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about IDAP

IDAP is a Ukrainian full-service software company. The company was founded in 2012 with headquarter in Kyiv (Ukraine) and a development center in Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine) that was opened in 2017. It specializes in providing customers with the highest quality mobile and web solutions. The main field of activity of the company since its inception is the creation of native applications for iOS, Android, and Web from scratch. Since then, the company has successfully implemented more than 200 projects. 

Currently, IDAP employs more than 100 qualified engineers (full-time), under the supervision of an experienced project manager who is ready to manage the development of your project at each stage of its development, regardless of whether it is an internal or outstaffing arrangement. Their development team consists of tech geeks who are obsessed with well-structured coding, usability, and elegant UI / UX. IDAP engineers have significant experience working with video and audio streaming algorithms, digital signal processing and digital imaging. 

Millions of users all over the world use on-demand services, e-commerce platforms, video and audio applications, geolocation solutions, chat applications, etc., created by IDAP developers. The company has been engaged in similar developments for a long time, and therefore they have a long list of customers from countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc.


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IDAP review - full-service software development company

IDAP is a well-known Ukrainian IT company that offers full-service software development, and specializing in mobile application development, web development, and custom software development. They have built their reputation through the development of highly effective business solutions on mobile platforms. Developing native applications for iOS, Android, and the Web from scratch, IDAP pays close attention to researching customer needs and issues. By using this approach, they are able to create an effective solution with the prospects for its further development, not just an application. 

The company has been working in the mobile app market since 2012 and has already completed 200+ projects. However, their work does not end up creating a solution, they also innovate the thinking of business people and teach them how to run ahead of the technology curve. Their overriding goal is to assist businesses in the process of improvement, through the use of their technical experience and understanding of the industry and its processes.

Service linesEnterprise Mobile Application, Custom CRM Development, Custom Software Development, Dedicated Development Team, Live Streaming App Development, Mobile Application Development, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development
Avg. hourly rate$25 - 49 / hr
LocationKyiv, Ukraine

The company is actively growing and expanding. Starting their journey with a small team and the first office in Kyiv, which became their headquarter, in less than 5 years they have already opened a second office in Kryvyi Rih. 

The team has grown to more than 100+ technicians who enjoy the process of turning impossible ideas into a real solution. Among programmers, the company is also known as a good employer with a reputation for selecting the best people.

The development team creates a robust code that is thoroughly reviewed and verified before its final release. Thus, the company guarantees the highest quality of the product created. Their technology stack includes Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, Java, Python, and more. As an advanced mobile development expert in your area, IDAP often organizes conferences and exciting events for developers.

IDAP works with businesses of various formats: enterprises, well-known brands, and startups in various fields. Their experience includes virtually everything from retail sales to government orders. When communicating with clients, they also take into account the human factor and try to deliver information in the most accessible and understandable way.  Instead of being just code-tech geeks, they know how to explain complicated things in simple words. This way, making sure that the customer understands exactly what the product will look like after processing.

Mobile App Development

With extensive experience in the field of over 200 successful applications, IDAP can create applications of any size and complexity. In their portfolio, you can find many sophisticated B2C solutions as well as robust software solutions for automating smaller businesses. 

The team is ready to provide quality and flexibility at every stage of development - from the idea of ​​the program to the deployment. After all, the application development team includes many diverse specialists. These include business analysts, project managers, software engineers, UX / UI designers, and of course quality assurance engineers. If you don't decide on a platform for a future application, this is no problem because the development team can create solutions for all popular platforms. Native for iOS and Android, cross-platform, web applications, as well as applications for Wearables devices. 

In doing so, the company guarantees in the process of development confidentiality and security (NDA signing), high quality of the created product and expertise in the industry. IDAP has already managed to create applications for a variety of industries, users and goals. From video and music streaming, healthcare, entertainment, social media, fire prevention, m-commerce, e-commerce and more.

Web Development

The company develops Web applications based on Angular2 (JS) or Yii 2 (PHP) frameworks. This will make it accessible to your PC by maximizing the reach of your platform. In addition to web applications, the company also offers custom CRM development services that can significantly save the time and effort required to service your business. With extensive experience working with commercial companies of all sizes, they are well aware of the importance of powerful customer relationship management software.

Analysts are able to identify the most important business processes and help to get rid of unnecessary tasks by reorganizing operations and by optimizing the flow of information. The result of this development will be a handy tool in the form of internally effective internal and customizable CRM.

Custom Software Development

There is a misconception that developing such software is a complex and cost-effective solution available only to large companies. These stereotypes force business owners to constantly delay automation, because of their hypothetically huge project budgets and long timeframes. However, the early start of automation processes has a huge advantage. In most cases, you don't need huge budgets and complex decisions. This process takes place gradually and under your control, focusing on your needs.

In turn, IDAP can provide you with comprehensive custom software development services. If necessary, in the form of a dedicated team of qualified technical experts. The main task for them is to create a viable software product that fully meets the specified business processes.

Popular company services include: Software Consulting, Software Development, UI & UX Design, and Quality Assurance.

It is quite difficult to describe all the capabilities of a company as a developer within a brief description. This is due to the fact that they quite often and really easily go beyond their usual range of services if the situation requires so. Therefore, the services they choose as the main ones are rather their preferred direction than the rigid framework. We can make sure of this by looking at the following interesting cases. Although to be honest, in the context of this company, every case is interesting and unique.

The first example of the brilliant work of IDAP will be a collaboration with Plumbing and Fire Alarm Inspection Companies. Automation of business processes is not only a rational optimization necessary in our time but also a double-edged sword. This is due to the fact that relying on such a system, you make your business completely dependent on the quality of this product. And in cases of its inferiority, or even worse - defectiveness, it will be an anchor, pulling your business to the bottom. Realizing that their current business solution is just such an anchor, the client company decided to turn to IDAP for help.

As it turned out after a detailed analysis, the solution used by the client had flaws even at the stage of architecture design. This automatically makes its refinement inappropriate due to the scale of work, in comparison with the development of a new solution from scratch. It was about flaws that led to permanent data loss, which is a critical problem for any business. IDAP offered the client, as an alternative, the development of a new, comprehensive solution that can satisfy their needs and combine the management of all business processes.

After conducting full business analysis and working closely with the business owner, as well as the office staff, a decision concept was made. Its essence was to combine the work of office managers, field workers, and company executives with the help of a web admin panel and an iOS application, connected by a well-designed back-end.

This solution will allow the client to connect all processes that can be automated:- Customer Relationship Management- Assignment and monitoring tasks for field workers- Receive reports on finished work in a real-time- Check and replenish stocks- Management and visualization of data on completed work and much more

The following case is related to medicine and the development of an entire communication platform with an increased level of security. One of the main criteria for quality and suitability in such developments is safety. And to be more precise, compliance with the security level established at the legislative level, because we are talking about the exchange of confidential information. The IDAP team had to examine in detail the critical aspects of storing clinical data in the United States. Their development is not only excellent in terms of performance, design, and capabilities, but they also took care of its safety. 

The following case is related to medicine and the development of an entire communication platform with an increased level of security.UniqueDoc is a confidential communication platform for private medical consultations, organization of online and offline events with the integration of a platform-independent social network. It provides messaging and files sharing functionality, as well as managing and scheduling meetings and consultations.

In addition to the platform itself, the IDAP development team also created a platform-independent application. This allows patients to instantly contact medical personnel in cases of need for professional assistance. Thanks to the use of the latest development tools, it was possible to provide the highest level of protection, as well as to provide a secure and trouble-free communication channel for messaging. More functionality also allows you to exchange files without type restrictions, which eliminates the need to use third-party services that can compromise privacy.

In terms of technology, the following were used to ensure data security:- RNCryptor and SSKeyChain for data encryption and user verification.- Scaling is improved through the use of AFNetwork, which has significantly increased the number of simultaneous users and requests.- File sharing is implemented using PDFNet for fast file processing, as well as GPU Image and SDWebImage for working with images.- Chat is built on the basis of SockerRocket and OpenTok, which provides user interaction with the server in real-time.

Having examined in detail the specifics of the industry, the IDAP team worked to ensure the necessary level of security and data confidentiality. This goal was achieved through careful monitoring in the development process, testing after its completion, and a personal check before deployment. With the UniqueDoc platform, users can chat, make calls and exchange files, being sure that they are protected by security protocols, and their data is stored in secure storage with double encryption.

In the end, as always, we left the most interesting. It will be about developing an iOS application capable of replacing a full-sized professional DJ console. You will probably agree that such abrupt transitions between industries and the types of tasks that IDAP solves can surprise anyone. Thanks to their experience in development, they managed to become experts in many fields, which undoubtedly allows them to constantly overcome new barriers.

In this particular case, there were several barriers at once. The application created by IDAP was an implementation of a startup idea. The idea was really good, just as difficult to implement. After all, before starting to do anything, the developers had to study the principles of operation of a real DJ console. Thus, the developers found out for themselves what exactly the main challenges in the development process will consist of. The first difficulty was creating tools for real-time audio processing. After all, the developers wanted users to be able to hear changes made by them in real-time and without loss of quality. The solution was asynchronous data processing in synergy using a separate, professional sound engine. This approach allowed the user to get the processing result instantly and in excellent quality, without any artifacts. 

The second, also not the easiest task was to create a convenient, customizable interface based on a real device. The client, as the author of the idea, wanted to bring the application user interface as close as possible to the real one, in order to maintain ease of use for professionals. And most importantly, to maintain the feeling of a real DJ console, for those who are just starting their careers, and are not able to buy a real one. Experienced designers successfully coped with the task.

They managed to place all the developments on the main screen, which allows you to create a convenient and seamless experience in use. The user does not need to switch between screens to access various audio processing functions. And the last, but no less important task was to create a convenient music library, with which the guys also successfully coped.

Thus, thanks to the significant efforts of the entire team, in cooperation with the client, they were able to almost completely “digitize” the functionality of a real and complex device. Making it an easily accessible toolkit for both professionals and beginners.


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