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AngularJS websites: best apps

You can find the AngularJS websites apps everywhere around the internet. No wonder, because since it released in 2009, till now it is one of the most popular framework around the internet: you can hire angular developer almost in every country around the world.

AngularJS is an excellent front-end JavaScript framework for building one-page web applications.  In addition, to the rich standard library, it offers a bunch of custom extensions. Moreover, it has huge community and a Core. We choose best 5 web application build with help of AngularJS framework:


angularjs websites examples

While Google is the developer of AngularJS it was just a matter of time when they will se own JavaScript framework for one of the own product. As result, they have been completely rewrite front-end part of DoubleClick. Massive, complex and heavy advertising platform that runs million and million ads per day was made as flagman example of AngularJS capabilities.

Seems like DoubleClick don’t really require such massive rework that company does to it. They do it for test and get better known about Angular capabilities in first place. A bit later they published major update that give amazing boost for all Angular developers.

  • automated testing was design to simplify and speed-up development process.
  • Interface has been reworked to increase representing code data.


angularjs websites examples

Netflix is an American service, which provides users with the opportunity to watch online movies and TV shows on various devices. Among the main features of the streaming service, Netflix is the broad base of serials and movies, the original voice and subtitles and legal content in ultra-high resolution (4K).

As for today, the channel has about 98.75 million subscribers and is available for users registration in 130 countries in the world. They choose AngularJS as frontend tool in order to analyze and monitor security of Amazon web Services. Meantime, the backend part of project is completed with Python and Flask. But data presentation is managed by using AngularDart. It best suits to develop scalable web apps and support modern web features such as:

  • Web Components.
  • Shadow DOM.

Monthly Visits: 1.649B


angularjs websites examples

Paypal is one of the most dynamically developing electronic payment systems worldwide. It operates in over 200 countries and with more than 25 currencies. It is popular in freelancer communities and is considered to be a perfect way to pay and get money in it.

The Paypal website is developed with AngularJS and it is one of the top visited sites in the world. Or more specifically, they use framework in payPal Checkout system parts:

  • Adding credit card.
  • Payment review.
  • Parent Page.
  • Sidebars.

Monthly Visits: 519.4M


angularjs websites

Here is another famous AngularJS example. This online version of The Weather Channel offers an extremely accurate forecast. According to SimilarWeb, is one of the top 5 most visited weather websites in the world. Moreover, it ranked as top 6 among news and information sites.

While website was released in 1996, in 2016 it was totally remade. Developers choose Drupal CMS together with Symfony2 components as addition. In this case website starts using a bunch of widgets that need to be downloaded for both desktop and mobile version. So, Angular makes a deal. Its models are used to receive required widgets from each directory.

Monthly Visits: 251.9M

The Guardian

angularjs websites

The world-famous British news service The Guardian is one of the top rated online newspapers in Great Britain. Its website hit top 5 most widely read around the world in 2014, with over 42M visitors. The website is implemented as an AngularJS application. In this case developers look for framework in order to make endless scrolling search results. So, they choose AngularJS together with RxJS extension for that purpose.

In addition, a so called “Grid” was developed with using Angular JS. This image management system stores more than 3,000,000 image files, while 20,000 are adding daily. In the end, Guardian decided to make Grid downloadable from Github. Finally, Guardian website developers say that Angular framework responds to all last web-development trends in its latest version.

Monthly Visits: 277.8M


angularjs websites

A Denmark company founded in 1949, it is a line of plastic construction toys. While Lego website launched in 1996, it has been several times remade, and now it is used to work with Angular.

Lego company, in order to advertise Star Wars Rebels mini-series built manual poster maker tool. It allows any user to create his or her own interactive poster on Star Wars theme. While it is not a massive scalable AngularJS web app, it is still a good example of Angular project. So, they manage to make it real by using:

  • AngularJS framework.
  • Browserify task runner.
  • LESS plugin.

Monthly Visits: 17.19M


angularjs websites

ING multinational banking and financial services corporation in connection with other smaller services, was in search of options to make a common interface for hundreds of pages and web apps. While they don’t use clean Angular.Js, but mixed libraries hybrid from most popular frameworks with Angular in the core. So called SpectINGular framework help them reach their quest.

  • Now, UX designers may easy and quickly rework pages with minimal negative efforts.
  • ING completely remade whole front-end part to a singular Angular without major problems and functionality loss.
  • It reduce maintenance cost of web service, while also add many testings features that support Angular.


angularjs websites

In order to adopt their massive data and analytics services to mobile platforms, IBM announced their so called MobileFirst Platform Foundation. It’s also known as IBM Worklight. As result, to save traditional look-and-feel experience between both web and mobile versions, they used Angular.Js.


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