The cheapest ways to drive traffic to a website are often the most effective. Your return on investment and visibility will be higher if you upgrade your site to a mobile-friendly design. Digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can be daunting tasks. 

1. Test Your Site on Mobile Devices

Many don’t test their websites on a sufficient number of mobile devices to know how it acts on mobile. The best way to optimize your site for smartphones is to experience it from a consumer standpoint. That means testing it on as many mobile platforms as possible. 

It’s best to test on a variety of devices across several brands too. The goal here is to make your website readily available to many users. If your content only functions well on Apple products, you’ll miss out on most smartphone markets.

Try to follow Google’s best practices for mobile customization and be sure to carry out a mobile-friendly test. Following these guidelines will increase your website traffic and your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). If anyone knows how to hijack website traffic, it’s Google. 

2. Don’t Forget About Performance

Mobile browsing brings the convenience of browsing anywhere. However, it means nothing if your site takes too long to load as visitors are more likely to grow impatient and look for their information elsewhere. 

On average, 40% of site visitors are likely to move on if a page takes longer than two seconds to load. Since Google takes the user experience into account with its site ranking, you should always aim to tick these boxes:

  1. Mobile optimized images - small header image 
  2. Short paragraphs
  3. Engaging, multimedia content
  4. Don’t forget to enable browser caching for repeat visitors

3. Add Multilingual Content and Subtitles to Your Videos

If you have a multilingual marketing team, this will be an easy task. If not, tons of online agencies can translate your material. These are great ways to increase the accessibility of your information. This step is paramount in SEO. 

4. Look For Effective Competitor Keywords

Using UberSuggest and other tools like Ahrefs or the Moz keyword analyzer can be a very effective way to brainstorm content ideas. This technique is different from other website traffic hacks because it involves detailed research. That’s not to say that only an expert can do it, though. 

The first step is to sign up for a keyword tool if you don’t already have an account on an SEO website. Options abound, and you’ll be the one to decide which tools are best for your purposes ultimately. Most SEO sites include various tools like a domain authority checker, backlink analyzer, ranking tracker, site-auditor, and a keyword research tool. 

We recommend using options like these from a well-known SEO blog like Moz, SEMrush, or Ahrefs. From there, you’ll have access to various tools that you can use to analyze your website’s health and current traffic profile. You can use keyword analyzers to find new keywords and leads in your niche. If you’re wondering how to increase organic traffic in 2020, this is a fantastic way to do that. Not to mention it’s free. 

5. Optimize Your Sitemap, Meta Tags, and Backlink Profile

You’ll have a lot to think about after researching powerful keywords, but there’s more you can do. Perfecting your sitemap, meta tags, and backlinks are aspects of site development that don’t require you to generate loads of new content. They’ll need some technical savvy. You can analyze your backlink profile with the tools from any of the SEO agencies we mentioned above. 

6. Rebrand or Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Blogging is another pragmatic way to increase brand awareness and boost your organic traffic. You can use the keywords and links from your research to guide the topics. As with any internet marketing task, you need to know what your audience is looking for and what makes them tick. 

Provide content that’s usable, actionable, and readable. There are many aspects of web development that are highly technical, but this one isn’t. If you read up on your regular visitors’ interests and tailor your site to them, you’ll see long-term success. You can also use this as an opportunity to rebrand products or services. 

Putting It All Together

You should now have a starting point for developing a stellar organic search strategy. Be bold and work your way up the SERPs with these techniques.

Author BIO: Alex Lysak, in online marketing for over 10 years with a specialization in SEO website promotion. The most recent focus - gambling and iGaming.