation and integration;
    - Development of custom modules;
    - Testing and quality assurance;
    - Coaching, training, and change management.

    Notable project

    Mobilux is a metal structures construction company that came to Acsone because of its outdated software that couldn't keep control over projects and business processes sufficiently, so it needed a new digital solution for these goals. Therefore, the implementation of the Odoo (or OpenSource ERP v7) system became the best solution for Mebilux. And, Acsone guys managed to do that. The new system had the client such features as access to reliable and current business data, centralized data, standardized cost control methods, automated quotes, sales orders, and client invoicing tracking.

    "We finally have a complete vision of the profitability of each project, of location management, and of 'returns to vendor' for each piece of site." - Daniel Brito, Financial Manager, Mabilux

  • Ascetic Business Solution

    Ascetic Business Solution

    Ascetic Business Solution image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Inspire Design & IT
    • OrientSwiss
    • Spectrum
    • Opertek
    • ProPulsion
    • HunterStone


    Ascetic Business Solution is a passion-driven IT company based in India, who adds value to businesses through IT consultation and technological implementation. They serve companies from startups to large enterprises from various sectors.

    Since its inception in 2016, Ascetic BS has rapidly grown and now it reaches over 100 companies from over 30+ countries in its client base. Having a team of experts with 10+ years of experience in implementing ERP and mobile applications; they also have associate partners in America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and with head office in India. Their turn-key solutions are tailored to boost overall enterprise efficiency through process automation, boosting performance, and increasing total profit. Among the company's core specialties are:
    - Odoo enterprise consultancy
    - Odoo implementation, customization & migration services
    - System architect and Business analytics 
    - Odoo technical & functional training
    - Odoo website design and development

    Notable project

    The OSSE Solutions' challenge was in difficulty of implementing an e-invoicing process for Odoo online platform, and they didn't have enough resources to develop a customized solution for a mining company. Ascetic BS helped in developing and implementing the Odoo solution with a module for the mining industry. As well there was integrated the government invoicing system to make e-invoicing possible from the Odoo platform. They also developed several APIs to enable customer data exchange and invoicing using a third-party software to simplify the integration. The new system was cost-effective and time-saving, boosting productivity and profit.

    "Your working style is professionals and consistency. Well appreciated with the style of work."- Monkol, CEO (Cambodia, Southeast Asia) "Your solution is always matched with my client's expectations. My company is happy to have people like you.. thank you again." - Jose, CEO (Peru, Latin America)

  • TargetIntegration


    TargetIntegration image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Dalmia
    • NetCelero
    • Medicover
    • Seiko
    • CUDA
    • strata tiles
    • Tirun


    The Odoo certified Silver Partner, TargetIntegration, is a UK-based (Birmingham) company with years of experience in implementing successful Odoo-based projects across the United Kingdom. They work with various types of companies from several industries, providing CRM & ERP solutions to SMEs in the UK and Ireland.

    TargetIntegrations has been an Odoo partner since the very first Odoo version 6.1. Since then, TargetIntegration has grown into a company that has a dedicated team of 20 IT professionals and consultants. Today, the company thrives by operating in three specific fields - Software development, cloud migration, and business management & automation. They have evolved into being a specialist partner, with a particular focus on sales, accounting, and warehousing on Odoo.

    Over the years, TargetIntegration has contributed to the app store by creating multiple Odoo extensions tailored to provide specific solutions to business needs. They also have a presence in Ireland (Dublin) and India (Haryana). Their all-in-one Odoo Business Management System features:
    - Odoo ERP & CRM
    - Sales & inventory management system
    - Accounting management system
    - Project Management & Mailing solutions

    Notable project

    The company's client Rayal needed a complete replacement of their savings calculation system, which, before Odoo implementation, was done manually. The challenges they had were: manual process, reliance on a robust but unconnected LED saving calculator in excel spreadsheet, isolated data stores. TargetIntegration implemented the Odoo Enterprise Edition, which has other modules to support and adequately manage different business processes like CRM, accounting, inventory, POS, purchase, and project management. The results of the successful integration was an increase in productivity, higher level of customer satisfaction, reduced double entry of data, and reduced missing stock.

    "It was a great collaboration with Target Integration and we got what we needed in time. We got support everytime we needed from your resources. When our POC had to leave the project due to some reason, immediately, two resources from your side were put for us, which helped us to complete the project on time. Look forward to working with you on more projects in the future." - Tanmay Mhatre

  • Arkana image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Planet Ban
    • Metrasys
    • Apotek Roxy
    • Inc Nis
    • Jaya Raya


    Arkana is a company dedicated to the implementation of Odoo in medium and large-sized companies, which demand advanced solutions and integrations with other systems. Since its incorporation in 2018, Arkana has successfully implemented Odoo in companies that remain reliant on them, to migrate to new versions, and extend their custom functions.

    Founded by skilled engineers and businessmen, in Depok City, Indonesia, Arkana has a great idea to solve business problems using the best quality system Odoo, as their number one choice solution. As a Silver certified Odoo Partner in Indonesia, their primary business scope includes:
    - Odoo ERP development and implementation
    - Odoo IoT development and implementation
    - Odoo mobile app development
    - PostgreSQL tuning and maintenance

    Notable project

    One month after the establishment of Arkana, the company helped in Odoo version tune-up for the company, Planet Ban. PB was a fast-growing company in the retail industry with over 600+ stores in Indonesia. They had an older Odoo Version called the Odoo 8 and the app was becoming slower. Arkana helped to port Odoo to version 10 to improve overall performance by tuning up the PostgreSQL database and also by redesigning the server architecture. The whole process was successful, bringing more efficiency and speed to the company's system. This was the beginning of their many successful projects.

  • Ktree image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • SHARP
    • VisionTek
    • StoneHill
    • ITU
    • Renault
    • Oakridge
    • M&B Footwear


    KTree is a leading global IT firm established in the year 2005 in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA. With 13+ years of experience in their belt, KTree specializes in IT consultation, tech implementation, and app outsourcing services for Fortune 1000 enterprises, as well as government agencies with over 2300+ successfully delivered projects.

    The company, KTree, is well known in the industry to have unmatched technical excellence and domain expertise in system integration (SOA), web-based & custom app development, packaged app implementation, maintenance & infrastructure, etc.

    When it comes to Odoo-based IT solutions, KTree has all the experience businesses need in developing timely, quality, and industry-standard Odoo ERP modules for the management of crucial business processes. Their Odoo implementation caters for business processes such as accounting, human resources, supply chain (warehouse, CRM, sales, etc.), and product planning. Their primary Odoo services include:
    - Odoo ERP implementation
    - Odoo integrations
    - Odoo custom module development

    Notable project

    The client, an educational institute in South Africa, is a professional service provider in fields of engineering, management, hospitality, etc. Before the implementation of the Odoo-based solution, the client had some challenges in data management (candidates enrolling yearly from all over the country), transparent portal, registration process, etc. After the implementation, the client had a significant improvement in all areas and more such as a simplified registration process and efficient course management, easy access to students to courses and registration, integration of faculty and students with a broad range of courses as a centralized system, easy integration with bank for payment and collection of fees, and much more.

  • SunArc image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Shang Commerce
    • Bloom
    • SALVO
    • Kaplan
    • InTouch


    Established in 2003, SunArc Technologies is a leading web developing company that provides IT transformation solutions tailored to cater for all business needs and processes. Being in the industry for over 15 years, a highly experienced team of SunArc has surpassed boundaries - serving clients from all over the United States, Singapore, and India.

    SunArc has established dedicated engineering centers and centers of excellence for customers, intending to equip them with cost-effective, quality, and reliable solutions for accomplishing business requirements and expanding business horizons.

    With 15 years of experience, and with 30+ certified professionals, SunArc has successfully delivered over 1000+ projects to 300+ clients from various industries. Their services include E-commerce development, web design and development, mobile app development, and open-source development using Odoo and VTiger CRM. The Odoo offerings include:
    - Odoo consultancy, implementation & customization
    - Odoo development business software
    - Hosting and configuration
    - Odoo version migration
    - Odoo support services

    Notable project

    InnoPlan is an app solution for Space Planners and home decoration suppliers to manage their website and multiple advertisement gateways such as To integrate directly for queries to appear on CRM Leads and to create opportunity modules to manage their sales pipelines.

    "I worked with SunArc Technologies. Team was extremely polite, patient, and no details was too small for them to address. We are pleased with the result of our website so far."

  • Somko image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Engibex
    • Socius
    • Xavies
    • Howest
    • Vindi


    Somko is an IT service provider and an Odoo Gold Partner, with more than 10 years of experience in building professional and sustainable business-critical software solutions based on Open Source ERPs and components.

    Somko is a full-service company that assists its customers in determining and developing their digital transformation. These services include optimizing all business processes ranging from CRM, sales, stock management, production via software so that company employees can work more efficiently and get a better overview of all processes. For this, Somko utilizes high-quality open-source packages and components to provide a cost-efficient enterprise solution. Their solutions include:
    - Odoo Applications: All in One management tool to manage all business processes from one application. 
    - Odoo modules: Modules for business process management like projects, inventory, reporting, billing, recruitment, etc.
    - Hosting: Odoo Cloud Solution. 
    - Odoo Consultation.

    Since its inception, with headquarter in the Belgian city of Roeselare, Odoo has accomplished over 4000+ modules to over 2 million users worldwide.

    Notable project

    Engibex is a fast-growing consultancy company that places its employees with its clients for long-term projects. Somko developed an extension to the oDoo application so that the consultants can register their leave, work overtime, and book expenses. Every month, the consultant is also expected to have a Timesheet validated by the end customer for hours worked per project. Based on the validated timesheets and entitlements, employees are now able to manage the invoicing and to forward the presence and absences digitally to the social secretariat.

    "As a consultancy company with particular HR, CRM and reporting needs, Somko perfectly understood our specific business requirements and proposed us tailor-made technical solutions with the oDoo Software. The implementation was professional and with the necessary flexibility and personal approach. The software is and will help us manage administrative tasks and strengthen our reporting. I strongly recommend Somko as a reliable and competent business partner." - David De Brouwer, CEO of Engibex

  • NEXIT image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • UTEC
    • avanti
    • TRIOS Lighting
    • Citenzenship Invest
    • SB


    NEXIT is an IT firm based in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, founded in 2015. As anOdoo Silver Partner, they are a team of professionals with extensive experience in the implementation of management software. Being experts in Odoo, NEXIT provides comprehensive implementation service modules for business management - including all related business services such as:

    - Odoo software for service companies (projects for orders management, handling the incidents or services to customers, control working hours, expenses, and calculates the profitability of the projects) 
    - Odoo software for commercial companies (products manage the logistics processes with the purchasing and distribution and stock management modules) 
    - Odoo software for manufacturing companies (manages the production processes with the modules Manufacturing, MRP, MRP II, Quality Control, Maintenance of equipment and machinery.)

    NEXIT has a team of highly qualified professionals with over 18 years of experience, and more than 70 implementations in 12 countries from the construction/engineering, transport, government, finance, manufacturing, and administrative industry.

    Notable project

    Perfice, a client from the Transport industry requested to integrate oDoo solution into its business process management system. The Nexit implemented TMS (Transport Management System) solution that obtains such functions as Travel Management, Vehicle Maintenance, Inventory & Asset Management, CRM, integrated with Electronic Billing, Customer and Supplier Current Accounts. This resulted into a total integration of travel and transport management processes with administrative and management operations. Billing is automatically issued from the record of previously entered trips.

    "Nexit consultants understood our business and accompanied us throughout the project." Omar Saadoun, Business Manager. "Odoo allowed us to modernize our management, integrating all areas of the company easily and dynamically." Ingnacio Asumendi

  • Aselcis image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Mercalaspalmas
    • Pharmative
    • Oxidine
    • Ibersys
    • Lacambra
    • Bulldog TV


    Aselcis Consulting S.L. is a technology and business consultant firm with more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector. They have a team of Odoo professionals who have a long history in implementing business management systems in the fields of ERP, CRM, Document Management, and Business Intelligence-deploying Odoo ERP to small, mid, and large size enterprises.

    Aselcis, as the first certified Odoo Gold Partner in Spain, offers a comprehensive implementation service in which they combine the high quality of opensource ERP such as Odoo with the top qualification and the extensive technical and functional experience of its team. This approach allows Aselcis to achieve significant results in its projects with reduced time and costs of implementation. They have made over the years, 1000+ developments, 75+ successful projects to clients from 10+countries globally.

    Notable project

    Pharmactive partnered with Aselcis to replace its current system with Odoo Enterprise Edition to integrate all areas of the company. This integration was to make the necessary custom adjustments to meet up with the expected legal requirements, aiding them in their current growth. The implementation project also helped in covering the areas of customer relations (CRM), manufacturing, quality control, purchasing, sales, warehouse, billing, and financial and analytical accounting.

  • Dootix image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • VonBergen
    • Fribourg
    • Ming Shan
    • STI


    Dootix is a Switzerland-based IT company founded in 2015. They specialized in the development of custom software and also in the integration of the ERP Odoo.

    Headquartered in Bulle, Fribourg, the company is mostly made up of consultants, project managers, and developers. And with the application of an agile methodology, Dootix supports businesses in their digitalization by providing tailor-made IT solutions. Their services range from brainstorming to the development of an innovative app - offering a complete solution for all businesses both in terms of integration, monitoring, training, and custom development of specific modules.

    As a proud Silver Odoo Partner, Dootix offers Odoo based services for the client's daily business financial management that includes sales, invoices, and accounting.

    Notable project

    One of their client, Ming Shan, demanded to integrate an oDoo into its business process management system. The entire administrative management was done through the customer management module, invoicing and sales, e-commerce with inventory management, online store, and marketing automation. This institution also includes a hotel and oDoo offers modules adapted to this type of need. oDoo will be the central tool for Ming Shan. The modules being fully integrated, this allows an automatic communication of the information from one module to another for optimal management.

    "I would recommend Dootix for their flexibility and good collaboration."

  • Agile Business Group

    Agile Business Group

    Agile Business Group image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Giannini Graniti
    • Quadro Vehicles
    • R3 GIS
    • INRIM
    • ASI
    • Endian


    Agile Business Group, since its inception in 2009, provides expert consulting service, particularly on Odoo. The company, with its team of qualified personnel, possesses decades of experience in business and software development. They were the first company to be certified for skills on oDoo in Italy and Canton Ticino, Switzerland.

    After its establishment in 2009 in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, they went on to become an oDoo Silver partner in 2014, and Gold partner in 2017. They became the first company which provides training in Italian on Odoo, with an Italian branch in Olgiate Olona. Agile Business Group believes in the oDoo projects to which it actively engages both through financial sponsorship and through careful participation within local as well as international communities, by releasing and preserving the oDoo modules.

    Their original Odoo integrated product, ManutenTHOR, is an ERP application that provides efficiency, accuracy, and top-notch management in areas such as:
    - CRM & Marketing (lead management, business opportunities, contact management, etc.)
    - Sales, Purchase, and Production
    - Accounting and Human Resources

    Notable project

    Agile Business Group customized an Odoo ERP that allows ASI (Auto Moto Club Storico Italiano) to manage in a more modern and efficient way some administrative activities previously managed mainly on paper and through software. With this software, they were able to manage the records of annual membership better: subscription of new members and renewals, payment management, monthly export to the printers of the names for card printing and updated extrapolation of the list of addresses for the shipment of the magazine "La Manovella." It also gave the possibility to manage the certification of vehicles.

  • Eezee-IT image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • 2Bridge
    • WantoTravel
    • Brugel
    • Brussels Kart


    Eezee-IT is a Belgian company established in 2010, and a Gold Partner of Odoo. The company specializes in developing Odoo-based applications as a turnkey solution for businesses to maximize their business productivity and growth.

    Their Odoo business solutions are a complete suite of business applications designed to cover all aspects of business needs, including website building and BO apps. Eezee-IT's offering comprises of its innovative IT product called The Eezee-box. They focus on integrating Odoo apps and specific developments to suit the business requirements of organizations ranging from all sizes and complexities to deliver the best possible solution for customers with distinct needs. Their Odoo-based Eezee applications include:

    - Eezee 4 CRM & Marketing
    - Eezee for Agencies
    - Eezee for Travel
    - Eezee for Distribution
    - Eezee for Retail

    Notable project

    The client 2bridge has a central system to link all their projects, time registration, and tasks together, which made it very difficult to have a fluid work process. Everything was separated, and it took a lot of time and manual effort to pass data among up to 30 employees and their clients. The solution was to ask Eezee for the implementation of the Odoo based centralized system with Timesheet Modules. The new application gave the possibility of employees to register their hours and expenses into a single unit system, giving the management a real-time view on on-going projects and tasks that required more effort based on their profitability.

    "The integrated solution of expenses, time registration, tasks, projects and invoicing gives the management a clear view on which projects and tasks require the most effort and which projects and customers are profitable." - 2Bridge

  • Bista image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • TOYOTA
    • LH
    • eko
    • Pinnacle Promotion


    Established in 2007 with over 500 employees, Bista Solution is a world-class software solution provider with its presence in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and India. Distinguished as one of the fastest-growing companies 2016 in the USA by Inc 5000 (with a ranking of #773), the company is catering enterprise-grade business solutions to companies in the vertical industry.

    Bista Solution is HIPAA / PCI compliant, ISO 9001: 2008 certified, and a Technology Advisory Company that partners with businesses to offer their expertise in integrated solutions, including ERP, BPM, Data Analytics, eCommerce, etc. with a holistic approach. Their approach in Odoo ERP integrated solution is tailored to amplify business growth by reducing cost, time, and increasing overall business efficiency.

    Since its inception in 2007, the company has earned for itself a reputation of 100+ successful project implementation, possessing more than 200+ Developers at their Global Delivery Center based in India, and a dedicated sales, implementation & 24/7 support center departments based in the UAE. Their standard ERP software includes:
    - Odoo (Open-source)
    - Netsuite
    - Ramco
    - ERPinCloud

    Notable project

    Pinnacle Promotions turned to Bista since it has a decentralized system using various software for different business processes. This system resulted in a lack of communication between its departments: employees had to engage in manual data transfer between software. Bista worked alongside Pinnacle to design and execute a solution that would take care of the problems, including order processing, e-commerce, purchase, etc. They implemented Odoo and customized it to suit Pinnacle's unique business process, which helped in maximizing efficiency, performance, and speed of business processes. Other benefits of the implementation include a reduction of the number of systems, which provided the simplicity of procedures while saving cost.

    "I myself have worked on the consulting side of software, as well as used a number of software consulting companies, and I think Bista's been a great partner. It's one of the reasons we've been working with them for multiple years now, even after the initial project finished. I think they have a great talent pool to work with and they've been very accommodating."

  • ERP|Open image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Formfutura
    • iBOOD.nI
    • Wol
    • VluchtelingenWerk Nederland


    The Netherlands-based ERP | Open is an Odoo implementation gold partner (formerly called Open Erp). The company supports organizations in their goal to be future-proof by helping them to optimize their business processes with smart Odoo ERP software.

    For the past 15 years, the company has used its expertise in oDoo ERP to solve complex issues related to business models & processes automation and implementation. The team of 17 Odoo-focused experts, had developed over 20,000 Odoo apps, with over 3,000+ satisfied end-users. Their preference in Odoo is due to its stable, flexible, and web-based alternative for organizations looking for a user-friendly ERP system: easy to understand, pleasant to work with, and open source (free of license purchase).

    The company also offers Odoo training in their Odoo academy, which provides an extensive range of Odoo courses. Their Odoo Services include:
    - Odoo Consultancy & Implementation
    - Odoo Hosting
    - Odoo Migration
    - Odoo Support & Maintenance

    Notable project

    The client, Formfutura requested an all-in-one solution - a flexible, web-based business software for both the front and back end. ERP|Open implemented a new webshop using oDoo which is easy to use. It was also fully integrated with the accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing modules. As a result, complicated links are no longer made with other software systems that need to be upgraded separately, built in different techniques, and supplied by various suppliers. And with the new integration, the client achieved 50% more processed order, 40% cost reduction, and 75% reporting efficiency as all data is now available from a single source and readily

    "In addition to the fact that erp|open supervises and delivers the full implementation, it will also take care of the training of the end users. In a hands-on way we introduce Formfutura to all aspects they need in order to be able to work in odoo in a professional way."

  • Mind Spark Technologies

    Mind Spark Technologies

    Mind Spark Technologies image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees


    Mind Spark Technologies is a US-based information technology company with a development center in India. It specializes in web design and application development services. Mind Spark Technologies company designs, delivers and develops the apps, based on the latest technologies for clients from 25 countries and from various industries: healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, retail, event management, accounting, billing, manufacturing, B2B, etc.

    Enterprise mobility and data analysis company uses such technologies as WordPress for CMS, Objective-C and Swift for iOS, ReactJS for Web Frontend, Node JS for Web backend, Codeigniter, Laravel, Prestashop, WooCommerce for PHP, and oDoo framework for ERP. ODoo as a business management software enables the development of business apps, performing a complete suite of enterprise functions.

    With 10 years of experience Mind Spark Technologies offers the following oDoo services:
    - oDoo ERP implementation;
    - oDoo project management;
    - oDoo ERP customization;
    - oDoo ERP integration;
    - oDoo migration.

  • SprintIT image
    100% oDoo
    • 11-50  employees
    • Biotus
    • DIFF
    • Edututor
    • Erikkila


    Headquartered in Helsinki, SprintIT is a relatively young company established in 2014, which is the only Odoo Gold partner in Finland. SprintIT has been Odoo's Gold Partner since 2018 and has experience in developing ERP solutions for a wide range of industries, including wholesale and retail trade, manufacturing, specialized organizations, and organizations.

    To date, the company's portfolio includes more than 100 successfully implemented projects for Finnish companies, 86.7% of which are fully satisfied with SprintIT service. The team of over 30 specialists provides professional services throughout the life cycle of an implemented ERP system. The Odoo ERP systems provided by SprintIT include the following integrations:
    - Finnish banks and billing operators;
    - Online stores;
    - Transport system solutions;
    - Warehouse picking systems.

    Notable project

    Spinverse needed a single software capable of managing marketing, sales, HR and recruitment, CRM, and financial management. It decided to combine ERP, CRM, HR, marketing, recruiting, and event management in one Odoo ERP system. The Odoo ERP system provided by SprintIT allows Spinversee to optimize project management and thereby positively affect Spinverse's competitiveness and decision-making efficiency.

    "Akeneo and Odoo have implemented large-scale retail projects in Finland and around the world. The strong experience of Omni Partners and SprintIT in the retail industry has greatly influenced vendor selection." - Esa Haapa-aho

  • CrocoIT image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Teeela
    • Almisry
    • Herbs Gate
    • Hairburst
    • A1 Natural


    CrocoIT is the young USA offshore and outsourcing information technology and services company, based in Wilmington, Delaware. Established in 2016 CrocoIT working throughout offices in the USA and UK by providing Magento, digital marketing, mobile apps iOS & Android services, and implementation of a fully-featured delivery software - Odoo.

    Implementing Odoo ERP software the CrocoIT aims to offer CRM, POS, website builder, e-commerce, sales, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse or inventory, HR, project management, and marketing modules. Regarding the provision of Odoo ERP services, the CrocoIT team specializes in:

    - consultancy & installation;
    - customization, configuration & upgrading;
    - training & support.

    Notable project

    A1 Natural needed to implement a management system that would be able to manage B2B business, as previously, the company had neither shipment management nor inventory management system. Given the client's problems with management, the CrocoIT team advised the implementation of an all-in-one Odoo system. It includes drop shipping services, inventory management, purchase, B2B management system, sales, accounting, logistics, and shipping management, which greatly simplified and automated the business management process A1 Natural processes.

    "Thank you, guys, for guiding me step by step to grow my business; you have created a custom-tailored website for my business." - Eng. Hossam, CEO, A1 Natural

  • Serpent Consulting Services

    Serpent Consulting Services

    Serpent Consulting Services image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Khatah Consulting (Pvt) Limited
    • Netlinks
    • Blue Stingray
    • Opensolution Sarl


    Serpent Consulting Services is a certified multinational Open Source ERP and CRM Odoo platform provider with 12 years of experience. With more than 90 qualified experts through 3 data centers, the Serpent CS team served clients from more than 24 countries. Today, the company's customer base consists of more than 440 customers from industries such as education, government, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, real estate, and travel.

    Serpent CS Odoo functional consultant and integration expert specialize in providing such Odoo ERP services as:
    - Odoo development: app, website, store, theme, module development, SAAS Kit;
    - Odoo integration: biometric, IoT, payment gateway, social media, GitHub, VoIP, cloud integrations;
    - Odoo migration: from Odoo Community/Enterprise 8 to Odoo Community/Enterprise 9/10/11/12;
    - Odoo implementations: pre-implementation expertise, Odoo ERP implementation project management, implementation design and configuration, implementation data conversion and quality control, report optimization, more;
    - Odoo core customization.

    In addition to the above services, the company also provides offshore development, Odoo e-commerce, Gap analysis, hosting, Odoo onsite and offsite support, Odoo CRM sales purchase inventory, Odoo functional training, and technical training services.

    Notable project

    The Mekaela Academy required to implement a solution for its school management activities. SerpentCS has proposed the introduction of all-in-one Odoo V11CE software. The selected solution is easily customizable, adapts to the needs of the school, and provides such functions as information management for students and student information with a portal for parents and teachers, schedule management, faculties, courses using a joint platform. So, the result was a single transparent and inclusive management platform that can regulate and organize the learning process, adapting to the needs of students and teachers.

    "The work that have been done by Serpent team was great. On time and with good quality." - Maximilien Vicidomini

  • BiztechCS


    BiztechCS image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Ovivo
    • era15
    • 360i Suite
    • Medguard
    • Inter Flag
    • Lubi Electrinics


    Biztech Consulting & Solutions is a certified Odoo development company that specializes in providing E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, CMS, and Mobile technologies solutions since 2007. It serves clients from about 40 different countries across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia the team has already successfully implemented over 750 projects.

    The BiztechCS team consists of about 190 experts that specialize in providing implementing services for healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, trading, and various other industries. Being an Odoo Ready Partner, the team aims to provide such Odoo ERP services as:
    - Odoo Development: website, app, store, theme, module;
    - Odoo Implementation;
    - Odoo Customization;
    - Odoo Integration (with CRM and accounting).

    Additionally, the team provides over 55 Odoo products and ERP apps, including the Odoo SEO Suite app, Mega Menu for Odoo, clever multiple invoice templates for Odoo, Odoo product tiered pricing, Odoo delivery date scheduler, Odoo shop by brand app and much more. BiztechCS also provides a wide selection of Odoo themes for business and e-commerce websites that support Odoo version v8, v9, v10, and v11.

    Notable project

    The client needed migration without prejudice to the existing modules of modules and data. During the migration, the team encountered several challenges, for example, extracting sensitive data from an ERP system without damaging the integrity of the data. Migration to the corporate system included integrity verification, as well as testing and auditing. As a result, the client received an ERP Odoo Enterprise system, which was more efficient over the previous one, and also significantly cheaper to use.

    "Working with Biztech has been a pleasant experience. They are very reliable and fast acting exceeded my expectations and delivered a top quality website. They are always calm and professional." - Stacey Canfield

  • Odoo Experts B.V.

    Odoo Experts B.V.

    Odoo Experts B.V. image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Top Vision Group
    • Barista Technology
    • ATP Engineering
    • BNO
    • Trappentoko


    Odoo Experts is a leading Odoo Gold Partner that, at the end of 2016, officially became the number 1 Odoo provider in the Netherlands. Focusing on Odoo, a complete and comprehensive ERP package, Experts B.V. provides real-world solutions to companies in the areas of automation, efficiency, and understanding.

    Headquarters in Zaandam, the company for almost 8 years, specializes in implementing all-in-one ERP packages for all business processes by providing advice, implementation, management, and training services. The Odoo Experts aims to offer such Odoo ERP solutions as Odoo enterprise, support, and Odoo hosting. Besides, the team provides a wide selection of Odoo ERP apps, including:

    - Odoo Apps for the website: websites, webshop, forum, LiveChat, appointments;
    - Odoo Apps for sale: CRM, relationship management, POS, helpdesk;
    - Odoo Apps for productivity: email marketing, events, marketing automation;
    - Odoo Apps for use: purchase, stock, accountancy, billing, declarations;
    - Odoo Apps for personnel management: employees, time registration, leave registration, recruitment, and selection;
    - Odoo Apps for production: PLM (product lifecycle management), equipment, quality.

    Notable project

    More Than Gifts turned to Odoo Experts, it worked with different systems, for example, a separate system for CRM, administration, and inventory management. So the challenge was to reduce all the different systems to one well-organized whole. To this end, the team decided to implement various Odoo apps, such as Sales, Purchasing, Stock, Contact, Administration, and Project. Besides, Odoo Experts have added a fair bit of customization to optimize the business processes as well as possible. As the client himself notes, one of the most significant advantages of Odoo is the possibility to implement additional customized solutions in addition to the extensive standard functionalities.

    "Thanks to Odoo, we can help more and larger customers in a shorter time, with higher quality!" - Ron Hof, CEO More Than Gifts

  • Syncoria image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Tomauri
    • AutoSpa
    • Accurate Electric
    • Condosky
    • ClearView
    • CellnTell


    Syncoria is a Toronto-based full-service digital agency. Established in 2004, the Syncoria is a powerful solutions provider as well as Odoo Ready Partner that consists of 35 full-time engineers and business analysts that aims to provide custom solutions and system integration services to small and medium B2B businesses across Canada.

    The company specializes in providing ERP and CRM consultancy, hosting, migration, support, and implementation services for such industries as manufacturing, construction, retail, wholesale and distribution, service industry, transportation, and healthcare. Specializes in implementing Odoo V13, Odoo V12, and Odoo Enterprise solutions the Syncoria offering a bunch of fully integrated Odoo business tools including:

    - Sales: CRM, sales, subscriptions, POS;
    - Website: e-commerce, website, blogs, appointments;
    - Operations: project, Inventory, MRP (material requirements planning), timesheets;
    - Finances: accounting, invoicing, expenses, eSign.

    Notable project

    Syncoria was hired to provide an Omni-channel solution that would replace 4 different CellNTell business process management systems. The Syncoria team configured and customized Odoo to give the client complete visibility and control of its business processes. The resulting software was able to lookup serials in real-time, process large batches of product quickly through barcode Scanning, without losing information. Besides, seamlessly connected Inventory to the website, online marketplaces, and all retail outlets were provided.

  • Gembaware


    Gembaware image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Digital 113
    • Occitech


    Gembaware is a company of experts in the field of information systems, that provides consulting management solutions, and support to SMEs and SMBs at all stages of their transformation: from vision to implementation.

    Based in Toulouse, Occitanie, France, Gembaware is a team with more than 20 years of experience, which specializes in providing services for the development of digital transformation strategies, auditing, diagnostics, as well as services for the implementation of ERP, CRM, reporting, and BPM (business process management). Gembaware is an Odoo integrator and trainer partner who aims to serve such industries as an industry, energy, robotics, distribution, healthcare, and services.

    In addition to the standard Odoo ERP solution, the company also specializes in implementing The Odoo IoT Industry 4.0 Box that allows connecting objects (measurement tools, screens, cameras, printers) to the ERP system. Through Odoo ERP, Gembaware also offers IoT to automate material requirements planning (MRP), inventory management, and sales process.

    Notable project

    To support its growth, Occitech chose Gembaware to carry out the recovery of 3 years of data. As the Occitech opted for Odoo to provide "multi-company" management, the objective was to migrate data to Odoo 11 successfully. Gembaware, therefore, provided Occitech Toulouse Odoo with an ERP and CRM solution. The applications used on Odoo are accounting, customer billing, and reporting. Ultimately, Gembaware provided solutions such as transferring data using ETL Pentaho, creating "individual" company publications, user training, startup assistance, and support.

    "Odoo completely satisfies us. Indeed, we particularly appreciate the synergies between the different applications and the "multi-company" capacity of this ERP. We therefore recommend this ERP for very small businesses. On the other hand, we greatly appreciated the work provided by Gembaware, in particular concerning the analysis of our needs, the migration of data as well as their reactivity." - Etienne Zulauf, Co-manager, Occitech

  • Surekha Technologies

    Surekha Technologies

    Surekha Technologies image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Jinal Patel
    • Value Hub
    • Arham Engineering
    • AlterNav


    Surekha Technologies is a team of certified professionals with 8+ years of experience in providing Odoo development and consulting, proof of concept (POC), software testing, QA services, and CMS development.

    Started its way in 2011, Surekha Technologies is an expert in the field of Odoo implementation that offers Odoo consulting, development and customization, Odoo website design and development, code, and database migration solutions. Surekha Technologies team specializes in:
    - Odoo consulting (for administration panel and security mechanism);
    - Odoo integration (with such software as ESB, HTTP, Web Services or DB integration);
    - Odoo e-commerce website (design and develop);
    - Odoo exporting data (from the different ERP system in the Odoo system);
    - Odoo on cloud (install and configure without any customization).

    Aims to serve e-commerce, manufacturing, education, e-learning, travel & hospitality, healthcare, real estate & property, retail, and consumer sector Surekha Technologies has in its portfolio over 100 successful deployments and projects for more than 50 clients across the world.

    Notable project

    Using 6 different software for managing the waste collection process, the client needs one integrated solution that would seamlessly manage business processes. The Surekha Technologies allocated for the customer a dedicated techno-functional consultant to provide a seamless business process by translating business requirements into Odoo. A mobile application developed to increase the mobility and accessibility of the system. In addition to Odoo, technologies such as Python, XML, PostgreSQL, Ajax, Jquery, Html, CSS, and Bootstrap used. As a result, mobility and accessibility of the system successfully increased.

    "People at Surekha Technologies has solid knowledge and understanding. They implemented a team and a hook in a high aggressive deadline with very high quality. Looking forward to working with them on more projects!"

  • OTB Africa

    OTB Africa

    OTB Africa  image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • KenGen
    • KAA
    • Landmark Education
    • The Monarch Insurance
    • RDB
    • Copia


    Specializes in providing software solutions for businesses, governments OTB Africa aims to offer enterprise solutions from 2009. Being an official partner of Odoo ERP and using a variety of open-source platforms (hybrid mobile apps, Django, AWS) the OTB Africa team specializes in Odoo ERP solutions providing, offering a wide selection of Odoo modules including:

    - Website Builder (multiple support website with Alpha Beta Testing Modes); 
    - E-commerce (Integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS & DHL as well as eBay and Amazon marketplaces);
    - Timesheets (timesheets mobile app and GTD (getting things done) planning);
    - Statistics (cross-device sync and offline mode support);
    - Invoicing & Payments (OFX, QIF, CSV, CODA import and integrations with 24.000 banks);
    - Contract management (recurring contacts, fixed price, time & material-based, subscription setup fees support);
    - HRM - human resources management.

    Notable project

    The team faced the task of implementing several Odoo ERP modules for Copia Kenya including accounting, sales, procurement, warehousing, inventory, and HR. At the same time, it decided to install Odoo ERP by posting it on Amazon Web Services, while significantly minimizing the cost of Copia Kenya's IT infrastructure. Besides, it is worth noting that the guys also took responsibility for developing an Android application and integrated it into Odoo ERP.

  • Openfellas


    Openfellas image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • BMW AG
    • Rino Weder
    • Agricon
    • Aservo
    • Brabbler


    Openfellas is a German Odoo Gold Partner headquartered in Munich, with offices in Heidelberg and Belgrade. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has grown from two creators to a team of 24 team members - including project managers, technical software designers, and developers that aim to provide Open Source Odoo ERP solutions and more than 2,500 Odoo modules.

    Openfellas became an Odoo Gold Partner in 2014 and since then delivered over 50 successful projects in national as well as half a dozen international customer implementations. The company's Odoo ERP integration consists of:
    - ERP consulting: assessment of requirements, process analysis, bills, and receipts analysis, documentation, validation of processes and interfaces, process consultation, implementation plan, and support, training;
    - ERP customization and development: transparent Workflow and modularization;
    - Odoo ERP support.

    The Openfellas most popular Odoo ERP modules, including Amazon Connector, DATEV Connector, Android Scanner, Microtech Connector, and Shopware Connector.

    Notable project

    QWSTION, an international GmbH label, turned to the company because it needed to implement a solution that would provide the necessary flexibility to solve the complex problems that they face every day, being present in 22 countries, having several online stores, and working with various currencies. So, Openfellas implemented the Odoo modules, including Sales, Purchase, CRM, Stock, and Accounting, thereby satisfying all the requirements for inventory management.

  • PIT Solutions

    PIT Solutions

    PIT Solutions image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Unic AG
    • BIBUS AG Group
    • Delivros AG
    • Zone Holding AG
    • Frontiers Media SA


    Founded in 2000, PIT Solutions is an IT service provider that is headquartered in Switzerland and India. Its team of more than 350 certified specialists provides custom software development solutions based on Odoo, SAP Hybris, Magento, and Microsoft MVP technologies. Currently, PIT Solutions' portfolio consists of over 4000 successful projects that had been done for such customers as JIX, BKW, Frontiers, Halter, PostFinance, TrandingZone, and others.

    PIT Solutions is an Odoo Ready Partner since 2018 that possesses expertise in developing software solutions for eCommerce. It is capable to create a custom webshop system of any size with responsive design. For all of the eCommerce solutions, the company uses Magento, Odoo, SAP Hybris, and WooCommerce technologies. Also, it can create native or hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

    Being an oDoo Partner the company has expertise in developing such solutions as ERP, CRM, eCommerce, accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, point of sale, HRMS, project management. Also, the company has developed Odoo extensions, such as SafePay, Wallee, SEDD, SOUQ.

    There are following Odoo ERP services that are offered by PIT Solutions:
    - Installation and configuration of Odoo apps
    - Integration, implementation, and customization
    - Support and maintenance
    - Integration of payment solutions
    - Offshore development

    Notable project

    PIT Solutions had developed a website based using Odoo technology for Fobae. The client is a seller of electronics across the MiddleEast. Using Odoo, PIT Solutions succeeded to create a high-performance, powerful and easy-to-use ERP system that allows managing resources of the client's business in the most effective way. The company's specialists managed to customize Odoo Sales module that gives such features as automatically produced invoices, convenient quotations tracking and creation and easy access to the warehouse. Odoo backend also had an integrated discount timer. For easy customer history keeping and tracking, Odoo CRM module was customized too.

    "PITS is our strong technology offshoring partner to realize technically challenging, high quality and exciting digitization projects. We are looking forward to further extend our cooperation with PIT Solution in the coming years." - Ivo Battig

  • Cogisignals


    Cogisignals image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Safari Belting
    • Badabargain


    Cogisignals is an Odoo Ready Partner that was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Lenexa, US. Despite the company's young age, its specialists have rich expertise in developing web, custom, ERP, and eCommerce Odoo solutions for a wide range of industries such as retail, hospitality, telecom, tradeshow & museum, eCommerce, education, geofencing, fitness, and artificial intelligence. The company offers full-cycle custom Odoo solutions development from requirements gathering to implementation.

    Cogisignals can help in adapting Odoo ERP features to the unique client's workflow, migrate from the previous system to Odoo ERP, or implement Odoo ERP from scratch. The company offers the following Odoo ERP services:
    - Consultation (advice, direction, online and on-site training sessions) 
    - Implementation (includes deployment planning, software configuration, data loading, product installation, and user training)
    -Support & Maintenance

    Notable project

    For the Safari Belting, Cogosignals specialists had successfully implemented the Odoo ERP solution. The client is vendor of conveyor belting and accessories for representatives of the food industry. Unfortunately, Safari Belting's existing ERP had become outdated, that system was very inefficient and complicated to use. So, it came to the Cogosignals for a help. As a result, the client had got excellent implemented Odoo 10 system to handle accounting and to manage the inventory, shipping, receiving and billing process. The new technology brought them a row of useful features such as open-source, high-quality supporting, cloud-based, and possibility of extension.

  • manaTec GmbH

    manaTec GmbH

    manaTec GmbH image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Hochschule Luzern
    • Textkernel B.V.
    • Watttron GmbH
    • ARTS Holding SE


    ManaTec GmbH is a startup in Dresden that specializes in developing ERP and BI solutions. Started its way in 2015, the company aims to provide individual implementation and adaptation of the Odoo ERP system. To ensure the identification, monitoring, and planning of critical indicators of your company, ManaTec works with various business intelligence systems and is an official partner of Odoo, which offers individual implementation and adaptation of an Odoo ERP system.

    The team consists of experienced process consultants and software developers offering implementation of Odoo ERP modules in the areas of CRM, PoS, e-mail, HR, business intelligence, manufacturing, e-commerce, finance, contracts, and much more. Thanks to the IoT module and Odoo ERP IoT-Box, the ManaTec GmbH guys provide an intelligent solution for connecting smart devices to the ERP system. Odoo IoT-Box is capable of connecting to Odoo via an Ethernet or WiFi connection, displaying all connected devices in the Odoo IoT module, connecting smart devices via USB, HDMI, serial port, WiFi, Bluetooth.

    The ManaTec GmbH team also specializes in providing services for setting up accounting in Odoo, including choosing a chart of accounts, importing and setting up customers, suppliers and products, setting up bank accounts, setting up the foreign currency and more.

    Notable project

    Before introducing Odoo as a central ERP system, the ARTS Holding SE worked with a specially designed system to display its business processes. So, having sensed that the system had reached its limits, ARTS turned to manaTec GmbH for a solution. Together with the client, it decided to implement the Odoo ERP system, which fully satisfies all the client's requests regarding the management of his business processes. Due to the previous emphasis in the field of personnel services, the centralization of corporate contacts carried out at the first stage. With the help of additional modules, the processes of personnel, procurement, and sales compared, and the first optimization potential in accounting used.

    "With manaTec GmbH we have found the ideal IT service provider for our group of companies. In addition to harmonizing and simplifying our IT landscape, we were able to implement the Odoo ERP system and the associated process optimization quickly thanks to the competent support of the consultants." - Dr. Ingo Cassack, CFO, ARTS Holding SE

  • Web Bespokers

    Web Bespokers

    Web Bespokers image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Adaptise
    • TransFirst
    • StoneAge IT GmbH
    • Plastic Hallway
    • Lecturize GmbH


    Established in 2014, Web Bespokers is a full-service software development team located in Poznan, Poland. Today, the company aims to serve clients worldwide, working with agencies, startups, and enterprises from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    As a back-end and front-end development services company, Web Bespokers also specializes in providing open-source software solutions that include ERP and CRM systems such as Odoo and SuiteCRM. The team specializes in providing Odoo ERP analysis, implementation, integration, deployment, and post-implementation support services.

    Besides, Web Bespokers provides the integration of finance and accounting, sales and service, manufacturing, customer relationship management with an integrated ERP software application system. It is also worth noting the company's ability to adapt to the requirements and budget of each project, using the unique corrected implementation methodology, using Waterfall or Agile (Scrum, Kanban).

    Notable project

    The North Country Farms, Inc. turned to the Web Bespokers company as it needed to implement the Odoo ERP system, as well as provide it with additional functions, for example, integrate C4EverSystems (ATM system) with Odoo ERP. So, initially, the team ensured the installation of the system and its basic configuration, including such models as sales, CRM, billing, accounting, inventory, and production. After that, integration with C4EverSystems using the Odoo 10 web service API was provided, and integration security was ensured using SSL and VPN tunnels. Ultimately, integration enables communication between the system and the computer and allows users and the Odoo administrator to manage billing and payment operations.

    "Excellent team to work with. Very professional and timely, and easy to deal with. What more could you ask for?! Hire without hesitation." - Jeff Soukotta

  • Veracious Perfect CS

    Veracious Perfect CS

    Veracious Perfect CS image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Meritz Health Products Inc
    • Verivolt LLC


    Veracious Perfect CS (VPerfect CS) is a relatively young company established in 2016, which specializes in providing a wide range of Odoo ERP solutions. Despite the only 3 years of experience, the company already has 75 successfully implemented projects in its portfolio for 50 clients globally. To date, the company has provided such types of solutions as Odoo POS customization, membership module, Open Educat, POS order management, service management, employee documents & survey, and more.

    The VPerfect CS aims to provide such Odoo ERP services as:
    - Odoo implementation: requirement analysis, development, configuration, data import & migration, testing, installation;
    - Odoo customization;
    - Odoo migration: Odoo database upgrade, Odoo code upgrade, Odoo migrating with/without 3rd Party customized modules and custom-build modules;
    - Odoo support: bug fixing, training, consultation, documentation, dedicated Developer, Gap, analysis, on-demand issue solving, performance regulation;
    - Odoo taxation & GST: customizing taxation & goods and services tax (GST) for Odoo version 10,11,12 community edition.

    Notable project

    Consider several projects of the company's portfolio, the first of which was created by order of Verivolt, which required an online store with the ability to manage everything from sales to delivery effectively. To this end, along with the electronic store, Veracious Perfect CS provided the client with an Odoo ERP solution, with modules such as sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, advanced MRP & HR. Having initially implemented the system in Odoo Version 10 Community Edition, after 6 months, the system was transferred by Veracious Perfect CS guys to the latest version of Odoo at that time - Version 11.

    "VPerfect CS provided me an amazing training in Odoo Accounting, Invoicing, Import and Export Modules which enabled me to understand Odoo effortlessly and the team answered all the queries instantly. The whole team is super energetic and positive." - Fabio Zurlini

  • Silent Infotech

    Silent Infotech

    Silent Infotech image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees


    Silent Infotech is a creative digital studio, headquartered in India. It helps to empower businesses, different organizations, and startups. The company offers solutions for e-commerce, trading, web 2 print, manufacturing businesses; server hosting business solution and industrial IoT cloud solutions. Silent Infotech serves many verticals: seafood, e-commerce, manufacturing, printing, supply chain, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, food, marketing, advertising, real estate, finance. 

    Silent Infotech provides clients with a wide range of oDoo services:
    - oDoo consultation, implementation & customization
    - oDoo hosting & administration
    - oDoo technical and functional support

    Notable project

    The key issues were concerning freshness of seafood, which is typical for the industry and the absence of an integrated system of traceability is a must for them. The second issue is the unavailability of real-time monitoring of environmental conditions. Silent Infotech refined seafood supply chain ERP, based on AI. A cloud-based solution was produced. It combines the relationship management process of suppliers along with the procurement process in order to cut the time delays and geographical limitations.

    "Silent Infotech's IoT based seafood ERP helped us, become a player among the heavyweights in the industry and expand the horizon into new business lines that were not even on the radar. Happy to recommend them."

  • Confianz Global, Inc.

    Confianz Global, Inc.

    Confianz Global, Inc. image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • AT&T
    • Valani Apparel
    • Stress Free Home Care
    • Gaston County Sheriff's Office
    • Audian


    Confianz Global is an outstanding Odoo ERP installation and implementation provider company based in Charlotte, USA. Implementing open-source Odoo ERP solutions for over 8 years the Confianz Global focus on businesses specializing in such industries as manufacturing, retail, wholesale, telecom, construction, and e-commerce. Being an Odoo Gold Partner the Confianz offers:

    - Customization (Odoo report customization, Odoo dashboard customization, Odoo POS receipt customization, Odoo invoice customization, Odoo CRM customization);
    - Integration (Odoo e-commerce integration, payment gateway integration, SMS gateway integration, social media integration, Google apps integration, Odoo biometric integration, logistic integration, accounting Integration);
    - Migration (data migration from such third party systems as QuickBooks, Sage, Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Vtiger CRM, NetSuite);
    - Support and maintenance. Today, Confianz Global has more than 100 clients and over 250 Odoo ERP projects.

    The Confianz Global Odoo ERP implementation process consists of 10 stages and can be completed in 3 months (medium-sized projects), and large projects take roughly 6-12 months.

    Notable project

    Confianz Global completed Odoo ERP customizations for Audian as the two other Odoo gold partners in the US failed. Thus, having completed the Odoo ERP customizations and providing the client with an outsourced developer, Confianz Global team has developed, implemented, and introduced a unique technology that handles all Audian requirements for modernization and customization. With the help of Odoo ERP system the client can easily create everything necessary, as well as save a vast amount of resources.

    "We've worked with Confianz for almost a year now, and I can safely say they are absolutely the best in terms of service, professionalism and value."

  • Bassam InfoTech image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Brocade
    • ATOM
    • Apco Tata
    • Khusheim Corporation
    • The Western India Plywoods


    Bassam InfoTech is an India-based full-service software company that specializes in delivering oDoo solutions. It serves small and medium-sized businesses from various industries, such as education, construction, healthcare, supply chain, logistics, steel, textile, real estate, cosmetics.

    Bassam offers solutions, connected with ERP and oDoo to solve some operational challenges, boost revenues, make workflow easier and sell products and services. The company specializes in ERP implementation and customization. Bassam InfoTech experts have already satisfied the needs of over 140 clients from all around the world and there are also 15 oDoo implementations in process.

    With 22 years of experience Bassam InfoTech provides clients with different oDoo services:
    - oDoo integration & customization;
    - oDoo training;
    - oDoo support & maintenance;
    - oDoo for manufacturing, oDoo for contracting.

    Notable project

    APCO Group is a firm, distributing home appliances of popular brands, telecommunications, and ceramics. The client from consumer durable industry had some difficulties in inbuilt software management. That is why they approached Bassam InfoTech in order to get new software for internal branch wise stocks management and services. To be more precise, APCO Group has difficulties in managing the purchase and accounting system, maintaining stocks and services, maintaining inventory systems. Bassam InfoTech met all the needs of APCO Group and now it is easier to manage accounting and purchases and rapidly growing stocks and inventory.

    "A professional software development company based in Calicut , which uses cost effective platforms to build solutions right from ERP to solutions required for business. Good team of quality people ."

  • Kualo image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Ecwid
    • D-S Safety
    • Lynton & Barnstaple Railway


    Being a hosting and domain expert services provider, Kualo offers Odoo hosting solutions powered by NGINX, MariaDB, Redis, and Phusion Passenger. With almost 20 years of experience, the team of 11 professionals located in London, offers unique Odoo ERP hosting methods, including:

    - Redis Session Cache to support larger volumes of users
    -Managed Odoo migration
    -High availability clustering
    -CloudFlare's CDN and Railgun optimization

    To date, the Kualo team has grown to host over 100,000 websites for customers in over 90 countries worldwide. Providing Odoo ERP hosting services, the Kualo aims to deliver best in class Odoo security, including PCI-DSS compliant hosting, web application firewall (WAF), automated malware scans, and physical security. In addition to ERP hosting, the team also specializes in providing specialized CRM, CMS, e-commerce, forum, and blog hosting solutions.

    Notable project

    Suffering from downtime and reduced productivity due to poor configuration, D-S Safety hired Kualo guys to host their Odoo ERP. The six-month process included the move away from Odoo's built-in web server process and the creation of a unique hosting environment following the particularities of the client's business. Moreover, Redis is implemented to store sessions in memory quickly, and NGINX is used as a web server. As a result, Odoo runs, on average, 18% faster, and D-S Safety has enjoyed 100% uptime.

    "Moving to Kualo was the best thing for our company BIM and ERP that could happen. Kualo's customer service and customer understanding is like being invited to a party where the host does everything in their power to give the guests the time of their life." - Theis Draeberg, CEO, D-S Safety

  • Port Cities

    Port Cities

    Port Cities image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • 3Sach Food
    • Tanzic Pacific
    • CV Norton
    • BigOwner
    • Paragon Technology & Innovations


    Established in 1997 (Hong Kong), Port Cities today is a global ERP, e-commerce, warehouse management system, CRM, material requirements planning (MRP) provider. The team operates throughout 7 branches in Mexico, Australia, Singapore, and some Asia countries.

    Being the biggest Odoo partner in Asia, a team of over 100 specialists offering multiple different open source apps with the same source of data. The Port Cities handled the implementations in over 50 businesses by providing over 500 Odoo modules. Port Cities aims to provide such ERP packages as:
    - Odoo website & e-commerce: inventory, invoicing, sales;
    - Odoo HR package: employees, online expenses, payslips & tax reports;
    - Building management: all the contact information in one place;
    - Odoo accounting: multi-branch accounting, E-Faktur.

    Notable project

    The largest retail network in Asia with stores across 10+ countries Aeon needed an implementation partner to implement ERP Odoo system for its business processes. The company has taken responsibility for the implementation of various Odoo HR modules, finance modules, and productivity tools. As a result, the client was able to effectively manage expenses, payroll, leaves, as well as accounting and GST. To increase management efficiency, the Port Cities team also provided Open Source Project Management to forecast resource requirements, as well as to monitor the performance of business processes.

    "We appreciate if the service provider is very responsive. And I would say Port Cities has been outstanding in their response times. I am talking about very short time frame between the inquiry/question and the response. Another even more important aspect, which I also see as very valuable for the company is that their response can also help to really address the issue. That I also rate highly. That was very helpful for Pacific Partners, one one hand, we got quick answers, and they were also the right answers." - Eckart Dutz

  • Bizople Solutions

    Bizople Solutions

    Bizople Solutions image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • FirstGuide
    • Run4
    • Oxley Group
    • Zuiver
    • Inspired Elements


    Bizople Solutions is an Odoo ERP and CRM software development company with 6 years of experience in providing solutions for over 130 clients in 20 countries globally, including the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, Australia, and Egypt.

    The company's portfolio includes more than 300 successful Odoo deployment projects. Its specialty is a one-step business solution for web designing and Odoo ERP Implementation and customization. Besides, Bizople Solutions provides data migration, functional and technical training as well as a wide range of other Odoo ERP services, including:
    - Odoo Implementation: CRM, CMS and e-commerce implementation;
    - Odoo Customization: customized Odoo ERP, document management system, and custom-designed Odoo website;
    - Odoo Website Development: responsive website designing, integration of the website with Odoo app;
    - Mobile App Development: Odoo mobile app for a custom module;
    - Odoo API Integration: Odoo Magento and Wordpress integration, Parsable integration, Biometric integration.

    Notable project

    Suffering from problems with CRM and HR business systems, the client turned to the Bizople Solutions guys for help and, according to the client himself, found immense support, solution, bug fixing, and features. The team provided the client with a new Odoo ERP solution focusing on the customer relationship management system, replacing a more inefficient solution.

    "You provided new life to my lost ERP system. The heart of my business system CRM and HR were at condition that I was in great trouble and at that time I found immense support , solution , bug fixing and features developed from Bizople that my team is again using Odoo with Love!"

  • Brain-tec Germany GmbH

    Brain-tec Germany GmbH

    Brain-tec Germany GmbH image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • M-Industrie AG
    • Liquitec AG
    • Pakka AG


    Brain-tec Group is a global expert when it comes to implementing Odoo solutions. As an Odoo Gold Partner with 6 branches in Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, the Brain-tec Group mainly deals with international and national Odoo projects.

    The company currently has more than 63 Odoo employees. Awarded as the best Odoo Partner in Europe Brain-tec group specializes in providing such ERP, DMS, BI services as consulting, project management, customizing, hosting, training, and support. Being a certified Odoo Gold Partner, with almost 20 years of market experience, the brain-tec group offers products such as:
    - Odoo e-commerce apps: blogs, forums, and slides;
    - Odoo sales apps: CRM, invoicing, (POS), subscription, Odoo signature;
    - Odoo operations apps: inventory, purchasing, helpdesk;
    - Odoo production apps: MRP, maintenance, PLM (product lifecycle management);
    - Odoo productivity apps: timesheet, marketing automation;
    - Odoo automotive: industry 4.0, Big Data, IoT, and more.

    Notable project

    Previously using a much more classic process management approach with Waterfall, the client encountered some difficulties with the implementation of a non-classic ERP solution, which were effectively eliminated by the Brain-tec guys. One of the main advantages for the client, aside from the ability to unify all business processes, was the Odoo intuitiveness. Thanks to the system, there were no problems with the implementation in companies located in non-English speaking countries, since the system supports Spanish, French, German, and even Chinese.

    "Odoo is a modern ERP system for us. brain-tech convinced us as an international company. For M-Industrie AG brain-tech has the necessary technical as well as business relevant knowledge and skills to efficiently implement the various Odoo modules at M-Industrie AG." - Matthias Sander, M-Industrie AG

  • Ksolves image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Sharemeister
    • Adaptus
    • CountAbout
    • ekogenio
    • MergerShark
    • Oakbrook Corporation


    Ksolves is a provider of managed services, based in India. The company specializes in Big data implementation, cloud-based technologies, serverless application development, Hybrid, and native mobile applications. Ksolves has expertise in various industries: real estate, education, e-learning, e-commerce, retail, social media, networking, logistics, healthcare, tech, travel, entertainment.

    The company uses a wide number of technologies, languages, frameworks, databases in its work, namely, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cassandra, DynamoDB for Big Data; Python, C/C++, Java, React, AngularJS, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Node.js, Magento and oDoo for web development.

    Ksolves offers a number of oDoo services:
    - oDoo developer outsourcing;
    - oDoo customization;
    - oDoo implementation;
    - oDoo integration;
    - oDoo support and maintenance.

    Notable project

    The client had numerous problems, the company faced every day namely, to manage to cost on course and institution levels. They also had 3 tools, which had practically the same functions. Ksolves immediately offered the client to discard their existing tools and adopt Odoo. The next step was collecting all the data and delivering it to oDoo and customizing it. Implementation of accounting and HR modules for the sake of accounts maintenance. The ability to manage cost distribution was enabled with the help of Analytic accounting.

    "They were willing to help in every way, developing a professional and beautiful website which showcases our company very well. Their ability to develop creative solutions to the functionality and user experience of our site made for a fantastic end result. I was impressed all around with their skills, customer service and attention to detail every step of the way."

  • PPTS image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • VitalPet
    • Credit Institute of Canada
    • LGB
    • enoa
    • ePower Manufacturing
    • The Protechtors


    PPTS is an IT solutions company, headquartered in Coimbatore, India. It specializes in the implementation and customization of ERP software for different-sized businesses across the world. The company 200 employees have already created 283 projects for over 223 clients from more than 10 countries and various industries and verticals: manufacturing, e-commerce, trading, accounting, wholesale, retail, real estate, insurance, healthcare, information technology.

    Since 2017 PPTS is an Official oDoo Silver partner in such countries as the USA, France, Canada, and India. The company can be proud of its 60 apps, 50 oDoo ERP implementations, and over 2,000 app downloads. Established in 2001, with 18 years of experience PPTS offers the following oDoo services:
    - oDoo ERP implementation: flexible to install modules;
    - Odoo ERP customization: numerous modules for different business requirements;
    - oDoo ERP Integration: system to system integration, functionality integrations;
    - oDoo ERP migration: data migration tools, system migration tools & techniques;
    - oDoo ERP support.

    Notable project

    The client approached PPTS in order to manage reliable operations. This manufacturing company experienced the next issues: difficulty in maintaining and processing the service, inconvenience in staff expense management, design of manufacturing products, etc. PPTS provided product quality control while buying and manufacturing a product. The next implemented solution maintained the complaints of the invoice. Also, rules of customer access to sale and purchase orders were configured. An option to return the issued assets was also added. All in all oDoo ERP system was implemented and customized.

    "Admiring their knowledge in oDoo customization, we started to work with PPTS in 2018. Being outsourced, we were leery at first. But PPTS gained our trust by their accurate solutions and timely deliverable. Being impressed, we bound to continue our relationship with PPTS for the upcoming years."

  • Versada image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Azimut Space
    • Metalurga
    • Peruza
    • Allbranded
    • Viking 1914


    Established in 2010, Versada is an international company based in Lithuania and Germany that develops, adapts, and implements business management innovative software solutions. To date, the Versada customer base has more than 100 customers from 10 countries.

    Versada consists of 12 experts who aim to offer open-source ERP, CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management solutions based on Odoo software platform. As for the services provided, the company has almost 10 years of experience in providing:
    - Odoo Development: implementation of the Odoo solution (14,000 modules) and developing Versada unique Odoo apps for the needs of the client;
    - Odoo Integration: Odoo ERP integration with third-party software, taking into account the specifics of providers;
    - Odoo Customization: identifying bottlenecks and vulnerabilities to polish up a system on request;
    - Odoo Consulting: providing a holistic understanding of the process dependency and functionality of Odoo ERP.

    Notable project

    Viking 1914 was in need to replace the old version of Odoo ERP systems, as it no longer corresponded to its business processes. After intensive discussions with a detailed analysis of the client's business processes, the Versada team chose to implement the Odoo 8 ERP system, which works as cost-effectively as possible. The final solution was created and implemented after 3 joint workshops with the customer. However, it is worth noting that cooperation with Viking 1914 is still ongoing, and Versada provides the client with all the necessary support and maintenance.

    "I would like to highlight the professional approach and extraordinary competence in the field held by the Versada team. Not only did their organisational skills and efficient time management facilitated and systemised the entire working process of ours, but also saved us expenses." - Jens V. M. Thomsen, CEO, Viking 1914

  • Intero Technologies GmbH

    Intero Technologies GmbH

    Intero Technologies GmbH image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Biofabrik Gruppe
    • Kuck + Schmidt Group
    • Cusati Media GmbH


    Intero Technologies GmbH is a German full-service provider based in Stralsund, which specializes in the technical implementation of innovative ideas and business models with a focus on the implementation of the Odoo open source ERP system for medium and small enterprises.

    Established in 2006, Intero Technologies has been a partner of Odoo for over 10 years and a Gold Partner since 2016. To date, the company's portfolio consists of more than 200 successful implementations of Odoo. The company team of 30 Odoo ERP specialists strives to provide a wide range of services, including:
    - Odoo integration: Intero Technologies has extensive experience in adapting and integrating existing IT applications with Odoo including Magento, Shopware, DHL, UPS, FedEx;
    - Odoo support: technical & functional support; minor changes to the existing system;
    - Odoo hosting;
    - Odoo training.

    Notable project

    The client demanded a system that would ensure effective management of business processes. Intero Technologies has implemented the Odoo ERP system, also providing a sales module that offers additional options, additional products, and discounts, helps the customer sell more. The implemented system and the developed tools became just the beginning of cooperation between the two companies, in the future, it planned to migrate to a newer version of Odoo and use additional features of Odoo, such as email marketing and marketing automation.

  • Affinity Digital

    Affinity Digital

    Affinity Digital image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Barker
    • Timpson Group
    • Taunton Deane Borough Council
    • Cornwall Mobility Centre


    Headquartered in Truro, Cornwall, UK, Affinity Digital is a powerful technology and integrated communication agency as well as a certified provider of Odoo ERP solutions for both the private and public sectors. Established in 2004, the company offers open-source free, modular, app-based Odoo solutions by providing Odoo ERP as a service consultancy, configuration, development and implementation, integration, custom module development, hosting, and support products services. The team specializes in providing OpenERP Odoo ERP with such Odoo apps as:

    - Website Builder
    - AdWords Optimizer
    - Warehouse management
    - Project management
    - CRM, Accounting and more.

    As for the individual Odoo ERP services provided by the company, it includes enterprise social network, recruitment, expenses, appraisal, business intelligence, API, gamification, instant messaging, discussion, and notes.

    Notable project

    Affinity Digital was approached to provide an end-to-end business process system for the Cornwall Mobility Center. Considering that the system was responsible for almost all client processes, it was essential to provide an equally effective solution. Therefore Affinity proposed an open-source solution - Open ERP Odoo platform. The newly created system was created with a customer focus, containing all the information about customers in one place. So, as a result, the client received high system flexibility, lower usage cost, local, online and mobile access to the system, Audit trail, simple integration with third-party applications, and more.

    "I cannot tell you how grateful we are for all your effort and to have had your support, thank you so much. On a personal note, it is extremely consoling to know that you're not alone when you get out of a trench to try to do something a bit special. So, thank you." - Tim Smit

  • WilldooIT


    WilldooIT image
    100% oDoo
    • 1-10  employees
    • Woods Furniture
    • Move
    • Paz Group
    • Check'd
    • Sureguard
    • Bad Backs
    • Kockums Bulk Systems


    WilldooIT is an Australia-based oDoo Gold Partner and TIMMS (Timber Industry Management and Marketing System) ERP software developer. The company specializes in providing analytics, project management, and technical skills, aiming to make sure that oDoo implementation improves businesses. WilldooIT belongs to the PRONS group, which has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

    Besides proving complementary and integrated technology solutions the company offers personalized, tailored services, which ensure the security of business continuity. WilldooIT provides clients with a wide range of oDoo and TIMMS based solutions: Document scanning & conversion, Dynamic workflows, EDI integration, Franchise software, Non-for-profit software, Renewable energy software, International vendor payments.

    WilldooIT offers the following oDoo services:
    - For the sales department: sales forecasting, sales pipeline, task scheduling, opportunity management;
    - For the marketing department: database importing and exporting, mass mailing integration;
    - For the accounts department: invoicing and accounting integration, pricelists;
    - For the executives: advanced reporting, integration with all ERP apps.

    Notable project

    The XO2 client was using a local ERP product that was heavily customized, but they needed some additional spreadsheets for the sake of other business areas management. Their biggest concern was the inability to develop a functional eCommerce website for their business. Odoo's e-commerce solution offered the company streamlined sales along with the distribution channel, that incorporates full financial features. Additionally, WilldooIT provided suitable maintenance and user-sales for the functions of the back-end sales.

    "WilldooIT managed to meet an extraordinarily tight time frame and produce innovative solutions. Whilst the implementation period has certainly had its challenges we are looking forward to implementing the many other features that are now available to us. WilldooIT has been a competent, friendly and enthusiastic partner in this journey and we look forward to working with them in the future"