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Quick description

Quick description

Auslogics Boost Speed Pros

  • Win 10 Tweaker
  • Scheduler
  • File Recovery

Auslogics Boost Speed Cons

  • Many steps to find specific tool in menu
  • No free version
  • Separately window for every system state monitor

Auslogics Boost Speed Pricing

Auslogics Boost Speed - Year
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 3 PC
Auslogics Boost Speed - Unlimited
  • Time Unlimited
  • 3 PC
Auslogics Boost Speed - Trial
  • 1 PC
Auslogics Boost Speed - Year
  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 3 PC
Auslogics Boost Speed - Unlimited
  • Time Unlimited
  • 3 PC
Auslogics Boost Speed - Trial
  • 1 PC

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 review - June 2019

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 is a program for getting and keeping a computer in shape, generally speaking. It is a PC optimization tool, or tune up tool if you will, that is good both for advanced users and casual users, as it provides extensive functionality as well as many hints and tips (a detailed guide can be sent via email too). Key features include PC cleanup, privacy protection, Windows optimization, speed boost, browser cleanup. Extra system optimization tools are Windows Slimmer, Internet Optimizer, Disk Defrag, Startup Manager, Registry Cleaner. The price may vary depending on a region, so let’s take one example: for the USA BoostSpeed costs $60 per year, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. 7 interface languages are available.

Technical specifications. Auslogics BoostSpeed is for Windows OS only. The latest version, as of June 2019, requires Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 32-/64-bit to work correctly, 100 Mb of hard drive space, 512 Mb of RAM. Recommended screen resolution is 1024х700.

Trial vs License

Features Description Trial Full
Windows Slimmer cleans out unnecessary components, reduces memory and CPU usage, optimizes hard drive space use 1 run without limits
Internet Optimizer analyses Internet connection and suggests optimized network settings/configuration to boost speed 1 run without limits
Disk Defrag defragments files on hard drives, optimizes file structure, frees up space 1 run without limits
Startup Manager allows to add or remove startup programs 1 run without limits
Registry Cleaner cleans and repairs registry, thus improving PC performance and making it more stable 1 run without limits
Clean Disk Space cleans junk files from hard drives + +
System Stability increases system stability by finding and fixing issues only scan without limits
Computer Speed analyses the system, resolves issues to boost performance and speed only scan without limits
Protect Your Privacy detects suspicious cookies and potentially dangerous websites, protects private data only scan without limits
Optimize Your Windows optimizes system configuration for better stability and protection only analyze without limits
Memory Optimization optimizes memory use in real-time mode + +
Processor Optimization optimizes CPU resources use in real-time mode + +
SSD Optimization optimizes SSD drive when PC is not in use - +
Disk Priority Manager provides fast access to files by assigning higher priority to active programs - +
Desktop Protection reduces system crashes and prevents system library errors - +
Browser Cleanup removes unused and unnecessary toolbars and add-ons, provides access to settings of all installed browsers - +
Win 10 Tweaker provides recommendations on stability, protection, system performance limited options all options

Installation and activation

Very simple, download Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 on the official website to your PC or laptop, and run the “boost-speed-setup.exe” file. Select your preferred language, specify desktop icon and run-at-startup options, and proceed.

auslogics boostspeed review

After this, hit “Click to install and diagnose PC” button. The installation will start and afterwards you get a window suggesting to run diagnosis right away - do it or just close the window to skip. In the first run, the app proposes to send a step-by-step tutorial - just enter the email address and submit. To activate the product (when purchased), press “Register now” yellow button in the main window - it opens a registration window where you enter your license key and press “Register”.

auslogics boostspeed review

Side note: We experienced 2 crashes in a row when trying to install BoostSpeed 10, and had to repeat the procedure. The second time, as we got a pop-up alert, we just closed it and were able to proceed with the app. So we are curious, have any of you encountered the same issue? Let us know in comments.

Auslogics BoostSpeed review: features

The "Overview" tab offers access to the main “tune up” features: defragmentation, startup manager, registry cleaner, internet optimizer. One easy and no-brainer option is “Scan All” button, with choices to scan system only, privacy only, settings. Also, system status is displayed here. In "Clean Up Your PC" tab we have an option to scan PC.

auslogics boostspeed review

Here, users can skip or include aspects such as disk space, system stability and speed (each also has subsections to set manually accordingly). Checkbox “Enable advanced categories” and you’ll see even more settings, e.g. temporary files, fonts, file associations, etc. There is also a “Click to change settings” button leading to the settings area for adjusting algorithms, ignore list, scheduling, etc.

auslogics boostspeed review

"Protect your privacy" tab brings options to protect personal data and hide sensitive traces for any online or offline activity: it scans and erases cookies, logins, adult website traces from browsers, applications, system components. "Optimize Your Windows" tool analyzes systems performance and suggests stability / security / boost tweaks. In it, we can disable or enable recommendations on each category according to our preferences. Press the “Analyze Now” button to get to suggestions on improvements.

Advanced features. Here we see 3 sections: real-time speedup, Browser cleanup, Windows 10 tweaker. “Real-Time Speedup” tab is essentially a set of tools to optimize computer resources and maintain best performance:

  • Memory Optimization: cleans up memory and prioritizes running apps.
  • Processor Optimization: provides more processing power to active programs.
  • SSD Optimization: takes care of SSD when PC is not in use (only in paid versions).
  • Disk Priority Manager: helps active programs to access files faster (only in paid versions).
  • Desktop Protection: prevents Windows desktop explorer from crashes (only in paid versions).

auslogics boostspeed review

“Browser Cleanup” tab displays list of web browsers installed and its purpose is to remove or deactivate add-ons and toolbars. To our regret, Auslogics BoostSpeed did not work with any browsers in our case. It notified us that it does not support either Internet Explorer (11.503.17763.0) or Firefox (67.0). In case of Google Chrome, BoostSpeed could not change browser settings because Google account was active.

auslogics boostspeed review

Lastly, “Win 10 Tweaker” tab contains recommendations on enhancing Windows 10 components specifically. Tools for privacy, visual elements, system elements and so on listed, and ticked items (checkbox) are on by default in trial version, while others have to be activated by purchasing license.

auslogics boost speed review

Help menu serves to provide help and support to users, for example BoostSpeed 10 user manual (PDF), BoostSpeed FAQ section, contact form for questions and feedback, etc.

How to use Auslogics BoostSpeed

As simple as a pie, press the Scan button to initiate the search of files to remove, issues with stability, performance, privacy protection. It takes 20-30 minutes on average and is followed by a pop-up window in the screen corner with data on how many issues found and files removed. Note that in free trial version one can only access file removal feature.

auslogics boost speed review 2019

Unfortunately, all the trial is capable of is cleaning junk files, optimizing RAM and CPU, plus a few more features in Win 10 Tweaker and in Overview, e.g. startup manager, Windows Slimmer, registry cleaner. Furthermore, each of those features we can only use/run once. Let’s check them out.

1. Windows Slimmer. The first tab here is “One-Time Maintenance” - to remove WinSxS libraries, old windows archive, Windows update files, system restore points. We press Start Scan and see that space occupied by Windows libraries on our PC is 3,62 Gb. Then we click Start Cleanup to remove those outdated libraries, which has taken 35 minutes, removed many items and made room for 2,21 Gb.

auslogics boostspeed free review

Removal of Windows Update files was superquick - less than a minute. It found 759 items and freed additional 2 Gb for us. In “Regular Maintenance” tab you can clean up memory dumps, CD/DVD burning cache (when have you burned a CD for the last time, do you remember?), the recycle bin, temporary files folder, apps logs. The third tab, “App List Cleanup”, displays all apps installed on PC and allows to remove any of them if need be.

auslogics boostspeed trial

2. Internet Optimizer. Analyzes and improves the configuration of the Internet connection to ensure the maximum bandwidth. There are two options: auto and manual. To run automatic optimization, just choose a channel to analyze (if you don’t know such details, you may click “Check my actual Internet connection speed”). Before we ran this tool, we measured the current speed of our Internet connection via service: download speed 41.0 Mbps, Upload speed 23.2 Mbps, ping 212 ms.

auslogics boostspeed review

BoostSpeed showed details connection parameters, then we hit the “Optimize” button, waited, viewed a brief report on results, restarted the PC (required). Then we checked with Myspeed again and got the following: download speed 46.7 Mbps, Upload speed 24.7 Mbps, ping 198 ms. So it is safe to say, it works.

auslogics boostspeed review

Manual optimization options are similar standard Windows configuration.

3. Registry Cleaner. The tool to repair Windows registry issues. Scanning takes a few moments and displays issues with severity level and checkboxes to select the ones to fix or to fix all. Below in one more checkbox - to make a system backup before repair. Then just click Resolve, wait and view a report. Simple and effective.

auslogics boostspeed review

4. Startup Manager. This tool has 5 subcategories. “Startup Programs” serves simply to add or remove programs that run automatically at system startup. Also, a quite useful feature “Google It” which allows to find description of a program to make a decision on it. “Shell Extensions” is the same but for in-process objects of Windows OS. Other tabs are Internet Explorer Extensions, Task Scheduler, Background tasks. “Disable Dangerous” button throughout all tabs is handy for those who need to save time.

auslogics boostspeed review

5. Disk Defrag. Serves to defrag hard drives in order to remove leftover files, however such task seems to be already outdated in 2019.

Summary: Is Auslogics BoostSpeed any good?

Auslogics BoostSpeed 10 is a comprehensive and useful utility for PC optimization, with its own peculiarities, goods and bads. During our review and tests, it thoroughly cleaned the system from junk files, obsolete files, old Windows update files. Internet optimization did not resolve much, perhaps because the connection was already good and it might perform better for initially weak signal. Also, Auslogics BoostSpeed has found more WinSxS libraries than it was capable to remove. Unfortunately, we couldn’t test it to the full extent because most of the features were not available in trial.

Auslogics pros:

  • It is easy to buy and activate
  • The installation is very quick, no redundant windows, only basic settings
  • It is well-organized and structured, navigation is breezy
  • A reminder about free tutorial when the app is launched
  • “Google It” options everywhere

Auslogics cons:

  • Most of features unavailable in trial (there’s no free edition as well)
  • “Browser Cleanup” feature does not actually work
  • Crashing after set up

The most frustrating fact about Auslogics BoostSpeed is that most of the functionality is out of reach in trial version, therefore it makes harder to decide whether you want to buy the program.

BoostSpeed alternatives

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Advanced SystemCare Free is a utility for cleaning and optimizing, improving performance, and for privacy protection.
  • Carambis Cleaner Free is an easy-to-use program providing scanning, cleaning and optimization options.
  • CCleaner Free is a utility removing junk files, updating software and repairing registry.
  • Wise Care 365 Free boosts PC performance, removes temporary and unnecessary files, and more.
  • Glary Utilities is an app for system optimization, registry fix and disk defrag.

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