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about FastestVPN

Blazing fast speeds and ideal for streaming and downloading. If these are the qualities you want in a VPN, then you will definitely prefer FastestVPN over others.


‣ Incredibly fast

‣ P2P / torrent allowed

‣ 7-day Money back guaranty if you’re not satisfied

‣ Up to 10 simultaneous connections

‣ Apps for 6 different devices

FastestVPN is gradually making its mark in the market due to its wide range of security features and express speed. FastestVPN has a wide network and is serving great value to its VPN users across the globe. With amazingly fast servers and compatibility across all platform, FastestVPN is probably one of the most reliable and highly recommended VPNs in the market.


These are the features and options found in FastestVPN during our test:

‣ 150+ High-speed Servers

‣ No-log Policy

‣ Military-grade 256-bit encryption

‣ Unlimited broadband

‣ Unlimited Server Switching

‣ Easy-to-use apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon FireStick, and Android Boxes

‣ 5 Multi logins

‣ Major security protocols (PPTP, L2TP, TCP, UDP, IKEv2)

‣ Adblocker

FastestVPN Price and Promotions

FastestVPN is offering three VPN subscriptions with the same features and options. The cost vary based on the duration/length of the subscription you select. The longer the subscription is, the less you pay monthly.

FastestVPN is currently offering a special three months discount plan (which they are calling “World Cup Deal”). To avail the discount, go to their website and you will get a pop-up on the home screen immediately.


FastestVPN app is updated regularly, and works smoothly on the following devices:

‣ Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

‣ Android

‣ iOS

‣ Mac

‣ Amazon Fire TV Stick

‣ Android Boxes

FastestVPN also works flawlessly on various other devices once configured on a Router, including:

‣ Roku

‣ Chromecast

‣ Xbox

‣ PS4

‣ Apple TV

‣ Smart TV

‣ Raspberry Pi

Servers Coverage

FastestVPN has servers located all across the globe, approx. 70+ in more than 20 countries. The countries covered may seem less but the servers they have in those regions are more than capable to give you quick connection and blazing fast speeds.

Countries covered by FastestVPN includes USA (Florida, New York, Chicago), United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia (Sydney), France (Paris), Russia (Moscow), Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, India and Singapore.


FastestVPN uses the most secure protocols that you could find in a top VPN. The protocols provided are user-oriented and will satisfy diverse needs of each user. The protocols offered are PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, UDP, and TCP.

Privacy and Security

FastestVPN strictly adhere to the No-log policy and only records user’s email address to prevent duplication. They also use features such as adblocker, NAT Firewall and Anti-Malware to keep malicious content and unnecessary ads at bay and away from your screens. Payment options include credit card and PayPal.

Customer service

There are a couple of ways to connect with the fastestVPN support team. You can contact them through live chat or you can mail them your queries and issues. In addition, they also have a dedicated support section in their website to provide users with additional help regarding how to setup VPN or FAQs.

Bottom Line

FastestVPN has everything you need in a VPN, including unbreakable security, a large server network, and tons of features to make users feel secure and anonymous at the same time. The price is reasonable, including their recent promotion deals. We highly recommend FastestVPN to anyone who value strong security and enhanced privacy over the web and those who want to mask their online activities or bypass geo-restrictions.


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Key features

  • Convenient design
  • Several layers of protection
  • Torrent
  • Tor and BBC iPlayer support

FastestVPN Pros

  • Fast-working servers
  • Available on many platforms
  • Discounts for subscriptions

FastestVPN Cons

  • Netflix streaming unstable
  • Some connection protocols require additional software
  • PayPal payments only


  • 1 Month plan


    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 99.9% uptime
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  • 1 Year plan


    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • 150+ servers
    Get It Now
  • 5 Year plan


    • Kill switch
    • OpenVPN (TCP, UDP)
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  • Lifetime Plan


    • Ad blocker
    • 24/7 support
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FastestVPN review - March 2019

Cover image

It’s right in the name - FastestVPN is a VPN service. It claims that high connection speed is its main advantage over competitors. The vendor is Fast Technology Limited, registered in the Cayman Islands (hint: offshore jurisdiction makes it unreachable for intelligence agencies, 5 Eyes/9 Eyes/14 Eyes country alliances in particular).

For users FastestVPN offers 23 locations in North America, Europe and Asia to choose from. Out of 29 available servers, 7 are located in the USA, 2 in Asia (Hong Kong and North Korea) and the rest are to found across Europe. All servers are Unix-based and support P2P connections. Here is how this VPN looks like:

For those familiar with VPN technology, it will be good to know that FastestVPN servers support 7 connection protocols, though customers can choose one of five: PPTP, L2TP, IKEV2, TCP, UDP. The other two - IPSec and OpenConnect addresses - can be accessed via technical support upon request. Here is a brief summary of key aspects of the product:

WindowsCredit CardNetflixEye CountriesDownload 191.46 Mbps
MacPayPalBBCLoggingUpload54.53 Mbps
AndroidCryptocurrencyTorKillSwitchIP (%)65.6 %
iOSE-paymentsTorrentEncryptingDNSLeak (%)89.65 %
LinuxMoney Refund24/7 SupportFirewallHTML5 Geo (%)41.4 %

In addition to the offshore jurisdiction and diverse connection protocols support, FastestVPN offers a set of other security tools. To be more specific, like most present day services of its kind, FastestVPN encrypts all your traffic by a 256-bit encryption key with the AES algorithm. Also, it provides built-in and automatic malware and ad blockers enabled by default - this is going to be handy to those who use VPN on multiple devices, for sure.

More layers of protection are presented by the built-in NAT Firewall and a Killswitch option. When connecting through a wi-fi router, most of us are unaware that the router itself will also block access to unknown external connections, if it works correctly. But, using a direct cable Internet connection, a device could be more vulnerable.

There is also a risk of a sudden VPN disconnection during traffic transmission (caused by user actions or connectivity problems), and therefore a chance of compromising user privacy. For such cases, Kill Switch is great - you may shut down everything instantly. Note, that this feature is disabled by default, so you have to activate it in settings if required.The last brick is the fact that FastestVPN does not log your Internet sessions. This means that it does not keep the record of your actions while browsing.

VendorFastestVPN (website)
Newest version (for Windows)FastestVPN v. out September 2019
Operating systemsWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and others
Installer file size8.15 MB
Menu languages1
Extra featuresNAT Firewall, Killswitch, 7 protocols
LicenseSubscription / Lifetime
Pricing$10 (1 Month, 10 Devices)$49.95 (5 Years, 10 Devices)

FastestVPN is available on a range of platforms (find the list in the apps section of website), Windows, MacOS and Linux, iOS, Android among others. Installer file of the most popular Windows version 8.5 Mb and the app takes only 16 Mb of disk space. Unfortunately, this VPN does not contain localizations and is available only in English.

The installation process is typical and won’t require special skills. License agreement > installation folder > allow the VPN driver to install (to protect traffic) > install and run the app.

Interface. FastestVPN client has a rather compact design and can be minimized to tray, in order not to occupy the screen. First, the client will ask to log in with standard user data (if you bought the product then you will have already registered an account). After that, you will see the main working window - with Connect button, IP address, traffic statistics, et cetera.

Please note, that the location closest to you will be displayed at the top. It is important because it may influence the speed. The closer location to the real one, the quicker ping you’ll get. Yet, it does not mean it is obligatory or the only way. Surely, a user can change location easily - either by going to locations list, or by clicking on the current server name in the main window. We have 29 different locations to choose from.

FastestVPN Android app. Its Android VPN app has the interface, similar to the Windows version, but there is a number of peculiar characteristics. Only TCP and UDP protocols are available for mobile connection. Kill Switch is available only for Android 8.0 and higher.

One little but great feature in ANdroid app is the notification line displaying details of current session. This includes download / upload speed, total amount of received / transmitted data and a Pause button, which allows to pause and resume VPN connection without having to open the app.

MacOS. One differentiating aspect of FastestVPN for Mac is that it has no main window. Upon start, you will see a list of available servers and connection protocols they support. There is no settings windows either. However, after connecting to a certain server, the program interface acquires a slightly changed (compared to Windows) mode of the main window. It stays there only during connection times.

Following our testing procedures set for VPN products, we checked how FastestVPN performs in regards to ping, speed, DNS leaks, clear IP addresses, geolocation, etc. We should also underscore, that for each test we ran through each of 29 servers/locations FastestVPN operates in.First up, ping and connection speed tests via Speedtest service. Here are results in full.

CountryCityAverage ping (ms)Average download (Mbps)Average upload (Mbps)
South KoreaSeoul2426.742.16
USALos Angeles33797.622.67
Hong KongHong Kong26095.121.76
United Kingdom38207.47114.96

As we can see top-3 results for ping were coming from Poland (28 ms), Bulgaria (17 ms) and Romania (30 ms). Check screenshots below.

Best performing servers in terms of download speed were Austria - 353.7 Mbps, Russia - 297.2 Mbps, and Norway - 293.3 Mbps. And lastly, the best upload speeds came from Russia - 146.3 Mbps, Luxembourg - 137.7 Mbps, and Germany - 134.7 Mbps.

Second, the blacklist test. Many tech companies, email service providers for instance, collect lists of malicious IP addresses and then block their access in order to protect customers. To test whether any of FastestVPN addresses are in such blacklists we used IPs retrieved from from the previous test and ran them all through this IP address check service. It checks 70 different databases at once, and results were very good. IPs from 9 locations were absolutely clean (70 out of 70), while the rest of them appeared in 1 or 2 databases.

CountryCityIP blacklists checkIP
South KoreaSeoul68103.249.31.36
USALos Angeles69173.254.206.26
Hong KongHong Kong69209.58.191.102
United Kingdom695.226.139.182
AustraliaNo Internet70221.121.145.101

Then it was time for safety tests, including DNS leak test, WebRTC leak test, HTML5 geolocation test, and using resources, Starting off with a DNS leak test, indicating if a VPN server would potentially reveal the route of the data or reveal user’s real location. All 29 locations passed successfully.

IP address info is a simple test to check user's location through IP, and at the same time, to see whether a user is really surfing the web under the IP provided by VPN, and if that IP is properly registered in location selected. Geolocation test - to check would VPN give away real location or not.

Overall, FastestVPN passed all tests with good results. 12 out of 29 servers were appropriately set and protected, the rest couldn’t pass with 100% rate, or at all. Check the full report below and note, that upon successful completion a server got the “Pass” mark, if the identified location differed from the one selected in VPN, it is listed in the table. It is important to note that none of the servers has revealed real location, however, displaying the wrong location isn’t ideal too.

CountryCityDNS Leak TestWebRTC Leak TestIP address infoHTML5 Geo
SpainBarcelonaNot FoundPassPassPass
NorwayOsloNot FoundPassPassPass
IndiaIndorePassPassIndiaJamb, India
South KoreaSeoulPassPassSouth KoreaNot Found
USALos AngelesPassPassPassIrvine, USA
Hong KongHong KongPassPassPassPass
BulgariaSofiaPassPassPassNot Found
USAN/APassPassUSATulsa, Oklahoma, USA
PolandGdanskPassPassPolandKielce, Poland
RussiaMoscowPassPassPassDearing, USA
United KingdomN/APassPassLondon, UKKilsby, UK
CanadaN/APassPassOntario, CanadaDearing, USA
USAMiamiPassPassPassPlymouth, USA
RomaniaBucharestPassPassPassUtrecht, Netherlands
GermanyDusseldorfPassPassPassAbu Dhabi, UAE
ItalyRomeNot FoundPassPassPass
NetherlandsN/APassPassPassUtrecht, Netherlands
FranceParisPassPassPass Not Found
FinlandHelsinkiPassPassPassNot Found

We also decided to check 4 services most common among VPN users: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Torrent and Tor browser. We did not find information about Netflix and iPlayer on the website, so we decided to ask technical support first.

So, Netflix stable streaming is not guaranteed, while popular BBC player works well - we checked. As technical support response indicated the Open Connect protocol, we dug up instructions on how to use it and found out that we have to download OpenConnect-GUI VPN client. After that, we had to adjust the connection to FastestVPN British server manually.

Next, we checked Tor browser, or rather, its performance with FastestVPN network. It was stable on all five protocols. For reliability, we also tested via the OpenConnect protocol. Also, as this VPN supports P2P connections, we opened uTorrent, lastly. For the test, we tried to download the file, then pausing the download and switching to different VPN servers. All servers worked with torrent nicely.

For detailed instructions to set up protocols and support materials please visit FastestVPN support page.

FastestVPN offers 4 options, 3 of them come with a discount.

  1. Monthly subscription costs $10.
  2. Annual subscription costs $30 ($2.50 per month would equal to $120).
  3. Three-year subscription costs $40 (saving $50 compared to yearly subscription).
  4. Five-year subscription is $50.

To each plan, there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee. Also note that vendor accepts PayPal payments only. When your services period expires, we’d recommend to inform FastestVPN team about cancellation, otherwise automatic withdrawal of funds for a next period will happen.

You can communicate with FastestVPN technical support in 2 ways: site online chat and email. In our experience, chat response time was about two minutes, which is very good, while email response time was 8 minutes. We asked simple questions, and the answers were informative, quick, so their technical support deserves positive marks.

Name of product Pros

  • Fast-working servers
  • Available on many platforms
  • Convenient design
  • Several layers of protection
  • Discounts for subscriptions
  • Torrent, Tor and BBC iPlayer support

Name of product Cons

  • Netflix streaming unstable
  • Not all servers have a unique location
  • Some connection protocols require additional software
  • PayPal payments only
Is FastestVPN safe?

FastestVPN is safe, yet some servers have issues with settings (see above).

Which FastestVPN servers are absolutely secure?

Servers in Atlanta (USA), Dallas (USA), Secaucus (USA), New York (USA), Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Sweden, Luxembourg and Italy.

Can I get FastestVPN trial?

FastestVPN does not have a trial version, but there’s a 7-day refund policy.

How do I watch Netflix using FastestVPN?

FastestVPN does not guarantee Netflix support, though some servers work with Netflix.

What routers does FastestVPN support?

Asus, TP-Link, Linksys, DD-WRT, Tomato, D-link, Sabai, GL-Inet, TrendNet, Tenda, Huawei, Belkin, Netgear.

How do I set up FastestVPN on my Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV?

Follow the guide:

Does FastestVPN work with Linux?

Yes. You can find detailed guides for Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Arch, Raspberry Pi, Fedora, Kali, CentOS distributions.

What connection protocols can I use on Android?

Only TCP and UDP. You can set up other protocols on your own: L2TP, PPTP, IPSEC, OpenVPN, OpenConnect - check support materials.

Can I use FastestVPN on old Windows versions?

FastestVPN is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Can I use FastestVPN on several devices at once?

FastestVPN allows up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Does FastestVPN work with torrent networks?

Yes. FastestVPN supports P2P protocol.

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  • Boris Published at Aug 7, 23:42
    Published at Aug 7, 23:42
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Nice VPN with good protection and high speed

    FastestVPN is one of the cheapest VPN of the well-working ones. It`s very fast and has a high level of security, so you may not worry even if you`re using some public network like in a cafe. Also, you may like, that it`s available on PC as well as on mobile phones.
    • Pros
      • Good connection, low cost, high security
    • Cons
      • I didn`t find any
  • Anonymous Published at Nov 2, 21:31
    Published at Nov 2, 21:31
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Very good VPN provider, much better than it was

    I`m using FastestVPN for four months now and I can say that they did many improvements. There are no more leaks (at least with turned down Flash), customer support is now much faster. Also, there were introduced plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox with such plug-in, there are no leaks as well. So I`m impressed with all these improvements, the only thing is that it would be better to add more servers.
    • Pros
      • Fast speed, good customer support, no leaks
    • Cons
      • Not many servers
  • YURY KUZMIN Published at Jan 29, 05:08
    Published at Jan 29, 05:08
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    FastestVPN is not just fast, but one of the most protected providers as well

    I consider FastestVPN one of the best VPN providers because it`s really quick and has a very secured connection. Also, you can use it on any device you want (literally because it`s available even on Linux devices and game consoles). About protection - there are a lot of protocols for keeping your privacy such as OpenVPN, IKEv2 PPTP, and even 256-bit AES. There are a lot of servers all over the world and the user interface is very friendly.
    • Pros
      • Speed and security
    • Cons
      • None
  • Generic 30 year old Published at Mar 3, 15:27
    Published at Mar 3, 15:27
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Awesome service with good connection

    I was using Nord about 3 years for now, but it`s too costy as for me, so I decided to change it on FastestVPN and was pleasantly surprised by 30% speedup. In this program there are many fewer servers then other programs have, but I need only ONE to connect, so as for me it`s not an issue at all. Besides, this software is much better in establishing connections than Nord VPN.
    • Pros
      • High speed, good protection
    • Cons
      • None
  • The Force Published at Nov 20, 04:56
    Published at Nov 20, 04:56
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Great provider, but need to update it`s software

    FastestVPN is the best VPN service among all other providers. I use it on different platforms like Chromebook or Windows 10. From the FastestVPN website, I got OpenVPN files, and with them, I have a very good connection with speed, that allows me streaming and downloading files. But on the other hand, other FastestVPN apps aren`t that good - they don`t work, but the setup is very easy. Also, I recommend using OpenVPN to have a solid connection and high speed.
    • Pros
      • Connection, speed
    • Cons
      • Need additional files, apps work badly
  • Ultimo Published at Nov 17, 17:21
    Published at Nov 17, 17:21
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Perfect VPN with many additional useful features

    Very good VPN software, which will be a good purchase for anyone, who needs VPN service. Point is that it is a very fast VPN with a good quality of connection. Besides, if you`re using torrent, then you`ll be glad to know, that there is a P2P. But the best thing is that there is an Adblock, which blocks ads from a server, and stops all these annoying ads from websites. Also, there is even malware protection so you`ll be saved from dangerous websites as well.
    • Pros
      • Speed, connection, adblock, malware block
    • Cons
      • I think there are no cons