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about Avex Designs

AVEX is a New York-based creative agency specializing in website and e-commerce solutions development, design, branding, and content creation.

The team creates stylish and user-friendly solutions, helps brands to create their own identity, and provide distribution platforms. AVEX pays great attention to design as a tool that can tell the story of a brand. Their preferred e-commerce solution platforms are Shopify and Shopify Plus.

The company offers a wide range of services in various formats, from large-scale e-commerce solutions to content creation for digital campaigns. But the list of basic services includes website development, web design, Shopify and Shopify Plus platform solutions, digital marketing, and SEO, as well as content creation and branding.

The company’s team consists of experts in diverse fields: strategy, creativity, user experience, content, technology, and optimization. In their activities, and in the creative process, they adhere to the “brand first” approach.

AVEX company is the owner of several design awards, including WebAward 2017, AWWWARDS, CSS Web Awards, and others. The company cooperates with clients in various industries, such as Fashion and Luxury, Finance, Food and Drink, Lifestyle, Technology, and Entertainment. 


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  • Web development 35%
  • E-commerce 35%
  • Design, UI & UX 30%

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Avex Design - E-commerce development agency review

Avex is a web design company and digital agency incorporated in 2015, in New York by John Surdakowski. The company was established out of a desire to create beautiful and exciting digital experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. Small in size, Avex can scale quickly depending on the size and needs of your project. We are going to present the best case studies according to the latest technologies. 

Service linesShopify Plus E-commerce, Growth Marketing, Content Creation
Avg. hourly rate$100-149
LocationNew York, NY, USA

Avex uses a brand-first approach to e-commerce, so with experience in the industry, they are able to fulfill your design dreams, renew your brand, or completely rebuild it. They can develop anything from design to marketing strategy or even create content and actively promote your brand. As a partner of Shopify Plus, Avex helps young and ambitious brands to achieve incredible growth and take their place in the market. Focusing on stylish UI design, user-friendly mobile design, and Shopify custom integration, they create a unique user experience as well as an overall branding experience. At the same time, Avex builds and uses marketing growth strategies for your brand and business. They guarantee the right audience and the right type of traffic for your business, turning visitors into regular customers. The company also specializes in organizing and optimizing paid social and search queries. Their marketing tools include Klaviyo, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.They use this skillfully to create a regular audience inflow, retention, retargeting, and brand engagement with customers. 

  1. E-commerce Development on Shopify & Shopify Plus

As a Shopify Plus partner and expert in integrating components into the platform, the team creates elegant solutions for their clients in order to establish brand loyalty and seamless experience for users and enable their business growth. They have worked with many ambitious brands that have succeeded with thoughtful design, state-of-the-art technology, and forward-thinking strategies. 

The company provides such e-commerce services:- E-commerce Strategy. Avex possesses highly professional strategists and technologists who may develop an e-commerce strategy, international strategy as well as help clients with branding, positioning, and bespoke Shopify integrations;

- E-commerce Solutions Development & UX Design. The in-house team of experts creates usable and stylish digital solutions that are backed up with emerging technologies. The core focus is on the development of intuitive Shopify websites and constructing UX wireframes and design mockups;

- E-commerce Migration. Avex’s developers consult and migrate already existing e-commerce solutions from Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce to Shopify. The team is able to provide a data migration of order, product or customer data as well as integrate any third-party solution into your ERP, CRM or IMS. The team can assist and support with the Shopify store setup in case if the client only launches its product.

Every company’s project starts with the exploration stage in order to help the client achieve his business objectives. During this stage, the team learns more about the client’s overall business, goals, processes and end-users. Focusing primarily on user experience developers create sitemaps, wireframes and design personas in order to fully satisfy target audience expectations. Such an approach helps to create an efficient Shopify store that allows handling the content, control sales, and inventory, and as a result, sell more products and gain more revenue. 

  1. Website Development & Design

Website development & design are Avex’s core offerings. The team of developers clearly understands that a website is a business card that represents the client’s brand in the digital space and frequently is the first place of interaction with customers. Avex is standing for the development of intuitive and meaningful websites that raise brand awareness, drive business growth, and produce measurable results. 

The development process is mainly based on iterations and user-centric approach where collected data and user feedback give the opportunity to make prudent decisions that help to improve the end quality of the website. The process of website development involves such stages as:

- Kick-off. At this stage, the team gathers broad information about the client’s business goals, learns more about needs and develop a strategy that is tailored to the brand;

- Sitemaps & Wireframes. The stage considers the creation of a unique blueprint for a future website. User experience and information assurance specialists develop wireframes and sitemaps that will serve as a foundation of content and website layout;

- UX Design. UX designers provide design mockups for desktop, tablet and mobile devices that help to determine a brand's digital presence;

- Development. Avex's front-end and back-end developers are working side-by-side to build a custom solution for the client's business. In order to provide a convenient way to manage the content, they add a content management system like Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal or Joomla to the developed website. 

Concerning website design, Avex adheres to the principle that the delivered website should not only be good-looking but also it should tell a brand story as well as work responsively on all devices and operate as a valuable resource. The team uses a mobile-first approach that provides an opportunity to optimize a website for all devices starting from TVs and ending with the smartphones. All of the developed design layouts are high-quality, pixel-perfect and delivered on Avex’s prototyping software. 

  1. Mobile App Development

Avex company uses the most advanced technologies in order to craft prototypes and apps for Android, iOS and progressive mobile web apps. The team of engineers, project managers and creatives are working together to turn striking user experiences into real-world products. As well, the company provides services in developing in-store POS and retail experiences as mobile app solutions.  

The team aims to create user-friendly mobile apps that will empower the brand and engage the client’s audience. The development process starts with the planning stage and strategy development. During it, the team cooperates with the client and creates a plan of action to determine the core functionality, target audience, and user experience. After that designers and engineers are working side-by-side to develop design mockups and load them into prototyping software that allows previewing the user-experience and interactions whereupon goes a development stage. Moreover, Avex will help to launch a mobile app on Google app or Apple stores including icons and assets creation as well as submission process support. 

  1. User Experience Design

Providing data-driven user-experience design Avex combines principles of UX design with front-end development to create valuable business solutions. The process of creating an intuitive and customer-oriented user-experience design consists of 3 stages: 

- Customer Identification - includes data analysis and research of the customer base;

- Wireframes & Sitemaps - the entire structure of the website described before the start of the design phase;

- User Experience Design - the stage involves the creation of designs, after which the project loaded into prototyping software.

Besides, the company specializes in providing user experience audit services. If the client already has websites, it is often more beneficial to only improve the user experience of clients, without having to redesign the entire website completely. To do this, Avex provides experienced user development consulting services, which include a full audit of the current website or application, with the further provision of comprehensive information on the possibilities and ways to improve it.

  1. Digital Marketing and SEO

Being a digital marketing agency Avex focuses on creating content, links, keyword optimization, paid media resources, collaborating with brands to create and conduct comprehensive digital marketing, and SEO campaigns

The company digital marketing & SEO process, including several essential steps towards driving business growth: on-site optimization for SEO, on-page website SEO audit, keyword analysis, competitive analysis, content planning, strategy, and execution. Besides, Avex aims to provide a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, which in turn includes not only search engine optimization, but also link building, Google Adwords management, email marketing, analytics, reporting and A / B testing.

As for digital e-commerce marketing, the Avex team is committed to providing digital marketing or SEO solutions for e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify or Magento. Working with e-commerce brands to increase brand recognition and search ranking, the company again offers more, for example, focusing on such components of digital marketing in e-commerce as:- Shopify, Magento SEO;- Google Shopping integration;- Product detail optimization;- Blog optimization;- Mobile optimization.

  1. Branding and Identity

Adhering to the position that branding is more than creating a logo, identifying branding as the voice and persona of client's company Avex provide such advanced social media management as well as digital marketing services like:- Logo creation;- Brand persona;- Brand asset creation;- Character & Story development.

  1. Social Media Management

By providing social media management services, Avex means an extension of the existing client team and developing a strategy to reach a more in-depth audience. The company's social media content primarily provides for the creation of valuable and unique content through the creation of a design system and assets that interact with the client's audience on social networks. The Avex team specializes in creating the following types of content:

- Photography Assets - involves creating photo content, as well as mood boards and photo grids;

- Instagram Stories - Avex aims to create templates for publishing corporate and exciting stories;

- Facebook Management - provides for the publication of content (blog entries, photographs, videos) fully optimized for Facebook;

- Daily Instagram Engagement - involves not only posting, but also live interaction with engaging with followers through like, comment and Direct response;

- Video Assets - constellation explainer videos, branding, and lifestyle videos.

In addition to content, social media management also includes social media advertising to increase the activity of subscribers and target audience, traffic, and the number of conversions. Working with Facebook and Instagram platforms, Avex provides creation and promotion services of effective advertising to increase the return on investment of customers and brand awareness. For this, Avex uses the main principles of optimizing advertising through social networks, including location features, targeting, A / B Testing, and more.

  1. Lead Generation

Avex is committed to providing services that include improved tactics for attracting potential customers and developing a client's business. The company offers its services with work with the client's sales team, directly integrating with the preferred client tool for customer relationship management (CRM). So, Avex lead generation services include:- CRM integration;- Landing pages and lead generation forms;- Sales funnel creation.

Enlightened have approached AVEX to take their Shopify store to the next level. Inspired by this opportunity, the development team did not want to create another regular website. Their goal was to build a whole brand platform that would allow them to share their ideas and engage with their community.

AVEX offered a solution that allowed Enlightened to disseminate their ideas, communicate with their audience and create their own interest club.

The development team focused on creating a platform that allowed the brand to use its amazing illustrations. Full-size images and background videos were actively used to showcase delicious Enlightened products. The community has had a direct impact on accelerating its products to success. Additionally, a blog and community pages were created to enable the team to engage their audience. This was done using news feeds, new recipes, videos, and other exciting content. In general, the team solved a rather complex set of tasks.

A general concept for the future solution was developed, animation designs and prototypes were created, the Shopify platform was configured, the necessary modules and APIs were integrated, and the user experience was optimized for different platforms.

The customer was a well-known New York designer - Eugenia Kim, who set out to highlight the distinctive features of her brand. Clean, classic shapes with fresh, feminine modernity and playful sense of wit. The designer needed an elegant Shopify store that would fit the brand's aesthetics and at the same time support their business goals.

Avex has created a first-rate e-commerce solution for Eugenia Kim, it allows the brand to manage products and actively distribute content. The attention of designers and developers focused on bright, beautiful images. This approach made it possible to showcase the products and to tell the brand story without unnecessary words.

After launching the new store, the brand experienced a sharp increase in traffic and conversions. The overall conversion rate increased by 257%. It is worth noting that by focusing on intuitive user experience and brand goals, the site has not only helped increase sales but also raise overall brand awareness and become an integral part of it.

The project can be considered difficult in terms of design development because it is known to please the world of high fashion - it is extremely difficult. The success of the development indicates that there are great skills and experience, especially from designers in the development team.

Another customer from the fashion world, this time - a lifestyle brand and innovative retail establishment. The client is named REIGN and is located in Manhattan's Meat Packing District. They approached Avex, in need of a comprehensive solution. It was supposed to include a Shopify store as well as an application for their in-store displays (partnership with Samsung). In addition to developing the store and app, Avex is actively working with the REIGN team to perform SEO work and support development for various campaigns.

As a result, the customer received an updated digital experience for their users, as a Shopify e-commerce platform solution, as well as a web-based in-store app.

Local points of sale also played an essential role for the brand. REIGN's retail location is an evolving experience with technology and installations. Avex has partnered with the brand and made every effort to reproduce the experience online. Customers can now not only shop online but also learn more about products and brands with Samsung's store-wide app.

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