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  • NASA
  • Coca-Cola
  • Amazon
  • Google

about Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch - is a digital product development agency with over 18 years in the IT service market. Specializes in client app development and provides custom software development services the Big Nerd Ranch guys help both startups to mature giants from almost every industry. But nothing characterizes the company better than its customer base, which currently includes customers such as Nasa, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more.

It is worth noting that the company is recognized as one of the market leaders in the provision of advisory services and training. At the moment, the team share their experience and offer such types of training as:

- Bootcamps - fit for individual training and training of a small group of specialists;

- Team Training - provides quick training for Android, iOS and web development;

- Screencasts - ideal for those who want to learn about the latest in development, web and mobile development tricks, tips, and best practices.

Big Nerd Ranch offers end-to-end mobile solutions for a range of app development projects, including iOS, Android, full-stack web, and design to help clients across the world achieve business goals with cutting-edge development technologies.


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  • Web development 30%
  • Mobile App 45%
  • Design, UI & UX 25%
  • Web development
    • Node.js 25%
    • Ruby 40%
    • Javascript 35%
  • Mobile App
    • Android 50%
    • iOS 50%
  • Design, UI & UX
    • UX 45%
    • Web design 55%

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Big Nerd Ranch - client app development agency review

To date, you won’t surprise anyone with the fact that the mobile app industry is thriving, given that the Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download and another 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 

In simple words, mobile application development is a complete software development process, writing for small, wireless computing devices. But all not as easy as it seems, in practice, the development of mobile applications is a complex and very time-consuming process. Those who want to have a mobile application in their business arsenal turn to a specialized agency that provides development services, for example, such as Big Nerd Ranch.

Service linesMobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Design, UI&UX
Avg. hourly rate$150 - 199
LocationAtlanta, USA

Established in 2001, Big Nerd Ranch is a team of professional mobile app developers who specializes in introducing the most modern approaches to create applications that will meet customer requirements. I specialize in application development, the company's programmers are highly-skilled in code writing technologies based on iOS, Android, Ruby, RoR, Cocoa, macOS, CSS 3, HTML5, Python, JavaScript, Elixir, and Swift.

Using different advanced technologies in the process of mobile application development, the company also uses Design Thinking, which contributes to the provision of high-quality services for both startups and mature organizations. The Big Nerd Ranch's work is aimed at providing services related to:

- Validate Market Demand;- Launch to Market;- Optimize Performance.

The team aims to provide digital project development solutions for different types of industries, including fintech, media & tech, Internet of Things, government, fitness, and more.  

In the process of cooperation, the Big Nerd Ranch aims at mutual cooperation, providing the client not only a finished product but also sharing their experience, effective methods of using the application for business development, achieving business goals, and more. So, not only the development team works on each project, but also a special project strategist who can bring the client’s application to the appropriate level.

Big Nerd Ranch guys practice 4 steps of providing custom application development services:

- Assessment. The first step in the process of app creating is the opportunity for the company to get acquainted with the client, the business for which the application will be created, requirements for the application, and all the necessary details.

- Formal Proposal. The next step on the road to building an advanced application is the process of creating an accurate and comprehensive roadmap to create a plan, following which the team will be able to achieve the promised results in the shortest possible time while maintaining the high quality of the final product.

- The Building Begins. The third step directly consists of the development phase, which the team takes upon itself while maintaining constant communication and providing the client with the results of their progress at various stages of the building process itself.

- Continuous Engagement. Even though the development process has completed, the company's work does not end there. Even after laughing, Big Nerd Ranch promises the customer full access to the company’s engineers and designers.

Providing the opportunity to participate in app development training and events, the company also provides embedded experts or staff augmentation services. The Big Nerd Ranch sends its senior engineers to help the client team while ensuring an excellent digital product, as well as achieving the project goals. As a result, the client receives not only a competitive product, high-quality code, and modern design, but also the experience in advanced development methods that Big Nerd Ranch experts will train the client's team.

Smithsonian Channel app - Android and UX solution that was implemented to help the client to improve content discoverability and increase content consumption. The cooperation began with the client's specific task for the company, consisting of developing an Android app that would correspond to the high status of the customer. The main goal of the application was to enable participants to interact with the Smithsonian Channel brand, to provide better content discovery and consumption functionality.

Having started development, the team focused on creating modern UX and UI design, as well as the functionality of the application, which should have been equipped with an intuitive interface, in accordance with a user experience that would allow users to perform many operations, from adding to favorites to curate content within the app and via social media channels.

In addition to the versatility of the application, which was realized thanks to the collaboration of Big Nerd Ranch with Potion, the client expected real results that could be achieved by creating an app that meets the best Android practices. So, after added new, unique features, the rating of applications was improved from 4.0 to 4.3, and active devices increased by 43%. Besides, it is worth noting that the number of total downloads increased by as much as 29%.

PartCycle - one of the biggest online sellers of recycled automotive parts that needed to develop a fully customizable e-commerce platform. The company turned to Big Nerd Ranch for help, so it did not yet have its own formed web team. Working closely with the customer, the Big Nerd Ranch guys managed to bring the application to the market, giving it the industry's first technical innovations.

Considering the goals that the client set for the Big Nerd Ranch, the back-end team worked to simplify the process of compiling a list of used car spare parts from anywhere in the US through utilized highly distributed automation. A modern analytics-based search engine interface was also created, and fully scalable cloud architecture with daily feature delivery was provided.

Taking into account all the technical achievements of the project, the created web application helped PartCycle achieve its business goals, such as increasing the conversion by 100% within 6 months after the completion of the project, as well as providing a faster and easier registration process for suppliers.

Roadie is a delivery service that connects users who have the stuff to send with drivers already going in the right direction. Considering business features, the client needed to create an application with rather atypical features and functions. To make things right, cooperation began with the discovery phase, during which the team set itself the goal of understanding the client’s business needs, the concept of peer-to-peer delivery, identifying and optimizing the main functions of the application, and creating a plan for further cooperation.

Getting started, the back-end web team built the JSON API using Rails and Active Model serializers to receive requests from iOS and Android clients, created a quick map search algorithm, as well as tools for processing authentication gateways, geolocation and driver payments. In the process of creation, the team encountered some difficulties, including creating a way to verify a driver’s license, introducing geolocation, and adding payment gateways. But thanks to the team professionalism, the Big Nerd Ranch guys easily coped with the tests, adding also third-party integrations to simplify the setup and use of Roadie.

The success of the project was possible due to the implementation of user interfaces, which include best practices and unique opportunities, as well as through everyday quality control, which in turn allowed us to make the necessary amendments in time during the creation of Roadie.

As a result, more than 100,000 downloads were achieved in the 6 months after the launch of the project, and the project itself was noted by leading tech media representatives.

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