Our QA engineers provide the full cycle of manual, load, integrated, performance and automated testing. ThinkMobiles has a separate department devoted to the Quality Assurance, which helps to improve work processes and efficiency. We are proud of our experienced team of bug-hunters and bug-catchers.


Our certified QA engineers identify the problems before they are coded. We know how to make product correspond to your expectations. For us, usability testing is not just a milestone to be checked off on the project schedule, but a goal for which we are testing and then implement results.


Our QA team does not make software, but makes it better. By performing load testing our engineers detect negative issues with accurate quality assurance standards. We know where to search for specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We know how to make software reliable and troubleproof.


By performing integrated testing we expose defects in interfaces and in interactions between unified components. We know how to verify functional, performance, and reliability requirements. Big Bang, Top-down and Bottom up, these are the approaches we use to reach essential results.


Performance testing is crucial for software development. Our primary goal is to check the benchmark behaviour of the system. We evaluate reliability, interoperability and scalability in order to decrease troubles to 0%.


Our test experts fulfill automated testing by means of programming scripts. We build a good way to ensure that your app doesn’t introduce bugs and regressions. Stay tested, Stay defect free!


100% automation is not possible, thus manual testing is very important. We will do everything to make your application work as was mentioned in requirements specification document.


If you already have a software solution, but it works wrong, it’s the same as you don’t have it! By performing bug fixing we prove that QA is more than testing. Delivering bug free apps, websites and games is a standard and we do it with accuracy.

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