VR/AR Development

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Hire ThinkMobiles VR/AR development team to create an immersive app for you or your company

Our team is a proven expert in bringing your 3d or 360-degrees idea to life. The development process is fast, cost-effective, and most importantly without any administrative or HR hassle for you!

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality – it is computer technology that uses special headsets to generate images and sounds for a user to simulate presence and interaction within an imaginary environment. The user of VR is able to “look around” the artificial world, or in some cases even move around and interact with various objects and features.

What is AR?

AR or Augmented reality is technology commonly used on mobile devices. It modifies or augments the view of the real-world environment. The purpose of AR is to enhance the perception of reality, whereas, in contrast, VR replaces the real world with a simulated one.

VR/AR apps have unlimited use cases in any kind of industry there is. The sky and your imagination is the limit. ThinkMobiles VR/AR development team has already created apps for the following purposes:


  •    Education & Training
  • VR and AR are used in the education of any kind of training or education in every corner of the world. These technologies are revolutionizing how people are even imagining the whole education process. Students can experience fully immersive environment or complex objects, like a human body, that’s a huge benefit.

  •    Retail & eCommerce
  • Entrepreneurs are using every way possible to engage customers, today VR/AR are the new popular thing. Business is going beyond the flat world of old 2D eCommerce, everything possible to engage shoppers. VR or AR adds a ton of new information to products or services in order to make them come to life.

  •    Real Estate
  • Modern technologies allow you to actually see what your home will look like even before it is even built. Or you can visit a house on sale without leaving your couch. VR developers can transform photos to a 3D rendered model or a 360-degree view of your future house.

  •    Entertainment
  • The entertainment media is using VR/AR in every way possible right now. There are plenty of fully immersive video games already revolutionizing the gaming industry. 360-degree videos are very popular too, giving new dimensions to already established genres.

  •    Tourism & Travel
  • Thanks to the virtual reality headsets people all around the world can take virtual tours to any country, visit museums, theme parks, or other interesting places anytime. The AR technology allows users to get an inside look on interesting cultural objects.

  •    Automobile Marketing
  • VR and AR are redefining the automobile industry on every stage of the development process. From the R&D labs to showrooms. Nowadays potential buyers can look around the car interior from home using a virtual reality headset. And when they are in a car dealership clients don’t need to ask details about the car, they can view it in a great way using AR.

How can hiring ThinkMobiles VR/AR development team benefit you?

  •    Provide more high-tech features for your customers
  •    Boost your brand recognition with productive apps
  •    Access the latest and greatest technology
  •    Innovative application development ideas
  •    Beautiful and user-friendly app design
  •    Solid app maintenance and support

How does our VR/AR development team create apps?

  •    We collect information about you, your customers, project or idea
  •    Then w make a team for your project from our pool of 200+ developers
  •    The team is creating the desired app, constantly showing you the progress and reacting to your feedback
  •    You receive you app on-time, according to your final demands and propositions

Examples of VR/AR projects:

  •   Mobile AR – view AR with or without special markers
  •    Online – view and configure any type of product in VR
  •    In store – virtual reality showrooms

ThinkMobiles virtual/augmented reality development team can create:

  • Consumer VR/AR apps
  • AR apps can add extra data to the real world and VR apps are building and presenting new worlds, it is a very powerful marketing and branding opportunity. Also, it is fun!

  • Professional VR/AR apps
  • Professionals need information as fast as it can be and as clear as it can be. And what is the better way to present some complex building plan or a blueprint of a device than to use AR or VR?


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