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Best IoT companies in 2019

List of top IoT companies in 2019



VironIT is an international software development company that started its way in 2004, Minsk. The company specializes in providing professional IoT, blockchain, enterprise, mobile, web, game, VR/AR development and IT consulting services. With over 14 years of experience the VironIT company provides IoT app development solutions, from network connectivity to data processing and also aims of delivering such services as:

- IoT development;
- Prototyping development;
- Technology consulting and maintenance;
- Quality assurance and testing.

In its portfolio the company has over 530 successfully delivered projects for over 300 companies and businesses worldwide. The company mostly provides IoT solutions for eHealth, Retail, Banking, Sport, Games and other industries and sectors of the economy.

15% IoT development company
101-200 employees


Credencys Solutions Inc.


Credencys Solutions Inc. is a leading web and mobile app development company headquartered in Los Angeles. We help startups to Fortune 500 companies drive profits and succeed through cutting edge digital transformation with end-to-end mobile, web, and cloud app development.

Founded in 2008, Credencys has successfully delivered 500+ projects to 200+ customers

5% IoT development company
101-200 employees
United States, Los Angeles


Coca Cola
Weight Watchers
Cox & Kings
Hilco Global
Samsung Parts
"Absolutely excellent results achieved with Credencys handling software development for our web and mobile enterprise applications for field service and customer acquisition. They were on time, within...”


Intellectsoft was founded in 2007 as a consultancy and software development company. The main mission of Intellectsoft is giving software developing and consultancy services to the enterprises to speed up cutting-edge technologies integration, solve complicated development issues and direct ongoing innovations.

10% IoT development company
501-1000 employees
United States, New York


Universal pictures
Ikea and the NHS
Henrik Andersson
"Intellectsoft managed its team well and made sure we understood what was being worked on.”
Live Animations


Live Animations is an advanced augmented reality development agency that since its establishment in 2014 had already delivered best-in-class AR solutions which is recognized by such awards as Part Awards, WorldStar Packaging Awards, ADC UA Award and more. As an award-winning company Live Animations creates apps the average rating of which - 4.

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees
United States, New York


British Council
Little Dlippo Books
"We contracted with Live Animations to help us create AR animations for a collection of children’s books. Using the Unity platform, they developed our mobile application for Android and iOS. Users can...”
Dev Technosys


Dev Technosys is well-known as Indian IoT application development company which maintain market leadership from 2010. The company already created and delivered over 1500 successful products for clients from more than 30 countries globally. The company has presence in US, UK, Ireland, UAE and New Zealand.

As one of the best IoT development company serves healthcare, fitness, automotive, travel industries and offers a huge range of Internet of Things solutions, such as smart home, smart retail, IoT manufacturing, IoT connected cars and also support and maintenance.

The company works with such common communication interfaces as WiFi, NFC, BLE etc. For its projects the Dev Technosys team uses the power of the largest IoT platform in the market - Amazon Web Services. Also the company has a strong partnership with such market giants as Intel, Samsung, Acquia and Nasscom Foundation.

5% IoT development company
51-100 employees
United States, Philadelphia



Notable project

The Dev Technosys had created a multi-functional fitness tracking application - MyWindFit that not only calculated the calories, but also can record wind speed, air temperature and pressure, also it has a heart rate system. For the project team used power of IoT, Wearable, Amazon Cloud and other technologies.

"Working with Dev. Technosys was a good experience. They made changes quickly and communicated often. Ihad the same project done with another company and it was not what I wanted. Dev. Technosys was able to give me what I asked for." - Chris Lynn

Ibrahim Khoury
"We chose to work with Dev Technosys after interviewing/vetting ten web development companies from around the world. NMG won our business because of their deep understanding of .Web and Mobile App Deve...”
Indeema Software


Indeema Software was founded in 2014, in Seattle, Washington and has one more extra office in Lviv, Ukraine. It is a software solutions development company which specialises in IoT technology integration.

The company implements such solutions which help to automate routine tasks and procedures, monitor data and predicts the most suitable way to optimize resources. Indeema Software provides solutions for such platforms:

- IBM Watson
- Google Cloud Platform
- Predix

Indeema Software collaborates with the companies from Energy, Healthcare, Smart Home/City, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics.

50% IoT development company
11-50 employees
United States, Seattle


Burshtyn TES

Notable project

Indeema developed a web service called Solar Manager for Swiss Solar Energy company. The service manages and optimally distributes solar energy, identifies optimum consumption and production energy strategy, visualizes trends. It provides rapid and easy device connection, well-thought interaction and automatically calculates energy trends.

"Indeema has a strong combination of Embedded and Backend Development teams. This is very important for us that the goals in an IoT environment are clearly understood. In the case when challenges are coming up, Indeema and the teams are always very committed to find the right solutions." - Andreas Kuhn

Clark Cave
"This is the best company I have ever worked with”


Started its way in 2001, today HQSoftware company is a full-stack IoT, AR and VR development agency, which offers a huge range of IoT services, platforms, frameworks and protocols. The team offers web, mobile, prototyping, software integration and analysis services. In its portfolio the company has over 450 successfully delivered and launched projects for clients all over the globe.

The HQSoftware team consists of over 80 talented employees that created its projects in AWS, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud Platform, openHAB, Kaa platforms base. HQSoftware uses next technologies to deliver best quality products:

- IoT.js;
- Kura;
- Java and Eclipse IoT.

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees


BBC Worldwide
World Health Organization

Notable project

The HQSoftware team developed a multisensor network management IoT solution for automotive simulation by used Windows CE-based and Linux-based sensors and also the power of Angular JS, ASP, Node.js, and Web sockets technologies.

"I started doing business with HQSoftware from as early as October 2009. During this period of time, this company, and its team have successfully implemented more than 40 different web CMS projects." - Stian Andreassen

"Their responsive team was dedicated to understanding our business needs and providing detailed information”


AppsChopper is a creative app design and development company with offices in New York, Walpole and Boston, providing application design & development services on iOS and Android platforms; for Startups, Enterprises & Partners.


  1. Shaping Mobile Strategy
  2. Designing Beautiful Apps
  3. Engineering World-class Code
  4. Robust Web Apps & Backend
  5. Marketing your

5% IoT development company
51-100 employees
United States, New York


"Good Fitness Tracking Application”


We create Mobile and Web apps for startups, businesses and all those who think differently.

What helps us to provide high quality, speed, and cost-efficiency of our work that meets modern market demands?

On the technical side it's strict focus on carefully selected modern technologies and frameworks.

50% IoT development company
11-50 employees
Belarus, Minsk
Hayley Tosney
"Celadon is amazingly flexible company. The cooperation with them is so tight, it's like an own software development department in our company.”


8allocate is a custom software development and staff augmentation provider specialized in FinTech, AI/ML, data science, eCommerce, blockchain, and VR/AR/XR solutions.

We help other businesses jump fast on the cutting-edge technology bandwagon and solve tech talent shortage issues by building extended/distributed software development teams in our Ukraine-based R&D

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees
Estonia, Tallinn


Loco Travel.
Hurricane Media
"A very reliable software development partner”


PixelCrayons is an end-to-end IoT app development company that started its way in 2004 and today specializes in delivering a full-stack development services for IoT request of any complexity. Based in Delhi, the company has a great client base that consists of over 4800 satisfied clients from more than 38 countries all over the world.

A PixelCrayons team of over 480 talented developers offers a huge range of different IT services, including:

- IoT development consultancy;
- IoT app development;
- Backend/API development;
- App development for IoT devices, etc.

Also the company delivers a high-quality IoT gateway development, voice technology, data analysis and connectivity solutions. For 15 years in market the company`s team successfully created and launched over 11 500 projects.

2% IoT development company
501-1000 employees
India, Noida


BBC Worldwide

Notable project

The challenge for the PixelCrayons team was to develop an automated, real-time detection system with a dash of AI and machine learning. The case development process included 4 main phases and the team was used such technologies as Python, Numpy and SciPy.

"They have an exceptionally co-operative team to assigned projects for my various websites in different technologies and surprisingly they met my expectations every time. Kudos to them!" - Sakshi Tanej

"Like their professionalism”
Try Codnet


Try Codnet is a Fintech Software House & Marketing Agency in the blockchain industry. We are the first company in the world, that combine marketing solutions with software development.

Your business goals are the most important thing for us.

Thanks to our huge experience and knowledge about Fintech & Blockchain industry, we know, how to deliver the best

6% IoT development company
11-50 employees
Poland, Krakow


CoinCasso Group
"Professional Team with Awesome Skills”
Ayla Networks


Ayla is the IoT software development company that started its way in 2010. Today the company has global representation and offices in USA, Europe, China and Japan. The Ayla Networks offer consumer, commercial, enterprise and smart home IoT solutions. Also the company specializes in delivering:

- Data and applications solutions (Cloud adaptor, mobile app tools, enterprise business app tools, clients support);
- Device Virtualization and Management (Provisioning and activation, monitoring, reporting, maintenance);
- Security and compliance (security controls, data access controls, infrastructure security).

Ayla is a certified development company which is also ANIAB accreditation and SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 standards. The company has a strong partnership with IBM, AWS and Google Cloud.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Fujitsu General America
Hamilton Beach

Notable project

The team created an IoT mobile app connectivity for Fujitsu General products, that aims to control their heating and cooling systems all around the world. For the project team used not only its own technologies as AMAP, but also clients` HVACR products.

"By partnering with Ayla, we are able to offer our customers the convenience of remote management of their mini-split systems using a simple smartphone, tablet or PC via the internet." - Erin Mezle, director of marketing for Fujitsu General America, Inc.

"Best E2E Solution Provider”
Magora Systems


Magora is a software development company, that was founded in 2010. Magora creates apps for the most popular platforms and as any software company it has to keep up with the progress, so one of the points of interest of Magora is IoT.

They have developed a number of projects that categorize as IoT. When taking care of IoT project they create everything starting from scratch, a complex program for the internet-of-things solution. All that was done by their partners is hardware. So in order to bring the projects to life Magora created a software architecture and developed software that is needed in order to connect the hardware to the network. The technologies used in order to achieve all this are:

- mongo.db
- express.js
- node.js

5% IoT development company
201-500 employees



Notable project

Magora created the software The Rotimatic - a series of smart kitchen robots. This system has no analogues for now. These robots can bake special kind of bread - Roti, a popular product among multicultural US population. The robot takes care of such aspects as sensor diagnostics, time and temperature of cooking, ingredient consumption and recipes update.

"I would say they are the best outsourced firm we`ve ever worked with. Their project management skills are great - very transparent and very responsive to communication about fixes being urgent."

Karandasheva D
"Their team was extremely accommodating and kind throughout the development process”
Fusion Informatics


Fusion Informatics is an Indian software development company that started its way in 2000. Today the company has offices in India, USA and UAE. With over 19 years of experience the company aims to offer development and IoT services for the 31 industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure, retail, healthcare, banking, electronics, logistics, smart home, security, utilities, etc.

The team offers next IoT development services:

- IoT software development;
- IoT Mobile app development;
- IoT device development;
- IoT APP security;
- IoT wearable connectivity, etc.

Also the company specializes in delivering machine learning, AI, blockchain and smart device development. The team consists of over 143 professional developers and engineers that successfully created over 5000 projects and launched over 1000 apps.

2% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

The team created a gardening IoT solution that aims to monitor all necessary soil data by using special sensors. Also, it has to control the plant and soil health to indicate and prevent ground contamination by delivering warning alert to users.

"Great company to work with. Excellent customer support and timely delivery. I loved the way they guided us with currents trends and technologies. The outcome was great." - Nirali Panchal

swapna sri
"Best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore”


Mindinventory is a web and mobile development company that also offer a high-quality IoT app development services since its establishment in 2011. Today the Mindinventory team consists of over 130 professional developers and engineers.

The company counted more than 700 successfully launched projects for e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, fitness and food industries. Also the company has over 500 satisfied customers in its client base.

The company offers next IoT solutions:

- IoT application development;
- IoT implementation and support;
- IoT gateway development;
- Hi-End IoT solutions.

For the projects Mindinventory team uses more than 30 IoT technologies, such as: connectivity (4G-LTE, WIRELESS, NFC), cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Windows Azure), Web services (SOAP, REST, OAUTH, THING API), driving force for IoT (sensors, cloud SYNC, miniature boards).

5% IoT development company
101-200 employees
United States, Middleburg Heights



Notable project

The team delivered a real-time application solution for RunLive. Users have an opportunity to get set and go and compete with other users all over the globe in real-time with different types of running modes. The app integrated with Spotify and Apple Music.

"I wanted to thank Mindinventory team for a fantastic job they did on my app development project. The company has very high standards and did an incredible job." - Caesar Fernandes

R-Style Lab


Started its way in 2006 today R-Style Lab is a full-stack custom IoT software development company that offers great range of IoT services for industrial, healthcare, media, tourism and retail industries. The company aims to produce full-scale ecosystems around clients IoT solutions from boards to connectivity.

For clients IoT projects R-Style Lab team develops mobile apps, middleware & low-level, back end and front end solutions integration, analytics and infrastructure services. For today the company successfully delivered over 250 projects for over 100 clients all around the globe.

R-Style Lab at work uses the power of the Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, Google Cloud platforms. Also to create high-quality IoT products the team uses:

- WiFi, Analog, BLE, ADC, RF433, 1-Wire sensor technologies;
- Apple HomeKit, Google Vision, Android Things, Philips Nest 3d-party APIs;
- SBCs, ESP32, RaspberryPi, boards;
- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, iBeacon, ZeroMQ connectivity and messaging technologies.

60% IoT development company
101-200 employees
United States, San Francisco


Japan Tobacco International
Samsung Parts

Notable project

R-Style Lab was approached to create a smart home device hub for the HAUS Automation project. The team developed a smart house device controller, touchscreen solutions, web front-end dashboard, etc. The team uses power of IoT, C++, PHP, Node.js, Android technologies.

"R-Style Lab really offers comprehensive custom software development services. They are hands-on skills in face recognition, voice control, mCommerce, social networking, smart retail and beacon-enabled contextual marketing areas to put mobility plans into action. Really good work!" - Maria Atmanaki

Maria Atmanaki
"R-Style Lab really offers comprehensive custom software development services for the <a href="">iot home automation</a>...”
First Line Software


First Line Software is a premier provider of custom software development, tech enabled services and value-add consulting in big data engineering, digitalization, intellectual integration, industrial Internet and IoT, digital media and marketing, and enterprise content management as well as healthcare IT.

5% IoT development company
501-1000 employees
United States, Cambridge


Accenture Interactive
Bonnier Group
Clinic to Cloud


Itransition - software development company with offices in the USA, UK, Belarus, and Poland. For more than 20 years in development, they formed experienced development teams that work with the most popular platforms like Web, Desktop Mobility, IoT or even AR / VR. 

Writing skills in Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and other languages ​​allow Itransition to create

10% IoT development company
501-1000 employees
United States, Lakewood


Philips. TEDx
Space-O Technologies


Established in 2010 Space-O Technologies is an Indian IoT app development company with offices in Canada and USA. The company aims to deliver such solutions as fleet management, healthcare, fitness, business solutions, on-demand app solution, payment gateway integration solutions for finance, healthcare, educational, transportation, manufacturing, sport and other industries.

The Space-O Technologies team offers next IoT services:

- IoT consultancy and development solutions
- IoT Architecture Development
- IoT Module Development

Also the company provides IoT testing service to make your project bug-free and has a technical team for support and maintenance. The company`s team consists of more than 200 talented developers that already created and launches over 3,500 applications for satisfied clients all over the globe.

60% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

The challenge for the Space-O team was to develop an IoT based adapted device for the military laser rangefinder. Serial2BLE aims to re-transfer data from a Serial Port wire connection to mobile application by using the power of Bluetooth LE.

"Space-O understood our expectations and was receptive to feedback. The team always resolved issues within 12 hours. The app earned positive feedback and a 400% increase the number of users." - Ashish Fernandez



Qualcomm is an American multinational company founded in 1985 based in San Diego. The company has its offices in more than 30 countries around the globe. Qualcomm is a provider of a such products as Mobile and Application processors, Connectivity Components, platforms for Mobile Computing, Consumer Electronics and so on.

Qualcomm proposes the following IoT solutions for:

- Consumer Electronics & Wearables
- Smart Homes & Cities
- Enterprise & Home Networks

The company develops and leads 5G technology, creates products based on AI, evolves modern Extended Reality technology.

100% IoT development company


Ingram Micro Inc

Notable project

In April 2019 Qualcomm launched the Smart Cities Accelerator Program. The Program provides government, cities, enterprises and other establishment connection with an ecosystem of providers offering Qualcomm Technologies designed for Smart Cities applications.

"..Verizon is proud to be a member of the program and will continue to actively work with Qualcomm Technologies and other members to take advantage of all the opportunities this website offers." - Lani Ingram, vice president, Smart Communities, Verizon.

Aurora e-Labs


Aurora e-Labs is a technology company with a special focus on providing IoT solutions for better living. The company was founded in Hyderabad, India in 2014 and since then has implemented over 60 projects for 45 clients which are operating in 3 countries with more than 80 000 unique visitors.

The company builds smart IoT solutions with the Interconnected Smart Devices using such technologies as:
- EddyStone
- Beacon
- Near Field Communication (NFC)
- Radio frequency identification (RFID)
- BlueTooth

Offering a wide range of services in addition to services related to IoT development, the company can offer extensive development experience, as well as more than 100K + hours of coding experience in its baggage. The development team also aims to deliver advanced hardware, AI, analytics and interconnected smart solutions for the clients from different areas and industries all over the globe.

15% IoT development company
1-10 employees

Notable project

The company’s team worked hard to create an advanced IoT Beacon system for IOS users. The main advantages of the software are not only the function of configuring a beacon, but also attaching a message, scan for beacons and also real time push notifications. Mainly the app uses for Retail Stores and Educational Institutes and aims to deliver context based information to the user at the right time and place.

Gorilla Logic


Gorilla Logic is a software development company that was founded in 2002 and now has many offices around the world, including in San Jose, Costa Rica, Los Angeles and headquarter in Boulder, Colo. They aim to serve mainly U.S. clients and focus on developing IoT and e-commerce software as well as mobile apps and web services.

Currently the Internet of Thing is really a game-changer for many organizations. The ability to connect enterprises, distant offices on many levels of production is a major boost in competitive power. Also IoT solutions from Gorilla Logic allows to uncover additional revenue sources, have a deeper understanding of the customer experience and control the production process on a whole other level.

10% IoT development company
201-500 employees
United States, Boulder


Finish Line NBC
Charter communications

Notable project

The second largest thermostat manufacturer in North America - PRO1 has approached Gorilla Logic to create a next-gen mobile app. And they did, they create the PRO1 Mobile app that can control and display information from commercial and residential thermostats and allows users to create custom schedules to set a prefered temperature when they need it.

"Working with Gorilla Logic allowed us to maintain a nimble, small business and still be able to pivot to other projects, They provided us with a lot of technology expertise that we didn`t have in-house." - Alex Jennes, Product Manager PRO1


C3 IoT is an American developer of high-tech solutions for industry and IoT. Their headquarters are located in Redwood City, California and division offices in Australia, Italy and France.

The company develops products that implement non-standard combination of used technologies. C3 IoT has 10 years of experience in development solutions for AI, Big Data and IoT. Therefore, all the company's products mix in traditional rules from these 3 areas, which allows the implementation of unique analysis and monitoring algorithms.

Sensor Health is the company's main product for IoT. With built-in AI, this program can analyze and anticipate the failure for connected sensors. This approach can significantly reduce costs due to downtime due to the timely replacement of system components. Timely failed sensors repair reduces the risk of unexpected failure of expensive system nodes.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

Enel is an Italian energy company that has been working with C3 IoT for the last 5 years. During the annual modernization, the company has planned to stop the losses and theft of electricity network. C3 IoT has created a huge network of 50 million sensors with a single AI-based control centre, which allowed the company to remotely receive data from each node of its energy network.

"Talking about digitalization, new technology, the move to the cloud, and the adoption of platforms, our experience with C3 has been a wonderful example" - Fabio Veronese, Head of IT & Ops Distribution Development, Enel

Saviant Consulting


Started its way in 2014 today Saviant Consulting is a recognized digital transformation partner that offers a huge range of IT and IoT services and also has 12 offices in 7 countries all over the globe. The company serves manufacturing, energy, logistics, healthcare and real estate industries.

The company consists of over 150 team members that delivered next IoT consulting and development solutions, such as:

- Mobile field force and fleet management;
- Smart device manufacturers;
- Industrial equipment manufacturers;
- Energy generation utilities management.

The company also specializes in delivering AI, azure IoT, azure IoT Edge, power BI consulting and machine learning solutions for the clients` requests of any complexity. Saviant Consulting has a strong partnership with Microsoft (Azure IoT partner) and Xamarine.

25% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Builder MT

Notable project

The team was hired to deliver an IoT solution for UK's leading foodservice. The goal was to create a cloud services to deliver a multi-tenant, cloud-based solution that would allow users to control the temperature in the delivering truck. The company used Bluetooth ZenMeasure sensors, Microsoft Power BI and Azure SQL DB technologies.

"I'm excited with the possibilities that we've been able to create to delight our customers by this transformational solution. Saviant has been a real Technology partner in helping us realize this vision." - Mushtaque Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer, Leading Foodservice specialist, UK.



PTC is a player with 30 years of experience in the development solutions for the manufacturing. The company has become one of the industry leaders, constantly adding the latest technical trends to its products. PTC develops solutions for augmented reality, for automatic drawing systems and life cycle control.

Today, one of the key areas for PTC is the IoT-based manufacturing solutions developing. There are 3 products available to businesses: Control Advisor, Asset Advisor and Operator Advisor. Any of them can be connected to cloud for information exchanging. A cloud based complex from this 3 products, allows you to remotely monitor the state of the units, adjust their work and collect detailed analytics of the workflow.

PTC accompanies clients at all stages of IoT optimization, from projecting to integration, and provides a specialized platform (ThingWorx) for independent management of the Advisor series products.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


General Motors,

Notable project

PTC improved Colfax products, by adding Thingworx to their construction, which allowed customers to reduce equipment downtime due to breakdowns. And the IoT sensors that was integrated on the company factories allowed investors to truly control the production load of Colfax units from around the world.

"ThingWorx not only supports our existing businesses, but can also contribute to more rapid integration of acquisitions. With ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure IoT, we can focus more on what we do best and improve customer experience" - Ryan Cahalane, Vice President, Digital Growth, Colfax



Samsara is an IoT company founded in 2015 that provides Industrial Controllers, Machine Vision System, Environmental Sensors and Power Monitors. It's offices are located in San Francisco, San Jose, Atlanta and London. The company has 5,000+ customers worldwide and over 700 employees.

Samsara offers the following solutions:

- Cloud-based Machine Vision System
- Monitoring & Control in real time
- Condition & Power Monitoring
- Cold Chain

List of industries that company is oriented on consists of: Food & Beverage, Local Government, Oil & Gas, Transportation & Logistics, Retail etc.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Simco Logistics
NECO Transport
Tumino's Towing

Notable project

In February 11, 2019 Samsara launched new IoT product named AI Dash Cam. This Dash Cam besides of capturing video, also analysis road situation in real time for interpreting road scenes, detecting rolling stops, reading speed limits and so on. The product designed to reduce accident-related costs and to increase driver's safety.

"These new cameras will allow us to be more proactive in regards to overall fleet safety. We will be able to better identify areas for driver coaching and additional training to ensure safety in all aspects of our jobs."



iTech Art Group is a unique New York based software and IoT development agency, which recognized as one of the fastest growing company in the world. The iTech Art company delivered IoT products with excellent voice control, image recognition, data storage and third-party analytical tools.

The company specializes in:

- Creating cloud-based architecture solutions for IoT data storage and processing;
- Building third-party analytical tools for IoT data;
- Delivers blockchain and machine learning IoT system solutions.

The iTech Art team consists of 1300 engineers, developers and designers who deliver the IT products for finTech, healthTech, energy, smart home, real estate, and marketing industries. The company uses the connectivity power of IoT programming of sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and NFC.

3% IoT development company
501-1000 employees
United States, New York



Notable project

The iTech Art dev team of 41 engineers created a web and mobile apps for - management communication firm. For the project team used IoT, backend, frontend and mobile technologies such as Java, .NET, C#, WebForms/MVC, etc.

"iTechArt came to us highly recommended from a very technical fellow developer who had used them. iTechArt team has been very professional in our dealings with them, in staffing up our team with great thought and attention to quality and fit." - Jerry Kestenbaum, founder and CEO of

Software AG


Software AG is one of the oldest development company with a huge amount of experience. Started its way 45 years ago today Software AG delivers the newest IT development trends as In-Memory Data, Cloud, IoT, Mobile and Social solutions. The company`s team serves manufacturing, transport, retail, energy, utility and communication industries.

The company is a leader in IoT app enablement 5 years in a row. The Software AG team offers their own improvement platform Cumulocity IoT that makes IoT simple and fast without coding required. Also the Software AG team offers next real-time IoT solutions:

- "Cloud of Things" technology;
- Device management;
- Device connectivity;
- IoT visualization and analytics.

In its client base Software AG has more than 10,000 enterprise customers. The company`s team consists of over 4,500 team members that work in 70 countries globally. The year revenue of the company is the approximate estimated at 879 million.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Credit Suisse

Notable project

The team was hired to deliver an IoT platform solution that allows to monitor the London buses. The platform is based on Cumulocity IoT technology and aims to track buses at any time or location. Also, it has such features as condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, long-term low bandwidth remote monitoring, etc.

"Software AG is out true Digital Transformation technology partner." - Amarish Pathak



Started as a custom software development company, today Scand is a multi-functional agency that offers a wide range of advanced services as IoT, DevOps, web and desktop all development, mobile app development and QA services.

Since its establishment in 2000 the company assembled a team of over 250 talented engineers that during the 19 years successfully created and launched more than 600 projects. The Scand team specializes in delivering a huge amount of IoT development services, such as:

- Web and Desktop IoT app development;
- Mobile development;
- IoT Cloud Interface development;
- IoT Wearables & Connected Apps Development.

Also the company offers IoT remote control programming, app tethering, 3rd-party services integration and smart home systems solutions. Scand team providing IoT services and solutions for manufacturing, logistics, retail, banking, insurance and healthcare industries.

1% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Bank of America

Notable project

The company created a smart connectivity platform HuTouch that allows provides continuity of the content between devices, namely smartphones and smart TVs. For the base Scand development team used Tizen software development kit and Tizen Studio, IDE & Tizen SDK, as tools to control system components.

"They are extremely friendly, helpful, and open finding the best solutions."



The company was established in 1997 and today Softeq is well known as a full-stack development company that aims to deliver best quality IT products for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. With headquarters in the USA the company also has client delivery center in Germany and development center in Minsk, Belarus.

Softeq provides not only software solutions but also specializes in delivering hardware design, domains, blockchain and IoT services. The company created IoT solutions for such areas as manufacturing, retail, automation, smart home, vital signs monitoring, etc.

The company offers next IoT solutions for its customers` projects:

- Device design & hardware prototyping;
- Digital signal processors & microcontrollers;
- Device interfaces;
- Sensor data acquisition, m2m & data integration, etc.

2% IoT development company
201-500 employees
United States, Houston


Digit ,Lamden ,Koinim

Notable project

The team was hired to create a multi-sensor device that would help doctors to track the health status of patients and their progress of rehabilitating. Also the gadget aims to find ways to optimize patient outcomes based on real-time data. In the case the team uses the power of C++, Qt and other technologies and tools.

"It was a pleasure to work with a seasoned software company as Softeq that was able to integrate very smoothly with other HP and contract resources for this project. This software expertise allows projects to quickly get off to a good start and progress rapidly through the product development cycle." - Tom Zato

Integra Sources


Founded in 2013, today Integra Sources is a recognizable hardware and software development company with the special focus on IoT services. The company consists of 20 employees who in over 6 years in the market delivered and launched more than 100 projects.

The Integra Sources offers next kinds of IoT services:

- AWS IoT Development;
- Azure IoT Development;
- Smart home systems;
- Industrial Internet of Things.

Also the Integra Sources company offers robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning development services, computer vision development, etc. The company offers IoT solutions for healthcare, education, sport and media industries.

35% IoT development company
11-50 employees
Russia, Barnaul


The Medical Team

Notable project

Integra Sources was approached to create a medical alert device for military hospitals in the USA. This plastic alert device aims to track the location of patients and transfers its personal health data from weight scales and pressure gauge. For the project the team used FreeRTOS, CC3100, C/C++, Eclipse IDE and GCC technologies and tools.

"Integra Sources is incredibly organized and consistently meets project goals. They`re organized and keep good records of all the tasks that are done and need to be done. They`re easy to work with, reasonably-priced, and deliver high-quality solutions."



PLVision is an advanced Poland IoT development company, which was established in 2007, Krakow. Today the company provides SDN and NFV solutions, product development and also IoT connectivity services. For its projects team uses the power of Predix, Intel, Cloud Foundry platforms.

The team consists of over 90 talented developers and engineers that specialize in such industrial solutions:

- Smart farming;
- Smart healthcare;
- Smart house and building;
- Smart lightning.

The PLVision company has strong partnerships with Intel Network Builder, Stratum and ONF. Also the team is an honorable member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, IT Ukraine Association and Lviv IT Cluster.

25% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

The company was hired to deliver a high-quality IoT solution that would be allowed to group and communicate with the product in the field. For the project PLVision uses Microsoft Azure, AWS and other technology tools.

"They did an exceptional job developing what we wanted and feedback was very good. Their ability to translate what we wanted into something their team understood was great. They were quick and accurate and we never had a major issue or problem."



Intersog is a Chicago-based software development company that also aims in to deliver IoT solutions for customers from 10 countries globally. Established in 2005 today the company consists of over 250 talented members that work on creation IoT high-quality projects and providing such services as:

- System and data integration connectivity;
- IoT strategy and consulting;
- IoT application development;
- Security and Connected Devices.

The company created IoT solutions for business of all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Over 14 years in IT business the company delivered projects to more than 150 satisfied clients that would like to work with Intersog again. The Intersog team specializes in serving finance and banking, healthcare, retail, transport, automotive, logistics and education industries.

33% IoT development company
1-10 employees


SAM Learning
Innlandet Hospital Trust

Notable project

The company created an IoT solution for German electronics company. The goal of the project was an app that would collect driver data to be in compliance with DOT regulations. The app has such features as user profile, automatically detect movement, web admin portal, etc. For the case the team uses Java, MySQL, Linux, PHP and GPS tools.

"Intersog was chosen for a number of reasons. Firstly, their previous work was really good; secondly and more importantly - they seemed to be genuinely interested in my app idea and concept. I`m happy with my choice and have never regretted making it." - Jack Turner

Hitachi Vantara


Hitachi Vantara is a big Japanese company that was founded in 1910. It was formed in 2010 to focus its efforts in IoT and Big Data, Operation Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Monetization. The company`s offices are placed in such regions as APAC, EMEA, North and Latin America that in summary count 100+ countries.

Hitachi Vantara proposes 3 IoT solutions: Lumada Applications for Industrial IoT(Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, End-to-end Operational Visibility) Smart Cities ( End-to-End Solution and Intelligent Insights, Smart Tools) IoT Analytics (Machine Learning, Streamlined Data, Telematic / Fleet Management / Embedded Analytics)

Hitachi Vantara has partnership with Cognizant, CGI, VMware and DXC.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


AMT and so on

Notable project

February 8, 2017 Hitachi Insight Group launches Hitachi Video Analytics designed for extending its Smart City and Public Safety solutions. HVA provides extracting insights and generating real-time alerts to give operational and business intelligence, smarter transportation, traffic and parking management for campuses, cities, businesses etc.

"With its end-to-end video stack, Hitachi is helping public and private sector organizations to better utilize the full potential of their video assets." - Ruthbea Yesner Clarke, global director, smart cities strategies at IDC



Tintach is one of the best Indian development company, which delivered best IoT solutions since 2007. Tintach "family" involves US based Tintash Inc, Tintash Canada Inc and Tintash Pvt Ltd. in Pakistan.

The Tintach team has over 80 successfully created products for clients all around the globe. The company is trusted by the Fortune 500 businesses and startups, together they raised over $750 million. Tintach has unique 4 stages IoT development process and next IoT capabilities:

- Hardware design: 3D and schematic design, proof of concept development, rapid prototyping;
- Software & BSP: Cloud IoT platform Integration, stack and driver development, analytics;
- Product Development: IoT ecosystem development, machine learning, Google Cloud platform, Amazon web services, Azure web services;
- Contract Manufacturing & Logistics: prototype manufacturing, product manufacturing, BOM ordering and assembly.

3% IoT development company
1-10 employees
United States, Raleigh


beat bugs

Notable project

The team was hired to create an interactive musical app Beat Bugs with over hundred different interactive parts and karaoke in it. Tintach uses the power of IoT, game development and 2D/3D game art.

"The apps received favorable media attention. The first was on an important cable news show; I give them an A-plus for project management and communication." - Shaan Kandawalla, Cofounder, Playdate Digital



Mobiloitte is a full-service software development company with a special focus on IoT. It was founded in 2004 in New Delhi, India and also has offices in USA, UK and Singapore.

Working over a decade Mobiloitte had already implemented almost 5000 prominent projects and provided such IoT solutions:

- Voice Service Integration
- Alexa Skill Building
- Smart Plug Solutions
- Smart Office Solutions
- Security Alarm Solutions

With over 1000 satisfied clients from Real Estate, Hospitality, Agriculture, Healthcare, Transportation and others Mobiloitte proved itself as a reliable technology partner for start-ups and enterprise level businesses.

3% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Power Finance Corporation (India)
Government of India
All India Radio

Notable project

The company designed an app called Smaartly. By using Connected Cars technology which connects the car to the internet Smaartly allows to monitor real-time location, provide car maintenance alerts, search and tag trips. The app will send all necessary information about technical state of the car directly on your smartphone.

"I`m happy with the overall result of the deliverables. The project was handled properly by the project owner at Mobiloitte. Were able to work out the difficulties of the time difference. The team was helpful in delivering the assignment under an urgent timeline."

Waverley Software


Started its way in 1992, Palo Alto today the Waverley Software represents in Ukraine, USA and Vietnam. The company positions itself as a software engineering and development agency that consists of over 150 specialists that offer such advanced services as IoT development, blockchain development, artificial intelligence, machine learning.

The company is competencies in delivering:

- Realtime & Multithreading programming;
- Z-Wave, WiFi, 3G solutions;
- TCP/IP networking, etc.

During its existence the company specializes in serving fintech, healthcare, retail, robotics, enterprise and transportation industries. Also the company offers such IoT solutions as smart energy, smart contracts and robotics development. Moreover the Waverly Software aims to create full IoT smart home ecosystems that include different indicators and mobile apps that gathers, analyzes and displays the data.

2% IoT development company
1-10 employees
United States, Palo Alto


Backpack Health

Notable project

Waverly Software created an IoT energy technology solution - Gridpoint. It allows other apps to communicate with the client`s energy analytics platform, giving users ability to use smart energy management in real time and targeting devices one by one.

"We measure the success of projects based on whether they are on time, on budget and match scope. Waverley`s team has repeatedly exceeded my expectations in all three dimensions." - Mark Danzenbaker, SVP Sales Marketing and Product Management, GridPoint

Lemberg Solutions


Lemberg Solutions ia an Ukrainian IT development company with headquarters in Lviv. The company started its way in 2007 and today specializes in delivering mobile and web development, IoT and also AI, data science and machine learning services. The company already has clients from US, UK, Ireland and Europe.

The Lemberg Solutions team consists of over 100 talented engineers, developers, architects, and testers. To develop an IoT solutions the team provides:

- Electrical engineering;
- Prototype development;
- Embedded development;
- Cloud and API integrations.

To create the best quality products the company uses such common languages, platforms and technologies as Linux, Qt, JS, Python, NXP, Altium, Siliconexpert technologies, etc.

5% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Cell Garden
eCap Electronic Thermostat

Notable project

The company delivered an IoT device for Selco. The goal of the project was to remake a thermostat into a wireless-controlled IoT device that could controlled over mobile app. The company uses Bluetooth Low Energy, C/C++, Android and IOS SDK, technologies to provide such services as business analysis, UI/UX, Firmware and mobile development.

"Lemberg's engagement, expertise, and service have exceeded our expectations. Their attention to every detail and proactiveness were vital to achieving a cohesive and intuitive mobile application for our temperature controls." - Eugenio Pedroza, Engineering Manager, Selco Products Co.



Wipro is an Indian global company established in 1945 which provides information technology, consulting and business process services. Headquarter of the company is located in Bengaluru, India. The company specializes on IoT, AI, Cloud Services, Big Data, Blockchain, Product Engineering and so on.

Wipro provides the following IoT services:

- IoT Platforms and Applications development
- Systems Integration
- Edge Engineering
- Management of business operations

The IoT services are accessed for the set of Industries like: Manufacturing, Automotive, Mining, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Retail.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Notable project

In February 28, 2017 Wipro established a new IoT solution for wind parks and wind turbine manufacturers. It leverages the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Windpark Manager 4.0 for its work. The solution is created for managing wind infrastructure to increase and generate new revenue, optimize operational expenditure for clients.

"Transforming IT organizations from a cost function to a value creator is essential to stay competitive in today`s fast paced, innovative environment. The Windpark Manager 4.0 provides a unique application of HPE Operations Bridge software capabilities..." - Tom Goguen, VP and GM, IT Operations Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.



LOGITICKS is a relatively young fintech company which specializes in delivering mobile, cloud, blockchain development and also IoT, AI and cognitive services. Started its way in 2014 today the LOGITICKS company already has over 100 successfully delivered and launched projects. The company has a high customer rating (4.9), 99% customer satisfaction rate and also Microsoft as a technology partner.

The company mostly aims to deliver an AI, machine learning solutions with a dash of IoT technologies. So, for its projects the LOGITICKS uses such AI tools as:

- Machine Learning Studio & Workbench;
- Azure IoT Edge Toolkit;
- Azure Notebook;
- Visual Studio for AI.

20% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

The company was hired to deliver an IoT mobile solution for Truckbot startup. The goal of the project was to create a system that aims to automate and streamline the ELD mandate daily logs with some features as GPS tracking, FMCSA registered and ELD compliance. For the case LOGITICKS team used .NET Framework, Signature Pad, SQLite, BLE and SPP technologies.

"It is a pleasure working with Logiticks. They are very professional and responsive to our needs. They have delivered on time and are quick to respond to the changes we want made on our projects." - Suresh K.



EVRYTHNG is an IoT software development company founded in 2012 and based in London. Also it has offices in San Francisco and New York City. The company has partnerships with the global companies like IBM, Marvell, Avery Dennison, W3C, AIPIA and so on.

EVRYTHNG provides safe connecting different consumer products to the Web and then gives an opportunity to manage, analyze and apply data for driving applications. The company proposes the following action sequence with consumers product items: Activate, Authenticate and Amplify. For realization of the tasks the company uses such solutions and features as:

- Digital Identities
- Machine Learning
- Adaptive Analytics and Dynamic Data Models
- Blockchain Integration, Enterprise Bridge and other.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Avery Dennison

Notable project

April 5, 2016 EVRYTHNG launched new release of its Platform-as-a-Service. The release expands functionality of system with providing real-time control of Web redirection for products with QR codes, NFC tags etc., passibility of a big amount ADIs, the better security with two-factor authentication and other.

"A best-in-class IoT smart product platform needs to be able to manage billions of software identities in the cloud, work with a diversity of different device and connectivity technologies, enable digital applications to be built quickly and easily, and protect enterprise integrity and data with rigorous security."



Firstly Filament was founded in 2013 under the name Pinoccio that was only IoT oriented company. And in 2015 Pinoccio was renamed as Filament and began building enterprise blockchain systems for the IIoT. Filament has its offices in Denver and Saint Paul.

Filament gives services for Education, Digital Business Consulting and Solution Development and oriented on telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, transportation, logistics, energy and so on.

Filament is a creator of the such Blockchain products for IIoT as:

- Blocklet Enclaves provide functionality of blockchain & transactive environment for devices connecting to the IoT;
- Blocklet Chips deliver IoT-optimized execution environments automation for providing transactive functionality;
- Blocklet Firmware increases blockchain capabilities to the edge of the IoT; 
- Blocklet Kit is a blockchain development kit for the IoT and embedded systems.

25% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Intel Capital
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Samsung NEXT
Flex Lab IX

Notable project

April 1, in 2019 Filament launched its new Blocklet Foundation Kit. The solution is created for IoT developers to help them in generating IoT blockchain transactions on-device and demonstrating smart contract functionality.

"..Blocklet`s unique capabilities and how they might be leveraged in the supply chain/logistics space were immediately apparent to us. Filament`s flexibility in working with our team to create solutions that fit within our environment makes them stand out as a provider." - Frank E. Oriold, executive vice president, operations and business development, Kleinschmidt Inc.



SigFox is a French IoT company established in 2009 that is presented in 60 countries. The company gives IoT services in use cases and industries like Manufacturing, Smart Cities, Utilities & Energy, Smart Buildings, Retail, Agriculture, Home & Lifestyle, Insurance, Supply Chain & Logistics.

Their IoT solutions below:

- Sigfox Bubble for proximity detection to the IoT
- Sigfox Sunrise allows partners to reduce their IoT project development time and costs
- Sigfox Admiral Blue and Admiral Ivory make device-to-cloud IoT connections more simple
- Sigfox Monarch provides radio recognition service to IoT devices without additional hardware

Sigbox company also uses in their solutions development such technologies like Ultra Narrow Band radio modulation, Lightweight protocol, Small payload, Cloud and so on.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

In 2018 Sigfox, Michelin and Argon Consulting launched an IoT solutions for the tracking of sea-freight containers in real-time based on Sigfox`s technology and global network. The solution includes IoT trackers, trackers logistics and analytics platform access, provides automatic recognizing and adapting to the local radiofrequency`s standards.

"We identified a real need from our clients to gain visibility on their traveling assets and leveraged the huge opportunity brought by the global connectivity service offered by Sigfox. Our offer is unique on the market with an affordable and customer-centric real-time tracking solution." - Pierre-Fabrice Storino, partner at Argon Consulting.

Marlabs Inc.


Marlabs Inc. is an american digital solution company with the headquarter office in Piscataway, New Jersey and three additional offices in Canada, Germany and India.

The Marlabs` team consists of 2,300 professional experts who assist clients in the digital transformation with the help of its complex Digital 360 framework. Marlabs` innovation lab contains such technologies as:

- IoT
- IoP
- Intent-Intelligence
- Hyper-Personalization

The company already provided services for its clients from Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Education and Media, Retail and Manufacturing industry verticals.

2% IoT development company
1000+ employees
United States, Piscataway


Companies from Banking
Healthcare industries.
Discovery Education

Notable project

Marlabs was approached by US based Life Science company to construct an IoT platform which would connect together ramified lab ecosystem. This platform connected all the devices and lab equipment in order to track device location, comprehend what services are needed and provide apropos maintenance.

"Marlabs has been a trusted partner with us for almost 6 years now. They are running all of our platforms. We had other vendors but we transitioned all that work to Marlabs. They are handling all of our development and maintenance across six different platforms." - Doug Carlson



Reinvently is a mobile product development agency which also has special focus on providing an IoT solutions. It was founded in 2010 in Palo Alto, California and has one more extra office in Dallas, Texas.

The company helps companies to implement or to improve their digital transformation by designing a scalable products for them in order to enhance their go-to-market strategy. Reinvently`s team provides such IoT services as:

- Apps for Connected devices
- Autonomous IoT infrastructure
- Blockchain infrastructure for IoT
- Firmware

The company develop smart mobile software that aims to collect and process the information from all types of connected devices using Data-friendly Approach and Product Consulting Methodology.

80% IoT development company
1-10 employees
United States, Palo Alto



Notable project

Reinvently was approached to develop an app Visi Mobile Insight which serves as a vital monitoring system and provided in a form of IoT Wearable. This custom wearable was integrated for iOS and Android devices and provided such measurements as oxygen saturation, heart rate, pulse rate, skin temperature and others.

"They were extremely communicative and hit all our deadlines. Their meticulous project management allows me to trust them and focus on other priorities, which has been extremely helpful. Reinvently have been great about coming up with creative and innovative solutions to address our needs."



MobiDev is a software development company that designs complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions.

Main areas of expertise:

-Internet of Things, IIoT

- Augmented Reality

- Data Science & Machine Learning

- Blockchain & distributed networks

- Microservices & cloud infrastructure

- Native mobile & desktop development

- Cross-platform & Web solutions

Over its 9 years of existence, MobiDev created and delivered 350+ products, bringing innovation to enterprises and emerging companies around the world. The headquarters of MobiDev are located in Atlanta (USA) and Sheffield (UK). 3 development centers are located in Ukraine.

15% IoT development company
201-500 employees
United States, Atlanta


Secure Group
Verizon Media

Notable project

MobiDev created a retail software suite for Comcash, US-based B2B product company with 20 years on the market. It includes ERP, desktop & mobile POS, as well as software for administration, accounting, and inventory management. The suite is continuously evolved by MobiDev; the latest additions include applied Data Science for demand forecasting.

“MobiDev delivered a product that helped me increase customer loyalty and expand my business. Flexible processes, quick responses, and the skills of my dedicated team contributed to my product—and to my positive experience that made our partnership lasting.” - Richard Stack, Comcash



NuBinary is a relatively young IT software development company that started its way in 2016, Toronto, Ontario and today positions itself as a technology development partner. The NuBinary company consists of 11 team members that offers an Internet of Things, planning and strategy, product development, cloud and devops implementation solutions.

By using the power of latest technologies the team provides:

- Cloud and IoT web-scale applications development;
- MicroServices;
- Cloud Infrastructure;
- Connected devices services.

Also the company offers the power of Venture Jumpstart program and fractional CTO services that are created for tech startups.

20% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

NuBinary had created an IoT smart platform that aims to control the climate in the placement - SmartCocoon. The company`s team has worked at creation of cloud infrastructure, IoT big data storage, back-end and mobile application of the climate control device. For the project team used a lot of technologies such as Rails 5, RabbitMQ, ESP8266, AWS EC2, etc.

"NuBinary services have reduced costs and ensured that the product works correctly, meeting users` needs and running smoothly. The team meets all deadlines and budget requirements, while always working professionally and providing clear updates about project progress." - Kaveh Reisee



Lantronix is an American global company founded in 1989 based in Irvine, California, United States. The company provides IoT and IT solutions of Securing Data Access and Management. It makes the row of alliances with such companies like Cisco, Kepware, ThingWorx, Cypress, etc.

Lantronix delivers the following IoT solutions and products:

- Wired & Wireless Connectivity (Embedded Devices, External Device Servers, System of Modules and Chips)
- Gateways (Embedded and External)
- Application & Device Management Software

Its production are oriented on such industries as: Energy, Financial, Healthcare, Transportation, Fleet, Government, Security, etc.

100% IoT development company



Notable project

In December 4, 2017 Lantronix launched xPico 200 embedded IoT gateways for delivering robust and security Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and integrated manageability features. These gateways intends for industrial, medical, retail, smart building and transportation verticals.

"Lantronix has developed an industry-leading secure embedded solution that enables OEMs to utilize the Cypress CYW43907 802.11n Wi-Fi MCU to provide network reliability and flexibility to do more..."



Started its way in far 1921 today as a leading technology solution provider Avnet specializes in delivering quality electronic components and services that created by over 15,000 employees in more than 125 countries across USA, Europe and Asia. The company aims to provide only the latest IT solutions as IoT/Cloud connectivity, AI, machine learning, robotics, blockchain development, etc.

The Avnet team offers next types of IoT solutions:

- Design and build services (connectivity, security, gateways & PLC programmers, sensors & device installation);
- Cloud and digital services (secure IoT cloud, optimum device connectivity);
- Lifecircle services (installation and maintenance, repair and refurbishment services); 
- Advisory services (consultancy how to implement Internet of Things strategy and technology).

The company provides end-to-end IoT services for the companies from industrial, healthcare, home and building automation, automotive, transportation and retail industries.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Ribbon Communications
Edico Genome

Notable project

The goal of the Twyst startup project was to create fully automated hi-tech stores without sellers based on IoT technology. The Avnet team not only develops the first prototypes for the investors but also made it possible to launch first shop much earlier than was planned.

"My background is software. That`s true for most IoT entrepreneurs. Hardware is complicated. You can lose your market position and momentum if you design it wrong. The ability to work with Eric and get his guidance and expertise was a huge benefit." - Kevin Schaff, founder and CEO, Twyst



Polidea is a Polish studio founded in 2009 headquartered in Warsaw and is also located in Berlin and San Francisco. The company works with their clients by delivering services in Product Consultancy, Mobile and Web Development and Internet of Things.

For today, the company has created more than 15 IoT projects for iOS and Android platforms, and also around 200 apps running on Polidea's open source libraries. The most often the company creates Android and IOS apps for management IoT devices. All of their solutions creates for medical, sport, social, smart home industries. The company's technology stack consists of React Native, Django, Spring Boot, Node.js, React.js, GraphQL, etc.

Polidea provides the following IoT solutions for the clients:

- API design
- Firmware design & development
- Mock/Prototypes
- BLE consulting & testing

20% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

Polidea cooperates with Humon for creating their app which allows athletes to track physical state through a wearable watch. Polidea is a deliver of React Native technology for iOS and Android apps that integrate with Humon Hex sensors and the cloud via Bluetooth Low Energy.

"The cooperation with Polidea started a few months back. They came into the ongoing project with flexibility, openness and creativity backed by solid technological expertise." - Daniel Wiese, CTO at Humon

Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd.


Technostacks Infotech is an Indian IT service company that specializes in delivering IoT, mobile and web services since it established in 2013. Today the company has presence in USA, UK, India and Germany.

The certified team offers innovative IoT solutions such as:

- Smart parking IoT;
- Healthcare IoT solutions;
- Retail and e-commerce IoT;
- Manufacturing IoT solutions.

The team consists of over 90 talented specialists in IoT technologies. Also the Technostacks Infotech specializes in machine learning, enterprise mobility, UI/UX design, blockchain, etc.

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees
India, Ahmedabad



Notable project

The company was hired to create the IoT solution for the Smart Barcode Scanner project. Technostacks delivered an easy use hand glove with barcode scanner that works on a battery. Also inside it has a Bluetooth chip which allows connecting with the smartphone.

"Outstanding Team! Quickly developed the app from state to end. Worked on the project with same pace during last 2 years and does exactly what has been asked for."



Founded in 2012, Montreal, Quebec, today mnubo is an end-to-end IoT development company which also specializes in delivering high-quality Big Data, analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Data Science solutions.

The company counts over 52 team members who created the best IoT solutions for manufacture, healthcare and retail industries and also deliver next types of solutions:

- IoT Advisory & Data Science Consulting;
- IoT Bootcamps & Workshops;
- IoT Data Science & AI/ML Services.

Also the company has strong partnerships with over 22 IoT partners such as DAWEX, at&t, Amazon Web Services, IBOT, Google Cloud Platform, ect.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Jogo Go

Notable project

The team was hired to develop an IoT smart solution for a smart home case. For the project the company modernizes a basic connected home experience solution into a self-learning, adaptable and personalized solution. Also the team uses Mnubo's SmartObjects analytics solutions.

"Not only we are getting the peace of mind of a platform that can scale to millions of appliences, but it also gives us access to advanced data science and machine learning capibilities." - Martin Fassier



LeewayHertz is a San Francisco blockchain and IoT development company that started its way in 2007 and today has 7 offices worldwide. The company offers only advanced services and solutions as machine learning, AI, ICO and STO launch services.

The company offers a wide range of IoT development services, such as:

- IoT Architecture Development;
- IoT Module Development;
- IoT App Development;
- IoT-wearable connectivity development.

In its portfolio the company has over 100 successfully finished projects and over 30 Fortune 500 clients. LeewayHertz serves healthcare, logistics, electronics, manufacturing, legal, travel industries and also cooperates with businesses and startups of any level.

5% IoT development company
1-10 employees
India, Gurgaon


World Poker Tour

Notable project

The goal of the RIVA WAND projects was a creation of the application that could connect the speakers. LeewayHertz team delivered the 3rd party media streaming app by using the power of IoT, Socket, Google Cloud, Spotify and over 20 other technologies and tools.

"Our association with LeewayHertz was extremely rewarding; we continue to work with LeewayHertz on more audio products." - Rikki Farr, Chairman at Audio Design Experts

Mutual Mobile


Mutual Mobile is a Texas software development company that specializes in delivering high-quality and functional IoT, AI, VR, app development and conversation design services. Since its establishment in 2009 the company providing most innovative IoT solutions for healthcare, automotive, real estate, manufacturing and other industries.

The Mutual Mobile team aims to provide such IoT services as:
- IoT strategy and consulting;
- IoT engineering and development.

As a strategic innovation partner the company is highly experienced not only in designing and launching successful IoT projects, product building or IoT service providing, but also in providing design and tech consultancy solutions. In its portfolio there are more than 500 digital experiences.

15% IoT development company
101-200 employees
India, Hyderabad


National Geographic

Notable project

A great example of the IoT app from Mutual Mobile is Beam. This beautifully designed app allows users to control a wide range of devices from certain vendors. Using Beam you can control doors, lights, thermostat, fans, and many more.

"Their professionalism reassured us that they would meet our deadline. Time was of the essence, so they delivered the app on time and within budget." - CEO, Electronics Company

Telenor Connexion


Started its way in 2008, today Telenor Connexion is an international IoT service provider company with headquarter in Sweden. Also the Telenor has representations in UK, US, Germany and clients from over 200 countries globally. The company systems already manage more than 10 million connected things.

For its customers the company offers:

- Management IoT Cloud;
- Managed Connectivity.

For over 11 years the Telenor Connexion team serves such industries as automotive, logistic, transportation, manufacturing and utilities. The company delivered IoT solutions even for the most unexpected businesses like waste removal.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

Telenor Connexion had created a GPS tracker - Trax, which can help the people know the whereabouts of their loved ones. The goal was to deliver an IoT Managed Connectivity solution for the startup and today the Trax is available in over 100 countries.

"Telenor Connexion offered a service solution that no other supplier could provide. That, combined with their very small eSIM cards, and their flexibility and understanding for us as a startup company, have made them the perfect partner." - Michel Bracke, CEO of WTS



Peerbits is a full stack app development company with headquarter in Ahmedabad, India and additional offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Colombia. The company had already implemented more than 300 successful projects for startups and businesses from such industries as: Finance, Oil & Gas, Education, Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness.

The team of more than 100 passionate developers states that IoT is not only about Smart Home development they deliver solutions as:

- Connected Cars
- Industrial Internet
- Smart Cities
- Wearables (including iWatch app, Android wear app, Google glass app)

20% IoT development company
101-200 employees
United States, Somerville


King Saud University,

Notable project

Peerbits developed a smart device app that can boil the water or keep it at hot drinking state with the usage of voice commands. The company integrated a Bluetooth LE Service that turns on programmatically when the person tries to connect with one of Bluetooth devices.

"Peerbits has a great team of people that do their best to be responsive and flexible with the customer evolving needs. I have worked with them using agile development methodologies which keep your budget under control and help understanding and communication. Highly recommended."

Cheesecake Labs


Cheesecake Labs is a young and ambitious company that desires to improve life of their clients, achieve technological excellence keeping up with the highest standards of integrity. They say that their strengths are: communication, responsibility, creativity and community.

They have great experience in the new fields of technology including IoT. They even share their knowledge by publishing their methods on how to connect IoT devices with Android. For this purposes they use:

- DIY library - for network scanning
- Automating the discovery  
- Transparent network 

However, they will be more than happy to help their clients with developing apps for a connected home, car or work place.

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees
Brazil, Florianopolis



Notable project

A standout project from Cheesecake labs is Lockitron. This little app allows user to control remotely locks without any keys! Also, this app allows to grant and remove access for a family member, friends or work partners. A good security feature is that the app notifies users when the door is unlocked and keeps a history log.

"The folks at Cheesecake are highly organized. They`re inclined to have regular meetings to ensure that we`re keeping a good pace and in sync with project goals." - Cameron Robertson, CEO Lockitron

Biz4Solutions LLC


Biz4Solutions is a large award-winning Texas based development company that started its way in 2003. Today the company ranged as one of the best IoT development company and offers a wide range of IoT solutions for healthcare, hospitality, water, education, transportation and logistics industries. At its client base there are over 100 satisfied clients.

As IoT application development company the Biz4 team conceptualize, design and creates software applications connected with different IoT/wearable devices and instruments by using such types of IoT technology tools as:

- Sensors and controllers;
- iBeacon;
- NFC;
- Wi-Fi.

14% IoT development company
51-100 employees
United States, Frisco


Beach Caddy

Notable project

The company was hired to develop a real-time climate solution that allows to monitor the temperature in the building and measuring the IAQ. With Cold machine users can not only monitoring the graphs and reports, but also control the temperature and conserve energy.

"Great work and no issues with communicating with Biz4. Bz4Solutions has been everything I would expect from 5/5 company. Everything has been professional and prompt... Great work." - Adam Chain

Telit Wireless Solutions


Started its way in 1986 today the Telit company is a huge IoT service provider, which offers IoT solutions for transport, industry, energy, security, healthcare and retail industries. The team consists of 500 talented engineers which provide high-quality end-to-end IoT solutions.

With 33 years of experience the Telit company is an expert in providing full-cycle IoT solutions:

- Device Onboarding and integration;
- Connectivity Selection and optimization;
- Device and connectivity management;
- IoT application development.

Also the company delivered vehicle software/telematics, LPWA, IoT platform and Telit portal for all things IoT, M2M sim cards, etc. Developing on AWS, Azure and SAP platform`s base the Telit products today connect 100 million things globally and 7000 satisfy clients all around the globe in its portfolio.

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Crest Food

Notable project

The company delivered an IoT solution for Nestl? Toll House Caf?. They create an IoT system that allows controlling the temperature in refrigerators by using a sensor to cloud refrigeration monitoring solution, without using the Wi-Fi. Also for the project the Telit team used R9 technology solutions.

"For our Franchisees, for Crest Foods, Inc., franchisor of Nestle Toll House Caf? by Chip concept, and most importantly, for our customers. We see IoT as the way to prevent this." - Ziad Dalal, President and CEO of Crest Food, Inc.



Founded in 1987, today Huawei is a high-quality technology company that is a worldwide leader in Phone, IoT, 5D, Cloud, enterprise and digital transformation development. In its portfolio the company has over 1500 delivered projects for such sectors of the economy as finance, energy, logistics, manufacturing, etc.

The Huawei offers next types of IoT solutions:

- The NB-IoT network;
- The eLTE Smart network;
- EC-IoT-based Smart network;
- AMI system;
- Hi-PLC technology.

The Huawei team consists of 18 000 talented employees, which delivered the products to 170 countries all around the globe. Also today the company has over 1100 satisfied customers in its client base.

100% IoT development company


Shipping Easy

Notable project

The company worked with Bosch on a Bosch IoT Remote Manager draft - a service that allows users to control gateways, sensors, and different kinds of devices. Also the companies already outlined a plan of the future collaboration.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Huawei Cloud to offer cloud-based IoT services providing various functions needed to connect devices, users, and businesses." - Dr. Stefan Ferber, CEO of Bosch Software Innovations



The company started its way in 2009 and today TechAhead is a top award-winning app development agency that also specializes in delivering high-quality IoT solutions for manufacturing, smart homes, agriculture, fintech, healthcare, e-commerce and education industries. The company has offices in the Deli and California.

The company offers next types of Internet of Things services:

- Custom IoT Solutions;
- IoT Architecture Development;
- IoT Module Development;
- IoT Testing.

The TechAhead team consists of over 150 professional developers and engineers. During the ten years of its existence the company successfully delivered and launched over 1500 projects for over 500 satisfied customers from 100 countries globally.

90% IoT development company
101-200 employees
United States, Agoura Hills



Notable project

TechAhead team was approached to create a smart control solution for Heatmiser that could be linked with building management system. The goal was to create an IoT solution that would allow users to automate and control the heating and water temperatures.

"TechAhead had great communication and, when needed, they came in with some ideas and strategies to solve any issues that came up."



Ingenu is a company established in 2008 that provides solutions for wireless IIoT communications by their RPMA and LPWA technology. The headquarter of the company is located in San Diego, California, USA.

RPMA - Random Phase Multiple Access it's the main company's technology provides big capacity and scalability connection. LPWA - Low-power, wide-area wireless technology provides battery efficient, ubiquitous wide-area connectivity, that is professionally managed.

Ingenu provides such solutions as:

- Connected Cars
- Smart Agriculture / City / Grid
- Environmental Monitoring
- Asset Tracking

100% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

July 20, 2016 Ingenu launched its new Intellect platform which represents the next generation of its IoT device management platform. The platform provides data usage reporting, notifications, advanced billing, diagnostics tool and end-to-end authentication and scalability.

"Intellect takes device management to a new level by enabling immediate on-boarding of devices, which is not available with current competitive solutions. We are excited to provide our network operators and ecosystem partners with this next-generation tool to realize all the benefits that RPMA offers."



EliNext is a custom software development company with 22 years of experience that also specializes in development IoT, Big Data and e-learning solutions. For today the company represents in USA, Europe and Asia. In its portfolio the EliNext company numbers more than 200 successfully delivered projects that are created by the team of 300 professional engineers and developers.

The company provides a range amount of IoT services, such as:

- IoT application development;
- IoT application optimization;
- IoT advisory services;
- IoT support.

EliNext aims to serve the companies of any sizes and delivers IoT solutions for automotive, financial, banking, education, insurance, healthcare, retail, logistics, IT and other industries.

5% IoT development company
1-10 employees


CA Technologies

Notable project

The EliNext team developed a voice control app that allows users to communicate with Minikit Neo without using their hands. The app is capable for example to find user car, alarm when the parking time expires also it has such features as driving time reminder, voice recognition, dual mode, etc. For the case team uses SDK, Objective-C and Java technologies.

"The Parrot team is very proud of Elinext`s development, validation, design and management teams for their involvement and willpower to carry out the projects that Parrot entrusts to them." - Guillaume Pinto, CTO & Program Manager, Parrot



Splunk is an award-winning IT company that was established in 2003 and today offers a huge range of different services such as analytics, security, IT operations, apps, IoT and industrial data. With headquarters in San Francisco, the Splunk team consists of over 4000 talented developers and engineers that already developed and successfully launched over 1900 projects.

The company delivered next types of IoT solutions:

- Real-time and Predictive Analytics;
- Public and private cloud solutions;
- Monitoring and diagnostics.

The team delivers IoT solutions for public, manufacturing, energy and utilities sectors. Also the company offers its premium solutions for customers` requests as Splunk IT services intelligence, Splunk enterprise security, Splunk user behavior analytics, Splunk platform (enterprise and cloud), etc.

10% IoT development company
51-100 employees
United States, San Francisco



Notable project

The team has created an IoT real-life monitoring solution for manufacture German giant - Zeppelin. The team helped the client to reduce customer downtime, improved system performance and optimization of all IT systems. The team used over 17 different technologies as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, AWS and also used machine learning capabilities.

"When somebody asks, "Can I do it with Splunk?" I always say yes - in 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes. It`s about how fast you can deliver solutions." - Andreas Zientek, Systems engineer, Zeppelin

Solution Analysts


Started its way in 2011 today Solution Analysts is recognized and trusted development company that offers any kinds of web, mobile, e-commerce, enterprise and IoT solutions. Solution Analysts is an Indian leading software development company also with an office in Delmar, USA that delivered IoT products for clients from over 19 countries.

The Solution Analysts team consists of 63 talented employees that also specialize in delivering such IoT solutions as farmbots, home automation, smartwatch and art gallery solutions.

The Solution Analysts company offers next range of IoT services:

- IoT consulting and implementation;
- IoT operational support;
- Wearable app development;
- IoT maintenance.

75% IoT development company
1-10 employees



Notable project

The team delivered IoT app solution that allows visitors of galleries, museums or exhibitions to find and learn about certain exhibit without assistance. This technology aims to reduce manpower and to maintain visitors` personal space. For the project team used next technologies: Estimode Beacon, Estimode Cloud and Native iOS UX.

"Solution Analysts treat your project as if it were their own. Extremely pleased. They have been very attentive and quick with project development. I am not very tech savy, and they were extremely patient with me and my questions." - Christopher Nelson

Yeti LLC


Yeti LLC is a San-Francisco app development company that specializes in delivering high-quality IT solutions since its establishment in 2010. The company is recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur and today specializes in IoT connected devices, interactive digital displays, web and mobile development, touchscreen and chatbots launch.

The Yeti LLC team offers next advanced development services:

- Internet of Things;
- Virtual Reality;
- DevOps;
- Web and mobile development.

The Yeti LLC company specializes in delivering IoT monitoring and IoT visualization web app solutions and uses the power of machine learning for the best IoT product result. For the IoT development process the team uses the connectivity power of IoT programming of sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet. Also the Yeti LLC team delivers product strategy (user and market research, brand and growth strategy) and design (prototyping, product and interaction design) IT solutions.

20% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Play Station

Notable project

The Yeti LLC team developed an IoT experiences solution "Encompass" for EKT company. The goal of the case was to create an app that could connect energy consumption measurement gear with a data visualization web application. The team created a user-friendly interface with features as sorted and calculates system.

"Real nice group of people to work with." - Nick Alekhine

Eastern Peak


Eastern Peak is a global software development company founded in 2010, in Israel. It engages Custom, IoT and Mobile Development, and also gives such services as UI/UX, graphic design and software testing. The company already has released more than 120 projects mostly oriented to midmarket.

Eastern Peak is focused on IoT Development on 40% from the all company`s activities. It provides IoT solutions with cloud infrastructure for healthcare, sports, connected cars and industrial, kernel development and consulting services. It uses Big Data, Harvest & Storage, Reporting, Mining, Machine Learning for the IoT solutions.

The company works with such things as devices, sensors, controllers and so on. Connectivity and Edge Computing are provided with communication, protocols, networks, M2M, Wi-fi. Telecom and HW Kits.

2% IoT development company
1-10 employees


Western Union
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Notable project

In Summer 2015 was launched the project "Development for Irrigation IoT Device" by GreenIQ. GreenIQ hired Eastern Peak' employees to develop smart sprinklers controller for controlling garden`s lawn irrigation & lighting. In Summer 2016 as a result of the collaboration of companies was launched the application "Smart Garden Hub".

"The quality of the development was a big issue to us, and we've been impressed with Eastern Peak."

Rapidsoft Technologies


Established in 2005 Rapidsoft is a leading IoT app development company with headquarters in New York City that aims to deliver high-quality IoT services and solutions for clients globally. Today the Rapidsoft team consists of over 160 developers that offer over 14 different IoT services, such as:

- IoT app development;
- IoT architecture development;
- IoT-wearable connectivity development;
- IoT gateway development, etc.

The company focuses on serving manufacturing, healthcare, smart home, retail, logistics, banking, electronics, automotive, security and else 12 different industries across 15 countries. In its portfolio the company has over 300 successfully launched projects and over 250 satisfied clients in its client base.

25% IoT development company
1-10 employees


McKinsey & Company

Notable project

The team was hired to create smart apps for the FulPrent project. FulPrent is a startup that needed an IoT solution which could be sturdily integrated with the GPS device fitted in shoe soles to showing the location of the person wearing this shoe soles. The team works with IoT, Java, Android and IOS technologies.

"Our experience working with Rapidsoft was a good one. The service was personable and reliable even with the time difference and distance between us. They honored their word in development of our site as well as met all time agreements."

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