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    United States, Portland
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  • Adidas
  • GoPro
  • Yokohama
  • Megavid
  • SFC Fine Arts
  • FuelCloud
  • Versare Solutions
  • Sigma
  • Schutt Sports

about Forix

Forix is ​​an e-commerce development agency headquartered in Portland, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Forix is ​​a partner of Magento Enterprise Solutions with a team of 69 Magento 2 Certified Experts, the company also received the title of the Best Magento Consulting Agency of 2019 by CIOReview.

The team consists of problem solvers made up of 100+ specialists who believe that your business success is measured not only by a great website. Company’s Magento experts create and optimize e-commerce websites within a single agency. Currently, they have successfully developed more than 750 websites. The agency uses a data-driven approach, which means they take each side of your website into account, enabling them to create a strategic plan for your success. The company cooperates with 90+ active clients, with an average relationship of more than 5 years.


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  • Web development 25%
  • E-commerce 50%
  • Design, UI & UX 25%
  • E-commerce
    • Magento 90%
    • Shopify 10%


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    • United States
    • Portland 
    • 2140 SW Jefferson Street, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97201
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Forix - e-commerce development agency review

Forix is an e-commerce development agency that was founded in Portland (USA, Oregon), in 2007. Since then the company has expanded with offices in Los Angeles and New York (USA), as well as an office in Vietnam.

Service linesWeb Design & Development, Magento Development, eCommerce Support, Integrations, Platform Migrations, Conversion Rate Optimization, Data & Behavior Analysis, Recurring Audits
Avg. hourly rate$100-149
LocationOregon, Portland, USA

Forix has significant experience and reputation in the market. They are interested in the success of their customers and are always focused on achieving goals. Forix has always been one of the leading Magento software developers on the Internet. With more migrations and implementations of Magento 2 than most agencies on the planet, Forix has the experience that very few e-commerce agencies can offer.

The company’s passionate and multidisciplinary team helps clients to get complex and integrated e-commerce solutions. And their strategists skillfully turn a customer's business problems into a digital, revenue-generating solution.

In general, the company has more than 100 employees who specialize in web development and design in addition to e-commerce development. Their team has over 65+ certified Magento 2 experts, as well as many professionals in various fields. Their "ecosystem" also includes: Account Managers, CRO Specialists, CRO Specialists, Data Analysts, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Technical Architects, UX & UI Designers & Developers, UX Strategists.

In more than 10 years, they have created and launched over 750 websites for 90+ clients. Moreover, Forix offers its customers dedicated support teams for post-launch and in-service optimization, most of them are now actively involved. Speaking specifically about the e-commerce platform, they have more Magento 2 launches than anyone in North America. The company has significant experience in developing a business solution for the following areas: Health Care & Medical, Information Technology, Retail, Business Services, Consumer Products & Services. 

Therefore, if you cannot find the solution you need, they can simply construct it. Forix specialists can help you to create a Magento B2B & B2C solution tailored to your needs. Use advanced B2B features, including streamlined ordering processes, customizable user accounts and pricing, integrations including CRM, ERP, and PIM to help improve both customer experience and server-side workflows.

The size and type of your business do not matter, they are ready for any challenges. From small and simple platforms to massive and complex deployments with over 100 storefronts and 1.4 million SKUs. Thanks to extensive practice, Forix even created one of the largest Magento deployments in the world and had to overcome some unusual obstacles in the process.

The company actually provides a wide range of services, although many of them are not listed on the official website. And this is not surprising, just look at their multidisciplinary team. However, we list only the main areas highlighted by the company itself.

  1. E-commerce development

Forix builds custom Magento Commerce websites for B2B and B2C companies. While there are many other companies, very few can show similar results that Forix has consistently shown. They are focused on achieving results.

If there is something that Magento is not doing right out of the box, Forix developers can push the boundaries of what’s possible. If you need custom extensions, integrations (CRM, ERP, POS, API) or more, this is not a problem, because they worked on projects of any shape and size. The Forix development team is full of perfectionists and craftsmen. They are also fanatical about page load time, sleek layouts and backend performance. Namely, because they believe that a website should function as well as it looks. If you use Magento, then you are very serious about your online sales. Rely on Forix professionals to get the results you're looking for.

  1. E-commerce optimization services

Optimizing e-commerce and planning strategic goals are key to increasing conversion. You may get the impression that you are doing everything right, but still, do not see the results. This is exactly the situation in which Forix comes into play. The team knows how to deal with such problems as low website speed, SEO losses, poor website experience, and customer dropoff. They have the foresight experience to identify holes that disrupt sales and provide a data-driven plan that will intelligently grow your business.

Range of services offered:- Conversion Rate Optimization- Data & Behavior Analysis- Recurring Audits- Merchandising- Goal Setting- System Upgrades

  1. Magento Maintenance Services

Forget about technical issues and maximize your website performance with Forix's Magento maintenance services. A well-functioning website will save you time and maintenance costs by letting you focus on more important things. Magento eCommerce expert support team is always on guard (24/7) and is ready to monitor or prevent any disruptions and slowdowns while your Magento store maintenance. They are ready to guarantee a solution to any problem in less than 24 hours, thanks to dedicated teams and flexible planning.

Range of services offered:- E-commerce Support- Patches & Security Updates- Website Compliance- Integrations- Website Compliance- Process Workflow- Platform Migrations

Usually, companies that do not have positive experience of cooperation with digital agencies do not want to contact them when problems arise, pulling this moment to the last. There are commonly two reasons for this. First, they don’t want to spend extra money on a still “working website”, in a case when the problem is not critical. And second, they simply don’t realize the fact that it works not in a proper way, and by optimizing the website they will increase the efficiency of the business. But don't forget, "good is the enemy of the best". And we can confirm this proverb by the example of the following case.

Fully (formerly known as Ergo Depot) has established itself all over the world thanks to its ergonomic desktops. They turned to Forix to improve their existing solutions. The company needed the integration of a module that would allow them to demonstrate their products with the ability to customize them, as well as track this complex inventory. After a brief analysis of the existing solution, the team discovered a strange moment. Customers interact with the website but fulfill orders by phone, which greatly affects the speed of order processing and increases the cost of this process.

After completing the basic tasks, creating a convenient and flexible tool for demonstrating products, as well as setting up a unified backend management system and interface navigation, it was decided to return to the issue of placing an order on the website.

It was determined that the ideal solution would be to ensure an equal level of simplicity and convenience in servicing users over the phone and on their website. That will improve the efficiency of this process.

Ignoring the need to optimize such an important aspect in the process of customer service did not seem strange to them. They simply did not pay attention to this aspect until its optimization increased its sales figures.

Forix has once again confirmed its professionalism and interest in the client’s success.

But even if the client is fully aware of all the existing shortcomings of his website, this does not mean that the scope of work is clearly defined. A similar thing happened during a collaboration with Schutt Sports. A company that offered its customers customizable helmets for football, baseball, and softball. They turned to Forix to update their shopping experience and present their custom products through LiquidPixels, and also to improve the overall user experience throughout the website.

But the main challenge was their outdated website and its confusing stream. After just a few clicks, the user could easily get lost in the vastness of the website. Forix had to start from scratch and completely change the organization of the product and user interaction. After that, customization of the product and its visualization using LiquidPixels was integrated. They completed the initial task of attracting customers and making them come back through the introduction of interactivity in the user experience.

However, much more time was spent on restructuring the website, which once again proves that only professionals can find all the shortcomings and effectively assess the scope of work. So, even if it seems to you that you know everything about the problems and they are easy to solve, do not rush to conclusions. In this case, the experience and pedantry approach of the developers in the process of modernizing the website allowed to dramatically improve its performance. The result for the company was a 109% increase in revenue, a 92% increase in conversion rate, and overall page views grew by 71%.

Today we have repeatedly said that Forix often provides a very wide range of services, significantly exceeding the list of the claim. This is possible thanks to a very experienced and multidisciplinary team, always ready to solve any problem. Well, let's consider as an example, the last case in which such universality was a key factor in the success of the solution creation process.

It often happens that developers are faced with the need to create a new solution for business problems that are outside the scope of e-commerce. As an example, we can cite the cooperation of Forix with Franklin Control Systems. Even as an innovative leader in control systems, Franklin Control Systems was not able to fully support its sales team and distributors in this area. The sales process was complex, time-consuming and heavily dependent on the direct knowledge of distributors.

In other words, they had serious problems with the outdated website, as well as the direct dependence of business success on the performance of the distributor team, which in turn depended entirely on the effectiveness of the product presentation. It looks like a vicious circle, right?

However, the Forix team found solutions in combining e-commerce and the capabilities of modern native mobile applications to provide users with access to the product catalog and technical library.

The result of the integrated development was a platform for searching and quoting products. It turned out to be intuitive and easy to use on all devices. Thanks to this move, the Franklin Control Systems team gained access (online and offline) to all the necessary information to conduct an effective business, both on a PC and in a mobile platform application.

Integrated solutions - for a complex problem. As usual, capabilities of Forix are not limited to the narrow scope of their main focus, everything is as befits true professionals in their field.


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