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Avast for Android: from A to Z

Table of contents:

Avast for Android Overview
Avast Mobile Security

  • Download
  • Interface and services
  • Pricing and plans

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

  • Interface and services
  • Mobile security pricing and plans

Avast Wi-Fi Finder
Avast Battery Saver

  • Interface and services

Avast Passwords
Conclusion: Pros and Cons
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Avast for Android Overview

Avast provides many security products for Android-based devices. It offers Mobile Security suite that guarantees risk-free mobile phone use. Avast Mobile Security detects viruses, secure wifi spots, boosts RAM, as well as provides plenty additional features. Avast also provides Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer for Android devices. This software is primarily used to enhance mobile phone performance by deleting junk files, enhancing power usage, and boosting memory.

Avast Passwords saves all your passwords in one highly secured application that can be accessed by only a master password. Avast Wi-Fi Finder searches for nearby public wi-fi networks and connects your device to one of them securely. Avast Battery Saver optimizes power usage and extends the mobile phone battery life. Finally, Avast offers a VPN Proxy – a virtual IP address and location. In this review, we critically review Avast for Android products.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is a kind of antivirus available at Google Play Store. Currently, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. AMS antivirus provides services to secure Android devices, such as anti-theft, junk cleaner, RAM booster, wi-fi finder, wi-fi security, battery saver, secure VPN for Android, call blocker, data usage manager, and firewall. 

AMS download and run

The download process of Avast Mobile Security is simple. All you need to do is to visit Google Play Store, search for Avast Mobile Security, and then click on Install, as you see on the screenshot below.

avast mobile security download

It takes only a couple of seconds until the download process completes. Once you open the application, the screenshot shown below will appear. By clicking on Get started, you agree to the license agreement and privacy policyOnce you click on Get started, you’ll have to choose between a free version or a premium and ad-free version which has extra features. As you click Continue with adsthe application now runs optimally.

Avast for android

Interface and services

The interface of Mobile Security is well-organized and user friendly, you can configure the position and the role of each service easily. The service provides many high-level security features for Android devices:

  • Smart Scan: Searches for any vulnerabilities in your mobile phone.
  • RAM Boosting: Kills any background running apps that are not used but taking up space in the device RAM.
  • Clean Junk: Gets rid of the system junk files that slow down the device and degrade its performance.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Scans the Wi-Fi connection to detect any suspicious activity within the network.
  • Wi-Fi Speed: Estimates the network uploading and downloading speeds.
  • Photo Vault: Saves important photos in a secret place with special access.
  • Anti-Theft: Has security procedures to enable you to recover your mobile in case it is stolen.
  • App Permissions: Analyzes apps installed on your mobile and their priorities and permissions.
  • App Locking: Sets a lock on specific apps to prevent any unauthorized persons using them.
  • Call Blocker: Puts some numbers into a black list that blocks the calls and SMS messages.
  • Last Known Location: information about the last location of the mobile phone before it was turned off.
  • SIM Security: Assists lost phone recovery. If the device was stolen or lost and the thief tries to change the SIM card, the phone will be registered as lost.
  • Camera Trap: Takes a photo of the thief once the phone is registered as stolen.
  • Power Saver: Manages power usage to provide longer life for the mobile battery.
  • Firewall: secures your mobile phone against hacking attempts (requires rooting permissions).
  • Data Usage Manager: sets the limit for your mobile data usage to enable you to manage your mobile credit.
Avast Mobile Security interface

Avast Mobile Security Permissions

AMS can access lots of data on your device, details in the table:


Device accounts
Account adding & removing


Retrieving running apps
Reading log data
Reading web history and bookmarks


Add events to calendar
Modify calendar events
Send emails to event guests automatically

Contacts Find device accounts
Reading contacts
Modifying contacts

Reading/Retrieving SMS & MMS
Editing/Receiving SMS & MMS.


Network based approximate location
Precise GPS location


Making calls
Rerouting calls
Reading call log
Reading the identity and status of the phone
Writing call log

Camera Taking photos & videos
Microphone Recording audio
Wi-Fi Connection Information Getting Wi-Fi network info
More Permissions Here

Pricing and plans

Avast Mobile Security has two versions: free and paid. Once you download AMS , it gives you a 14-day trial for free. This version offers smart scan, RAM boost, junk, cleaning, wi-fi security, power saver, data manager, call blocker, firewall. To upgrade to a premium version, you have two subscription options:

  • Monthly subscription for $2
  • Annual subscription for $8

The premium version provides an ad-free app, so no more annoying ads that pop up in the app. Moreover, it provides extra features not included in the free version, such as app lock, camera trap, SIM security, last known location.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

To download this suite, visit Google Play Store, search for Avast Cleanup, and then click on Install. Alternatively, you can download within the Avast Mobile Security app. Avast Cleanup uses 24 MB of disk space. This app with over 1o million downloads has been rated 4.5 out of 5. The basic information on Avast Cleanup is as follows:

Number of downloads 10 million+
Rating 4.5/5
Size 24 MB
Maximum RAM usage 284 MB
Current version 4.6.4
Required Android OS 4.1 and higher
Last update 14, June 2018
Ads Free version contains ads
Premium version is ad-free

Download and installation procedures are similar to Avast Security for mobile devices. It only takes a couple of minutes to get everything ready to function properly. 

Interface and services

The interface of Avast Cleanup is neat, user-friendly, and you can configure its elements to your liking.

Avast Cleanup mobile interface

Avast Cleanup provides the following features for Android devices to enhance their performance:

  • Boost memory: To speed up your mobile phone, it closes the applications that are running in the background and engaging the device’s RAM without being used.
  • Quick clean: performs a cleaning process for all the junk files on your mobile phone. It will give you a lengthy list of the files that are to be deleted, and you can select which ones to delete and which to keep.
  • Photos: reviews your photos and gives you the option either to remove some selected items permanently or to add them to a cloud to free some space on your device.
  • Battery: allows you to set a system for your battery. It asks you to create a profile and customize your battery manager by choosing which apps to enable and which to disable when the phone battery is low. Once this system is built, it works automatically.
  • Apps: you can uninstall any app on your device, and you can also delete any application data that takes up space on your device storage.
  • Audio: reviews the audio files on your device and gives you the option either to delete some or to add them to a cloud to free some space and enhance the device performance.
  • Video: with the same option to delete files or to move files to a cloud to free up space.
  • Files: reviews the device files to detect any junk and will ask you for permission to delete them to free space. It will also ask you if you want to remove any other files.

Pricing and plans

Again, 2 versions: free and paid. The paid version can do everything the free version does, plus extra features like removing ads, battery life Pro, automatic cleaning, advanced photo optimizer, etc. Premium version of Avast for Android comes with 2 subscription options. Note: usually the subscription options are given in the currency of your country, when converted to dollars, equal to:

  • Monthly subscription for $3
  • Annual subscription for $7.5

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Avast provides Avast Wi-Fi Finder for Android smartphones. It is supposed to help Android devices connect to nearby public Wi-Fi networks fast and in a reliable way. But when we tested it, it didn’t work properly, it had trouble discovering nearby networks in the first try. Also, it does nothing more than detecting other devices connected to the same network. Overall, here’s the summary of Wi-Fi Finder specifications:

Number of downloads 1 million+
Rating 4.3/5
Size 13 MB
Maximum RAM use 81 MB
Current version 2.3.1
Required Android OS 4.0.3 and higher
Last update 26, Feb 2018
Ads Yes
Pricing Free
Privacy Policy Here
Permissions Here

avast wifi finder app

Avast Battery Saver

Avast also provides Avast Battery Saver for Android devices to extend battery life by terminating background running apps and by optimizing mobile settings. Battery Saver has a shortcut icon called Boost to enable the user to terminate all the running and not-used apps with one touch. The user interface (GUI) of Avast Battery Saver is ready and has five main menus:

  • Applications: Shows you how many applications are running in the background and how long your mobile battery will last.
  • Profiles: Allows you to customize 5 profiles for your mobile phone; these profiles are named smart, work, home, night, and emergency. Each profile has its own customized settings.
  • Tools:  Shows the amount of battery life-time savings, background apps, running apps, settings, upgrade to pro, and support.
  • Cleanup: Opens Avast Cleanup, if installed on your device, and perform some system optimization processes.
  • More by Avast: Shows the other Avast products installed on your mobile phone, and you can access any of them through Avast Battery Saver.

Check out this short presentation to know more.

Avast Passwords

One more extra tool – Avast Password for mobile phones acts as a shielded environment. You can download it easily like any other Avast product, open it and create a master password to access Avast Password software. The app has four main menus:

  • Passwords: This contains the passwords of registered apps or websites on your mobile phone like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Cards: This adds your credit or visa cards securely for shopping online.
  • Starred: This contains your favorite and most frequently used passwords.
  • Note: This is for any extra notes about passwords.

Avast Password gives you the ability to control settings such as synchronization, backup, password auto-fill, one-touch login pairing, and screenshot enabling.

Conclusion: pros and cons

All the products of Avast for Android phones were discussed except VPN Proxy SecureLine. This is not a free application, and it does not even allow you to try it for free. Not being required to set up a purchase plan can be considered one of the main benefits of Avast mobile products. The table summarizes pros and cons of all the products that Avast provides for Android devices.

Product Pros Cons
Avast Mobile Security Reasonable prices Annoying ads in the free version
Helpful services Scanning process can slow down the device
Control over the settings Some reviewers reported that call blocker does not work properly for them

Avast Battery Saver

Configurable Annoying and inappropriate ads
Extends battery life Can stop some app notifications
Enhances device performance You have to pay to remove ads

Avast Wi-Fi Finder
Shows other connected devices to the same network Does not actually add value, any mobile phone can detect public Wi-Fi networks without the need for an app
Avast Passwords Helpful for gathering all passwords in one secured place Does not support Mozilla Firefox Browser
Supports visa and credit cards Large size for a password saving app
Good synchronization Cannot be opened by fingerprint

Avast Cleanup & Boost
Enhance device performance   Many pop-ups & notifications
Reasonable prices Annoying and inappropriate ads
VPN Proxy Anonymity No free trial without a subscription plan

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