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Best Automatic identification and data capture development companies in Ukraine in Lviv in 2019.

Indeema Software

Notable project

Indeema developed a web service called Solar Manager for Swiss Solar Energy company. The service manages and optimally distributes solar energy, identifies optimum consumption and production energy strategy, visualizes trends. It provides rapid and easy device connection, well-thought interaction and automatically calculates energy trends.

"Indeema has a strong combination of Embedded and Backend Development teams. This is very important for us that the goals in an IoT environment are clearly understood. In the case when challenges are coming up, Indeema and the teams are always very committed to find the right solutions." - Andreas Kuhn

Indeema Software was founded in 2014, in Seattle, Washington and has one more extra office in Lviv, Ukraine. It is a software solutions development company which specialises in IoT technology integration.

The company implements such solutions which help to automate routine tasks and procedures, monitor data and predicts the most suitable way to optimize resources. Indeema Software provides solutions for such platforms:

- IBM Watson
- Google Cloud Platform
- Predix

Indeema Software collaborates with the companies from Energy, Healthcare, Smart Home/City, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics.


Burshtyn TES

Employees 11-50


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