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Best 19 PDF editor - July 2019

List of top 19 PDF editor - July 2019

Trial 14 days
$ 159.00Individual*
Trial 7 days
$ 155.88Standard
$ 180.00Pro
Trial 14 days
$ 34.951 Month
$ 149.95Lifetime
$ 129.00Standard PC
$ 129.00Mac
$ 159.00Business
$ 5.001 Week
$ 7.501 Month
$ 63.00Desktop+Web Annual
Trial 7 days
$ 69.00Standard
$ 89.95Professional
Trial 7 days
$ 39.951 Month
$ 89.001 Year
$ 19.95Corporate Edition
$ 59.95Office Edition
Trial 14 days
$ 39.00Standart
$ 49.00Pro
$ 69.00Pro + OCR
Trial 7 days
$ 35.88Premium
$ 71.88Ultimate
$ 49.00Standard
$ 69.00Professional
$ 89.00Pro + OCR
Trial 7 days
$ 89.00Standart
$ 129.00PRO
Trial 7 days
$ 72.00Web
$ 108.00Web + Desktop
Trial 15 days
$ 129.00Standart
$ 179.00Advanced
Trial 14 days
$ 55.2Standart
$ 79.95Professional
Trial 7 days
$ 59.991 Year

More about PDF editors

What is a PDF editor?

These are special programs intended to provide editing options for documents in PDF format. PDF editors allow users to create and edit content, modify media, change structure, etc. Tools for working with .pdf files are very popular for electronic document management, because the pdf-format is more flexible than others.

The .pdf extension initially is a private development by Adobe Systems, which received the status of an international ISO format and became publicly available in 2008. This format allows to work with texts, create interactive survey forms and templates. Documents may contain media, such as images and videos, without having their structure damaged. PDF files are popular in business environment, as managers can encrypt content, assign user roles or prohibit content editing.

Difference between PDF reader, PDF editor and PDF converter

Pdf readers are the small programs that can only display the contents of a file. This is convenient for plain book reading and/or document view. Pdf editors, as a rule, require more free space, as they contain many editing tools - to read, to modify, to ass password, to create new document, etc. Pdf converters allow to convert files of other formats to PDF or vice versa. Programs of this type vary in the functionality: from tools that only convert, to solutions combining the functionality of all three categories.

Online vs Offline. Online applications are easily accessible and support making small changes to documents. Offline PDF software have more extended functionality and even additional plugins. In terms of user demand, PDF editors prove to be the most popular among PDF software, due to the fact that modern editors contain all editing and convert functions. Search volumes indicate that PDF is really a universal format in many areas of electronic document management, although interest in PDF readers is gradually declining, as users prefer to use one app for both reading and editing.


Optical character recognition (OCR) - recognition of text from images, to extract text from scans or images and then be able to to edit it. Note, that the quality of recognition depends directly on original image quality, and whether the source language is available in library of characters.

Split or merge PDF document. Due to standardized structure, a PDF document can be easily divided into several parts. And it also works in the opposite direction - several separate documents can be joined into one.

Labels and signatures. PDF documents allow it via few ways: Notes create annotations to any part of a document, without changing content, and typically utilizing a hierarchical structure; Comments are intended to ad notes/clarifications without changing the main text.

Interactive content. A) Template - create content by positioning elements and defining text fields. A template can be saved in library and used when necessary. B) Form - create a text document with content prohibited from editing by other users. Used typically for questionnaires. C) Interactive form - forms with advanced functionality to create script commands (e.g. save the form while editing online). D) Multimedia inserts - yet not every format works with PDF, for audio - only MP3, MOV, SWF, for video - only H.264 (MPEG-4) standard, for URLs - RTMP, HTTP and HTTPS.

Protection. PDF format offers a variety of security options, which, thanks to the implementation of the ISO standard, are supported by all PDF software. One of the most popular options is password protection - the password will be requested each time the document is opened, and the content will not be available until the correct password is entered. Passwords for documents permissions could also be set.

Permissions. If necessary, users can set permissions to restrict or prohibit the following actions: 1. Printing a document in original/high/low resolution, 2. Editing a document structure, filling in fields, commenting and creating notes, copying content.


What is the best PDF editor?

There’s no “one-glove-fits-all solution” answer to this, as it heavily depends on user requirements for software functionality and its use. You can check the list of software above in directory, there are some of the best PDF editors there for sure.

How to create PDF annotation?

Use any pdf-editor, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, Able2Extract, iSkySoft PDF Editor, for example. Or use free utilities, like PDF Annotator, Adobe Reader, PDF Max or iAnnotate PDF.

How to convert PDF to DOC/DOCX?

If you just need the content as is, use any converter app. If you want to get an editable text document, you’d need the OCR feature. In regards to quality, generally, text documents of high quality (high dpi) will convert in quality too. Examples of programs for conversion and contents recognition (OCR) are ABBYY FineReader, Readiris Pro, Adobe Acrobat DC, or free: Free Online OCR, onlineocr, SimpleOCR, SmallPDF, PDF2DOC, PDF-Word Converter.

How to merge PDF?

Use online utilities such as I love PDF, PDF Merge, docuPub. If you want to be able to edit a document before merging, use PDF editor apps following publisher instructions: Adobe Acrobat, PhantomPDF, Able2Extract, iSkySoft.

How to save Word file as PDF?

Word 2013 and Word 2016 - in Settings, find Export and choose Create PDF/XPS. Word 2007 - in Save menu, choose Save as Create PDF/XPS. Word Online - in Print menu, choose Print to PDF.

How to convert ePub to PDF?

Use any PDF editor or online utility like ebook2pdf, FreePDFConverter, Zamzar.

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