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about Efelle Creative

Efelle Creative is a digital marketing agency based out of Seattle, Washington. They deliver highly functional and engaging websites, web applications, eCommerce websites, graphic design, and other online marketing solutions. The company is a certified elite partner of the BigCommerce platform.

The company provides services in the field of Web Design, Digital Marketing & Growth Strategies, eCommerce design & development, eCommerce Channel Management, Search engine optimization, Website Development, Branding & Copywriting, Logo & Business Collateral Design, Website Content Management.

Areas of work with the most experience:

eCommerce Websites, Professional Service, Real Estate and Construction, Law Firms & Legal Industry Consultants, Food and Beverage, Medical, Hospitality.

They have created more than 800 successful solutions for their clients. And also developed their own FusionCMs platform, which provides complete management of content and online marketing infrastructure. Designed to maximize website revenue, it is optimized for integration with the BigCommerce platform.

For more than 13 years of its existence and activity, the company has received a total of more than 100 international design awards. The Company can boast a 99% customer retention and the fact that they are still working closely with their first client, offering online marketing ideas and techniques to help them continually improve their work.

Their staff includes designers, artists, and photographers. And there is also a separate search engine marketing department, which is most popular in outsourcing. 

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  • Web development 30%
  • E-commerce 45%
  • Design, UI & UX 25%

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Efelle Creative - web development and digital marketing agency review

In time, when business almost wholly goes into the network, it begins to change. Its success is closely linked to the website, and everything depends on its popularity and accessibility for the end-user (client). And the profit depends not only on the quality and value of the goods or services but also on the position of the website on the search engine pages. Creating a website is not the solution to all problems, it needs a modern design and functionality to become an important and memorable part of your brand, and most importantly it should be optimized for search engines.

A comprehensive solution to this range of problems - is to use services of a digital agency such as Efelle Creative. Who are they and what do they do?

Efelle Creative was created as an online marketing agency based on performance indicators, which aims to assist customers in making a profit through a sound digital marketing and execution strategy.

Service linesWeb Development, E-commerce, Design, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Branding
Avr. hourly rate$150-199
Location Seattle, WA, USA

Providing a wide range of services, the company has established itself not only in the field of marketing but also in web design, e-commerce, and website development. At the same time, the team puts customer needs first. The company is trying in every possible way to bring the developed solution closer to the ideal, and their work is highly appreciated by customers.

The company was founded in 2005 by Fred Lebhart, a man with extensive experience in various fields, who decided to open his own business. At the same time, using approaches and methods proven by multi-billion companies. During its existence, the company has managed to assemble more than 40 high-class and creative professionals in its state. And also collaborate with more than 800 clients around the world, and got experience in many industries.

During its existence, the company received a total of more than 100 international design awards.

Efelle Creative offers a full range of website development services, from branding and design to website development and deployment production on its own hosting, including ongoing project support.

  1. Website Design and Development

Currently, a website for a company is its business card, and the first step to the emergence of the relationship between the company and a potential client. It is not necessary to underestimate the importance of its development and compliance with market conditions and time conditions. Every lost visit is a lost opportunity, and therefore a profit. Nice design and a bright picture that captures the user's eyes and provokes him to take the action you need is the secret to success.

Efelle Creative offers experienced designers, photographers and web developers to help their clients to refresh the design of the website and increase the website's user traffic. If you're ready for cardinal changes, they can create a new website that displays all of your brand's unique features and rich history. And a wide range of development tools will give you the functionality you need and a high level of optimization.The unique experience, individual approach, and interest in the success of the client on the part of the company guarantee you an incredible result. Start your success story, the first step of which will be the perfect website.

  1. Digital Marketing & Growth Strategies 

A business strategy is the foundation of any action on the market, and when it comes to significant funds, experience and stability come to the fore. Efelle Creative is proud of its many years of experience in building and executing strategies in a market environment. Their digital marketing services can offer individual digital solutions that will allow you to become an industry leader. Thanks to the work of the marketing team, the company organizes to attract qualified traffic to your website, as well as creating relevant content that allows you to convert visits into action. The strategy developed is comprehensive and covers everything starting from building brand positioning on the market to direct website development and optimizing traffic and conversion.

However, the work of the team does not end there. They support, test and refine strategies according to market conditions. Efelle Creative has earned its reputation as a reliable partner through long-term and productive relationships with its first clients (since 2005).

  1. E-commerce Design and Development

Exceed your customers' expectations with online user experience, raise their quality bar to leave competitors behind.A team of experienced designers and developers skillfully directs the user to the place and time you need, and carefully pushes him to take the necessary steps. The interfaces they develop are always convenient and intuitive. High-level optimization and dividing a service on modules with gradual and fast loading of pages will allow making transitions between them practically "seamless".

More than half of your visitors will rate the reliability and success of your business based on the design of your website. That is why it should be at the heart of your marketing. The company has created a large number of web solutions (more than 800 satisfied customers), most of which have received recognition and even international awards.

The development team has the necessary skills and experience to create the best solution for your business. This knowledge has been steadily improving since 2005 and has reached a level that guarantees that the project will be delivered on time and within budget.

The company has extensive experience working with WooCommerce, Magento platforms and is an official partner of Bigcommerce.

  1. Content Management System Integration

The company offers assistance in integrating a website content management system with BigCommerce. After a detailed analysis of the client's needs and features of the existing solution, they help to select the optimal CMS.

However, in most cases, they use their own time-tested solution, FusionCMS. It is optimized for the BigCommerce platform and provides a wide range of tools available:

- Perfect Content Delivery: All of your pages are automatically interlinked, creating a perfect link structure while allowing your content updates to happen automatically.

- Increases Efficiency: Control all website content in one system; website elements are automatically linked & updated for the most efficient operation.

- Ultimate SEO: Integrated enhanced SEO functionality gets your website found, while premium call-to-action and messaging increase conversions.

- Helps Grow Revenue: FusionCMS organizes content for you, with proper backend formatting & instant sitemap updating for search engine indexing.

  1. Branding & Business Collateral Design

Before implementing any marketing strategies, you need to work on your brand identity. It's not enough to just declare yourself online, you need to be remembered. The key tools of such identity are brand design, a concise and well-remembered logo, professional copywriting and general brand culture. Efelle Creative has staff with requisite qualifications and experience.

They are ready to help you create a unique brand around your business, or help revamp / grow the existing one. Many underestimate the need to adapt it to market conditions and thus lose many potential opportunities.

  1. SEO

Particular pride of the company is its SEO-oriented approach to the website creation process. It is expressed not only directly in content moderation, but also in the design and structure of the website. This approach ensures that the type of traffic is relevant to the offers provided by your website, and you get the audience you need. This kind of optimization includes all possible tools: local SEO, organic SEO (including ethical feedback and citation), as well as full customization of Google Analytics with goal setting and tracking. The company also offers the option of using paid SEM or PPC marketing.

Provided that more than 80% of all clicks occur solely within the first page of search engine results, neglecting the SEO is a fatal mistake. And the only correct strategy is to use a professional approach. In this case, Efelle Creative specialists are always ready to assist you in resolving this issue.

The Efelle Creative team consists of great designers, experienced programmers, marketers, and SEO experts. They are a kind of "jack of all trades". Thanks to this, they are always able to breathe new life into old projects. Their experience, creativity, and customer focus allow them to create fantastic solutions, many of which received accolades and international awards. And even if they do not solve the global problems of humanity, they create solutions for business, and these solutions become the calling card of the client's company. Let's look at some of these as an example.

Demand for website development for restaurants and eateries has always been quite high. But as a rule, their functionality is limited by static information, and user interaction occurs in a one-way format. And it’s hard to surprise someone with such an approach or bring something fundamentally new and useful to it. But the Efelle Creative team succeeded.

A team of experienced restaurateurs from Seattle turned to the company for help in creating a website for their new establishment, Otter Bar & Burger.

The main purpose of the Otter Bar website was to share with customers such restaurant information as a work schedule, scheduled activities, and menu offerings. It should have been entertaining and engaging to encourage users to personally visit the bar. Moreover, this move was to promote not only the restaurant but also its social pages on the network.

Inspired by the history and design of the establishment, the team chose two colors that are closely related to its history. Thanks to its wealth, it was possible to recreate an authentic design with an element of wood panels and posters with the typography of old styles. A mobile version of the website was also developed in detail so that it could retain the user's attention and arouse interest in the restaurant and its interior. A specially designed blog for the website allows you to keep abreast of all the news and events. Also, the website received the functionality necessary for the convenient placement of media materials, which was highly appreciated by the client’s team.

The developed website was very atmospheric in terms of design and dynamic in terms of content, and most importantly easy to use.

As a result, this website was awarded by the AVA Digital Award: Gold (Web-Based Manufacturing | Creativity (Web Design) | Website) in 2018.

The process of creating solutions for industrial and engineering companies is quite unusual. Since a decision of this kind should demonstrate the “seriousness” of the company and its work. Thus, in order to convince a potential client that the company has significant experience and undeniable advantages in comparison with competitors. The website usually creates the first and most important impression of the company and its market activity. However, Efelle Creative has considerable experience in this area, as well as an understanding of what needs to be emphasized in order to gain customer loyalty.

Another severe and extensive project for the Efelle Creative team was to develop a website for Barghausen firm. Barghausen is a large-scale engineering consulting firm with over 25 years of experience in the market. The team needed to convey the complexity and importance of the work the client was doing. Collaboration with this company allowed the development team to show their professionalism and experience in various fields of activity.

The client needed to develop a new website to improve the presence of the company on the network (the old website could no longer cope with this task), increase user traffic and highlight two main sections of the website: the list of services and portfolio.

The new website contained a number of modern elements that perfectly demonstrate the scale of the company's work, for example, video inserts shot by drones at a large-scale construction website.

The main content is correctly grouped and placed by using empty areas which, together with the effect of smooth scrolling (parallax), allows you to draw the user's attention to important pieces of information. The designers also used techniques of contrast which allowed to highlight important information in the critical sections of the website and to harmoniously illustrate it.

The company's portfolio was presented with a convenient animated list with available filtering features. This technique allows the user to quickly get acquainted with the category of work that interests them.

All elements are perfectly optimized for adaptive layout, they, together with thoughtful fonts, create the most understandable and ergonomic interface.

In addition, designers drew attention to the outdated and "overloaded" company logo, and it was decided to develop a new one. As a result, the client received not only a new website but also an updated minimalistic and easily remembered two-color logo. After a series of SEO-optimization processes, the website began to appear on the pages of search engines again. And user traffic has increased several times.

This website has received the AVA Digital Award 2018: Platinum (Web Production | Website | Redesign).

However, despite the experience in many areas, the main focus of the company remains on the development of solutions for e-commerce. They offer their customers comprehensive solutions that include: incredible design, patented CMS, as well as their own hosting and round-the-clock support. It is worth noting that the company due to its reputation and elite partner status can provide additional technical support from its partners. One example of the benefits of this collaboration was the e-commerce solution development project commissioned by Kasala. Let's take a closer look at this case.

Kasala is a home furnishings company. It is located in the Northwest Pacific - a brand new one in the e-commerce world. They decided to move to BigCommerce.

The complexity of the tasks set by the customer was on their scale. It was necessary to develop at once 2 websites under the same brand and similar style, design, and related functionality. A separate challenge was the migration of bulk product databases from their previous website. With the convenient import tools provided by BigCommerce, and the extended support from the side of the platform's technical team (thanks to an elite partnership), by joint efforts task was completed in the shortest possible time.

The pages of the developed online store use a complex structural hierarchy and contain both higher and sublevel categories to organize all product offers. The project contains an optimized filtering and retrieval system, as well as a modern responsive design, and convenient mega-menu navigation.

Thanks to its attractive design and strong architecture, the new layout has been able to significantly improve KPIs overall by reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates. Significant changes in sales figures became apparent within 2 weeks.

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