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Clean up and Speed up Your Old PC Meanwhile Protect Online Privacy for You

‣ Cleaner Computer

Over time your computer may accumulate with large quantities of useless, temporary and duplicate files. Advanced SystemCare 12 cleans up these files and frees up disk space. 

‣ Faster PC Response

It’s inevitable that aged computer slows down. Advanced SystemCare 12 helps breathe new life into your old PC. It manages startup items to boost PC startup, optimizes browser settings to speedup internet connection and monitors your PC in real time including RAM and CPU usage to shorten PC response time. 

‣ Safer and More Stable System

If you are not careful enough, it is quite easy to make your computer be in danger. Spyware may infect your computer unnoticeably, piled up registries may cause serious system issues like windows crashes and error messages, not to mention various threats you need to dodge while surfing. Advanced SystemCare 12 can fix these problems easily to improve PC security & stability and refresh your web browsing. 

‣ Protected Personal Data

Still recall Facebook privacy scandal that sweeps around the world? It’s quite important to keep personal data that stored on your PC safe and private in this digital era. Advanced SystemCare 12 detects all secret accesses to your sensitive data like contacts, local email data and blocks untrusted programs from trying. Your digital fingerprint would also be disguised so no one knows.

IObit Advanced SystemCare DISCUSSION

Would you recommend this software?

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IObit Advanced SystemCare SUMMARY

Key features

  • 1-click optimization
  • Duplicate finder
  • Registry defragmenter

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pros

  • Installation process is easy and quick
  • Lots of PC system optimization capabilities
  • Bitdefender antivirus engine inside

IObit Advanced SystemCare Cons

  • Upsell offers and ads in the app
  • Not so strong in blocking malware
  • Average in anti-phishing tests

IObit Advanced SystemCare PRICING

  • Free

    • Basic cleanup + optimization
    • Monitor in real time
  • Pro


    • Premium PC optimization
    • Up to 200% quicker startup

IObit Advanced SystemCare review - May 2019

Cover image

As many of us know, often with computers there is that frustrating issue when it slows down, lags, freezes or starts to hum louder, and giving us hard times with usual tasks. Especially with Windows devices.

So then we go try to find a solution to fix it. In PC optimization software category there’s no deficit of decent programs that could help us clean and optimize a PC or a laptop.

In this review we take a look at Advanced SystemCare from IObit. As it has been recently upgraded, we’ve decided to explore its main functionality, extra tools (e.g. web privacy protection), performance, settings and try to outline its benefits.

Advanced SystemCare v.12 by IObit is a top PC optimization tool that helps to clean junk files, clean registry, free up space on disk and free up memory, speed up RAM and CPU, as well as to monitor the system and web browsing, and thus protect sensitive personal data, block malicious websites, etc.

With optimization being the main suit, the program is accompanied by other IObit products, e.g. Malware Fighter, Uninstaller, Macbooster, Driver Booster, to cover all practical aspects.


VendorIObit (visit website)
Newest version (for Windows)Advanced SystemCare v.12.5.0 out September 2019
Operating systemsWindows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Installer file size45.1 MB
Menu languages41
Optimization modes1-click, manual, scheduled
Extra featuresPrivacy protection, system state monitor, driver updater
LicenseTrial / Subscription
Pricing$19.99 PRO (1 Year, 3 PCs)

Well-organized and modern-looking interface makes sure that anyone can make use of and adjust the tool to individual needs. Free version is potent and has no time limitations, while fully-functional Pro version comes at reasonable cost.

Key features:

  • [check]A complex utility to optimize, clean, speed up and safeguard a PCUser-friendly interface along with sophisticated design
  • [check]Scanning, diagnostics, quarantine
  • [check]Privacy and digital fingerprint protection
  • [check]Anti-cryptocurrency mining, browser anti-tracking

Advanced SystemCare 12 is a one-click solution for PC health, that works on Windows - 10 / 8 / 7/ Vista / XP, to be precise. It helps to clean useless, temporary and duplicate files; to free disk space, it manages startup items to boost startup time; and it monitors RAM and CPU use in real time.

Pro version also provides deep registry clean, browser settings optimization, privacy security and digital fingerprint protection, as well as 24/7 technical support.

Newest version (as of may 2019): v.12.3.0

Overall[r count="5"]Our Raiting
Clean & Optimize[r count="5"][plus]12 tools and special options  [plus]scanning by categories [plus]ignore list
Speed up[r count="4"][plus] 4 tools and special options[plus]3 modes (work/ game/ economy)[plus]driver updater tool 
Protection[r count="4"][plus]6 special options[plus]logs for 3-6-12 months[minus]additional software to install
Interface[r count="5"][plus]well-organized[plus]user-friendly[plus]functional
Scanning progress[r count="5"][plus]pause & cancel options[plus]items divided into groups[plus]autofix option
Quarantine[r count="4"][plus]informative[plus]interactive[minus]accessible after scans
Reports[r count="2"][minus]hard to find[minus]opens on website[minus] no export option
Support[r count="4"][plus]24/7 technical support[plus]send Feedback option[minus]online support slow to load 

In regards to popular “Advanced SystemCare free” search inquiry, we should note that yes, there are both Free and Pro versions available. Free is free (excuse the tautology) to download from the official IObit website, it isn’t restricted in time but rather in capabilities - basic PC optimization tasks, system monitoring and anti-spyware protection.

Pro version costs 20 USD for 1 year use, and contains tools such as deep registry cleaning, scheduler, Internet speedup, virus/infection removal, RAM cleanup and more.

Right from the start we faced an unpleasant aspect - no access to updates due to the fact that the app had been initially ran and installed not as administrator. So we advise to pay attention and install it as administrator and thus avoid any hassle further on.

Also, don’t forget to check updates from time to time, as they usually do not take long and may bring improvements you wait for.

Product activation is simple and quick - use the button in the bottom part. First, click the orange “Activate now” button to receive activation code via email when purchasing a Pro license.

Then click a smaller “Enter code” link below the button and paste the code, hit “Register” and in few seconds you should get a notification popup and that’s it. Note, that this activation window cannot be minimized, only closed after activation.

It all starts with PC scanning that is aimed at detecting issues to clean or optimize. As it runs, the progress in percents for each section of items is displayed, yet no timer for the task.

Anytime a user can pause the process and see the summary so far. Similarly, the scanning can be stopped, although it is impossible then to proceed from that point and one has to start over.

A great option is ability to scan by categories, e.g. startup items, junk files, privacy traces, invalid shortcuts, registry entries, etc. In addition, users can set up automatic fix (while scanning), ignore list, skip item categories. As scanning ends, the summary of issues is displayed: informative, grouped by type, optimization potential if fixed.

Additional settings include logs and backup, ignore list, rescue center. After Advanced SystemCare is done with optimization and cleanup, it carefully keeps reports and logs of every task performed.

Ignore list, or exclusions list, helps to specify files/folders/areas that will be skipped during scanning and, thus, make the process faster. Rescue Centre is basically a backup tool - to revert any changes.

[plus]  Complex cleanup, optimization and protection
[plus]  High speed, great performance overall
[minus]  Scanning time not displayed
[minus]  Frequent reminders to buy Pro version

As said, “Clean & Optimize” tab always starts with a system scan. It is quite interactive, showing every stage (initialize database, critical areas, processes, registry, rootkit) and progress in percents for each, although overall progress isn’t visible, as well as scanning time.

You can stop scanning but not pause it, so mind that when you stop and then scan again it won’t resume, it will start over from the beginning.

The utility also allows to scan specific areas only, by selecting issues from the left menu, e.g. startup items, privacy traces, junk files, invalid shortcuts, registry entries, spyware threats, Internet optimization, system optimization, etc.

In addition, there’s the “Autofix” option - to set a default action for any (!) detected issues, so be careful here. IObit’s Advanced SystemCare contains a wide range of special tools besides its core “clean & optimize” functionality.

They all target different areas, such as startup, registry, internet connection, as well as include options for privacy protection and web surfing safety. These 12 main features are as follows:

Startup optimization[check]Manage apps launched at PC startup
Privacy sweep[check]Delete web surfing history
Junk file clean[check]Remove obsolete files and free up disk space
Shortcut fix[check]Repair broken file shortcuts
Registry clean[check]Deep clean of registry objects to boost productivity
Spyware removal[check]Detect and delete spy apps and other threats
Internet boost[check]Check, optimize and speed up internet connection
System optimization[check]Ultimate Windows optimization tool (Pro)
Registry defrag[check]Optimize the registry and boost PC
Security reinforce[check]Reduce risk of data theft or virus damage
Vulnerability fix[check]Scan for system vulnerabilities to cover it up
Disk optimization[check]Defrag hard drive or SSD for higher efficiency

There is also a set of complementary features that might come handy in various situations. They are located under “Speed Up” and “Protect” tabs. For instance, Turbo Boost configuration allows to select and set one of the following PC modes.

Work mode - shut off unnecessary apps/services, Game mode - stop unnecessary non-Windows services, Economy mode - set minimal power/battery consumption.

“Speed Up” tab also provides options like Hardware Accelerate, Deep Optimization, Toolbar Cleaner. Deep Optimization tool is especially useful, as it improves the hard drive, network and registry altogether.

Turbo BoostShuts off unnecessary apps and services, 3 modes
Hardware AccelerateUpdates drivers (*requires Driver Booster to install)
Deep OptimizationOptimizes hard disk, registry and network settings
App/Toolbar CleanerRemoves old browser extensions (*requires IObit Uninstaller to install)

“Protect” tab offers various settings to secure personal or sensitive data while browsing on the web, which is an excellent addition to a PC optimization software that not all products have. Some of those are available in free version, others - only in Pro.

So, Privacy Shield (on/off) is aimed at protecting personal data by blocking unsafe or suspicious programs, and it has the exclusions list. Browser Anti-Tracking (Pro) erases web history data and support IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Face ID acts to block attempts to gain access to a web camera via newest facial identification technology. Surfing Protection speaks for itself, and is a browser extension detecting malicious activities and blocking annoying ads. Real-time Protector (Pro) is a real-time antispyware tool. Now, let’s compress all of it into little cheatsheet.

Privacy ShieldDetects and stop attempts to steal data
Browser Anti-TrackingCleans browsing history and digital fingerprints
Face IDIdentifies thiefs via webcam (*requires additional setup)
Surfing Protection & Ads RemovalAd blocker and anti-spyware tool, 2 in 1
Homepage AdvisorProtects homepage and browser against adware
Real-time ProtectorAnti-spyware/Anti-malware in real-time

Advanced SystemCare is pretty flexible and adjustable. For example, in terms of interface, one can select font size, set program window transparency rate, choose the skin or even upload own image as background.

And don’t forget 33 menu languages. For features and tools, go to Settings tab and select a chapter on the left to then customize how the app works in detail. Things like minimize to system tray, run at PC startup, add functions to context menu, etc.

Few of the most useful settings are ignore list and backup/logs. Although “useful” is debatable here, as users may only view elements that are skipped while scanning, but not add objects to it.

In “Logs & Backups” we may access scanning reports for every instance, opened in a notepad. Again, not too informative, showing only general data and no detailed information.

A tip: if you wish to save all that’s going on with Advanced SystemCare, set the maximum number of logs from 20 to 100.

There is also “Quick Settings” tab that basically is designed to assist in automation. For instance, if a user wants to set certain parameters for clean/optimization/protection features, or the general behavior of the program.

However, this option is questionable in terms of practicality, and rather seems to be implemented as one additional way to nudge users to purchase Pro version.

From the program you can go directly to technical support web page, although it seems strange that it opens in Internet Explorer rather than a default browser. Send Feedback option is good, though, as well as Facebook/Twitter sharing buttons.

Due to all-encompassing and comprehensive approach, IObit Advanced SystemCare is easily one of the best PC optimization utilities on the market right now.

Cleanup and optimization are its key functions, letting users perform tasks by given categories. And even in spite certain drawbacks (e.g. new window for every action, no direct access to quarantine), user-friendliness and affordable price prevail.

Name of product Pros

  • User-friendly, modern, adjustable interface
  • Structured features
  • Ignore list
  • Backup / Restore
  • Integration with other IObit software
  • Send feedback option
  • Competitive price & free version

Name of product Cons

  • Access to quarantine only after scanning
  • No ability to scan external files
  • Window with issues can’t be minimized or switched
  • Сomplicated Rescue Center

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IObit Advanced SystemCare  USER REVIEWS (22)

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  • Updated at Jul 28, 06:49
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    The application is respected and trusted by users. As a result, a high percentage of loyalty.

    Over the years, I have used Advanced SystemCare software on all of my family`s computers. The pleasant impression left after working with the application prompts me to continue using Advanced SystemCare. Here is a list of some of the useful features that I often use: 1. Junk file cleaner; 2. Privacy Sweep; 3. Shortcut fix; 4. Registry clean (especially after I have to uninstall any app.); 5. Deep optimization (to make my computer faster).
    • Pros
      • A simple and effective solution for PC optimization.
    • Cons
      • Hardly ever.
  • Updated at Jul 28, 06:49
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Universal and versatile PC maintenance tool.

    Advanced SystemCare is a universal PC maintenance tool. It easily and effectively solves the following tasks: fixes errors, optimizes the Internet and download speed, ensures data security, blocks spyware and malware, improves computer performance by cleaning unnecessary registry files and defragmenting the entire registry, finds and fixes registry errors, and tracks and blocks attempts unauthorized access, protects data viewing, email, contacts. This is not a complete list of IObit Advanced SystemCare features, but this is enough to understand that this is a worthwhile product. With this feature set, any user, from beginner to advanced, can be confident in the safe and comfortable use of their PC.
    • Pros
      • Multitasking. The ability to effectively manage the basic functions of a PC by installing one software.
    • Cons
      • Only positive emotions.
  • Updated at Jul 28, 06:49
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    High-quality software for maintaining normal PC operation from IOBit, including such sections as: spyware threats, registry errors, privacy problems, unwanted files, Internet problems and shortcuts errors.

    Software to maintain the normal operation of a PC usually involves the use of various tools to solve typical problems with computer performance. Advanced SystemCare from IOBit is no exception. The maintenance and cleaning package for Windows fully automates the entire process, but leaves the user the option of manually refining certain aspects of the operating system. The software includes a manually activated PC scanner for problems in order to subsequently go to them and automatically repair them. The user has the possibility of more detailed selection of the aspect that he wants to view and then get a list of all errors detected by the program. The following sections are available to the user: spyware threats, registry errors, privacy issues, junk files, Internet problems, and shortcuts errors. The program provides full support for Windows 10 and most integrated applications. The program uses a new system to free up RAM, which closes unnecessary applications running in the background, as well as to protect DNS addresses and improve private browsing.
    • Pros
      • Multitasking. Fully automated maintenance and cleaning process for Windows. The ability to manually select to improve some aspects of the operating system. Full support for Windows 10 and most integrated applications. Fast and high quality PC scanner.
    • Cons
      • Hardly ever.
  • Updated at Jul 28, 06:49
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    IObit's first-class PC cleaning tool includes tools to deal with emerging threats, including cryptographers that affect PC performance and boot time.

    A few words about the difference between the free version of the Advanced SystemCare software and the paid version of Pro. Basically, these differences lie in the broader functionality of the Pro version. For example, in the Pro version, a scheduled cleanup function, real-time system monitoring and Internet optimization were added. In addition, the Pro version detects more types of unwanted files than previous versions, and has an improved startup manager designed to reduce load times. It also includes a new Privacy Shield, created to prevent unauthorized access to your data, and the Anti-Tracking feature, so that advertisers cannot follow you online. IObit has also improved its ad blockers and pop-ups, which now offer effective protection against cryptographic checks. We can say with confidence that the latest updates help the user to confront modern security threats, while simultaneously increasing the speed and performance of the PC and reducing the launch time.
    • Pros
      • Clean, intuitive customizable interface. Effective security tools for Internet threats. Automatic cleaning activated by one click.
    • Cons
      • Individual files found during scanning cannot be deleted. Some icons in the menu are too small, they are difficult to see.
  • Updated at Jul 28, 06:49
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability

    Advanced SystemCare is an ambiguous product from an ambiguous manufacturer.

    I do not trust the company IObit, which produces generally good software. As for the Advanced SystemCare software, in my opinion, it is well thought out and fairly safe. I was pleased with the function that scans and prompts the user to block some programs at startup. For the most part, these are programs that actually do not need to be run when the PC starts up. The user can mark the object that he wants to save and ignore it so that it is not selected in future scans. The algorithm of similar programs from other manufacturers is much less convenient. However, although this program is safe and works well, like any other PC cleaning and optimization software, it cannot make your computer run much faster. By the way, the paid Pro version is regularly available as free. This version has advanced features, and the difference between these two versions is palpable. It is fair to say that IObit really listens to the feedback from its customers. I reported problems with false positives in the registry cleaning and startup optimization modules in Advanced SystemCare, and they responded and corrected.
    • Pros
      • The software is well thought out and safe enough. Good job scanner. Extended features of the paid Pro version. Adequate response to user requests.
    • Cons
      • Controversial product features for faster performance and improved performance.