You have a mobile app up and running, but you need to optimize/upgrade it, add more features, port it to another platform, provide maintenance or deal with any other related issues? Our team can handle these tasks professionally.

Convert an app to other platforms

When you have an app on a single platform and wish to expand your customer outreach, it is time for conversion. Porting Android app to iOS, porting iPhone to Android app, or similar scenarios by skilled mobile developers.

App audit, ROI, improvements

To help your mobile application take off, get assistance to discover trouble areas and make necessary amendments. Increasing productivity, correcting UX/design, improving security, monitoring performance, conducting marketing campaigns.

Support & Maintenance

Providing ongoing support for all types of mobile apps, including services like fixing bugs, implementing updates/upgrades for newer OS and devices, improving speed and performance, extending features, app monitoring, continuous testing, responding to customer inquiries.

Got the idea for a mobile app? Hire app developers to get it going.

Make an app

We build apps with passion. Mobile app development is our ace of spades. iOS apps, Android apps, Windows Phone apps, Blackberry apps, you name it. We create all kinds of mobile applications, provide any app services from A to Z, from prototypes to design and promotion.


A fully functional mock-up of your future app with several screens just in 2 weeks! Minimum viable product (MVP) is an efficient tool to test out your app concept in reality, to correct and sharpen the edges.

App customization

Deconstructing and reconstructing existing app/code/prototype, features extension, design amendments, UX improvement, newer versions updates, monetization options, app conversion, etc.