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The world yet perceives Virtual Reality like some sci-fi concept. However, it is already present on the market and numerous businesses have been working in this niche for years. There’s definitely no shortage to compile the list of  top-rated VR companies, and that’s what we aim to do here. We’ll categorize top virtual reality companies of 2017 by their main specialty as follows:

  • Virtual Reality platforms. These companies focus on the development and distribution of software, and include engines, tools, and SDKs to create virtual reality projects.
  • VR end-product companies which work to create and distribute original products related to Virtual Reality, including things like headsets, advanced software, equipment, installations, etc.
  • Custom VR development companies, working directly with clients and bringing their ideas to life (outsourcing).
  • VR app development companies, with main focus on designing and building their own Virtual Reality apps of various types, and games.
  • Industry-specific VR solutions. Similar to custom development companies, but targeting one or two market niches: real-estate, sports events, education etc.

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Virtual Reality platforms

HYPERVERSE is focusing on the development of out-of-the-box VR platform solutions. It provides options and tools for software engineers to build indoor virtual reality experiences. This platform is specifically great for location-based VR entertainment, due to their movement tracking system (pending patent). Tech setup that Hyperverse offers is a mix of VR devices and custom movement tracking. It allows content creators focus on visual side of things instead of technical VR hardware. And final cherry-on-top is the support of any size locations and the unlimited number of players/viewers. Check what you are capable of with this VR platform in video below.

RETINAD is another example of striving to push further the technology of immersive media by collecting and analyzing user data from VR/AR experiences. This is one of virtual reality companies that can be very useful when developing and/or testing new apps and games in VR. The focus, of course, is on conversion rates, better content and customer engagement. If you need info on how users behave with your VR product, compare the performance on different headsets, or even heatmaps of activities, this service is rad. 

LITTLSTAR is a B2B content distribution platform for virtual reality products. Supporting the wide range (VR experiences, apps, games, 360-videos) and removing the hassle of configuring a product for various user devices. It means once you upload your application or game, Littlstar makes it work on Oculus Rift, Vive, Daydream, GearVR, PlayStationVR and Windows MixedReality sets. “Immersive content, anywhere”, truly a helpful service, and clients like CNN, World of Tanks, Disney, NBC are the proof.

End-product Virtual Reality companies

OCULUS – there’s simply no way of not mentioning it when talking about any VR-related topic. They produce of of the most brilliant virtual reality headsets, Oculus Rift, which suits for games, apps, tours and probably any type of VR content. For $399 you open the gateway to new worlds, or spend even less on Oculus Go ($199) and enjoy virtual reality even without a PC. But Oculus is more than just headsets – it is a rich marketplace of VR entertainment, a developer center, a B2B partnership option. Very impressive!

Surely, there are many more headsets as good (Vive, Cardboard, GearVR, etc.), but we’d like to cover more aspects and other types of virtual reality companies. Go to our post about best VR hardware to see a review of headsets.

VIRTUIX is a company in VR gaming niche. First off, this team of designers and developers created their own unique VR gear called Virtuix Omniverse. Its the advanced stationary “treadmill” motion unit with moving gear, controllers and a headset to provide a rich and realistic action in a small space area. It is quite complex and looks like nothing else in the VR industry. They call it a “VR motion platform”, and they have a suite of 15 VR games to play exclusively on it (even multiplayer games). With over 2,000 units sold, Virtuix has a good start. 

NEURABLE produces a more sophisticated kind of virtual reality headset. Referring to their product as a “brain-computer interface” (BCI), this company’s vision is to enable users to control software with brain activity. If they succeed, this is truly going to be a next generation interactive platform. With BCI controlling hardware and software around a user with non-invasive methods (electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, near-infrared spectroscopy, etc.), Neurable works with machine learning principle. And by the way, a device is build on basis of HTC Vive.

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VR custom development companies

MAGNOPUS is a team of VR enthusiasts from various industries: from film visual effects artists to AAA games developers. Their goal is to bring digital and real worlds together, by producing new original content. ‘Under their belt’ of achievements, Magnopus has projects for theme parks, block-buster movies, commercials, sports, VR apps. For instance, the latest CocoVR (Disney) and BladeRunner Memory Lab available on Oculus and GearVR.   

THINKMOBILES is another software developing agency specializing in VR/AR projects. And yes, that’s us, oops. In close partnerships with many globally renown brands and companies, many of whom we can’t disclose, we work to develop custom VR apps, games and various multi-purpose solutions. Sometimes, even VR platforms for e-commerce.

Want to know more about our skills and offers? Go to VR development page to see how we build interactive applications. Wish to see some examples of our work? Go to Portfolio page to learn more about some of our VR projects, such as DataSpring, for instance. In short, it is a VR presentation tool designed for HTC Vive to demonstrate and gather data.

VIRTUALLY MINE is the next company from UK we’d like to list because it offers a fine suite of custom solutions for VR. Their scope of services is divided into four categories: a) VR equipment, b) VR content, c) consultancy, d) events. Besides lending out any possible VR equipment, they produce content for Virtual Reality, including 360 VR videos, simulations (computer generated VR environments, aka video games). Company also offers marketing  and consulting services for VR products.

Companies making VR apps

SURVIOS, a small studio in the USA focusing on VR game development. With the principle of “gaming as an art form” they create stunning experience like Sprint Vector and Raw Data with a full-body play available on SteamVR. The team tries to make VR as human as possible, thus devising the “active VR” approach in their work. It implies six integral parts:

  • Immersion – realistic physics, graphics, lighting, movement, haptics;
  • Presence – wide field-of-view, high definition images, accurate tracking, etc. for non-virtual perception;
  • Embodiment – a virtual avatar of a user, that aligns with a real body and reacts like it;
  • Free movement – 360-degree mobility not bound by wires;
  • Shared space – a digital space where everyone can interact with each other;
  • Dynamic spectating – a possibility to view VR activities from outside, like in theater.

MERGE, targeting mainly toys for children older than 10 years, and producing a unique VR goggles for gaming. But the company also is creating fun and entertaining virtual reality apps for exploratory and educational purposes. “Miniverse”, a library in a form of a game for kids to learn about the universe, is one nice example. Or “Invasion” for Merge Cube. Overall, they offer VR apps, games, 360-videos, musical experiences, educational apps, and more.

ALTSPACEVR – a company with yet another unique angle for Virtual Reality. They position themselves as a social media platform for VR to attend events, meet people and play games together with friends. So basically, Altspace offers a virtual place for anyone around the world to be present at events where top-celebrities, comedians, scientists or whoever else may attend at the same time. What’s great is that you can share gaming experiences (choose from 30 options), instead of just playing yourself.  

Industry-specific VR companies

BRICKS&GOGGLES is one of Virtual Reality companies providing immersive tours for the real-estate industry. A fine example of robust and niche application of VR technology on today’s market. Transforming three-dimensional models and images into VR experiences, so that realtors and agencies can show their clients top-notch animated views of houses. One can view ready products on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, with full navigation throughout properties, animated as 360-videos.

VIRTUALLY LIVE works in the field of sports and sport events, creating virtual action for anyone to join. For better fan experience, the company offers people to live through real sports events in virtual reality. With Vive or Rift you can witness the action from various locations of your choice (like a director of TV broadcast). All fans of football games, motor races, baseball, et cetera can watch sports in new way. 

SPACEVR as the final VR company in our short list, brings science and space closer through 2D cameras orbiting the Earth on satellites. That whole sentence really blows our minds! Think of it, 360-degree cameras actually mounted on satellites. Their team consists of actual astronauts and ex-NASA employees, creating beautiful educational VR videos of our planet and space around. With 1-year subscription ($35) or lifetime subscription of $99, you can enjoy 4K quality virtual reality content. Videos from the Overview 1 satellite, rocket launches, 360-timelapses, real-time feeds, while more interactive features are in the works.  

Final thoughts

As you see Virtual Reality has already the potential to penetrate almost every area of our lives. Moreover, it is going to strengthen its role in upcoming years, if the trend keeps relevant and more innovative products emerge. Tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung are investing tons of money into VR research and development. And even smaller companies and startups sometimes invent products that have no less of an impact. So let’s keep an eye on what’s going to happen next.

P.S. Anything substantial we’ve missed? Keep us posted in comments section.

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