There are a large number of Android emulators for PC. This collection contains the top five apps that are popular among users. Check more details at freeappsforme.

Why do you need emulators?

Sooner or later, the user realizes that his mobile gadget no longer meets specific requirements. The smartphone is not able to pull a new game that has just been released. In such cases, you can use emulators by deploying the desired version of the operating system directly on the desktop of your computer.

For example, the smartphone is under repair, and you do not want to lose progress in games and communication in messengers. Here you can also use a virtual gadget. And to be honest, looking at a large monitor is still more pleasant than straining your eyes at a small screen.

Many may be baffled by the question of which emulator to choose.

Let's consider the examples of applications that can replace a mobile gadget.

MEmu Play

The program version is provided entirely free of charge. You can download the distribution kit from the developer's website.

To run the emulator, you will need at least 1 GB of RAM, a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0, and a processor that understands virtualization technologies.

After installing MEmu, the user receives a full version of the mobile device, supplemented with various convenient features:

  1. ability to enter messages from an external keyboard;
  2. shared access to the local folders on your computer;
  3. the critical assignment of a physical keyboard to control the functional buttons and areas of the virtual screen;
  4. emulation of the GPS module;
  5. install apps (*.apk) with a single mouse click.


The updated, fourth version of the emulator is downloaded from the official website of the developer. Compared to its predecessors, it has become simpler, more precise, and, most importantly - faster.

After installation and initial configuration, we get a full copy of your gadget on the desktop. The program runs the Google Play store, from which a considerable number of games and applications are available for installation.

An exciting feature of the emulator is its game currency, which is charged for downloading and running applications from the store. You will not be able to monetize it, but you are welcome to spend it in the same store to purchase additional features.

It is essential to understand that BlueStacks is quite demanding on PC resources. It is for this reason that on a weak computer, you can get a failing of the emulator and its gratuitous termination.

NOX Player

One more Android emulator for running apps and games on a desktop computer. The motto of the developer: "The simpler, the better." So the program's interface is intuitive and straightforward, but at the same time has relatively rich functionality. The emulator's Arsenal includes:

  1. customizable control keys;
  2. ability to create screenshots and record streaming video;
  3. virtual GPS;
  4. volume control;
  5. availability of Root rights for the virtual device.

The emulator's strong points include stable and relatively fast operation, as well as low system requirements. According to the developer, the minimum requirement in the system unit is a processor with virtualization support, 512 MB of RAM, and 1 GB of free hard disk space. This is enough to run messengers and simple 2D applications. Running heavy games will require significantly more computing resources.

Remix OS Player

After downloading this emulator, the user gets a full-fledged operating system. You can get a free version of the emulator from the manufacturer's website. Externally, the program interface is very similar to NOX Player. And this is because NOX was developed as a lightweight and simplified version of Remix OS.

The installation package on the developer's website has an impressive 780 MB. The application has low system requirements for hardware, but at the same time has good performance. In a virtual environment, it is possible to run heavy games with decent fps indicators.

A significant drawback of the emulator is its categorical reluctance to work with AMD processors. To enjoy the rich functionality, the system must be managed by a Central processor manufactured by Intel.


The only software from the presented selection is intended for professional use. If at predecessors game possibilities are higher valued, then in the case of Genymotion, the mechanisms of application testing prevail. A simple but reliable system with high performance is good support for that.

The application requires a simple registration procedure on the official developer's website to get the installation file. Using the emulator is paid.

Another complication in the initial configuration of the app is the process of integrating Genymotion into Android Studio. To do this, you must additionally download the plugin and embed it in the developer environment. As a result, we get a powerful package for the rapid testing of applications created for Android.


Of course, emulators can't wholly replace a mobile gadget. They are slow, sometimes buggy. But it will do as an alternative. And if your smartphone is no longer able to produce your favorite games, you can always play them on your PC.