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Best Mobile game developers in 2019

List of top Mobile game developers in 2019


Sidebench is a reasonably well-known company providing services in the field of developing mobile and web applications, developing UI / UX design, consulting and marketing. The company was founded by Kevin Yamazaki in 2014, and its only office is located in Los Angeles. 

Sidebench’s small but solid and experienced team consists of digital strategists, technologists,

100% Mobile game development company
101-200 employees
United States, Los Angeles


"Sidebench is truly committed to helping the families we hope to assist with this project”


Mixing tech, art & fun

Visartech Inc. is a development partner that provides digital experiences from initial concepts to custom 3D solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies to foster our clients become trendsetting digital enterprises. 

Key Visartech facts:

9+ years of proven experience

130+ games & business apps delivered


50% Mobile game development company
11-50 employees
United States, Dover
Andy LI, CPO/Co-founder at ExplorR
"Visartech is incredible to work with. They understand exactly what is needed in our project brief. They are responsive, flexible and go the extra mile to achieve the tasks. Full of talented developers...”


Program-Ace is a successful, time-proven, and innovation-oriented IT company with more than 25 years’ experience, focusing on out-of-the-box multi-platform solutions, augmented and virtual reality development, online training, and virtual simulations. 

  1. Key Areas of Expertise:

• Augmented reality (AR) apps 

• Virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality

50% Mobile game development company
101-200 employees
Ukraine, Kyiv


GSN Games
Juan Carlo Carvajal, COO/Managing Partner, The Bakery LLC
"Program-Ace has been well organized, with detailed schedules as to how the project was to be executed. The client was very happy with the game and at one point said that “they couldn’t believe the gam...”

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