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about Table XI

Table XI - a custom software development company based in Chicago. For more than 17 years in development, the experienced development team of 40 experts works with clients from such industries as innovation, manufacturing & IoT, retail & e-commerce, healthcare, and education.

Experience in performing a code audit, infrastructure audit, frontend audit allow Table XI to start a collaboration with product discovery, product audits, and project inception and then provide the advanced custom software development services. No matter how far the client is, the company provides a wide range of outsourcing services, for example, for Fortune 100 companies from Singapore, Tokyo, London, and LA.

Table XI offers digital strategy, user experience design, mobile development, and web development solutions, thanks to which many best rating agencies and publishers recognize the company as one of the top development US companies.


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  • Web development 30%
  • E-commerce 15%
  • Mobile App 30%
  • Design, UI & UX 15%
  • IoT 10%
  • Web development
    • VueJS 10%
    • Ruby 35%
    • ReactJS 20%
    • Javascript 35%
  • E-commerce
    • Magento 50%
    • Shopify 50%
  • Mobile App
    • Android 30%
    • cross platform 20%
    • Mobile web 20%
    • iOS 30%
  • Design, UI & UX
    • UX 45%
    • Web design 55%


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    • United States
    • Chicago 
    • 328 S. Jefferson St., Suite 670, Chicago, IL 60661, US
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Table XI - a custom software and product development company review

Custom software development is the process of software creating that is required to meet customer needs. To make a product as successful as possible, not only programmers but also testers and web designers are usually involved. In the process of creating, a custom project goes through the usual stages of requirements gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment, which ultimately leads to an individual result following the client requirements. 

Service linesCustom Software, Mobile App, Design, Consulting
Avg. hourly rate$150 - 199 / hr
LocationChicago, IL, USA

Table XI - is a team of software developers with more than 17 years of experience in web & mobile development, strategy and consulting. Сompany's programmers are well-skilled in code writing technologies based on JavaScript, React Native, and Ruby on Rails. The team also provides DevOps services, which provides maximizing the efficiency and safety of software development.

  1. Digital strategy and project management

The team provides project development services from the initial stage to launching. To create a product that fully meets the requirements of the client and the needs of his business, the team provides services for the development of digital strategy, product strategy, and project management. 

In creating the digital strategy, the company collaborates with the client to select the most effective tools to hit its business goals. The company's experts know what questions should be asked and how to correctly answer customer questions to collect all the necessary information for further work.

Product strategy is also an integral part of the new software creating process. During it, the company uses tools for an in-depth study of the market and the company of the client. After, thanks to the rapid prototyping, testing, and validation, the multifunctional team helps the client to understand what exactly he needs and how the company will help to achieve this.

Project management. The company not only provides a team of professionals to work on the project, but also draws up a budget and a project plan developed for each business individually, taking into account its features. To ensure that project management is as effective as possible, and the results are consistent with business goals, managers use advanced Agile methods in their work.

  1. User experience design

When providing any of the services, the company primarily focuses on consumer experience, therefore, design development, taking into account previously created prototypes, also strives to create an intuitive and unique design that will find a positive response from the audience.

Table XI helps to create products that consumers like, drastically involving end-users in every step of the process. This is done through user surveys, and usability tests, which are further explored to improve development decisions.

The company provides user experience and interaction design services to best meet the expectations of users in the process of using a mobile or web product created by the company. To do this, the team creates interactive prototypes that combine the best design methods that meet the unique needs of the audience.

  1. Mobile app development and responsive design

Table XI specializes in providing mobile app development, as well as responsive design services for future applications. The mobile design specialists are engaged in optimizing the customer’s environment while developing effective user interactions and planning application functions that will ultimately bring a positive impact to the client’s business. To quickly respond to user demands, the team optimizes the content and code.

Providing mobile development services, the team specializes in creating Android and iOS native apps for phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and wearable devices. The company's applications promise to be the most productive, as the Table XI practices constant research of new tools to optimize application performance and collect application analytics. This, in turn, also helps simplify application development by automating builds, data collection in production, crash reports, and deployments to the app store.

In addition to native applications, the team also specializes in creating cross-platform apps, which are currently the most demanded, as they combine the native capabilities for iOS and Android. To create a single set of code for cross-platform applications, the team uses React Native technology, which is a leader among frameworks.

  1. Custom web development

Providing web development services, the team takes a product from the early-stage concept to production reality. Thanks to the use of flexible development processes, the product is quickly brought to the market, while having a high-quality "stuffing" and an effective set of functions. Besides the fact that the company can create a web solution quickly, it also conducts effective testing and quick correction of inaccuracies and shortcomings to provide a high-quality solution to the end-user.

The company effectively uses all of Ruby on Rails features, as it has contributed to open source projects such as RSpec and written books on testing in Rails and accepting online payments. In addition, the company has been providing Ruby on Rails development services since the creation of the RoR framework, so it has vast experience in using it. The team offers services for system integration, data processing or creating any type of web application.

Javascript development is another service in which the company has vast experience, working also with modern frameworks like React and Vue. The company provides the development of strong interactions that create unique user interfaces.

To provide advanced DevOps services, the company uses AWS and Rackspace as clouds in which the company provides software deployment, thereby ensuring the creation of a reliable infrastructure based on best practices, including the automatic provision of resources via chef, infrastructure in the form of code through terraform and automatic deployment.

NUcore - is a special software designed by the Table XI team to create a single, seamless, and transparent software for managing core facilities of Northwestern University.

The main challenge for the company was the need to create a software solution that would satisfy the needs of sixty research centers. Given that they used a lot of systems to track usage and manage payments, it was necessary to create a solution that would maintain the kernels connecting the entire set of systems, as well as allow administrators to see which tools were used. 

For almost a year, the company has been collecting requirements for future software, eventually creating open-source asset management software so that other universities and commercial core facilities can use NUcore.

Today, 55 of the university’s 60 cores use the system, and the Table XI team is still NUcore’s core engineers and service technicians. The software was effectively implemented not only at Northwestern University but also at Dartmouth College and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

95-year-old manufacturing company Dickson was the first customer of Table XI. Over the 15 years of cooperation, the company has provided many advanced solutions for the client and done two total redesigns of Dickson Data since. This time, the company was hired for adding IoT connectivity to deliver DicksonOne.

The collaboration started with making and testing the Arduino concept, which transmitted information to the cloud and displayed it to the user. Soon, the ability to connect to the IoT wireless network made it possible to introduce several new functions, including alerting customers when changing atmospheric conditions, which are possible only in IoT projects. For this, a dashboard was created, the data from which is used to improve hardware.

Table XI's collaboration with Dickson continues, and the team is already in the process of developing the UX for DicksonOne.

Consider another project of the company, whose purpose was to completely update The Field Museum of Natural History website. The museum turned to the company to hire a UX team of designers and developers who could create a product that fully meets the needs of their target audience. The company approached the search for a solution very seriously and conducted a large-scale study to develop a solution to meet the needs of users and achieve business goals. 

The research phase took 4 months and included surveys, interviews, competitive analysis, modified card sorts, user observations, and Google analytics research. The data was used to create a convenient, intuitive and adaptive design that takes into account the wishes of users and gives them full access to the study of interesting scientific content, and even contact scientists and contribute to the research conducted at The Field Museum of Natural History. Today, users can easily browse their exhibits, programs, and events.


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