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How much does it cost to hire a React.js developer

If you are looking for the technology to complement your project with extremely fast and simple user interface, you are on the right track. In common words, React.js is JavaScript library for front-end development. For programmers, React.js helps to build an interactive interface for single page applications, to create web applications with no need of reloading, reusable UI components for web and mobile apps. So what you have to know to hire a React.js developer?

Due to its speed, scalability, and simplicity, there are more than 680,000 websites built on the React.js. Some of the most recognizable are Airbnb, Dropbox, BBC, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Paypal, Periscope, Reddit, Tesla, Uber, WhatsApp. If allocate all the React.js websites by the sectors of use, the majority will have a more social bias, which totally responds to the fundamental goal of this library.  

Image source: SimilarTech

Since React.js was created by Facebook and got further development with help of Instagram, it is not surprising that it is used as a front-end technology pretty successfully. Besides, React.js is also can be a solution for mobile apps, web applications, office productivity applications, and desktop media content production apps, marketing landing pages, 3D games and 3D content, VR/AR cross-platform applications.  


When it comes to benefits from building on React.js, the main pros are:

  1. Helps to create the SEO-friendly websites with heavy traffic;
  2. Testable system – easy to create UI test cases;
  3. Provides simple and functional programming with easier debugging;
  4. Components can be easily reused on any platform, existing code for a website can be implemented into a mobile application;
  5. Extremely efficient system –  Virtual DOM helps to improve the performance of highly-loaded web applications;
  6. Isomorphic system – React.js can be used everywhere where JavaScript is applied;

Comparing with other JavaScript technologies, React.js confidently became a leader in the battle for the developers’ favor. Many already call 2018 the year of React.js.

Users who would use React again. Image source: Medium.

Who is a React.js developer?

Not much time has passed since the React.js release in 2013 but due to its popularity and usability, many high-skilled developers are experts in it. Because React.js is open-source the programmer community is quite extensive. But to find the most talented, you should keep in mind a few signs which will help you determine A-class developer.

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Except for deep knowledge of the React.js, a developer in 2018 should understand and have at least minimum experience working with the following systems:

  • Languages:  JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, TypeScript, C#, SQL, Python, Stylus;
  • Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular2, Backbone, ReactNative, SocketIO, Bootstrap;
  • Builders: Browserify, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Webpack;
  • Libraries:  JQuery, Loads, MomentJS;
  • Technologies:  Ajax, JSON, SOAP, XSLT, NodeJS, WebSockets, Canvas;
  • Databases: NoSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Blockchain;
  • Testing: TDD, Unit-tests, Jest, Mocha, Karma, Selenium(base), Enzyme, VCS;
  • Application platforms: Elasticsearch, Confluence, CMS, WordPress, nginx, Apache, OpenStack;
  • Cloud Services: Amazon AWS, GitHub, Microsoft Azure, npm, SaaS, Google Cloud Platform, Yarn.

Don’t forget about the essential human skills every software developer should have – the ability to work in a team, time and task managing, logic and creative thinking, communication skills, and so on.

Hiring process

So, what should you consider as the main steps when looking to hire a React.js developer? In general, the recruitment process can be divided into four primary stages:

  • Candidates screening: CVs review, verify experience and built projects;
  • Technical interview: estimation of the technical background and personal qualities to cope with project task and fit the working group;
  • Test task: checking the practical skills of solving the problem;
  • Hiring/not hiring: making the decision, based on the results of previous stages.

The process of hiring a software developer usually takes time, especially in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, where the time-to-hire lasts on average 28.3 days. To save your time, you can submit the general terms of your project (budget, technologies, deadline, etc) on the specialized platforms like ThinkMobiles, where in 72 hours you will get the team of experienced professionals, ready to work on your idea.

In case you prefer to walk alone through the quicksand of recruitment, pay attention to the following pitfalls when hiring a React.js developer. First, JavaScript is used by everybody now, most of developers are familiar with key frameworks and libraries. This makes it more difficult to filtеr the right specialist for your project. Second, JavaScript is growing fast, including subsystems like React, thus a candidate should be eager to stay up to date and follow JS trends.

P.S. Where to find a React.js expert? The most obvious place to search is React.js official website, which places the biggest developer community. Other ways to find and hire a React.js developer are local job market, outsourcing, outstaffing, and even attending IT meetups.

Job description example. Image source: Cognizant.

Interview questions

The interview stage is aimed to give an answer on how good does the candidate will fit both in professional and personal level. Try to find out about the working process habits, personal discipline on deadlines, team communication etc. Below-given examples just outline the specifics of the interview – try to avoid common questions, play a bad cop instead of a good one.

  1. What are the differences between Real DOM and Virtual DOM?
  2. What does the render() do in React.js?
  3. How do you create an event?
  4. How would you modularize code?
  5. What is JSX?
  6. How will you create Higher-Order Components (HOCs) in React?
  7. What is the significance of refs in React?
  8. What are stateless components?
  9. Name the differences between MVC and Flux?
  10. What are the props and state in React.js?

Coding task

A coding task has an ultimate power to evaluate the knowledge of different systems at once. The given sample form Devskiller is designed for junior developer and evaluates the React.js and JavaScript skills.

Premise: The application on React.js framework contains a front-end calculator app for online calculation. Finish the implementation of React components and a few functions responsible for calculator logic.
Task details: We have React.Component classes stored in the components/** folder. These classes are responsible for the rendering logic. Calculation class stored in the logic/** folder. This class is responsible for the calculation logic. The main function of the application is the calculation of expression entered in the corresponding <input>. Your task is to implement Layout, Paragraph and Calculation classes.

Image source: Devskiller

Cost and rates

Well, we all know that the cost is as important as experience and skills. And what is more truer for IT industry, if not the fact that a developer’s fee isn’t unambiguous? In general, it depends on such factors like location, experience, the size of projects, freelancer or developer company. For example, Indeed estimates the React.js developer salary in the range between $90,000 to $110,000 per year in the United States.

Image source: Glassdoor

While in other countries the situation, of course, is different:

Country Salary
Switzerland $79,000
Norway $77,000
Germany $47,000
France $44,000
Canada $42,000
Netherlands $42,000
Italy $39,000

Hourly rate is also impacted by location, set of skills and even local market conditions. The knowledge of each additional frameworks, library, platform or other technologies will cause the rise of the final rate. PayScale estimates that React.js front-end developer will cost you $34 per hour, a (general) software engineer –  $33, and a web developer – $24.

Depending on what specific type of React.js developer you are hiring, according to the Upwork the hourly rates would vary following way:

  • Front-End: basic $15 – $50, intermediate $35 – $100;
  • Back-End: basic $15 – $50, advanced $35 – $100;
  • Full Stack developer: $30 – $150.

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