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Virtual Reality in Entertainment

What is Virtual Reality? It’s a new world created by a lot of people around the world right now. Designers, developers, artists, editors in every part of the planet create new amazing VR products every day. Virtual reality appeared in science, medicine, education, tourism. Although, arguably, the largest industry it has conquered is Virtual Reality in entertainment.

VR is remarkably apt for amusement. In recent years this is has become noticeable at international exhibitions: IAAPA, Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Exhibition (DEAL), NEC Birmingham, Euro Attractions Show, etc. There were many specialized exhibitions, such as VRLA, Miami VR Expo, WAVE, Augmented World Expo (AWE), Silicon Valley VR Expo (SVVR).


Entertainment industry not only fosters the development of software, games or movies but VR equipment as well.

At Samsung MadFun 2017

Virtual Reality in Entertainment: equipment

These are different simulators of VR, say motorcycles, airplanes or bicycles. And even things on the much bigger scale. As the niche of Virtual Reality in entertainment is rapidly growing, VR parks, arcades, and rooms emerge. Who knows what else to come. VR-themed spaces surprise visitors with a large selection of simulators, to fly or extreme race, you name it. All in one place.

Smaller companies, who can not run big VR parks, have interest in VR equipment that would provide access to multiple high-quality games, movies or virtual tours. Therefore, manufacturers even sell ideas, e.g. the idea of an exciting flight or the idea of a stroll on Mars.

Among the most popular ideas for VR is, obviously, extreme sports, with new VR hardware products, like by Xtrematic, for example. They offer the extreme simulator called Extreme-Machine geared for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear. It’s a great and fun opportunity to experience breath-taking sensations and emotions, or for real sportsmen to train as well.

Extreme-Machine by Xtrematic

Extreme-Machine VR simulator

In a virtual world, it does not matter how old you are or what do you do by day – anyone can try virtual reality. For those willing to experience the life of professional sportsmen, VR attraction platforms like this provide the ability to participate in races, airborne jumps, climbs, etc. without real risks to one’s health. Even people with disabilities can try it out.

Xtrematic’s CEO, Vladislav Moshinski, explains: “Others have tried to produce simulators,… and those are each just for one type of sport. The concept of our simulator is quite different. We wanted to make a universal simulator that offers a chance to experience a wide array of sports, in one place! This is a unique product of Xtrematic, designed for active people, who love the drive, extreme sensations. Now we have over 30 VR games for Extreme-Machine, from racing, action, horror to roller coasters and more. Moreover, it is possible to run a multiplayer game with two or more machines.”

Business opportunities for VR in entertainment

Virtual reality in entertainment may facilitate businesses in two major ways: A – creating/selling/renting VR products (popular for gaming, amusement, parties, corporate events, personal use, etc.), B – advertising within VR  games.

Example of ads in a VR game

Those who’ve already investigated this niche, realize the importance of equipment (hardware), but know that its all about content. More content, more games, more simulations, more tours – the better. People want new experiences and new sensations, they want to be entertained. VR games attract new customers looking for excitement. Multiple gaming experiences in one simulator is a plain advantage in this regard.  

Have you tried some VR sports simulators? What games or products do you like? Let us know in comments.

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