Best 29 SAP companies - Aug, 2020

  • AMCON SOFT image
    25% SAP
    • Ukraine, Dnipro
    • $25 - $50/hr
    • 101-200  employees
    • BroadTeam
    • InnLogist System
    • Skylog System
    • FLIP Taxi
    • Vervechka
    • NavisGPS
  • Approyo image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Bramasol
    • Atos
    • White Star
    • Radisson
    • Worksoft


    Approyo is a leading global SAP solution provider founded in the year 2012. The company, with over 100+ employees worldwide, delivers full-service SAP technological solutions, with comprehensive capabilities in solution architecture, consulting, hosting, and managed services.

    Approyo is recognized as one of the largest systems integrators and SAP SaaS solution providers in the US, and the only SAP partners with all three certifications. They also have 3 SSAE 16 type 2 cloud data centers, 3 ISO 9001:2008 distribution and contribution centers, 87+ service engineers, and 9+ account representatives. Their SAP solutions include:
    - Cloud Ignite (SAP sandbox as a service)
    - SAP HANA & SAP S/4HANA (In-memory data platform)
    - SAP Leonardo (digital innovation system)
    - SAP Hybris (enterprise e-commerce)
    - SAP Hosting (SAP application hosting)

    Notable project

    One of company's projects involves a critical data migration for multi-billion dollar manufacturer and supplier of building materials. The firm had no real-time analytics of data, and they needed help with migration to SAP HANA from their old ERP system. Most importantly, they required the movement, which will provide them the possibility to analyze/organize critical data. Approyo, as expected, was able to deliver by simplifying the project using a state-of-the-art SAP-certified cloud environment, migrating all the firm's vital critical data into SAP HANA, hosted in Approyo cloud.

    "We selected Approyo for the SAP HANA expertise their team provides, the quality of the work they provide and the direct benefits they bring to us as an organization"

  • Aicomp image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Rondo Ganahl AG
    • RKW Group
    • Menasha Corporation
    • Mayer-Kuvert-network
    • Kiwiplan


    Aicomp is a full-service international provider of configuration solutions complementary to SAP software with offices in the US, UK, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

    With almost 20 years of experience, 18 of which the Aicomp specialists experience with SAP R/3 and S/4 HANA the team offers SAP-based solutions including ERP software consulting, ERP software implementation, product configuration, and application management service for SAP ECC, SAP S / 4HANA and its VCPowerPack solution. Among other solutions, the team specializes in providing such industry solutions like:

    - ERP Software for Corrugated Packaging & Displays;
    - ERP Software for Flexible Packaging;
    - ERP Software for Folding Carton & Displays;
    - SAP ERP as SaaS Solution;
    - ERP Software Consulting.

    Besides, the Aicomp team experienced with the next generation of SAP ERP - SAP S/4HANA, specializing in the implementation of products such as SAP S/4HANA asset management, SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP ERP human capital management, SAP S/4HANA manufacturing, SAP S/4HANA sales, SAP S/4HANA sourcing and procurement, and SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain.

    Notable project

    One of the largest European packaging manufacturers, Saica Pack, sought help from Aicomp in accelerating its global ERP rollout. For many years of cooperation, the companies immediately found a solution in the form of VCPowerPack from Aicomp as an accelerator for their global implementation of SAP ERP. So, thanks to this, it was possible to implement an integrated and effective product configuration and cost calculation model. In addition to accelerating the implementation of ERP, it also ensured IT harmonization and company growth, international cross-border trials in just 6 months, and continuous business optimization and improved customer service.

    "At Saica, we always want to be on the cutting edge of technology, offering our clients packaging solutions beyond their expectations. With Aicomp's customized technology solution, we have solved in a very integrated and efficient way product configuration, commercial offers for customers and costing model. It enables us to shorten our leadtimes to answer new customer requests regarding new products and solutions." - Jose Antonio Leon, IS Group Director, Saica Pack

  • Third Wave Business Systems

    Third Wave Business Systems

    Third Wave Business Systems image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Santec Chemical
    • Rifle Paper Co.
    • Paint Valley Equipment
    • OGI Eyewear


    Third Wave Business System is North America's longest-standing SAP Business One Gold Partner that specializes in implementing, automating, and integrating an adaptable enterprise resource planning system.

    Offering ERP business management solutions for manufacturers, the company also aims to serve such industries as consumer products, apparel & footwear, distributors & wholesalers, and life sciences. To successfully automates and integrates business processes to grow clients companies, the Third Wave team implement a wide range of SAP Business One solutions including:
    - SAP Business One Cloud;
    - SAP Business One Pricing;
    - SAP Business One for SAP HANA.

    The company with over 20 years of industry experience, 16 of which the Third Wave is SAP Certified Partner aims to integrate such ERP SAP Business One solutions like accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, inventory and distribution, reporting and administration and sales in an easy-to-use system. Today, the company has more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

    Notable project

    Rifle Paper Co. needed to unify business processes since the IT systems used by Rifle Paper Co. were more challenging to meet the demand for the brand products. The Third Wave deployed SAP Business One, through which it was possible to provide adaptive enterprise resource planning systems. Thanks to the efforts of the Third Wave team, it was possible to unify disparate systems including QuickBooks into a single software, get rid of the time delay between order entry and inventory updates, minimize any delays in order fulfillment, and also provide conditions for the deployment of a scalable IT platform to develop an international business.

    "We see SAP Business One as an ally at Rifle Paper Co. Not only does the software keep everyone on the same page, but it also gives us valuable information that we can use to grow the business and meet our goals." - Bobby Morrison, Director of Enterprise Systems and Services, Rifle Paper Co.

  • ClientSolutions


    ClientSolutions image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Arvum Group
    • Carroll Cuisine
    • Eir
    • Openet
    • EirGen
    • LIoydsPharmacy


    Founded in 1994, ClientSolutions is a SAP technology partner that is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The team consists of 150 consultants who have rich expertise in delivering BI, Custom, IT Management, Analytics, and ERP software solutions for customers around the world.

    The company also has offices in Spain and Poland. Except for SAP, it collaborates with Microsoft, BMC, MicroStrategy, Informatica, and Teradata. As for industry-orientation, ClientSolutions is capable of providing services for businesses of almost all fields (agriculture, pharmacy, finance, telecommunications, supply chain, etc).

    ClientSolutions specialists are able to integrate SAP S/4Hana, SAP S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, and SAP Concur solutions. The company offers the following services:
    - SAP ERP and CRM implementation
    - The local rollout of global solutions
    - Migration to SAP S/4 Hana
    - Business division or company carveout
    - Business process extensions or improvements

    Notable project

    ClientSolutions helped Arvum Group to implement a scalable and versatile SAP ERP solution. According to detail the client's business analyzing, SAP ERP was the most suitable ERP system for implementation. Thanks to the system capabilities, the client can execute materials management, inventory management, production planning, comprehensive stock management, use such features as full product traceability, sales support tools and more. As a project result, Arvum Group has become more effective and productive due to better control costs, enhanced reporting, and processes management.

    "We researched the systems extensively, and SAP came out on top because we were convinced it was versatile enough to meet our current and developing future needs." - Pat Farrell

  • TVH Consulting

    TVH Consulting

    TVH Consulting image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Fleury Michon
    • Florette
    • Au Forum du B?timent
    • BEBE9
    • Jensen
    • HP Fermeture


    Established in 2003, TVH Consulting is a provider of SAP and Microsoft Dynamics ERP & BI solutions. The company has 7 offices in France, wherein the head office is located in Maisons-Laffitte.

    Its team counts almost 200 members that together serves all-sized clients of the following fields: agricultural, retail, manufacturing, pharma & health, wholesalers & suppliers GMS, and business management.

    Being a SAP development partner, TVH Consulting has expertise in delivering SAP S/4Hana & SAP Business All-in-One ERP solutions, SAP BusinessObjects & SAP Analytics solutions. TVH Consulting offers such SAP ERP services:
    - SAP ERP consulting services
    - SAP ERP integration
    - SAP ERP Support
    - SAP ERP Maintenance
    - Cloud and hosting

    Notable project

    Monte-Carlo SBM was in need of an effective business processes management system, so it came to TVH Consulting to get an implementation of the best suitable ERP system. In turn, TVH Consulting had provided the client with an excellent SAP Business All-in-One solution integration. As a result, the new ERP system had given a lot of features for Monte-Carlo SBM. As a result, the client received powerful solutions that included real estate billing management, real-time financial monitoring, high-performance reporting tools, optimized monitoring of purchases and more.

    "...When choosing, TVH Consulting teams differentiated themselves from other competitors, which were large structures, by the pragmatism of their methodology and their high level of expertise. We were reassured by their enthusiasm and their strong commitment to this strategic project for our company. " - Serge Bourron, Group financial controller

  • Invenzis image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Peugeot
    • Honda
    • Zenda
    • Pagnifigue
    • Auditorio
    • Datamars
    • Gruporas


    Being a SAP Gold Partner, Invenzis provides SAP ERP, SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Hybris custom solutions since 2002. The company has offices in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. There work over 100 employees, and the majority of them are certified SAP specialists. Currently, over 250 customers are served by Intenzis. As for industry cover, the company is the most specialized in the insurance field, but also serves businesses of food, agriculture, pharma, and other industries.

    Intenzis' specialists have expertise in implementing ERP solutions using SAP software such as SAP Business One, SAP S/4 HANA, and SAP Business One Cloud. Existing over 15 years, Invenzis offers the following SAP ERP services:
    - SAP Consultancy, implementation, and rollout
    - SAP custom development
     -SAP system upgrade and usage optimization
    - Application integration
    - Support and maintenance

    Notable project

    Frozen Arctico had been using a specific ERP system before it came to Invenzis. In order to keep pace with its business growth, Arctico needed a new scalable and flexible ERP system. According to all client's business requirements, SAP Business One was the best choice of a new suitable ERP system. Invenzis had successfully migrated client's legacy system to SAP Business One. As a result, Frozen Arctico's internal process management had improved a lot as well as the control of operations. Also, the company succeeded to grow, currently, its scope also in Argentina, except for Uruguai.

    "I think SAP Business One is a comprehensive solution that has made us a much more efficient and profitable company." - Mr Miguel Angel Cordone, Operations Manager, Arctico

  • Michell Consulting Group

    Michell Consulting Group

    Michell Consulting Group image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Complete Framers Supply
    • Herman ProAV
    • High Top Products
    • Kingston-Miami Trading Co
    • Waterland Supply Co


    Michell Consulting Group is an IT and ERP consulting company and complete technology solutions provider, headquartered in Florida, USA. It specializes in managed services and ERP solutions. MCG has also been a SAP Gold Partner since 2009.

    The company covers all the technology requirements from business improvement consulting to cloud and cybersecurity for various business needs, thanks to its ERP. MCG has expertise in such ERP industries as retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, food and beverage, professional services; and in the following IT industries: healthcare, banking, and finance, etc.

    With 20 years of experience Michell Consulting Group provides its clients with a great number of services:
    - ERP services: Implementation (ERP installation, System configuration, User/system admin training, Data migration, Business process consulting/modeling), Custom Development (Reporting, Complete support, Needs analysis, Custom apps, Staff training), Business Consulting (Process Consulting, Technology assessments, Technology acquisition);
    - IT Services: Cybersecurity, Managed IT services, Business Continuity, IT integrations, Managed Cloud, vCIO (Strategic IT plan, IT audit support).

    Notable project

    Rozin International, a well-known distributor of optical products, was in need of a new IT provider, because of service and support issues with the previous one. The company in collaboration with Michell Consulting Group and SAP started to use the semi-customized solutions, which guaranteed software support. Thanks to the immediate SAP implementation Rozin International has got 24/7 access to IT management and ability to make changes in the area.

    "First and foremost, we were having a ton of service and support issues with our previous IT provider. We couldn't get anything fixed, modified, or developed. From the moment we decided to go with MCG, they have been outstanding at recognizing our needs and ways to implement necessary changes. No doubt in my mind that MCG can help anyone looking to make a change in the IT arena."

  • BTC image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees


    Business Technology Consulting is one of the top German-based IT consulting companies and the official partner of Microsoft and SAP as well as Amazon web services, ProCom, SiteCore Wessendorf, and many others. The company provides services for clients from such industries: automotive, consumer goods, manufacturing, public sector, retail, telecommunications, trading, logistics.

    Established in 2000, with almost 20 years of experience BTC Compact offers a wide range of services:
    - SAP at BTC: SAP Channel Partner, Business Object Partner, SAP Hosting Partner, SAP Service Partner;
    - Application development: consulting, individual apps development, standard systems and individual apps integration, quality management;
    - Desktop services: installation, conversion, and removal of EDP terminals, provision, support, testing, patch management, central software distribution;
    - Geographical information systems: IT and process consultancy, project management, software development, data migration, provision of geobasis data, initial data acquisition, hosting, quality assurance.

    Business Technology Consulting provides clients with a great number of preconfigured products, such as BTC AMM Control Manager, BTC Control Center, BTC Enterprise GIS, BTC Virtual Power Plant, SAP S/4HANA, and so on.

    Notable project

    The company has developed a BTC Geographical information systems that helps to identify coherences, implement smart GIS applications, assist the progress of task scheduling, decrease efforts, recognize system potentials and boost performance. A customer may gain the following advantages while using the product: processes are more efficient with GIS support, core business risks comprehension, robust decisions with GIS-technology, etc. BTC is always ready to support businesses as a client partner, having profound knowledge of the GIS trade.

  • Applied Intelligent Systems

    Applied Intelligent Systems

    Applied Intelligent Systems image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Highjump Truecommerce


    Applied Intelligent Systems is an Information technology consulting company, headquartered in New York, the USA, and additional offices in Boston, and Buenos Aires. AIS specializes in market-leading enterprise management software. The company offers SAP Business one solution that has already made 50,000 companies in 150 countries successful. The solution boosts key business processes and enables clients to attain visibility across all the business aspects. AIS has expertise in such industries as: wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, eCommerce, purchasing, etc.

    Founded in 2009 the company offers the following services:
    - SAP Business One;
    - EDI Integration;
    - Salesforce Commerce Cloud;
    - Square POS Integration;
    - PCI Security.

    Notable project

    The team collaborated with Highjump Truecommerce and managed to integrate the sales A/R module, which made it possible for users to receive EDI purchase orders and enabled direct sales orders creation in SAP Business One. Now users are capable of choosing and communicating which items are accepted, back-ordered, or canceled. A/P module in its turn allows users to build, send, and confirm purchase orders through EDI. Additionally, SAP Business One can be used as a tool for an advanced ship notice creation and packing process rationalization.

    "The people at AIS are another great asset. Whenever I have a question or suggestion they have listened and explained the software to me. We are also always looking forward to the latest upgrades and added features to the software as we can see the growth of the product. We consider AIS more than our software vendor, but a valued partner as their success is our success." - Susanne Lang

  • Auritas image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees


    Auritas is a global company based in Orlando, USA, that specializes in realizing the benefits of reducing IT infrastructure, optimizing the landscape, and simplifying business processes. Being a certified SAP Partner with over 15 years of experience, Auritas is an exclusive provider of SAP ILM and SAP S/4 HANA trial systems that also specializes in offering Information Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Content Management solutions.

    The company team is offering SAP consulting and implementation services for such data-driven industries as utilities, gas & oil, chemicals, healthcare, high-tech, banking, automotive, and others. Today, Auritas has hundreds of completed projects in the multiple SAP environments in its portfolio, offering:
    - SAP HANA performance optimization;
    - Suite on SAP HANA or S/4HANA;
    - BW on SAP HANA;
    - SAP Data Archiving & SAP ILM.

    Notable project

    Needing to develop a solution that would provide inter-agency access to a vast amount of structured and unstructured content, the client was looking for an on-site partner for implementing an ERP system. This project is unique as Gainesville Regional Utilities set the Auritas guys to create the first of its kind OpenText Extended Enterprise Content Management (ECM) on the ERP platform SAP S/4HANA. As a result of 8 months of cooperation on the creation and implementation of the system, the client was able to receive content existing on various SAP and non-SAP platforms, while many problems related to costs and compliance were also resolved.

    "We found the Auritas team to be direct and timely in their approach. They ensured we accomplished our objectives for the project."

  • Echelon Solutions Group LLC

    Echelon Solutions Group LLC

    Echelon Solutions Group LLC image
    100% SAP
    • 11-50  employees


    Echelon Solutions Group is an SAP-certified partner with over 10 years of history. Today, headquartered in Chicago, the company delivers expert-level consultancy comprehensive services and solutions through all of North America and globally with extensive experience in providing offshore services.

    The Echelon team consists of senior consultants and SAP Platinums experts who specialize in customer service with gadgets such as manufacturing, automotive, wholesale distribution, heavy equipment, life sciences, energy, utilities, and public sector. As a SAP Value Added Reseller, SAP Service partner, and SAP Cloud Choice Partner, the Echelon team provides services for the implementation of the following end-to-end SAP products:
    - SAP S / 4HANA ERP;
    - SAP S / 4HANA Cloud;
    - SAP Integrated Business Planning;
    - Hybrid Cloud Consulting Services;
    - Two-Tier ERP.

    In addition to providing SAP S / 4HANA solutions, the company also specializes in SAP Hybris, SAP Hybris Marketing, as well as Success Factors environment solutions and services. As for the services provided, Echelon delivers AMS, cloud migration, implementation, business transformation, mergers & acquisitions, staffing services.

    Notable project

    One of the most exciting projects is a project developed by the Echelon Solutions Group for the largest emergency vehicle manufacturer in North America. The project included End-to-end SAP S / 4 HANA ERP Implementation to simplify the company's IT environment, business processes, and data structures. Echelon has implemented the SAP S / 4 HANA enterprise resource management suite, satisfying the needs of the business, streamlining processes in all locations to achieve operational excellence, maximum efficiency, and the ability to manage problems, changes, and technical incidents. As a result, in just five months, it was possible to optimize production processing, improve the accuracy of all deliveries, made it possible to change in real-time customer orders, purchases, logistics, and inventory, as well as the possibility of reporting profit and loss.

  • TekLink International Inc.

    TekLink International Inc.

    TekLink International Inc. image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Kellogg


    TekLink International Inc. is an analytics and planning partner for hundreds of clients with almost 22 years of experience. Headquartered in Warrenville, IL, USA, the TekLink International team also located in 5 other global offices in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, providing business intelligence, analytics, planning, forecasting, and consolidation solutions for both small-and-mid market enterprises.

    With about 300 consultants, the TekLink International team consists of internationally recognized experts that serve clients from 12 diverse industries across the globe. Being a SAP Gold Partner, the TekLink aims to provide a vast amount of advanced SAP products and technologies, including SAP BW on HANA, SAP BPC, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP TPM & TPE, and SAP BusinessObjects.

    Today, TekLink International has more than 1,200 successful projects for planning and analytics in its portfolio, maintaining strong partnerships not only with SAP but also with Microsoft, Anaplan, Tableau, and Hortonworks.

    Notable project

    TekLink was hired to conduct a thorough analysis of the existing HANA implementation and provide specific recommendations on existing problem areas. To meet the client's needs, the solution provided in 3 stages: advisory of HANA Report Optimization and HANA Security Improvement, implementation of suggested recommendations, and warranty. Besides, the TekLink team also implemented HANA Models optimization. As a result of the work, a significant increase in HANA performance was achieved, reducing the memory consumption necessary for each process area, HANA security, HANA lifecycle management.

    "It's making an enormous difference and allowing us to go after opportunities that were previously unknown and that have significant financial benefit."

  • Advantco International LLC

    Advantco International LLC

    Advantco International LLC image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Randstad
    • YETI
    • C&J Energy
    • Swisscom
    • SDGE
    • Sabre Holdings
    • Halyard Health Improved


    Advantco is an experienced and complete SAP solutions provider with over 20 years of SAP product development and consulting experience. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, USA, the company has state-of-the-art development centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and offices throughout Europe and Asia.

    The Advantco team consists of over 100 SAP-certified technology experts that worked with startups and top 500 companies. Today, the company's customer base includes more than 200 customers worldwide. Being an SAP Partner, Advantco specializes in providing SAP NetWeaver ERP solutions. Offers consulting and development services to ERP users worldwide, the Advantco guys specializes in such products implementations as:
    - SAP PI/PO Adapters - an SAP middleware solution that provides seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP applications;
    - SAP Cloud Adapters (CPI & SDI) - Certified adapters to enable communication between your SAP environment and one of the cloud services, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more;
    - Oracle Cloud Adapters.

    As for the services provided by Advantco, the company's solutions portfolio consists of SAP Netweaver integration, SAP development and consulting, landscape planning, SAP implementation support.

    Notable project

    Advantco was involved in the integration of Salesforce and SAP Environments in supporting the growing demand from the Halyard Health Improved business. To meet their needs, the client chose Advantco as an integration partner, as well as the Advantco SFDC Adapter, to reduce development time and overall costs. To provide accurate resources, orders, analytics, pricing information, and customer interactions, the team set about integrating CRM (Salesforce) and ERP (SAP) systems into a single landscape. Despite the complexity of the project, Advantco was able to provide integration, which led not only to successful and trouble-free system integration but also to saving client time and resources at the development and testing stage.

    "The technical expertise at Advantco helped us handle certain aspects of our operations that were challenging. We received excellent support from the Advantco Support team, and we were able to achieve the required results on time." - Prasanna Shanmugasundaram, Halyard Health Improved

  • CBS Corporate Business Solutions

    CBS Corporate Business Solutions

    CBS Corporate Business Solutions image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Bruggen
    • CLAAS
    • Roche
    • TRUMPF


    Established in 1995, CBS Corporate Business Solutions is German management and SAP S / 4HANA company that specializes in providing migration and transformation services for clients globally. The company with more than 24 years of experience consists of over 1500 consultants through 15 locations in Germany, the USA, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, and others.

    To date, the company has implemented more than 2,000 successful implementations for international industrial enterprises. CBS guys specialize in providing wide-ranging innovative SAP expertise, including:
    - SAP HANA Consulting Services and Enterprise Integration;
    - CBS Cloud Services & Solutions;
    - SAP Custom Development;
    - Enterprise Mobility and SAP Fiori UX;
    - SAP EDI Communication Corporate Business Solutions team realize specialized optimization and implementing SAP projects for business intelligence, customer journey management, SAP supply chain management and execution, SAP manufacturing, SAP procurement and warehouse management, SAP project business & product lifecycle management.

    Notable project

    One of the most recent cases of the company's portfolio is an S/4 migration project created for the Viessmann Group. The collaboration envisaged the transition to an entirely new platform for the client based on SAP S/4HANA to integrate digital business processes throughout the company. So, in the process of introducing the new system, 190 company codes and 30 billion data records had to be transferred, which took 18 months of work. As a result, the client received new digital planning procedures, accelerated planning of material requirements, as well as significant time savings on inventory management (up to 90%).

    "All processes in S/4 at Viessmann are running smoothly. All areas of operations - production, shipping, and warehousing - continue to run at full capacity with no disruptions. Now Viessmann has integrated, digital business processes company-wide. Our future-proof platform 2025 is up and running." - Harald Darnbach, Managing Director, Viessmann IT Service

  • Delaware image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Wienerberger
    • GKN Aerospace
    • G4S
    • Allnex
    • Joris Ide
    • Meat&More
    • INEOS


    Delaware North America is a global SAP services company, specializing in providing innovative solutions to enterprise clients across plenty of industries including automotive, chemicals, discrete manufacturing, engineering, professional services, retail and consumer markets, textiles, and utilities. Established in 2003, Delaware provides its solutions globally for both small-and-mid market enterprises through 24 offices around the world.

    Currently, the Delaware team has more than 2,000 professionals and SAP-certified consultants, which specializes in implementing SAP on Azure, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Leonardo, SAP SuccessFactors software solutions. Being a long-term SAP Gold partner with over 16 years of experience in SAP implementations for numerous industries Delaware offers such SAP S/4 HANA ERP Cloud solutions as:
    - SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management Cloud;
    - SAP S/4 HANA Marketing Cloud;
    - SAP S/4 HANA Professional Services Cloud.

    In addition to advanced SAP solutions, the company offers an extensive range of products, including SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Ariba, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP IBP, SAP Leonardo, SAP SuccessFactors, and more.

    Notable project

    Joris Ide, a leading European manufacturer of roofing and facade systems, sought help with the SAP ERP implementation project, thus starting a long-term partnership with Delaware. 10 years ago, the guys Delaware introduced the first implementation of SAP ERP, after which the client needed to switch to SAP ERP Suite in HANA and SAP Fiori. As a result of many years of cooperation, the client has in his arsenal applications to optimize the creation of proposals by support staff, for geo-mapping, to improve the overall quality control of deliveries at construction sites, and more. Besides, Joris Ide business processes have also been streamlined and enhanced through SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, SAP EDI, and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP).

    "Together with Delaware, we were one of the very first in Belgium to migrate and upgrade our databases to the HANA platform." - Bernard Bossuyt, ICT manager, Joris Ide

  • Mygo Consulting Inc.

    Mygo Consulting Inc.

    Mygo Consulting Inc. image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Johnson&Johnson
    • First Solar
    • Capital Group
    • ForestCity
    • Discovery
    • Borg Warner


    Headquartered in Naperville, IL, USA, Mygo Consulting Inc. is an ERP consulting and enterprise SAP staffing company with over 8 years of experience. With extensive experience in implementing ERP, implementing modules, upgrades, and application management services, the team provides a wide range of solutions, including SAP user experience, core SAP ERP services, SAP digital supply chain, and SAP digital transformation.

    Today, the customer base consists of 30 customers, for whom the Mygo Consulting team carries out successful ERP implementation offering such SAP technologies as:
    - HANA;
    - HANA Cloud Platform;
    - Mobility;
    - Fiori;
    - Open UI5.

    A team of more than 100 full-time consultants and independent SAP ERP consultants provides new implementations, global rollout, module implementation, system reconfiguration, process audits, mini-project implementation, AMS, and custom ABAP development.

    Notable project

    The client (manufacturer of public transit) realizes that the multiple systems that it uses to manage different business processes no longer bring the necessary efficiency and do not keep pace with the pace of business development. Choosing Mygo Consulting as an implementation partner, the client chose SAP as an ERP solution, which was supposed to satisfy all the needs of the business, adapting to its rapid development. The implementing SAP ERP system costs the customer a total of $ 1.9M. As a result, the client received a unified business process management system with minimal post-Live-go troubleshooting. Shortly after starting the system, Mygo Consulting switched from an implementation role to a support role on an ongoing basis.

  • Intercom image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Food Lover
    • PharmaOverseas
    • DMG
    • Vodafone Egypt
    • Orange
    • Etisalat


    Intercom Enterprises is an Egypt-based company founded in 1992 that offers system consultancy, support, implementation, and so on solutions to various customers across the country. Intercom's team counts 250 specialists that have expertise in providing IT solutions for the following fields: Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Banking, Finance, Automotive, Travel & Hospitality, Real Estate, Transportation, and more.

    For over 25 years of existence, Intercom was awarded 35 times, and also the company's specialists had completed 800 projects for more than 300 customers. Intercom collaborates with SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett, Lenovo, and other giants. And of course, it provides SAP ERP solutions.

    Intercom offers the following services:
    - SAP ERP Implementation & Support
    - Synchronized software and System development
    - Information & Enterprise Content Management
    - Workflow and Business Process Management
    - Training & Project Management

    Notable project

    PharmaOverseas came to Intercom Enterprises because it wanted to upgrade its existing IT systems to keep up with its growing business. The client chose Intercom Enterprises because Intercom guys have rich expertise in providing SAP solutions and at the same time moving to SAP S/4HANA applications running on IBM Systems was the best solution for PharmaOverseas' need. SAP ERP solution based implemented on Intel-based servers didn't be enough effective, flexible, and scalable. To improve it, Intercom Enterprises had provided SAP S/4HANA system that is running on IBM Power Systems, IBM FlashSystem, and IBM Storwize. As a result of system upgrading, PharmaOverseas had got a lot of advantages such as reducing delivery delays, keeping more accurate information about customers and finances, system scalability and convenient to use, and more.

    "On behalf of our firm I would like to thank you all because of your efforts to make this project success, You did super jobs and it shows! and because of this, we almost reached our goals to have a reliable filing system. It has been a pleasure working with you. And good luck to you in your future challenges." - Hisham Samir, IT Manager

  • Infopulse


    Infopulse image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Agillic
    • Algodue
    • Audials
    • Bosch
    • Ergo
    • FNT
    • Farmak
    • Gecko
    • Delta Wilmar


    Infopulse was founded in 1991 as a full-service IT company that is represented in 10 countries across Western and Eastern Europe. Currently, the company is a partner of such giants as Microsoft, SAP, Cisco, Citrix, IBM, VMware, Oracle.

    Infopulse is a certified provider of SAP solutions, in particular, here are working over 2000 specialists (most of them have 6+ years experience), wherein 200 of them are SAP developers and consultants.

    The company has deep expertise in the creation of custom SAP solutions for the following industries: automotive, banking & finance, telecommunication, software & hi-tech, and so on. Infopulse has certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001 that proves its compliance with the highest international corporate governance standards. In general, Infopulse has completed over 3,500 projects for customers around 30 countries worldwide, wherein 95% of clients from the US & EU.

    Infopulse is ready to provide the following SAP services:
    - SAP Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Services using SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP Analytics Cloud, HANA Advanced Data Processing, HANA Predictive, and others.
    - SAP Custom Development (using SAP ABAP, FIORI, HCP, BW)
    - SAP Integration (using SAP PO/PI, MII, SCP, BODS)
    - SAP Invoice Management 
    - SAP International Rollouts

    Notable project

    Delta Wilmar came to Infopulse since it demanded to upgrade its technology stack for business management. In turn, Infopulse was glad to serve Global Fortune 500 Company. Delta Wilmar's legacy solutions needed to be replaced, and migration to SAP S/4HANA platform was the best fitting solution for the client's requirements. Infopulse had delivered quality work: it had provided SAP S/4HANA integration and also the integration of other internal and intercorporate systems, successful data migration, and training & support services. Thanks to these changes, the client got a full range of the most useful and effective business management tools, and accurate real-time reporting. Moreover, the core business processes had been significantly improved by increasing effectiveness and transparency.

    "Infopulse has proven to be the reliable and long-term partner for largest worldwide companies, has deep industry knowledge and the competencies we require. And the first months of working together have shown that we made the right decision."

  • V3iT image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees


    Founded in 2001, V3iT is a SAP Global vendor since 2002. The company is among the first 10 SAP Certified AMS providers. V3iT is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois with extra offices in Belgaum, Goa, and Dehradun in India. 

    The company's team counts around 200 specialists with deep expertise in SAP consulting and development that serves the businesses of the following industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Automotive, Hi-Tech, Utilities, Chemicals, and Government. 

    Except for SAP, the company also collaborates with HP, AWS, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Moreover, V3iT also offers Cloud Services, Analytics and Data Management, Application Managed Services, and User-Centric Business and Digital Transformation.

    Being a SAP partner, V3iT specialists are capable to deliver the following services:
    - S/4 HANA Personalized Assessment
    - S/4HANA Implementation
    - S/4HANA Migration
    - S/4HANA Conversion
    - SAP Maintenance and Support

    Notable project

    V3iT deployed SAP ERP application in six months for a customer that develops communication strategies to audiences engagement, creates, manages, and distributes content. Thanks to the SAP ERP app, the customer is capable to manage and analyze business processes in real-time, control revenue leakage, use optimized distribution operation, execute a 360-degree view of every customer and account, and more. As a result, the client had increased customer satisfaction level, reduced revenue leakage by 90% and debt volume by 25%.

    "We are very happy with the services and the value provided by V3iT Consulting, Inc. The response time of the team members is amazing." - manager & CIO

  • eLogic Group LLC

    eLogic Group LLC

    eLogic Group LLC image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • SPX Flow
    • Gardner Denver
    • Kingspan
    • Kennametal
    • Kodak


    Established in 1999, eLogic Group LLC is a global SAP consulting and implementation services company specializing in providing intelligent business solutions for manufacturers.

    Headquartered in Rochester, New York, USA, the eLogic Group LLC team focuses on providing full-service business solutions for industrial manufacturing, health & science technology, aerospace & defense technology, and process manufacturing customers. As an SAP Partner with 20 years of experience, eLogic offers such cloud-based platforms as:
    - SAP ECC,
    - SAP C/4HANA,
    - SAP S/4HANA.

    In addition to implementing SAP products, the eLogic team also specializes in providing various SAP services, including Power BI integration, customer engagement, actionable insights & predictive analytics, lifecycle & aftermarket Service, SAP configuration, SAP CPQ, strategy, implementation, training, and support.

    Notable project

    Gardner Denver has hired an eLogic Group team for a comprehensive SAP ERP system implementation. With more than 33 offices around the world, the client needed a solution that would help integrate and manage business processes efficiently. Besides, there were several complex requirements for eLogic, as global configurator design, characteristic based planning, and configurator conversions from MAPICS and Siemens MLFB. So, the team focused on providing a solution based on SAP ERP Variant Configuration, project systems, and e-commerce. The implementation of the project went without complications. As a result, in just 6 months, native SAP functionality optimally leveraged to a vast extent.

    "This is the highest value third-party relationship I've known. The eLogic team knows our industry, our processes, and web technology - a combination that's helping us significantly improve our entire business." - Jay Caraviello

  • Invenio Business Solutions

    Invenio Business Solutions

    Invenio Business Solutions  image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Neopost
    • ABP Group
    • ARM Holdings
    • Universal Music Group
    • Redington Gulf
    • XP Power


    Invenio Business Solutions is a UK-based centralized enterprise management system provider that has been delivering SAP solutions and implementation services for nearly 14 years. Being a Gold SAP Partner as well as SAP Quality Award winner, Invenio Business Solutions consists of over 900 certified, highly-skilled SAP consultants who aim to provide SAP-based systems, advanced analytics, and systems integration implemented solutions.

    In the company's portfolio, there are projects for such world's industry leaders as Universal Music Group, News UK, the governments of Mauritius, and the Maldives. Invenio Business Solutions dedicated team of consultants aims to provide the client with implementation, upgrade, SAP consulting, support, and maintenance services to supply them with such SAP solutions as:
    - ERP SAP HANA (financial reporting and royalty payment, data aggregation, real-time data, SAP business suite);
    - ERP SAP S/4HANA (speed, a user-friendly interface, centralized digital core, cast saving);
    - SAP Tax & Revenue Management (multiple payment methods accepted, improver compliance, fraud detection);
    - The SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Platform;
    - ERP SAP Revenue Accounting & Reporting.

    Notable project

    Invenio Business Solutions upgraded and enhanced XP Power's SAP system. Given that the client used an outdated, unsupported system, Invenio recommended abandoning SAP R/3 4.7 in favor of ERP 6.0. It is worth noting that such a solution significantly reduced support costs and helped solve problems with performance and functionality in the current system. The new system was able to integrate all European customer offices into a single platform, which in turn led to improved sales forecasting and financial management. As for the real numbers, after the introduction of the new ERP system operational performance improvement by 20%, production planning time reduction by 60%, and acceleration of financial transaction time by 60% were also observed.

    "The SAP upgrade has given us a technology platform which will enable us to deliver innovations to our business. We achieved our technical upgrade on time and within budget." - Anne Honeyman, Operations Director, XP Power

  • Sita Corp

    Sita Corp

    Sita Corp image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • K-SWISS


    Sita Corp is a digital transformation solutions company, based in the USA. It is a certified SAP ERP and HANA partner. The company specializes in cost-efficient deployments and helps customers in business and digital transformation. 

    Sita Corp being a market leader in enterprise application software works with companies of different sizes and from various industries, such as consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, public sector, food & beverages. The company is a SAP, HP, Intel Corporation, Adobe and Cisco partner.

    With 25 years of experience Sita Corp offers a great number of SAP services:
    - Digital core: SAP S4/HANA cloud, digital transformation, packaged solutions, swift cloud;
    - Customer engagement & commerce: SAP Hybris - omnichannel, customer relationship management, smart order management, etc;
    - Supply chain management: integrated business planning, strategic sourcing, smart warehouse management, external workforce, supply chain visibility;
    - Finance: simple finance, enterprise finance management;
    - Data & analytics: master data management, analytics, big data.

    Notable project

    K-SWISS, an American footwear company approached Sita Corp in order to manage a great amount of data with the help of one system. The company fulfilled the task and centralized all the data and processes of numeral departments. The problem of monthly financial reports clothing has also disappeared thanks to the implementation of the BI strategy. Cooperation with Sita Corp has brought great results, such as allowing business users to use and access accurate data and risk determination.

    "Sita Corp was instrumental in helping consolidate and centralize silos of data and processes for several departments. The closing of our monthly financial reports was painfully time-consuming before we implemented our ner BI strategy. Business users now have access to timely, accurate data throughout the month, rather than at the end, and we're now able to assess risks and opportunities quickly with a consolidated view of the global operation."- Arthur Li, Application development manager, K-SWISS

  • JKT image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Capita Hartshead
    • Carrier Logistics
    • Epson Portland
    • Interstate Batteries
    • Specsavers
    • Rental Group


    JKT is a global software solutions company, headquartered in India. It specializes in Advisory services, enterprise solutions, customer platform solutions, and digital solutions, using such technologies as SAP, Salesforce, QAD, Pega, Progress, Microsoft Dynamics. For the sake of ensuring clients’ success JKT mixes up technology expertise, value-drive services, and business intelligence. 

    The company has expertise in the following industries: dairy, CPG, insurance, transport, healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing, automotive. JKT works with different-sized companies from 20 countries from small startups to big enterprises. It also offers several innovative IT solutions: Beacon solutions, Cybersecurity, sPOS, Social Media Radar. 

    Founded in 1993, with 26 years of experience JK Technologies offers its clients a great number of services:
    - Data analytics & decision making: enterprise data management;
    - Customer-centric dedicated ODC: cost-effective management and services;
    - Application migration & reengineering: smooth migration;
    - Robotic process automation.

    Notable project

    The company's client, connectivity, and sensor products manufacturer with over $10 billion profit was in need of continuous support for their numerous IT apps and their QAD also required upgrade. JK Technology experts provided support and maintenance for QAD production and development together with Progress dedication to the DBA support along with Salesforce support for the US region. Additionally, JKT upgraded QAD to 2013 SE for the energy business. So the results are the following: QAD- .NET application integration, opportunities for QAD system integration, available data for management review, etc.

    "JKT has, over the years, proved themselves to be a worthy partner. We have thrown many challenges their way, some quite difficult, however I continue to be impressed by JKT's response, professionalism and commitment to help us achieve our operational goals."- Andy Bailey

  • Consilium


    Consilium image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Verizon
    • Valeant
    • Enerflex
    • SCA
    • Envases Universales
    • Tenaris
    • Wicor Americas
    • Fender


    Consilium is an international information and technology consulting company, headquartered in Argentina. Being a SAP partner for more than 10 years the company specializes in world-class ERP solutions. Platinum-level SAP consultants provide clients with a smooth approach and efficient solutions.  Among the company's customers, there are such well-known ones as Verizon, Honeywell, Siemens, Warnaco, Comex, Coats, etc. 

    Consilium Consulting Inc. offers the following services to its clients:
    - SAP Special Staffing Needs: supporting very specific needs and bilingual SAP requirements, availability in remote locations;
    - SAP Business Suite: ERP implementation, remote and onsite development, SAP application support and training, technical consulting;
    - SAP Business ByDesign: complete business management solutions from ERP to CRM;
    - SAP Business One: accounting and financial management, CRM, purchasing and procurement, reporting, and analytics, integration solutions, inventory management.

    Notable project

    Leading pharmaceutical US company considered Consilium as a reliable partner with sufficient business knowledge and experience along with profound SAP systems understanding. The company was in need of a template SAP system. After becoming a part of SAP global project team Consilium assisted in implementation and maintenance of Latin America SAP systems. The latter become possible through Consilum's onsite and near shore model. Additionally, they streamlined all the processes.

    "With Consilium, we found a very reliable partner with very good business process knowledge, flexibility and deep understanding of SAP systems. Now, as a part of our global SAP project team, Consilium helps us implement and support our template SAP systems in Latin America in our plans and service centers through its Onsite and Near Shore engagement model." - IT Director, Leading pharmaceutical US company

  • Novigo image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Charlotte Pipe Foundry
    • RWE
    • CommScope
    • Canadian Pacific
    • NIBCO
    • Colgate
    • Steelcase


    Novigo is a supply chain innovation partner based in California, USA. Being an SAP Recognized Expertise for S/4 HANA platform, the company is also an SAP Silver partner with over 11 years of experience in providing SAP environment and implementation solutions.

    Novigo focuses on assisting both small-and-mid market enterprises through 6 offices worldwide, including Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, and Turkey. The company's team aims to serve such industries as chemicals, industrial machinery, and components, automotive, public sector, oil and gas, retail, life sciences, utilities, engineering, construction, and operations. Novigo guys experienced in providing such SAP services as:
    - The New SAP Environment: SAP S/4HANA;
    - Evaluation and Implementation: Instant TM;
    - Preparation and Process Ownership: cost-driven planning, graphical planning;
    - Research and Industry Innovation: SAP Agribusiness.

    Notable project

    The Novigo team's task was to ensure a smooth transition to an efficient supply chain for Steelcase, the supplier of architectural, furniture, and technology products and services. The customer needed to replace its existing third-party supplier with SAP Transportation Management. To this end, Novigo guys integrated traffic management system, created a platform to improve dealer service, optimized carrier costs and routing distance, and much more. As a result, better visibility for planning and shipping ensured through real-time integration between SAP ECC and TM, reduced transportation costs, flexibility to adapt transportation management as needed, and conditions were provided for more efficient planning.

    "Novigo became part of the team - onsite and invested in our success. They immersed themselves in our day to day, and always with an can-do attitude. They were solution focused, keeping our long-term goals in mind and going above and beyond to solve problems, not to sell us services." - Jeff North, Steelcase Inc.

  • Rand Group

    Rand Group

    Rand Group image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Marucci Sports
    • Houston Symphony
    • LS Retail
    • Leedo
    • Express Energy Services
    • Skull Candy


    Founded in 2003, Rand Group operates throughout North America and the Central Time Zone by providing global business, SAP consulting, finance, support, and upgrades services. Headquartered in Texas, the team serves medium and large-sized enterprises. Rand Group has a 90% client retention rate and numerous awards, including Bob Scott's Insights (BSI) and FY17 US SMB.

    As a company with a wide range of services and a wide selection of products, Rand Group aims to serve upstream oil & gas, manufacturing, distribution, equipment rental, engineering, procurement, and construction industries. Being a SAP Silver Partner, the Rand Group consists of about 100 consultants that offer ERP software selection, ERP implementation, ERP managed services and ERP backups.

    Among SAP ERP products, the company specializes in implementing:
    - Intelligent cloud ERP solution
    - SAP Business ByDesign.

    ERP implementation takes place behind the proprietary, proven methodology, which provides for such stages as upfront, design, build, deploy, adopt.

    Notable project

    Consider a project created by a company in which the Rand Group guys provided an SAP ERP implementation. Given that Skull Candy, who was a client operating in over 80,000 stores globally, needed a single solution that would ensure smooth and efficient execution of growing customer orders. It was decided to implement the SAP ByDesign system, which allowed the client to connect finances and operations. So, as a result, Skull Candy received a system that provides daily real-time data on the product, margin, and sales, as well as reducing the complexity associated with managing the company's business processes.

    "I feel very fortunate that we have Rand Group leading this implementation for us. They are a great team."

  • Synesis International, Inc.

    Synesis International, Inc.

    Synesis International, Inc. image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Astro Pneumatic
    • JH Global Services
    • Inc.
    • JLP Meat


    Being a pioneer of enterprise-wide information systems providing Synesis International, Inc. is a full-service business systems consulting firm that was established in 1994. To provide solutions that improve customers' businesses or help companies modernize and improve existing operations, the company specializes in ERP, MES, QMS, and SharePoint-based web applications. 

    Having 25 years of experience, the team also offers a wide range of services, including:
    - strategic and master planning
    - ERP systems design, development, and implementation,
    - quality and continuous improvement
    - operations improvements

    Being a certified Gold SAP Partner, the team offers such SAP ERP products as SAP HANA and SAP Business One. Synesis ERP software solutions implemented by following discover, configure, and support stages of Synesis methodology by providing such capabilities as CRM, finance management, warehouse management, production, business intelligence, reporting, and analytics. 

    Notable project

    JH Global Services, Inc. was faced with the task of introducing capable business management software, as previous software no longer met the needs of a growing business. As part of the collaboration, the Synesis team has implemented solutions such as SAP Business One, CIS Configurator, and Boyum, thanks to which they have achieved better business performance, evaluation, and support. Besides, the client was able to achieve optimization of information tracking, increase business productivity, which allowed JH Global Services to expand without adding new resources.

    "We are very happy with a local partner - Synesis. They are very knowledgeable, they provide great solutions, always quick service whenever we need. Synesis allows us to grow our business beyond our imagination." - Jane Zhang, JH Global Services, Inc.

  • Westernacher


    Westernacher image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Balsharaf Group
    • Hasco Vision Co. Ltd.
    • United Sugars Corporation
    • Komplett Group


    Headquartered in Heidelberg, German, Westernacher is a global SAP ERP consulting team operating throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. Today, the company provides consulting and integration services in the field of IT, SAP, logistics, and the public sector. The team provides a wide selection of SAP products integrated with SAP ERP, including SAP TM, SAP EWM, and SAP CRM.

    As an SAP Gold Partner, Westernacher also offers such ERP system integration solutions as SAP S/4HANA, SAP ECC, Simple Finance, Simple Logistics, SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas, Mobile Solutions, and SAP NetWeaver. The team, with over 50 years of experience specializes in providing the following SAP ERP services:
    - SAP ERP implementation;
    - SAP ERP global Roll Out;
    - Application Management Services (AMS) and system development;
    - SAP ERP integration;
    - Customer-specific Development, Legacy System Integration.

    Westernacher provides business consulting and SAP implementation services for automotive, industrial machinery & components, logistic service providers, retail, wholesale & consumer goods, chemical industry. Also, the company offers such ERP expertise solutions as finance, controlling, enterprise asset management, sales & services, production planning & execution.

    Notable project

    Westernacher provides United Sugars Corporation with the opportunity to use the standard SAP ERP functionality, including an extra configuration that is necessary for automatic execution, with fewer errors. Besides, Westernacher guys helped the client move its ERP into a HANA platform to reduce data size, thereby speed up table and history generation. Another achievement is the introduction of an automated version of planning functions, which allowed us to automate 98% of the functionality.

    "Westernacher worked with us to bring in someone that was exactly what we needed for the remainder of the project." - Denise Eide, Business System Technology Manager, United Sugars Corporation

  • Inforges image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Grupo Agrosana
    • Natuaromatic Laboratories
    • INEMUR
    • Indalva
    • Fitopalma
    • Zahonero Virgili SL


    Inforges is a Gold SAP Partner that was founded in 1978 and headquartered in Murcia, Spain. This company provides a really wide range of services, namely IT consulting, marketing, web design and development, SAP, management, and more. Being SAP solutions provider, Inforges mainly implements solutions for SAP Business One software. Except for SAP, the company also is a partner of Microsoft, IBM, Citrix, Cisco, and the other 10 businesses. 

    SAP specialists that work in Inforges, are capable to deploy any sector or international projects of SAP Business One solutions implementation. The steps of the technology implementation include project preparation, business analysis, implementation, final preparation, boost, and support. In general, the company offers the following SAP Business One services:
    - SAP Business One project implementation
    - Custom development
    - Process consulting
    - Integration with any platform
    - Add-Ons on SAP Business One

    There are some modules and add-ons extending SAP Business One software that can be integrated by the company: EDI, Sync, Electronic Bill, Advanced Treasury, POS, Digital Documentary Archive, Warehouse management, and more.

    Notable project

    The company's client, HARIMSA, wasn't satisfied with its existing business processes management system that had become outdated and couldn't cover business requirements for a full anymore. That's why Inforges team had implemented SAP Business One ERP software for the customer. Thanks to the project, HARIMSA has become more productive, it's specialists can find useful information quickly, get real-time reports, and spend less time to business processes management and provide more effectiveness.

    "With SAP Business One we have gone from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age in one leap. The change has been radical and very positive. The information is immediate and the staff feels more productive" - Juan Orts Llopis, Managing Director, HARIMSA

  • GroupeX Solutions

    GroupeX Solutions

    GroupeX Solutions image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Sasol
    • Agrium
    • Halton
    • Capreit
    • Umra
    • Thales Canada


    GroupeX Solutions is a SAP Silver Partner, as well as a partner of Kronos and Workforce, which was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company specializes in all aspects of HCM, so it provides such services as Time & Attendance Management, Payroll, Core HR & Talent Management, and additionally consulting support and AMS. Among its clients are Sasol, Agrium, Halton, Thales, Capreit, Umra, and others. For the note, all of those companies range from 750 to 60,000 employees.

    The company offers implementation, custom development, integration, support, and maintenance of:
    - SAP HCM
    - SAP SuccessFactors
    - Payroll solutions.

    Also, it can extend customers' SAP SuccessFactors solutions with SAP TAM by Workforce software.

    Notable project

    GroupeX team had implemented a SAP ERP solution for Thales Canada that provides cutting-edge technology solutions globally. To satisfy all client's business requirements, there SAP RAR platform was chosen. The most important project task was integration SAP RAR with opportunity of IFRS 15 Compliance management. Also, the customer needed a reduction of custom functionality in SD and PS modules. In turn, GroupeX guys had solved all the project's tasks. Thanks to this case, the maintenance cost of Thales' ongoing system has reduced, Thales has got an opportunity to leverage SAP's support, and more of the standard SAP processes and scenarios.

    "It was a pleasant surprise having GroupeX come on board - what an opportunity! Without GroupeX's help, we would probably be months back in our deliverables."

  • Inconso GmbH

    Inconso GmbH

    Inconso GmbH image
    100% SAP
    • 11-50  employees
    • MANGO
    • Emmi
    • Audi AG
    • BONITA GmbH & Co. KG
    • Viessmann Werke GmbH Co. KG


    Inconso GmbH is a German-based provider of IT solutions for supply chain optimization. Offering consulting and software solutions in Europe, the company specializes in planning, controlling and monitoring logistics, cloud solutions, SAP logistics software as well as Advanced Analytics/Artificial Intelligence, and robotics.

    Started its way in 2002 today, Inconso has over 5,000 customers in 77 countries and over 1,200 specialists and consultants worldwide. Being one of the largest, certified independent SAP partners for IT solutions in the entire supply chain, the company providing such solutions as:
    - Technology consulting (UI development, picking technology, end equipment);
    - Infrastructure consulting (RF site survey, WLAN and server design, mobile devices);
    - Infrastructure operation (operational control, server procurement, and operation, database hosting);
    - ERP integration (SAP PP, SAP MM, SAP QM).

    Notable project

    The aim of the project developed for BSH Hausgerate GmbH was to implement an SAP TM-based solution to replace the several systems with a convenient transport solution. The client set the team the task of implementing a solution that would easily connect to various ERP systems. So, the Inconso team implemented SAP TM, as well as the SAP EM (Event Management) system for process monitoring. Initially, the system was introduced in Great Britain, then in Germany and Poland. As a result, the client managed to optimize the planning and control of transport, integrate the calculation of transportation costs and billing, and also achieved a high automation potential for various processes in the transport and supply chain.

    "The cooperation was goal-oriented and the Inconso team was always fast to respond. In addition, their conceptual work was good, their specialized knowledge excellent and their understanding of processes resulted in practical solution approaches." - Margareta Vogl, Global Supply Chain Logistics, BSH Hausgerate GmbH

  • Rackspace


    Rackspace image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Coinstar
    • Delmar
    • AeroMexico
    • Wyndham
    • Buyatab
    • Cole-Parmer


    Founded in 1998, Rackspace is a SAP, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and Google Cloud end-to-end solutions provider. The company's head office is located in San Antonio, Texas, and its global presence spanning over 150 countries. Rackspace’s team exceeds 7,000 employees and serves industries such as healthcare, finance, energy, retail, eCommerce, media, entertainment. 

    Being a SAP Silver Partner, Rackspace offers the following SAP ERP services:
    - SAP ERP system implementation and integration
    - Application modernization & assessments
    - Advanced SAP solutions configuration and optimization
    - SAP Basis and functional support
    - Administration, monitoring and maintenance

    For the note, it has got over 600 Enterprise App Certifications across Salesforce, Oracle and SAP. Also, Rackspace is a worldwide leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Service Providers.

    Notable project

    Rackspace reduced IT costs by 40% for Coinstar, one of the world's largest automated networks of self-service kiosks for converting web coins into cash, gift cards or donations. The company had delivered migration from the client's legacy systems to VMware and SAP ERP. In order to provide cheaper SAP support, it was implemented custom Rackspace solution of a simplified SAP support system without any extra paying. Thanks to the migration, effective support, implemented a unique IT service model, Coinstar's IT approach has become more effective, its business costs were reduced, system management has become more flexible and convenient.

    "In terms of the providers that are able to manage an infrastructure-as-a-service and to accommodate relatively bespoken needs, Rackspace sticks out as the clear leader in the space."- Jason Friedlander, CTO, Coinstar

  • Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

    Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd.

    Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees


    Kellton Tech Solutions is a technology consulting and digital solution partner with over 10 years of experience. Today, the company has more than 1,400 technology experts across North America, Europe, and Asia that specialize in providing SAP Solutions for startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 businesses worldwide. 

    As an SAP Certified Gold Partner, Kellton Tech offers many end-to-end SAP solutions, including SAP Business Analytics, SAP Cloud Solutions, SAP Fiori, and SAP System Landscape Optimization. Kellton Tech key SAP Services includes:
    - S/4HANA: Deployable in cloud/on-premise, instant implementation, quick, data-driven business decisions, real-time data, and predictive analytics;
    - ECC to S/4HANA: unprecedented efficiency, simplicity and control over business processes through planning and simulation options in many conventional transactions;
    - C/4HANA: unifies data and processes in a single location, protects customer data, enhances your customer experience, etc;
    - SAP Application Management Services: automates the process, improves and simplifies financial management;
    - SAP Business Analytics: SAP HANA Live, SAP Lumira, SAP Fiori.

    Notable project

    The client needed an omnichannel solution that would increase its presence in the market, contribute to the smooth process of management and optimization of data on points of sale (POS). So, it decided to implement SAP S/4HANA for retail with the goal of unlocked channel-agnostic customer experiences. New criteria for the quality of customer service established, thereby increasing customer engagement and improving client visibility on the markets. Also, the efficiency of process management, orderly decision-making was improved, the cost of ownership and maintenance reduced, the flexibility and productivity of the business improved, and the return on investment increased.

  • SUSE image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Office Depot
    • Mahindra Retail
    • Lenovo
    • Accenture
    • Cortex IT
    • itelligence
    • Guerbet
    • EGGER Group


    Established in 1992, SUSE is a pioneer open-source software solutions provider to ensure enterprises with greater control and flexibility. Providing global services like discovery, consulting, design, deployment, optimization, and support, the SUSE team specializes in implementing SAP and SAP ERP solutions for such industry giants as T-Systems, Lenovo, Bosch Group, OTP Bank, and more. 

    Today, the company employs more than 150 support engineers and over 650 staff working in research and development. As for the company's portfolio, SUSE has successfully implemented 100+ open source projects. Besides, there are 8,500 certified applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server globally. 

    Offering SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications, the company with over 25 years of Linux engineering experience SUSE also provide such SAP environment to support clients architecture as:
    - SAP Business One;
    - SAP HANA;
    - SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud;
    - SAP S/4HANA;
    - SAP Data Hub.

    Notable project

    A global leader operating in medical imaging - Guerbet chose SUSE as a partner and set a goal to consolidate 21 separate ERP systems to create a single turnkey platform based on SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA to increase its operational efficiency. The team implemented both SAP Business Suite based on SAP HANA, including SAP BusinessObjects and applications for process integration, financial consolidation, tracking for pharmaceuticals, B2B integration, and Workforce Performance Builder. Thanks to work done, the client was able to reduce the number of ERP platforms to just two: the SAP Business Suite and Oracle platform. Besides, having received a new analytic platform, Guerbet managed to increase the productivity of some of its critical reports by 30 times.

    "We ran a number of deep-dive technical workshops with the SAP and SUSE teams. This thorough evaluation gave us the confidence that the combination of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications would enable us to achieve the goals of G-ONE." - Frederic Duchet, Group Chief Information Officer, Guerbet

  • Cygnet Infotech

    Cygnet Infotech

    Cygnet Infotech image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • FarmaTrust
    • SeraBrynn
    • Zevo Health
    • Accelerated Analytics
    • Cantab Solutions Ltd


    Cygnet Infotech is an IT solutions developer that was founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company's over 100 specialists have rich experience in providing AR/VR, Cloud, ERP, IoT, AI, and Blockchain solutions. Its 11 offices are located in India, Australia, the UK, Germany, and South Africa. The general amount of delivered projects counts more than 2000 for over 750 clients across 35 countries around the world.

    Cygnet Infotech team has expertise in providing solutions for a wide range of fields namely healthcare, transportation, advertising, education, automobile, oil & gas, finance, etc.

    Being a SAP Silver partner the company's team is capable to satisfy customers with custom end-to-end SAP ERP solutions. The list of their includes:
    - SAP IAAS and Hosting Cloud
    - SAP Implementation (planning, scoping, design, development, testing, support)
    - SAP AMS Support (ABAP support, functional support across all the core ERP modules, security monitoring, etc.)
    - SAP AMS Support for S/4HANA (migration to S/4HANA, technical upgrade, reviewing, facilitating end-to-end architecture, etc.)
    - SAP GST services (reporting, audit, implementation)

    Notable project

    Cygnet Infotech has successfully provided SAP solution for one of the leading international retail merchandising Indian businesses. The client wanted to archive and clean up the non-business critical data from the HRMS system faster and effectively. But it had a problem that was in a row of SAP solutions separation that didn't work as one unit. Cygnet Infotech spent several months to find the solution and implement it. It was created SAP solution for fetching the data according to the defined scope, removing legacy and unnecessary data, and performing table reorganization. Through the project, the company used such technologies as SAP ECC 6.0, DBACOCKPIT tool, WMS, and SAP HR solution.

    "They are an extremely Pro-active and Innovative software company. We continue to have a great working relationship and look forward to future success." - Grahame Rowley

  • Itelligence


    Itelligence image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Sauder Woodworking
    • Amedia
    • Armacell
    • Berko
    • Krone
    • Bespak
    • Rondo Ganahl


    Itelligence is an SAP Platinum Partner that was established in 1989 and headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany. Its team counts over 7,700 specialists that have already served more than 10,000 customers around the world. Itelligence has over 65 offices located in 25 countries across the globe. Except for SAP, the company also collaborates with such IT giants as Microsoft, AWS, and Lenovo. Itelligence has expertise in providing IT solutions for businesses that are representatives of the following industries: chemical, wholesale distribution, consumer products, and manufacturing.

    The company is specialized in delivering enterprises with solutions for SAP BPC, SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba Snap, S/4HANA Transition, SAP Analytics, and SAP Business ByDesign. In 2017, Itelligence had already completed over 25,000 SAP projects for customers across 50 countries around the globe. Moreover, for the last 3 years, the company has won the SAP Pinnacle award two times. In general, Itelligence offers the following services:
    - SAP Consulting
    - SAP HANA Cloud Hosting (upgrade, test, management, etc.)
    - SAP S/4HANA Migration
    - SAP Application Optimization & Enhancement
    - SAP Application Support

    Notable project

    Itelligence provided an implementation of SAP S/4HANA for Rondo Ganahl, an international packaging manufacturer. Despite the client's success, it's business management system needed more effectiveness. Rondo Ganahl wanted to have one standardized ERP system that manages all its plants. In turn, Itelligence succeeded to integrate SAP S/4HANA that had provided processes standardization and harmonization, new SAP technologies(as Fiori), absence of data redundancy or duplication.

    "The experience levels of the itelligence COE team were at the core of our success. The team's conversion experience from other projects set us up for a remarkable success story. If you are looking for a smooth technical conversion from ECC to SAP S/4HANA, consider itelligence."

  • FH Brasil

    FH Brasil

    FH Brasil image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Antilhas
    • Arezzo
    • PGI
    • Tedo
    • Tigre
    • Aker


    Founded in 1999, FH is an SAP solutions provider since 2007 that is headquartered in Curitiba, PR. The company counts over 650 employees and six offices across Brazil. Currently, FH has 250 active clients from 30 countries of the globe and over 2,500 completed projects. The company doesn't specialize only in SAP technologies, but also on Big Data, IoT, and Digital Marketing fields. Finances, Retail, Production, HR, Utilities, Agriculture, and other industries are delivered by SAP solutions from FH.

    FH is one of the best SAP partners in Brazil that won Asug Impact Awards for eight times and also was recognized as the best partner in implementing SAP S / 4HANA, SAP C / 4HANA. FH's customers can get the following services:
    - SAP S / 4HANA Conversion - on-premise or cloud migration to SAP S / 4HANA for getting more effective and loyalty ERP with a lot of useful opportunities
    - SAP Rollout and Upgrade Solutions: technical, functional, and strategic SAP system upgrade
    - SAP Development - development of custom SAP applications
    - SAP Software Resale - being a certified reseller of SAP software licenses, FH provides reselling of SAP software licenses officially 
    - SAP Application Support

    Notable project

    Ache Laboratories Pharmaceuticals, which is a Basilian pharmaceutical manufacturer for 50 years, felt the need in upgrading technology in all SAP ECC environments, so it came to FH Brasilia for help. FH team migrated the client's legacy SAP ERP to SAP HANA that got a lot of advantages for Ache. The new system is more productive, competitive, and convenient in use, it significantly eases business' processes management. SAP HANA provided the client with such features as improved data performance, instant closing of accounting, the SAP Solution Manager Monitoring, SAP CHARM, flexible tax adjustment, and more. This case study was one of the most successful across Brasilia that's why FH and Ache won third place at the ASUG Impact Awards 2016.

    "We had significant gains in terms of information storage, savings with database licensing and more consolidated systems architecture. In addition gains in processing business transactions."- Leandro Roldao, Information Systems Manager, Ache

  • Equal-Plus


    Equal-Plus image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Jabil
    • Novelis
    • Sidel
    • Volvo
    • Pharma
    • Scotts
    • Intec
    • Limitedbrands


    Equal-Plus is a SAP centric international consulting company, based in Atlanta, USA. Founded in 2000, the company has started to provide customers with innovative business solutions concerning software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and SAP Business Suite services for large companies. International experience is the key advantage of the company and core of their DNA. Equal-Plus is a SAP channel partner and a member of American SAP Users Group.

    The company with almost 20 years of experience delivers a wide range of services: SAP consulting:
    - SAP Fiori, SAP professional staffing services, SAP business suite, SAP helpdesk support, SAP business suite powered by HANA, SAP business one, SAP HANA;
    - SAP software solutions: SAP business one, SAP BW 4/HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP cloud platform;
    - Industry solutions: Business intelligence, On-the-cloud solutions, Product lifecycle management, Supply chain management, Master data management.

    Notable project

    Let's check the company's work. Graphic Packaging International approached Equal-Plus many years ago. Recently GPI asked Equal-Plus for help in the planning process. The company immediately defined a justified scope, cost and strategy to meet clients needs in shortening the planning time. The issue of cost was resolved with the help of new functionalities concerning contrast management opposite to production. Accordingly, over and under-runs are now under control of GPI. As a result $200,000 per month was earned after fuel surchage implementation.

    "Equal-plus brings a lot of value in service, rate, flexibility, skills and the ease of the working relationship as part of our team. They bring added value to the project and are easy to manage and work with. Communications are open with understanding from top to bottom. They send competent consultants who can fill very specific needs. Equal-Plus consultants easily fit into our team and have a good relationship with SAP.They really dig in. It's the total package."

  • Long Business Systems

    Long Business Systems

    Long Business Systems image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Anest Iwata
    • Melink
    • Nelson
    • Frontline International
    • JLG
    • Pineapple Promotions


    Established in 1989, the Long Business Systems is a qualified, customer-oriented team that has strong experience in implementation and ongoing use support of ERP, FMS, and BI business solutions. Serving manufacturers, distributors, and service organizations that are specializing in procurement, manufacturing, distribution, customer service, sales, finance, and information systems.

    Being an SAP Business One Partner since 2004, the Long Business Systems team aims to help clients to optimize their operations by easily integrating key business processes by providing such SAP Business One professional services as:
    - Managing company data, preventing duplication;
    - Creating and maintaining customer relationships;
    - Control of inventory and resources;
    - Distribution.

    In addition to professional services, the Long Business Systems team offers such customized SAP Business One service like project management, analysis & design, development (SDK), and training.

    Notable project

    Etactics hired the Long Business Systems team as they needed a solution for integrating their invoicing platform with an appropriate ERP system. The new solution was supposed to be able to collect data regarding the services provided and automatically generate an invoice for the client. The customer choice fell on SAP Business One. The project was completed in just 45 days, including a trial period of running parallel systems. In addition to the direct implementation of SAP Business One, the LBSi guys helped Etactics cope with some other problems, for example, daily summaries. LBSi develops a new endpoint A/R system that integrates the Etactics billing platform with SAP Business One for accounting and billing. Later, using the work of LBSi, Etactics independently developed seven different programs that transfer data to SAP.

    "After we spoke with Scott the first time, we knew we wanted to do business with LBSi. He and his staff understood exactly where we were coming from and where we wanted to go."

  • I-business Network

    I-business Network

    I-business Network image
    100% SAP
    • 11-50  employees
    • Chick Packaging
    • FPT
    • Auto 7
    • Fras-le


    Established in 1999, I-business Network is a USA premier integrated software ERP solutions provider for CRM, accounting, inventory, manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce for small companies and midsized businesses. Being a Citrix, Microsoft, Sage, and SAP partner, the I-BN team specializes in offering such solutions as SAP start package, SAP Business One, Sage 100, integrations, SAP distribution, and mobile solutions.

    As for the SAP Cloud, the company specializes in providing a productivity ERP platform SAP Business One Cloud that includes all the tools for collaboration. Implementing the system in the client's business, I-business Network guarantees:
    - rapid deployment;
    - customized cloud/on-premise environments;
    - platform integration with other cloud services;
    - training services.

    By using the rapid methodology, the I-business Network implementation process takes as little as 4-6 weeks. In addition to providing product implementation services, the company also specializes in providing training, hosting, service, and maintenance services for existing client platforms.

    Notable project

    Choosing I-Business Network as a solution partner, Fras-le needed to implement SAP Business One in its small offices around the world. According to the Fras-le IT systems coordinator, by using the new ERP system, the client managed to implement a worldwide standard process, harmonizing the work of all offices and getting the opportunity to monitor financial performance more efficiently, in addition to improving the accuracy of its data. Both companies continue to collaborate, as I-BN is now providing international support to Fras-le regarding an upgrade scheduled for its China location.

    "I-BN had provided excellent support on an international project (with Fras-le Europe) and wanted a U.S. partner who could support our operations that utilizes SAP B1 abroad." - Pedro Pagliosa, IT Systems Coordinator, Fras-le

  • ExceleratedS2P


    ExceleratedS2P image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • HONDA
    • Ultra Electronics
    • Subsea7
    • Mercury Engineering
    • Aryzta
    • Glanbia PLC


    ExceleratedS2P is a source-to-pay software consultancy team with headquarters in London, and extra offices in the USA, Czech Republic, and Australia. ExceleratedS2P is a SAP and Ariba procurement solutions partner that aims to offer implementation, change management, support, optimization, and advisory services to SAP customers since its establishment in 2011. Among the ExceleratedS2P digital procurement solutions integrated with SAP ERP system, there are:

    - SAP Ariba Snap - the Source-to-Pay solution for medium-sized enterprises;
    - SAP Ariba invoice management - available on SAP ERP for S4 Hana and ECC;
    - Strategic sourcing and consultancy for SAP Ariba - implementation and adoption of source-to-contract solutions to support SMEs and corporations;
    - SAP Ariba Procure-to-Pay consultancy & implementation - P2P solution that offers control of all spend, automated processes, and strategic sourcing developing.

    The company specializes in providing services and solutions for companies of all sizes and statuses, having extensive experience in implementing SAP solutions for customers with food & beverage, financial services, pharma, life sciences, energy, and engineering industries.

    Notable project

    Mercury Engineering needed to optimize accounts payable operations to save time and money and improve relations with suppliers. By choosing ExceleratedS2P as a partner, the client entrusted him with the responsibility for implementing SAP Invoice Management by OpenText. Following the introduction of SAP ERP, Mercury still needed to increase efficiency by optimizing most of its payables function. For this, the ICC system was introduced, which in the final set led to an increase in the number of processed invoices by 30% and a reduction in paper processing by 85% due to the absence of any manual intervention in the process of sending invoices by suppliers.

    "We knew from the outset that this was a complex implementation, requiring in-depth knowledge of the processes involved, robust communications with employees and suppliers, in addition to a solid understanding of the solution. One organization stood out, ExceleratedS2P, thanks to their technical knowledge and implementation experience."

  • Sycor image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Covestro AG
    • Prefere Resins Holding


    Sycor is a digital transformation company, based in Germany with extra offices in Europe, America, and Asia with a total number of 600 employees. The IT Consulting firm specializes in IT services and solutions integration into the existing applications and infrastructures. As well the company operates and implements cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions according to the clients' requirements.

    Being Microsoft and SAP partner Sycor has wide expertise in enterprise content management, software asset management, security, etc. The company's experts work in the fields of Industry 4.0, The IoT along with Big Data and in such industries as automotive, insurance, manufacturing, medicine, plastics, IT Consulting, retail, surface engineering.

    Established in 1998 Sycor offers its clients the following services:
    - Technology services: Cloud & hosting, ERP & CRM, Communication & collaboration, Security & compliance, Connectivity;
    - Digitalization & IT strategy consulting;
    - Change management: securing business operations;
    - Software asset management.

    Notable project

    Prefere Resins Holding approached Sycor in order to migrate an enterprise data into the Microsoft cloud. It optimizes costs and the utilization of billing systems. Business processes are now streamlined and totally reduce a company's dependency from service providers. So, the following services were used in the process of project fulfillment: transition of a data center, conducting dry runs, on-site support and project management.

    "Switching to Sycor definitely paid off for us. The speed of data access as well as the stability and availability of the new solution are outstanding. We have realized major savings. Collaboration with Sycor was excellent and we are more than satisfied with the support services we now have." - Steffen Behnke, CIO, Prefere Resins Holding

  • MTC Systems

    MTC Systems

    MTC Systems image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Anyon
    • Duty Free City
    • Hanhoo
    • Toray
    • OSI


    MTC Systems is a certified SAP solution value-added reseller and SAP Business One implementation partner based in Irvine, California, USA. Started its way in 2009, the company offers a wide range of services for small and medium-sized businesses of wholesale & distribution, manufacturing, retail & eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and automotive industries. Being SAP Gold Partner, the MTC Systems consists of certified employees who specialize in implementing such SAP products as:

    - SAP Business One (integrated reports and dashboards, streamlined implementations and upgrades, faster time to value, rapid integration);
    - SAP Business One on Hana (improved planning, sales, production, and financial processes, Faster business insight, performance gains, reduced IT ownership costs);
    - SAP Business One Cloud (streamline operations, reduce capital investment, increase business insight, business agility increasing);
    - SAP Business One Reporting Tools: SAP B1 Analytics & Reporting, SAP Lumira, FineReport, SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, SAP Fiori.

    In addition to products, the company also specializes in providing a wide range of services, including consulting, implementation, customization, training, support, and project rollout to China.

    Notable project

    OSI (China) Holding Co. Ltd. required the transition from SAP Business One to the SAP HANA platform to expand analytical and reporting capabilities. Also, the client wanted to improve product quality tracking from the origin of the materials to the finished product. In the case of OSI, this could be achieved more efficiently by implementing the SAP HANA system, while leveraging SAP Business One analytics powered by SAP HANA. Due to this, the client can almost instantly track the products to their origin and go through the entire stage of quality control (60 seconds). Besides, after the end of the project, it became possible to create multidimensional, corporate reports (10 seconds), and respond to customer requests in minutes.

    "With the analytics available for SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA, we can trace our products back to their origin and all the way through the quality inspection stage in just a minute. With the virtual warehouse module, shop-floor managers can track the quality status of every product in real-time, from the day materials arrive to the day finished goods are shipped." - Steven Zhang, VP and CFO, OSI (China) Holding Co. Ltd.

  • VisualBI image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Epson
    • Honda
    • Huntsman
    • Merck
    • Parmalat
    • Pepsi
    • BMW
    • Cintas
    • Costa
    • Daimler


    Being SAP Silver Partner and Gold Microsoft Partner, VisualBi provides SAP and Microsoft solutions since 2010, the year of establishment. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has four additional R&D offices. Its team of over 200 specialists has already served more than 100 brands, there are Epson, Honda, Huntsman, Merck, Parmalat, Pepsi, and others.

    VisualBI has rich expertise in providing SAP and Microsoft solutions for industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Utilities. The company offers the following SAP services:
    - SAP HANA strategy, administration, reporting, modeling, integration, maintenance, support, training.
    - SAP BusinessObjects strategy, implementation, and management. Also, the company proposes SAP BusinessObjects integration with SAP BI.
    - SAP BW implementation, BW + BOBJ Integration, Migration to SAP BW/4HANA, BW Accelerators, and more.
    - The company's SAP Analytics Cloud solutions include strategy & roadmap, integration with SAP & non-SAP systems, consumption of data from SAP BW, ECC, SAP HANA & SAP BOBJ, enhanced planning, and more.
    - The company's SAP Fiori solutions include SAP Fiori app development, migration to SAP Fiori, custom SAP Fiori app connecting to SAP and non-SAP data sources, and so on.

    Notable project

    The client of the Oil & Gas industry approached VisualBI with modernizing its legacy ERP system. In turn, VisualBI team had got that challenge and successfully migrated the client's Oracle EDW to Enterprise HANA which consumed SAP ECC as well as Non-SAP data. For the note, VisualBi provided safe system migration by using SLT and Smart Data technologies for real-time data extracting. It was a global and complicated project with $6 billion revenue that got only positive results for the client.

    "To call this a 'learning experience' is a gross understatement. This is new terrain for our enterprise, and we've all learned quite a bit about what lies ahead of us."

  • Sify Technologies

    Sify Technologies

    Sify Technologies image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Tata
    • ServiceNow
    • KDDI
    • HGC


    As a SAP partner, Sify Technologies has been providing application management, SAP HANA operations, hosting, and cloud services since 1995. The company's head office is located in Chennai, Tamil, and other offices are in the USA, UK, Dubai, and Singapore. Sify's team of 1100+ employees has served over 1000 customers of Banking, Finance & Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Education industries across the world.

    The company has expertise in delivering such SAP services as:
    - SAP Basis Administration and Consulting services (from planning to upgrading)
    - SAP ERP implementation
    - Migration to SAP HANA
    - SAP software customization
    - SAP system management and monitoring

    Except for SAP ERP solutions, the company also provides Oracle and Microsoft application services. Among its specializations are network and DC services too. For the note, Sify company was awarded a lot of times, includes "Most Admired Brand 2016" by VARINDIA, and "Most Promising Brand" by WCRC.

    Notable project

    Sify Technologies helped a leading private sector life insurance Indian company to maximize business productivity by optimizing resources and reducing costs. The client's legacy ERP system needed upgrading, so Sify professionals had successfully migrated it to SAP HANA. Also had provided BulletManaged virtualization and BulletManaged backup network & security, Bullet Guaranteed SLAs & disaster recovery drills. So the client had got a new more effective ERP system that allows one-stop management, monitoring & reporting.

  • Acumen Corporation

    Acumen Corporation

    Acumen Corporation image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Action Industries
    • Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff Co
    • Solo USA


    Acumen Corporation is a company, serving the needs of the investment business community. Established in 1991 AC can be proud of its team of Subject Matter Experts, satisfying customer needs. The Company specializes in solving complex business challenges in the inventory management area.

    Acumen Corporation serves clients from various industries: wholesale distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, electronics. In order to provide clients with the most efficient service the company partners with SAP Business One, Valogix, Enprise, Achieve IT in Enterprise Resource Planning; OpenAccounts and VersionOne in accounting software; SAP HANA, Progress Software Corporation and Microsoft SQL in database solutions.

    With 28 years of experience Acumen Corporation offers the following services:
    - Implementation and integration of ERP solutions;
    - SAP Business One Certified Consultants;
    - Citrix, Microsoft, IBM Best Team Certified Services;
    - Inventory planning and management.

    Notable project

    Solo as a manufacturer of backpack and handheld sprayers was in need of a computer program for their manufacturing needs, because of their business growth. Acumen Corporation integrated SAP Business One, which helped to manage their inventory for resale and production. All of the reporting requirements were met and now enable Solo to evaluate its marketing strategy better and plan for the future more effectively.

    "After the transition period the good service continued. I would highly recommend SAP Business One, but even more so if you partner up with ACUMEN to help you make SAP meet your specific needs." -Marion S. Bauer, Controller, Solo USA Inc

  • BPX Global

    BPX Global

    BPX Global image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Nestle
    • Solenis
    • Libet
    • avantor
    • DGT
    • Avans
    • freshworld
    • Senetic
    • Solutions Lab


    BPX Global is a global consulting company, based in Wroclaw, Poland. It specializes in business transformation navigation via modern enterprise solutions. The company addresses its services to middle-sized companies and large enterprises. It is also considered to be the cost-competitive provider of certified solutions in SAP ERP Space. BPX Global has expertise in consulting, outsourcing, application support, and IT staff augmentation.

    The company serves clients from different industries, such as hi-tech, metallurgy, automotive, aviation, machinery & equipment. There are also the following areas of the company's work: sales, production, supply chain, controlling, HR, and purchases. BPX Global has already successfully served over 120 projects all over the world.

    BPX Global provides clients with a wide range of services in various areas:
    - SAP solutions for: eCommerce, Financial supply chain management, Asset accounting, Finance, Real estate, Advanced planning and optimization, Quality management, etc;
    - Business intelligence: All data in one place; Advanced analytics; Complete implementation; Data literacy program; Audit;
    - Infor CloudSuite industrial: Infor upgrades; Infor based support; Global/local templates deployment; Infor business process design;
    - IT service management: Custom apps, XSM, ITSM, Application development, Optimization, Customization, Training, Audits, Implementations.

    Notable project

    BPX implemented SAP APO for Takeda, is a Japanese pharmaceutical company and upgraded it to SAP HANA. Additionally, they decided to utilize Qlikview Finance. Having optimized Qlikview architecture Takeda improved resource management along with data load times. What about client outcomes? All the business processes were favorably integrated to Takeda. SAP BW Reporting capabilities were also integrated into business processes.

  • N'ware Technologies

    N'ware Technologies

    N'ware Technologies image
    100% SAP
    • 11-50  employees
    • Nipon
    • EBR
    • Boston Organic
    • LEWA Nikkiso
    • Dubois Agrinovation


    N'ware Technologies is a customer-oriented team with almost 25 years of experience. The N'ware Technologies team consists of experts that specialize in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning software and offering such solutions as SAP Business One, advanced warehouse management, production data collection, and business intelligence.

    Specialized in providing implementation and warehouse distribution services, the N'ware team serves distribution, manufacturing, digital marketplace, and vertical expertise industries. As an SAP ERP system partner N'ware Technologies offers manufacturing and distribution software that fully integrates with SAP Business One, the high performing front office solution. The company offers a wide selection of SAP Business One applications (add-ons) that provide a variety of functionalities to match industry's needs:
    - Advanced Warehouse Management Software: LISA WMS;
    - Production Orders Tracking: PDC-One;
    - Interface Customization: B1 Usability Package by Boyum IT;
    - Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Valogix Inventory Planner;
    - MAG B1 / SAP Business One e-commerce connector.

    Notable project

    Looking for a 100% integrated management system, EBR Inc. turned to N'ware Technologies guys to implement SAP Business One solution. Before SAP ERP, the company used two systems that were ineffective and had some inconsistencies between one another. The N'ware Technologies team helped to structure EBR Inc, which helped the client to become more operational. Thanks to the add-ons the client has with SAP Business One, EBR Inc is able to make its project management more efficient and more precise and also offers its clients more accurate prices. The client has used the ERP system for over 4 years now. Thanks to SAP Business One solution the EBR Inc. is able to better operate overall management and gives better control over the bookkeeping.

    "For EBR, SAP Business One allowed the company to grow and enabled us to control production flows, which made us take a giant step forward. SAP Business One is the right system." - Charles Rivard, President, E.B.R. Inc.

  • Pioneer B1

    Pioneer B1

    Pioneer B1 image
    100% SAP
    • 1-10  employees
    • Ball Pro
    • Gaumard
    • MacuHealth
    • Front of the House


    Pioneer B1 is a top-rated SAP Partner based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Having 7 years of experience in SAP ERP implementation, the team has a strong portfolio of small and midsize companies projects and offers solutions for manufacturers and distributors from over 10 states, including Nevada, Texas, California, Washington, Florida, and the Midwest. Specializes in providing SAP Business One business management software, Pioneer B1 guys offer such industry solutions as:

    - SAP Business One solutions for distribution: inventory management, supplier collaboration improvement, streamline supply chain planning and execution;
    - SAP Business One solutions for manufacturing: pre-production time reducing, accuracy, transparency, and consistency improving, materials, machine, and labor utilization optimization;
    - SAP Business One solutions for e-commerce: real-time, automated updates, integrated analytics, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

    In addition to SAP Business One solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, the Pioneer B1 team also specializes in implementing the SAP HANA platform solution. Given that SAP Business One Powered By HANA uses in-memory technology to process and store data, it allows to instantly analyze growing volumes of data and speed up the process of making business decisions.

    Notable project

    The Goorin Bros., Inc. had already used the SAP Business One system for 8 years but needed to be updated to the last 9.3. version. It took the company only 10 days to update on all of the client's systems. It is worth noting that the client completely trusted the Pioneer B1 guys, who provided a project plan, proceeded to go through with the pre-upgrade activities and testing without any of the client team help. Thanks to the company's communication skills and support after the upgrade, 85% of users were able to immediately leverage the new version without any issues.

    "It was exactly what you wanted it to be as a client, which is a simple, hassle-free upgrade." - Reed Johnson, EVP of Operations, Goorin Bros., Inc.