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about CIENCE Technologies

CIENCE Technologies is a team of certified experts that provides People-as-a-Service (PaaS) business solutions throughout the world. The CIENCE's guys afford human-driven and machine-powered B2B lead generation services to push the business in changes. 

Developing long-term relationships, the team provides clients through the entire process of Lead Generation: from getting the lead to turning it into a customer. CIENCE trusted by Capgemini, Microsoft, Uber, Manifest, Yamaha, and more well-known enterprises. 


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CIENCE - a B2B lead generation company review

Clients are the main component of any business. The customer is more important than the company's product or strategy. A properly built workflow to attract customers is the key to success. No matter how unique the product is, without a customer, the business is doomed. Like any transformation, the process of transforming a person into a client requires a professional approach. If you do not know how to establish sales and marketing or find a common language with consumers, CIENCE Technologies is at your service.

What makes CIENCE unique is its approach. The team is not just cooperating with the client, getting its needs and goals, but finds harmony with its consumers, understanding the market, and the aspects of business processes in particular areas. CIENCE Technologies offers such services as sales researchers, outbound SDR, inbound SDR, CRM migration.

Service linesLead generation, Sales consulting, Inbound & Outbound SDR, CRM migration, Email marketing
Avr.hourly rate$25
LocationSolana Beach, California, USA

CIENCE Technologies positions itself as a company that makes the life of those who's doing business easier. Founded in 2015, throughout its existence, the company has managed to find new customers and increase sales for over 300 clients worldwide. 

With 9 offices worldwide, the award-winning team of 500 provides both local and outsourcing services for customers, not inferior in quality. Regardless of geographic location, CIENCE is close to increasing customer sales by performing research prospecting, Lead response, and Sales Ops. The company practices direct marketing using the technique of maximum personalization and interaction with a potential client via email. About this and other CIENCE services, read below.

  • Sales Researching

To ensure sales, it is necessary to study the target audience, which transforms into leads. To make it possible, the team uses the best tools and years of experience. The main difficulty of CIENCE is that the company works with people, so there is no single approach to work for it. But the team adheres to the basic principles of work, including devotion to accuracy, cutting edge approach no matter what, multiple sources, combined data sets.

CIENCE's proprietary database contains more than a dozen million accurate and detailed records. To do this, the team uses advanced machine learning capabilities. CIENCE Technologies uses modern algorithms in semantic analysis, natural language processing, and workflow automation.

  • Outbound SDR (Sales Development Representative)

As a recognized leader among B2B lead generation companies, CIENCE offers People-as-a-Service (PaaS), which combined with technology, guarantees a significant ROI. CIENCE's dedicated team of sales researchers and SDRs ready to provide Research Quality (QA), pinpoint targeting, multi-channel outreach, messaging to reach out to potential customers.

The output of CIENCE's Outbound SDR team is about 770 leads per month. To make the cooperation process as clear as possible, the company provides the client with weekly SDR reports which, for example, include the number of new contacts, the number of emails sent, the number of calls, and appointments set.

  • Inbound SDR

To provide high-quality inbound sales, the team has professionals who specialize in sales development. So, customers don't need to worry that a lead is followed-up properly. CIENCE’s SDR specialist has inbound marketing certification as well as advanced sales development tools, lead scoring, marketing and sales engagement platform, sales intelligence, scheduling, project management, and CRM access.

Even though SDR is quite a new direction, CIENCE has already mastered it quite well. The team has already helped hundreds of organizations to nurture the leads who so far shown interest in offering solutions and have already engaged with it. SDR specialist takes on the responsibility for online human response, real-time chat with clients, creates Sales Qualified Lead, improvement of data throughout CRM, and MAP.

  • CRM Migration

To achieve the most consistent sales funnel, the company needs to have the "cleanest" data. CIENCE Technologies specializes in bringing together sales and marketing teams with a HubSpot to produce a single view of your clients' overall business processes. Thereby, CIENCE provides smooth migration to better CRM systems by performing data integrity, efficient workflows, trained experts, drive engagement, and optimization automation. All CIENCE specialists are HubSpot certified, which leaves no room for doubt about their competence.

The migration process takes place in 5 steps, each of which ensures a perfect final integration: initial evaluation, analysis, integration build, test and implementation, validation (enriching, and expanding). Each migration case has its certified mentor who guides the process.

CIENCE provides validation of marketing and sales funnel, workflow, and assets to ensure it doesn't need improvement. CIENCE offers additional capabilities for the new CRM system, including lookalikes, Lead Scoring, and net new Sales Research.

For business owners, CIENCE offers such benefits from cooperation as:

- the fastest way to make a profit. If the financial results from advertising and marketing need to wait for months, or even years, then the first results from Outbound services will be noticeable in a few weeks. Also, quality leads are more likely to drive business development and brand awareness. It, in turn, allows the business owner to create a company concept and gain a foothold in a specific niche from the first months on the market;- predictability in results and management. In the first two weeks, thanks to Daily research, the most effective strategy for creating leads and converting them into customers is determined. It allows for managing forecasts and growth predictions;- smart internal business growth. In-house employees, no matter how incredible and experienced they are, may lose their "fresh" approach over time. That's why an outside specialist who can assess the situation from the outside, suggest new solutions to old problems, and teach workers new things is needed. Consider outsourcing that CIENCE offers is worth considering.

CIENCE Technologies offers such outsourcing collaboration models as:

- SDR team: The team consists of 2 staff units - research and SDR. They are capable of pinpoint targeting, multi-channel outreach, messaging, qualification, as well as appointment scheduling. The output is about 1000 leads per month's appointment;- Inbound SDR: 1 dedicated expert capable of MQL-to-SQL, enrichment of data (CRM, MAP), detailed accounting, human responses to online forms;- Research: 1 dedicated staff that can generate about 750-1250 leads per month and execute such types of tasks as lead scoring, demographic, filmographic, tech stack, trigger event, etc;- CIENCE now: unlimited number of dedicated staff, which can create leads as well as provide such types of data as predictive intelligence, trigger event, tech stack.

If you are impressed by what the company is capable of, you will also be impressed by the portfolio of CIENCE Technologies. Let's consider several projects the guys worked on. One of them was executed by the digital strategy, creative, and technology agency - Grow. CIENCE has taken on the responsibility of coordinated lead generation efforts. The client needed new, quality leads, and a partner who could reach out to them in a meaningful way. After that, the client could increase meetings with prospective clients and improve sales. To this end, CIENCE has carried out and continues to conduct thorough research and adherence to the customer profile. 

Thanks to the team's efforts, the number of leads increased by 150% each quarter. It, in turn, led to an increasing number of sales, an expansion of Grow's loyal customer base, and company recognition. During the year, the number of quarterly meetings increased by 367%. Even though the client communicates with the CIENCE guys mainly through Slack and Google Drive, the team contacts the clients daily, quickly providing feedback when needed. The CIENCE Technologies services costs Grow around $7,500 per quarter.

Cooperation on the second project, which we will consider is also still ongoing. CIENCE Technologies builds long-term relationships, achieving first results after just a few weeks. Having started cooperation with boutique marketing agency SolDesign in 2017, CIENCE guys have been working on generating leads for SolDesign abroad. The collaboration took place monthly to cover and research the market of potential consumers of SolDesign services. In addition to generating leads, the team took on the responsibility of scheduling calls and appointments for the client. The research team leader and the account manager are working on the project. The client notes that the team knows how to listen and meets all their requirements. Every week SolDesign receives contacts from companies that could become their potential clients. Services of CIENCE Technologies costs SolDesign about $2,500 per month.

The third project of the company executed for the management consulting firm Barnett Strategies. This case is unique in the practice of CIENCE, as they campaign not for Barnett Strategies, but its clients. It complicates the process of work, as each client requires a unique approach to lead generation. That is why, at the initial stage of the project, the team conducted in-depth research activities to create the most effective contact information base for the client. CIENCE guys have set themselves the goal of establishing ideal customer profiles for various vendors based on geographic location, industry, size, and functional area. CIENCE generates email-based leads that are sent directly to the client. As with any other project, CIENCE guys provide weekly reports, detailing the results achieved.

Collaboration with CIENCE was also new for the client. But through weekly meetings on Zoom and Slack with both teams, this collaboration has successfully continued for almost three years. The cost of CIENCE services for Barnett Strategis is $ 4,000 a month.

So, looking for a headmost company with a unique client approach and years of experience in lead generation, which can attract over 1 000 potential customers to your business in a month? Stop looking. Contact CIENCE Technologies services.

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