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about Meticulosity

Meticulosity is a commercial digital marketing and development agency offering web design, web development, e-commerce, inbound marketing (includes: SEO, PPC, content creation, social media), DevOps and scalable cloud hosting infrastructures. The company is a Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency, Magento Solution Partner and a Google Partner. 

The main software platforms they work with are: Magento Enterprise, Magento Community, HubSpot, WordPress, WordPress Enterprise, Bigcommerce, 3DCart, Drupal, Joomla, Volusion. Meticulosity assists their clients in planning and developing a website from scratch, or maintaining existing websites. Expert advisory services are also available for existing websites, such as: online advertising management (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing. 

The development team consists of more than 35 qualified developers, including: Magento Certified Developer, Magento Certified Developer Plus, Google Adwords, Bigcommerce Partner, 3dcart Expert, PHP Certified Developer.

As for the scale of the projects, they specialize in helping mid-market and enterprise businesses that are already engaged in inbound marketing and want to improve their performance. The company has experience in the fields of high-tech items, health and drug marketing, fintech, e-commerce, retail and more. They received the Impact Award (GDD) from HubSpot, the industry leader in inbound marketing, and the IMPACT16 and IMPACT17 awards from the Internet Marketing Association, a professional marketing organization.

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  • Web development 30%
  • E-commerce 40%
  • Design, UI & UX 25%
  • Cloud Services 5%
  • E-commerce
    • Magento 60%
    • Shopify 5%
    • Volusion 5%
    • 3DCart 15%
    • Bigcommerce 15%
  • Cloud Services
    • Aws Partners 100%

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Meticulosity review - a recognized expert in eCommerce development, Web Design and Marketing

"Vision for detail," what does that mean?A Meticulosity is a diverse mix of creative seers and meticulous programmers who have exceptional attention to detail. Meticulosity almost immediately, since its founding in 2008, has established itself as a team of professionals, trusted by world brands and popular online stores. Being one of the few agencies that can offer a fully digital service, they maintain a clear distribution of roles that sets them apart from competitors. The range of their services includes everything from development and DevOps to marketing.

However, we can assure you, "Jack of all trades, master of none" is not about them, they do what they like and focus on what they really know. After all, designers are not always the best programmers, and programmers do not always have the best view of design. That is why for each case - they have a separate "master".

The team consists of experienced professionals, each of whom is a specialist in their field. They can provide skilled assistance in the areas of web design, e-commerce consulting, customer experience, online advertising, SEO and social media services tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and online stores.

Meticulosity is also a recognized expert in integrating gorgeous and user-friendly web designs into third-party e-commerce platforms such as Magento, 3dcart, Bigcommerce and Shopify, or content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more.The company has repeatedly received international awards in the areas of web design, such as HubSpot Impact Award 2016 for Growth Driven Design, IMA IMPACT Award 2016, ARA Website of the Year Award 2015.

Separately, it is worth talking about the scope of e-commerce solutions. Basically, the company works with mid-market online stores and businesses. Most often, clients are enterprise managers and organizations that use Magento, WordPress or HubSpot. The agency can offer them a full range of digital end-to-end solutions from design to development and from marketing to content writing. The best evidence of their expertise in these areas is a strategic partnership with world-renowned IT titans. The company is Platinum HubSpot Partner, Magento Solution Partner, AWS Partner and a Google Partner. Meticulosity is headquartered in Canada's beautiful Okanagan Valley, in Kelowna, BC. Meticulosity is a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A rating. They also have offices in NY, Albany, and in the Cayman Islands inside the Cayman Enterprise City (special economic zone).

Service linesEcommerce Development, Web Design, Marketing
Avg.hourly rate$150 - $199 / hr
LocationKelowna, Canada

The company can offer you:


The company offers e-commerce and enterprise solution development services. The development team includes certified specialists: Magento 1 & Magento 2, Magento Open Source, Amazon AWS Infrastructure, Dedicated developers, DevOps and Deployment.

The company provides a wide range of development services:- HubSpot Development - the team can develop custom HubL modules and forms; accomplish any complex design into clients HubSpot's CMS- Enterprise WordPress Development - Meticulosity provides complex hosting environments for its clients as dedicated multi-server stacks or AWS auto-scaling groups- Custom Magento Development - includes custom Magento design and theming, performance optimization, integration of 3-rd party ERP systems and payment gateways- Data Import & Management - import of existing customers or product database from e-commerce systems- Marketplace Integration - Meticulosity integrates client's products with eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, and CRM Integration - the team has experience in integration of Infusionsoft, SalesForce, SugarCRM- Hosting & Data Consulting


Meticulosity offers web design and consulting services tailored to the needs of businesses. With extensive experience in the industry, the design team is involved in every step of designing, development, launching and maintaining hundreds of websites. They have managed to work on almost all popular platforms, from Drupal to WordPress. The total number of running sites has long since exceeded several thousand, over a thousand of which are on WordPress. The list of major development areas includes:

- Ecommerce Web Design (Magento Website Design, 3dcart Website Design, Coresense Website Design, Bigcommerce Website Design) - Wordpress & Hubspot Design- Custom Web Design

Their specific approach to Growth-driven Design (GDD) will maximize the speed and return on investment of incoming websites and refurbishments. This approach makes your website a center of marketing activity. The site will be constantly improved, and the approach used will allow minimizing the risk of traditional website redesigns and make it possible to conduct marketing research in real-time.


Meticulosity offers a full range of marketing services that can be provided individually or as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. The full list of services consists of:- Automation (Workflows, Triggers, Zaps, Processes)- Search Engine Optimization- Inbound Marketing- Ecommerce Inbound Marketing- Content Marketing- Online Advertising (Google & Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Ads, etc)- Conversion Optimization (Optimizing CTAs, landing pages, forms, messaging, and branding)- Growth-driven Design- Blockchain and Crypto marketing strategy and execution- Social Media Management

When looking at the company’s portfolio, you can see that the main areas of its activity are web design and development of e-commerce solutions, especially based on the Magento 2 platform.

Everything is clear with the design, it is necessary for any website, regardless of the technology stack used. Another interesting thing is the popularity of Magento, and why are solutions based on this platform so often ordered at Meticulosity? Although the company is not a Magento-oriented agency, the popularity of the service and the superiority of the number of solutions based on it in relation to other platforms cannot be denied. This is due to the considerable experience of the developers and their careful approach to solving problems.

For example, working with Bulls Bikes, certified Magento 2 developers from the Meticulosity team created unique integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce websites. Detailed attention was paid to each aspect because the concept involved creating the most customized sites. The design team has created a new theme for each site, and web developers have integrated them into Magento 2, also migrating client data from an outdated system.

As a result, the developed sites were recognized as the best e-commerce solutions in the company's portfolio. They have become the best business card for future clients. We can confidently state that they have set the bar for all future projects.

However, let's not forget, Magento is not their main platform. After 10 years in the market, they have already had considerable experience in almost every platform, from Drupal to WordPress. In 2017, Meticulosity decided to focus on HubSpot as the main platform. Even so, projects on other platforms have become smaller, but the quality of development has increased significantly, and HubSpot is gaining its popularity. This is a very promising area, as Meticulosity is a partner of Platinum HubSpot, being the pioneer with the most experience, they are the main driver of its popularization and development. The following projects will support this statement.

As a veteran of digital marketing, Column5 already had considerable experience when it came to their inbound processes. However, they were aware of the need for further development and were looking for a partner to develop COS HubSpot and SEO. To fully empower their CMS and streamline their business processes.

The choice fell on Meticulosity, exactly the same "veteran" in the industry they needed. Meticulosity marketing team worked closely with the client team to quickly and efficiently complete the required set of optimization actions.

A few words about HubSpot COS, it differs from traditional CMS in that it provides a comprehensive solution to marketing needs and allows you to create more personalized experiences for your audience. Completely built on an inbound marketing strategy, it allowed it to be the perfect solution for Column5. Its integration has provided the space for further development. The Column5 website has been fully optimized for search engines. Additionally, business process optimization and data auditing were performed. This project became the best development of a company that used HubSpot.

Another striking project using the HubSpot capabilities was the development of a website for Cayman Enterprise City (CEC).

Cayman Enterprise City is a special economic zone located in the Cayman Islands that offers companies offshore physical presence, to expand their business internationally and protect their intellectual property in non-taxable environments. One of Meticulosity's offices is located directly within the CEC area, so they were well acquainted with the client and its needs. That's why, when Cayman Enterprise City experienced rapid growth and their ideal customer and product offerings were changing faster than their outdated website could handle, they turned to Meticulosity for help.

After creating the previous two websites in three years, they needed a new approach, much faster and more promising in terms of its potential for further development. Meticulosity and Hubspot offered the perfect solution. It was the use of growth-driven design (GDD) - a whole new take on web design. Its key difference from traditional views is the use of a methodology that focuses on the fastest start, and the base website is created solely in the context of the "launch pad". The final design, unlike the traditional approach, is not created "here and now", because it takes a lot of time. The benefits of the methodology lie in the flexibility and prospects for ongoing development and adaptation, as well as support for marketing intelligence.

A website for Cayman Enterprise City based on HubSpot using GDD has been ready in six weeks. Since then, the Meticulosity team has been working closely with Cayman Enterprise City. By regularly tweaking and refining the website for optimum results, they allow the customer to quickly adapt to new market needs.

Less than a year later, there were noticeably significant gains in figures:- Average Monthly Visits- 32% Increase in Website-Wide Conversion Rate- 5% Increase in Search Visibility Since Launch- Average Monthly Leads Increased 2-3x

Meticulosity, in turn, received the award in 2016, as recognition of their work by the IMPACT Internet Marketing Association.

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