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about Pixafy

Pixafy is a full-service e-commerce agency headquartered in New York. They are experts in integrating e-commerce solutions and ERP systems. In their activities, they are focused on B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms and the most important ERP systems that manage them. 

Pixafy is an elite partner for Magento Enterprise (Gold) and Shopify Plus Partner with certified engineers in the team. As a subsidiary of Net at Work, which is a leading ERP product partner (Sage, NetSuite, and Salesforce), they can provide them as the basis for their solutions.

Since 2010, the company has more than 350 launched sites, more than 800,000 client hours and more than 5,000,000 lines of code. The staff consists of 45 experienced specialists in the fields of: platform engineering, systems architecture, user interface development, design, and marketing.


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  • Web development 30%
  • E-commerce 60%
  • Design, UI & UX 10%
  • Design, UI & UX
    • UX 40%
    • Web design 50%
    • Wordpress Web Design 10%


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    • United States
    • New York 
    • 575 8th Ave, 18th Floor New York, NY 10018
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Pixafy review - a US E-commerce Web Development Agency

Pixafy is a digital agency whose main expertise is an e-commerce solutions development. The company was founded in October 2010 by Uri Foox and has established itself as a team of talented developers and creators who build fairly complex solutions on the Magento platform. 

Service linesE-commerce solutions Architecture and Development, Marketing, Web Design
Avg.hourly rateUndisclosed
LocationNew York, US

After the company was acquired in December 2015 by Net at Work (a full-service technology and business consultant), the web development departments merged. The result is a “new” department called Pixafy. Since then, much has changed, starting with the fact that, according to former employees, the company has lost its authenticity. But there are positive aspects to the merger, for example, it allows them to use the capabilities of the base Net at Work platform, is a set of software products and the help of business and technical experts in their solutions.In addition, financial resources have grown, which allows them to scale and provide their customers with more valuable and comprehensive solutions.The spectrum of technologies and specializations has also expanded. At the moment, they are also recognized experts in the field of integration of e-commerce (B2B and B2C) and ERP (Sage, NetSuite, and Salesforce). 

  1. Solution Architecture 

Developing a strategic vision that will help you achieve your goals based on your current situation. This approach allows you to study in detail the needs of your business, and find the perfect solution. The range of services of this kind includes:- Analysis of the existing commercial ecosystem, which helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, and paths for improvement.- Conversion optimization by analyzing the external design, the approach used to design and customer data.- Assistance in collecting, analyzing and using important user data as part of a commercial strategy.- Improving the conversion on the website by researching the target audience, based on real-time data streams.- Analysis of user behavior, which allows you to get the basic attributes of their intentions and tracks the patterns of action. 

  1. Solution Development 

Developing a new solution or improving an existing one in order to improve the quality of customer service or simply to increase the conversion rate. Pixafy specialists can help you with any of these questions. For example, the company provides services in the field of integration of ERP, CMS, CRM, payment processing system and social channels for the Shopify and Magento platforms. As well the team may empower system architecture by adding some customized solutions constructed specially for client’s needs, for example, APIs, applications or business logic layers. 

In addition, one of the most popular services is the analysis of the entire ecosystem of your website. Starting from inventory and deliveries to payments and processes, with their subsequent optimization.

It is also worth noting that quality assurance and code verification are the basis of the Pixafy process, and they carefully check every function of your website long before the first launch. This approach is supported by the fact that there is free maintenance for 90 days after the launch of the website.

  1. Web Design

In collaboration with design partners, Pixafy implements functionally sophisticated and modern designs. You can be sure that the functional design is responsive, creative, and functionally viable. Such services include developing a responsive UI and UX optimizing, as well as developing a high-quality layout.

  1. Marketing 

The company offers technical support for your marketing efforts to help you get the attention of your audience and improve your conversion. As platform and development experts, they are ready to collaborate with your internal team, advertising agencies, PR and paid media companies. 

The list of services includes:- Promotion of content by integrating your website with sites for sharing content and social networks- SEO optimization- Automation and adaptation of customer experience- Integration of ratings and reviews for your products- Retargeting- Support from strategy experts in evaluating and improving engagement and conversion

Operational assistance to customers in adapting to new market conditions, on the example of Sugarpova

The market is volatile, and the business must be prepared to adapt to its requirements in order to remain profitable. Each decision, and the speed of its adoption in a critical situation, directly affect the future path of business development. At such moments, you can only trust reliable partners.

An example of such a relationship is the partnership between Pixafy and the Sugarpova brand. Let's look at the difficult situation this brand faced.

Sugarpova is a premium candy line created by tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. Products include chocolates, truffles, chewing sweets, and gift baskets, all with a strong brand name and unique Sugarpova identity.

When Sugarpova originally came to Pixafy, they needed a powerful, and visually appealing e-commerce solution. Which was supposed to be an integration of a blog on a WordPress and the functionality of the store into a single, functional system. Pixafy has helped to achieve this goal through the Magento Enterprise Edition website, focusing on design, robust configuration, and powerful integration.

However, any assembly of the site is not a one-time project; rather, it is the beginning of long cooperation aimed to achieve the brand’s goals and improve its business performance.After several years, and some changes in the business process, the Sugarpova brand came to the conclusion that it needed a more compact, streamlined solution. The reason for this was too big costs and difficulties in working with a powerful site based on the Magento platform. Along with the fact that the Sugarpova license with Magento expired, a decision was made to switch to a new platform.As an alternative, the Shopify platform was chosen, which made it possible to seamlessly import data and assets. Thanks to this transition, daily operations have disappeared, and now Sugarpova can save more than $ 20,000 a year on its new, lightweight e-commerce site.

Resolution of difficult situations on the example of Reflect Window and Door

It often happens that the main difficulty of the work is to import data from a previous resource. As well as its subsequent conversion to the format necessary for the new platform. Problems of this kind require considerable time to solve them, and along with the development of the website and its optimization often requires tremendous effort.

The following case clearly illustrates how the team of professional developers from Pixafy has the necessary experience to quickly and effectively act in such situations.

Reflect Window and Door in November 2018 turned to Pixafy with the intention of creating a new e-commerce solution after the old one became unusable. The previous solution was developed jointly with an independent developer, on a little-known platform. And when the company partnered with a marketing agency in New York to improve SEO and PPC, they ran into implementation difficulties related to the website architecture. Developers at a marketing agency were not even able to customize product tags or embed conversion pixels.

Without a code base or data ownership, Reflect realized that their only way out will be to create a new solution. Pixafy’s task was to develop and launch a website that combines access to B2B and B2C audiences and simplifies backend management.The client demanded that the updated website would reflect the existing one and also have functions that support multi-level discounting of prices, conversion of international currencies, promotion of services, search and configuration of products.

But before the developers were able to begin the redesign process, they had to face a rather unique and complex data transfer situation. This was due to the fact that the development was carried out by an independent developer, and the basis was taken of a little-known online sales platform, which includes user-defined functions. As a result, the solution was not scalable. In addition, its developer claimed rights to the code and data bases collected internally and did not want to facilitate the migration process.

Reflect still managed to agree with the developer to get most of the information from the website. But it was presented as an unstructured JSON script. Pixafy employees managed to parse and translate them into the format necessary for Shopify. The next important task in the process of data migration was to prepare the Sage 50 solution and integrate it with Shopify. The eBridge integration module was used, it allowed to organize a connection with the optimal e-commerce data stream.Having the necessary and ready to import product information, the development team was able to get started.

They have successfully completed all the requirements of the client and are still in partnership.However, such cases clearly demonstrate the difficulties that developers sometimes have to face. Not infrequently through the fault / initiative of other developers (as in this case). But good skills and strong experience allow Pixafy to confidently overcome such barriers.

Complete solution with ERP integration for Stormtech

But the main distinguishing features of the company are an integrated approach to the solution, as well as expert skills in integrating electronic commerce and ERP.An example of their application is the result of cooperation with Stormtech.The Pixafy development team managed to create not only an effective and reliable solution, but also an entire ecosystem of e-commerce that supports a modern user interface and reduces operating costs.Let's look at this case.

Stormtech wanted to replace its Magento-based B2B and B2C retail portals with Shopify alternatives. Moreover, it was also necessary to develop a special integration module that would simplify the automatic synchronization of orders and pricing between new websites and the existing Aprise resource planning system (ERP). This was the reason for an appeal to Pixafy.The development team migrated critical data from existing Magento sites to two new portals based on a pre-configured Shopify Plus theme. After that, the UX and UI functionality was developed to implement customer support from all over the world.

The product search on the site was optimized by using Nextopia Site Search, an advanced online shopping search engine that uses machine learning in its algorithms to provide customers with intelligent recommendations. Also, new integration widgets with social networks were introduced, and optimized tools for creating pages and links.Specialists from the development department have written a fully customizable Aprise ERP connector for Shopify. This made it easier to exchange data during operations between front-of-house and back-of-house.

Satisfied with the collaboration and its results, Stormtech entered into an agreement with Pixafy to support ongoing technical initiatives throughout 2019 and beyond.

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