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about Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a Denver-based digital product development company that transforms business through design and technology. The company was established in 1998, and its founder and permanent leader is Michael Gelman. Due to its vast experience and despite its relatively small composition, the company is rightfully considered one of the heavyweights of the market.

For over 20 years, Spire Digital has been providing its services in the global market. Among the company's customers, you can find both start-up companies and Fortune 500 companies. At this point, the company managed to cooperate with 400+ corporate clients and startups, while having more than 600+ clients during its existence.

Spire Digital provides services such as strategic consulting, user interface design, website development, mobile application development, custom software development, DevOps and staff augmentation. In addition, more specific services are available, such as development for IoT, wearables, AR / VR integration, work with AI and blockchain.

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  • Design, UI & UX 20%
  • Web development 20%
  • QA 16%
  • Mobile App 14%
  • Custom Software 14%
  • Artificial intelligence 6%
  • IoT 6%
  • Augmented reality 2%
  • Virtual reality 2%
  • QA
    • Website testing 37%
    • Mobile app testing 23%
    • Usability 20%
    • Automation 20%
  • Mobile App
    • Android 30%
    • iOS 30%
    • Mobile web 15%
    • React native 15%
    • cross platform 10%
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Deep learning 25%
    • Machine learning 20%
    • NLP developers 20%
    • Chat bot 20%
    • Cognitive Computing 15%

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Spire Digital review - a software development company that transforms business through technology

In the mid-90s, a certain young man named Michael Gellman, being an Internet enthusiast, became one of the first bloggers in the world. He has accounted for more than 10,000 readers, which was truly a huge achievement for the period of the World Wide Web. But unfortunately, at that time blogging was not paid at a sufficient level, or was not paid at all, so he decided to open his own web development company. With a completely new concept for that time. The company was named Spire, as a symbol of perseverance and commitment to success.

Spire’s first customer was a group of Samsonite employees who decided to quit their jobs and set up their own luggage suitcase online store. With no web developers in their team, they decided to hire Spire to create eBags, one of the first e-commerce websites on the Internet.

In the design process, principles were laid that later became the basis for the entire direction of electronic commerce. For example, it even implemented a revolutionary concept for that time - customer reviews. The website became a hit of its time, continuing to actively develop today.

Thanks to such early successes in the 90s, Spire soon became a popular company for creating unique and exciting dotcoms. Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that Spire was the main player in creating commercial Internet at that time.

Service linesProduct Development, Digital Transformation, UI / UX Design, Web Design, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), Blockchain, Custom Software Development, DevOps, QA, Digital Marketing
Avg. hourly rate$100 - 149 / hr
LocationUnited States, Denver

For over 21 years, Spire Digital has been successfully inventing and improving, creating something that never existed before. Their key feature is the ability to rethink existing ideas and problems, thanks to this approach they manage to find new, better ways to implement and solve them. They set personal goals for themselves, constantly developing solutions at the borders of the possible, and expanding them. Thus, they manage not only to help the business of their customers, but also to make the world a better place with the help of new technologies.

Spire Digital is a company founded at the end of the 20th century, which has grown and gained experience along with the IT field. Having carried its ideology through the years, despite the rapid changes in the world, it is still a leader and an example for the rest. Engaged in digital conversion consulting and custom software development, they collaborate and develop innovative software solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Spire Digital is a respected and trusted partner and the best evidence of its reputation is the fact that they are working with many clients for over 15 years. Furthermore, the company is still one of the most desirable employers in its region. To date, the portfolio of services provided by the company has grown significantly, moreover, it continues to grow.

In addition to web development, they also mastered the development of mobile applications and are a significant competitor to most modern companies. You must admit that it’s hard to compete with a company whose experience begins with Blackberry long before the iPhone. Their unusual concept of worldview and the approach to solving problems received its continuation in development. As a result, a new universal ideology for solving problems was created that works perfectly even outside the framework of IT. This allows the company, as before, to confidently keep up to date, and at every opportunity, even get ahead of it.

  1. Design 

The company provides services to create a unique design, which is primarily a new way of thinking and an approach to creating innovative UX and CX. Spire Digital instills in its customers the practice, tactics, and culture of design thinking, which enables organizations to create and effectively use valuable, durable solutions for their customers.

Such design thinking was called “The scientific method for everything else.” And this approach consists of creative problem solving, while, like the scientific method, it includes observation and research, development of theories, creation, and execution of tests. It is flexible due to multiple iterations and adjustments based on the results already obtained, which allows you to turn an idea into an incredible solution.

Speaking more dryly, their range of services in the field of design is as follows:UX(CX) / UI, Usability Testing & Research, Web Design, Software Design, Mobile App Design, Design Thinking, Information Architecture.

  1. Development

Spire Digital developers are known for writing clean, elegant, modular, and well-documented code. Another significant advantage is the experience with a variety of stacks and platforms. For example, as part of one of their projects, they were developing a system for detecting bombs.

With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of innovation, Spire Digital can confidently say that they can cope with a solution to almost any problem. To date, they have successful development practices using the following technologies:

Custom Development: HTML, CSS, JS (Node, Vue, Backbone, React, Angular, EXT), PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, .NET

Mobile platforms: Android, iOS (Swift, Xamarin, Xcode and Objective-C) and cross-platform/hybrid frameworks (React Native, Cordova, Ionic).

At the same time, they are also engaged in supporting legacy systems and less working with less common technologies, such as Fortran for example.

The Spire Digital development team consults with customer teams and shares their experiences. Thanks to which, subsequently, the product is not only well-developed but also properly operated. The solutions they create are scalable, modular, and extensible to support both short-term and long-term business goals. This is achieved through the use of Lean (KanBan) practice, which requires the constant collection, creation, and implementation of small functions in a single stream.

The list of all available services consists of:

Custom Software Development, Native Mobile Development, Web Services / API Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, AR/VR, Bots, Blockchain, DevOps, QA, Automation, Staff Augmentation / IT Staffing.

However, as you probably already understood, it is not limited to them exclusively.

  1. Digital Marketing

Spire is also known for creating marketing strategies based on data analysis, research and its best practices. They can significantly increase attraction, conversion and customer retention. The company has helped many Fortune 500 companies, startups, and e-commerce brands manage their time efficiently using content marketing, email marketing, and marketing automation techniques. A content strategy based on the best practices of digital marketing experts will help you rethink, expand and improve your customer journey, regardless of the type of company you have.

In addition, you should pay attention to the automation of your marketing will minimize the cost of maintenance. And using the PPC service that the company offers, you can surpass your competitors. Get ahead of them with a data-driven paid acquisition strategy, improving your business performance through significant brand promotion. In combination with SEO and Search Engine Marketing, you can occupy the first lines of search results without leaving a chance to competitors. 

As you understand, there are many ways to develop a business in this area, the main thing is to choose the right guide. In this case, Spire Digital is ready to provide you with the following map of development paths: 

Marketing Automation, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, B2B Marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC & Paid Acquisition, Website Optimization & CRO.

The experience and reputation of Spire Digital give them access to the most complex and critical projects. Many government agencies turn to the company to solve problems that only such professionals can handle. Spire Digital has been working with some of these customers for over 20 years. An example of such a situation is the following case.

CoBank is a bank established by the US government to meet the capital needs of rural America. He was actively increasing his capital and scale, for this reason, they needed a new website that would better represent their status and could serve the needs of their growing customer base. A careful search for partners led them to Spire Digital.

Spire Digital, in collaboration with CoBank Marketing & IT, has begun updating its legacy website to .NET and Sitecore. The critical tasks in the development process were: creating adaptability and modern aesthetics, as well as focusing on creating strategic content. In addition, one of the main priorities was to ensure the availability of highly valuable analytical content for all users. Before proceeding directly to the redesign, specialists from Spire Digital studied in detail the existing concept, as well as the requirements for a new one, in order to avoid shortcomings in the development process.

Navigation was completely rethought, thanks to which it was possible to get rid of nesting in critical sections of the website associated with analytical reports. All the content of the new website is easily accessible, beautifully designed and filtered by topic. The website has essentially been transformed into a very convenient, useful and modern knowledge base. Covering the most important aspects of doing business, he provides up-to-date analytical information.

Thanks to its unusual and highly effective approach to solving problems, Spire Digital simultaneously solved the client’s problems and turned it into a long-term partner.

The company also actively supports any startups and initiatives related to scientific progress or the common good. An example of such an interest has been in cooperation with the EOL.

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a digital initiative that aims to provide global access to knowledge about life on Earth. EOL acts as a collaborative online encyclopedia to document existing living species known to science. The value of information in the first place lies in its verification and reliability. And it is stored in the most open, affordable and reliable storage provided by EOL. The main goal of EOL's appeal to Spire Digital was to create a specialized software product that fully meets the needs of the community of its partner organizations. The product created by Spire Digital is focused on providing curatorial opportunities for various user groups from among partners.

The scale of the work was impressive, EOL contains over 6 million data objects and 1.9 million pages — one web page for each view. Thanks to open access, the value of the service grows as more and more people use this initiative and contribute to it.

After conducting a series of interviews with several EOL partner organizations (Wildlife Conservation Society, Smithsonian Institute, Bronx Zoo, and Harvard University), the main existing requirements and ways of their implementation were identified, compatible with all “thematic portals” where they will be integrated.

Thanks to the rapid design and testing of design with key internal and external stakeholders, the Spire Digital team was able to create a centralized solution in the form of a number of APIs and simple modules for use in creating thematic and corporate portals. This ensures that reliable data is provided in a format that meets the specific requirements of each partner one each platform. 

As stated earlier, the company has significant experience in supporting and developing startup solutions. In total, with its help, about more than 120 startups have turned from an idea into a successful business. One of these transformations is described by the following case.

Any startup starts with the idea of ​​creating or optimizing some kind of service. In addition, most of these modern startups provide services on the market, even without being their actual executor. For example - Uber, in its fleet does not have transport, or Facebook - being the most popular media owner in the world, does not create content. In such cases, the company assumes the role of a marketplace, connecting the consumer and the service provider on its platform.

PlanOmatic, in accordance with the aforementioned trend, which does not have state photographers, turned to Spire Digital with the goal of digitally transforming its business and dominating the services market in its niche. The essence of this optimization was to replace the existing office with a fully automated electronic service. In other words, instead of constant phone calls between the client and the performing photographer, they decided to create a convenient electronic service that would serve as an “interface” for both parties. An interesting but risky step, this is why they turned to professionals. The first step Spire Digital in the framework of using their "Design Thinking" was a comprehensive study and the subsequent detailed analysis of its results. 

After interviewing dozens of company customers and analyzing more than 1000 survey results, they managed to form a list of priority functions and recreate for themselves the picture of the ideal user experience.

A simple and transparent step-by-step order process with a progress bar was implemented. In addition, bright colors used by the PlanOmatic brand, playful icons, and spoken language were added. All this allowed to revitalize the user experience and reflect the key features of the brand and its mission.

After evaluating the results of the collaboration, PlanOmatic decided to agree on cooperation with Spire Digital on an ongoing basis. The collaboration included everything from product development to digital marketing consulting. Such requests are a frequent occurrence, as soon as Spire Digital helps the client "get on their feet", they realize that they want to continue the rapid development under the auspices of the company.

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