What are limitations of articles?

Why contribute on

For example:

PaypPal vs Stripe,

NodeJS vs GoLang,

Bitcoin vs Ethereum etc.

  • Recognition for great value

What topics could be covered?

  • Editing and feedback from us


  • Your personal promotion as a writer

How long it would take to approve an article?

  • It's free, everyone can contribute

Examples of content we accept

How does it work ?

Please send draft in Word file to or by Contant form

1. Send an e-mail with your proposed content for our blog.

2. Our editorial team will review it, accept and post it, or suggest improvements.

Why you take all rights for content?

How big is the audience?

What about SEO ?

We have 200k+ monthly visitors, buyers and vendors of digital products and services.

Our audience is 50% from North America, EU and 50% from Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Do you work with social media?

Who is reading ThinkMobiles blog?

Content requirements:

People who want to buy or develop apps/software/web or any other digital solutions.

Top developers and software development companies with outstanding expertise and services.

Decision makers from all over the world seeking best content on development, software and digital.

How much does it cost to make ... OR

How to create/make/design/convert etc. ... OR

An app like, website like, SaaS like ...

For example: 

How much does it cost to make SaaS like Trello,

How to hack a bitcoin wallet etc.


Do you plan to pay to contributions?

What is blockchain in NGO?

What is AI in Manufacture?

Yes, it is in beta right now. We are testing revenue sharing from Ads between writers. We will pay for first 24 months after an article is posted only. We will pay from Ads in your articles only. Our responsibility will only be to divide Ads profit between all of the contributors. 

Click here to find content plan and choose next article. Feel free to add/send your ideas and interesting articles as well.


In case of good value, Google will pick up this content for higher positions, and you'll get more traffic.

How can I contribute?

Due to multiple cases of possible illegal manipulations from previous authors.

Just create good content and send it to us.

We don’t impose any limits, article must bring value - is the only rule. 

What is the price to be published?

If article is popular, it will boost traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

It is FREE.

1 to 3 days to go live or return for more editing.

How many links can I get to a website?

Yes, we promote every article on social media networks, and will ask you to share it as well.

1 no-follow link is allowed.

Mobile apps, AR/VR, blockchain, DevOps, web development, hacking, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, etc. 

Who may contribute?

  • No copy/paste, no plagiarism (we check it)
  • People want to see images, schemes, instructions, comparisons, examples
  • Article has to be at least 1,000 words
  • At least 4 images per article, no stock photos
  • Submit in Word format
  • Include a header and a summary in 3-4 sentences

Marketers, CTOs, managers, opinion makers, lead developers and everybody with proper tech expertise.

1. "How to do" and "How much"

Who will be mentioned as author?

2. Comparisons

You will be the author mentioned in blog posts.

3. "What is"

Who will have ownership of content written by me?

4. Other interesting content from you :)

ThinkMobiles gets 100% ownership of content once it is submitted to us - to edit, manage and promote it as we want.

Current content plan:

What impact can I expect for my website?