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ManyCam review

Preparing materials for recording a video tutorial or a stream always requires a lot of time. ManyCam takes video broadcasting to the next level. It doesn’t require exclusive access to a webcam and audio devices on a computer. Filters and effects for any video sources allow you to create fun and exclusive video content. ManyCam has been downloaded over 80 million times, so let’s check whether it is really that good in this ManyCam review. First up, a video introduction. 


ManyCam can be installed just in three clicks, if going along with default settings. One can change the installation folder, interface language (12 available) and disable adding a shortcut. To change any of these settings, click the Options button on the start screen. After installing, ManyCam will automatically detect audio devices and webcams. You will see the new app in tray, it is there to speed up interaction between different devices and provide quick access to program options.

ManyCam review

In the interface all options are visually accessible in a single workspace. The main area is occupied by the screen for video broadcasting. The broadcast screen displays in real-time and supports 35+ programs and services for streaming. Users producing video tutorials will definitely appreciate the Picture-in-picture tool, which is handy for virtual lessons.

Tip. If ManyCam can’t find audio devices (or webcams) connected to the system, try to update corresponding drivers. This can be done manually or using driver updater software.

Video sources

To start using ManyCam just select a desired source. ManyCam has a huge (in comparison with similar apps) list of supported video sources for broadcasting. Typically video sources would be  program screengrab, camera, desktop, web URL (e.g. YouTube), media files, etc. Users can create presets, whereas the maximum possible number depends on a purchased ManyCam license (2 presets in Free, and up to 24 presets in Premium).

ManyCam review

ManyCam desktop app offers the largest number of options, including video sources. First of all, it is worth noting there are 5 video recording modes:

  1. Fullscreen - record the entire desktop;
  2. Area under cursor - good for magnifying glass effect (ManyCam also supports video source changing during streaming);
  3. App window - record a work window of any program (only programs in the taskbar, not background services or apps in tray); 
  4. App area - captures a selected program area (it continues recording when a program has been closed or minimized);
  5. Custom area - select any part of the desktop to record (unavailable in Free version).

Among the additional options it is worth noting the possibility of ignoring the cursor display and visualization of clicks. In the paid version of ManyCam there are extra tools such as drawing over the screen and advanced tools. To reduce the CPU load during recording, ManyCam provides a hardware acceleration feature. If it is turned on, ManyCam will utilize the video card to optimize computer resources consumption.

Tips for other video sources:

  1. Webcam. If ManyCam won’t work with a webcam, check for webcam drivers update. Also note that ManyCam will not be able to access a webcam if it is used by another program (for example Skype).
  2. Game. This mode is optimized for full-screen view, which is often the case for gamers. Keep in mind that ManyCam can’t start recording until a game is launched.
  3. IP Camera. ManyCam supports HTTP and RTSP protocols to connect IP cameras, therefore it is capable of video streams in MJPEG and H264 formats.
  4. RTMP.  In short, this is one of the protocols for broadcasting video using TCP connections. To connect to the RTMP server, ManyCam requires a binding address, port and stream key. 
  5. URL. ManyCam can’t search the proper content on a web page, so one has to specify direct links to files. An error will appear when an incorrect URL or server requires authorization. 
  6. YouTube. Don’t use short links from YouTube (e.g., ManyCam will only connect to YouTube full URLS (
  7. Local sources. Users can use any media files stored on the local disk, if their format is readable by ManyCam.

Tip. The lower right corner icon enables a performance panel, displaying FPS, CPU load and RAM in real-time.

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Recording settings

Through ManyCam one can control the settings and quality of a stream or video recording. For example, a color grading tool above the translation screen - to edit Saturation, Brightness and color balance (RGB color scheme). Top toolbar accommodates tools for adjusting FPS and video quality. It is very important to choose the right values ​​for these parameters. A low FPS value can cause freezing in the picture, which will be especially noticeable with Game as a source. ManyCam works with values ​​from 5 to 60 FPS.

ManyCam for Windows

Changing the video quality involves resolution format. In total, 16 resolutions are available: 

160x120 352x288 800x600 1600x1200
176x144 512x384 1024x768 1920x1080
320x180 640x360 1280x720 1920x1440
320x240 640x480 1280x960 3840x2160 (4K)

 - the last 5 resolutions are only in Studio or Enterprise versions. There’s only Start / Stop recording options, and no Pause. Extra options are screenshots, sound off, full screen mode.

Tip. The zoom tool in the top panel can also rotate and mirror a video.


The effects panel contains installed effects (in accordance to license), and it also allows you to download new ones from the official site. Effects are divided into several tabs for simple navigation between editing tools.

1. Presets. ManyCam divides various effects into layers, which makes it easy to manage. Layers include visual effects only, such as custom labels, overlay pictures and picture-in-picture sources.

For the latter, 5 PiP display modes are available: 

  1. 1 additional screen on the side;
  2. 2 additional screens on the side;
  3. dividing the image into 2 screens vertically;
  4. dividing the image into 2 screens horizontally;
  5. dividing one screen into 4 different sources.

2. Audio. Users can manage devices for a sound source in videos. Options include automatic noise reduction, customization of microphone gain up to 50 dB, microphone activation by voice. In the automatic audio player sub-section one can create a custom playlist to play during video streams. As a bonus, it has a built-in equalizer with 18 presets for audio playback settings.

3. Draw & Text. Add text, pictures or handwriting onto videos. Typical drawing tools are color fill, pencil (adjustable thickness), eraser, blur (only in Pro). Blur is especially useful when you want to hide personal data or credentials on the screen.

4. Effects. The Effects tab offers a huge number of effects and elements that can make video streams much more interesting. There is almost everything you can think of, from background and borders to customized images and animated emojis. Also, there is a collection of filters with blur effects or color filters, such as Negative or Cartoon. Users who need more effects or items can independently install them in ManyCam, or even publish it on the official website.

ManyCam for Mac

Tip. ManyCam has some Hollywood-level video effects, e.g. Chroma Key, however within paid subscriptions only.

Mobile app

Registered users may also use the official mobile app: ManyCam Android or ManyCam iOS. The app allows users to use a smartphone as a video source for the desktop version. Although, functionality is significantly reduced - only change the video resolution, 40 color filters/effects, 38 additional items (emoji, figures, etc.).

ManyCam video app review

Tip. Connecting to a smartphone camera should be pre-approved every time, which excludes unauthorized access to the camera.


As for ManyCam review, we’ve conducted several small tests of core features to find out if it corresponds to the developer's description.

1. Mobile app. With each connection, the mobile app issued a request for permission to broadcast images from the camera. The broadcast was without visible lags, which indicates that ManyCam uses high-speed servers for broadcasts. Test result: Pass. 

webcam software

2. Drawing Tools. After fooling around for quite a while, we can say that all drawing elements and inserts in ManyCam work without failures. Resource consumption during this is low, thus drawing tools can be used in video streaming without worries. Test result: Pass.

3. Game source and PiP. In this test we’ve played and streamed the old fun little game - Bad Piggies. ManyCam successfully picked up a picture of the game both in Window and Full-screen modes. Also in this test we’ve checked how Picture-in-Picture (PiP) works with local media files via webcam. The average latency in switching between sources in PiP didn’t exceed 1 second. Test result: Pass.

live streaming software

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ManyCam has 2 plans: for personal use and enterprise customers. One-year subscription or lifetime license are available for both. There is no trial, only a free version for personal (non-commercial) use with limited functionality. The refund policy is carried out in accordance with the rules of 2Checkout payment provider within the first 120 days.

License pricing for individual use:

Free Standard Studio Premium
Individuals (1-year) $0.00 $29.00 $59.00 $27.00
Individuals (Lifetime) $0.00 $69.00 $119.00 $149.00
Max. presets 2 4 12 24
HD (1280x960 and above) -
Picture in picture 1 mode All modes All modes All modes
Desktop capture Limited Full Full Full
Lower thirds
Custom watermarks -
No Manycam watermark -
Video recording
Mobile app
RTMP Stream 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
H.264 IP Camera - -
Chroma Key - -
Priority support - - -

Features in all Enterprise plans are equivalent to Premium subscription, with the only difference in the number of devices (3, 5, 10).

Enterprise / 3 Enterprise / 5 Enterprise / 10
Businesses (1-year) $119.00 $189.00 $279.00
Businesses (Lifetime) $298.00 $475.00 $798.00


ManyCam takes time to learn all the ins and outs, yet the more you dig into it, the more ideas for untrivial video streams emerge. Free version is quite sufficient for non-commercial use, despite certain limitations. ManyCam imposes no stream time limits and provides fast servers in all plans, which gives it an upper hand compared to similar software. 

The library of standard effects (items) to be placed in the picture contains only the simplest objects, while users may also create custom items. Overall, ManyCam suits well for streamers, tutorial creators, reviewers, youtubers, social media personalities, and video-chatters.

ManyCam pros and cons:

  • Basic yet diverse video software
  • Supports 37 apps and services
  • Download more effects is possible
  • Chroma Key (green screen) 

  • Character encoding errors in some languages
  • No trial for premium editions
  • Disorderly Effects catalogs


What is a preset in ManyCam?
Preset is a set of customized broadcast options, for example, selected source and video effects for it. It allows you to get the desired set of layers in one click.

What is a layer in ManyCam?
With layers users can manage additional screens for picture-in-picture, captions, filters, etc.

What streaming services does ManyCam support?
It supports 37 apps and services for streaming: Adobe Connect, Aim, Bidchat, Amamba, Camfrog, Chatrandom, ChatRoulette, ClickMeeting, Dailymotion,, Facebook, Google+, GoToMeeting, ICQ, iWebcam, Jottle, LiveStream, Omegle, ooVoo, Paltalk, Singsnap, Skype, Steam, Streamup, Joicaster, Tinychat, Tumblr, Twitch,, Vevo, Vimeo, VK, Webex, Yahoo Messenger, YouNow, YouTube, Zoosk.

How to fix black screen in ManyCam?
This means that ManyCam can’t connect to the selected video source. Try to reconnect to the source or reboot your PC.

Is there a trial for ManyCam?
ManyCam has only the Free version available. Trial is not available for paid subscriptions.

How to remove ManyCam watermark?
Buy any version of ManyCam. In the Free version there always will be a watermark.

How to download ManyCam extensions?
Open Effects tab in ManyCam and press Get more.

How to use Chroma Key in ManyCam?
To use the Chroma Key, you need a camera connected to your PC and ManyCam Studio / ManyCam Enterprise. Backgrounds can be downloaded manually or as extensions.

In what formats can I record video with ManyCam?
ManyCam supports FLV, MOV, MP4, MKV and GIF as output formats.

How to use mobile source in ManyCam?
Create an account on ManyCam website, sign into it. Download a mobile app and sign into account again from there. Send a request from ManyCam Desktop and allow it in the ManyCam mobile app.

Which platforms does ManyCam support?
ManyCam is available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

How to change video quality in ManyCam?
Video settings in ManyCam can be changed using the buttons on the top toolbar or on the Video tab in Settings. You can only change the screen resolution and FPS parameter.

What is a Lower Third in ManyCam?
This is a two-line signature, which is often used in news reports in order to name someone and describe his/her activities. Its main features are animated appearance and disappearance.

How to stream on Facebook?
Press on Facebook in the live streaming window and authorize into your Facebook account. When ManyCam obtains access to your account, set stream options (Public/Private, Friends or only some people) in the browser and enable stream in ManyCam.

How to stream on YouTube?
Enable YouTube stream in Settings and log into your account. Note, that you must enable the Enable Live Streaming option in YouTube account settings.

How to stream on Twitch?
Select Twitch as the output channel for streaming and log into your account on the web page opened by ManyCam.

How to stream on Discord?
Use ManyCam Virtual Webcam as a video source in Discord stream. Note that it is available only for desktop.

How to stream mobile games?
ManyCam mobile app supports streaming from camera only.

How to stream video from smartphone to TV?
Depending on your TV model, you can use Miracast, Chromecast or connection via cable. If your TV and smartphone works under Android 5.0+, use Android’s basic Mirror Device feature.

What’s the best software for live streaming?
Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS Studio, FFSplit, OBS.

What’s the best webcam software?
YouCam, ManyCam, Logitech Capture, Windows Camera.

How to broadcast on Instagram?
ManyCam doesn’t work directly with Instagram, but you can use ManyCam as a Virtual Webcam. To use it, enable stream in ManyCam, and select Virtual Webcam as primary source in Instagram.

How to record screen on Windows / Mac?
To record screen on Windows/Mac select Desktop as primary source and start recording.

Is ManyCam compatible with Mac?
Yes, ManyCam supports Mac and has a mobile app for iOS.

How to remove the ManyCam logo?
Logo will be automatically removed when you purchase any ManyCam plan.

How to use ManyCam with WhatsApp?
Select ManyCam Virtual Webcam as source in WhatApp streaming. Note that it’s unavailable on mobile devices.

How to use ManyCam with WeChat?
Open conversation in WeChat and select ManyCam video as source.

How to use ManyCam on Omegle?
Launch ManyCam Virtual Camera and use select it in Omegle stream settings.

Can I use ManyCam with Skype?
Launch ManyCam and then set up video and audio sources in Skype.

ManyCam vs OBS?
OBS is an open-source software available for all desktop OS, while ManyCam has a price to it. Also ManyCam is unavailable for Linux.

ManyCam vs YouCam?
YouCam has professional tools for webcam video editing and supports AR, while ManyCam seems to be better in video sources and streaming options.

ManyCam vs XSplit?
The main differences are that XSplit has an extension for custom macros and built-in video editor. But ManyCam has less limitations in free version and built-in integrations for third-party apps and services.

ManyCam vs CamTwist?
CamTwist is a free app which is available only for MacOS, and ManyCam has more features and is available for Windows, MacOS and mobile platforms.

ManyCam vs SplitCam?
SplitCam is absolutely free, but it’s support was discontinued in 2017, while ManyCam still receives regular updates including Windows 10 support.

ManyCam vs Wirecast?
Wirecast is a more costly app and has professional video editing tools, while ManyCam is cheaper and easier in use for novices.

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