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VT Labs Shopify development
VT Labs Shopify development

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  • Stakora Jewelry
  • Airlugg
  • Fete Imperiale
  • Bull & Stash

about VT Labs

VT Labs - is an eCommerce Web Development company established in Tallinn, Estonia. With an R&D location in Kyiv, Ukraine, the company aims to serve the EU customers, as well as global clients, with passion and attention to detail. Thanks to it, the company became a leading software development company in Estonia. Even though the agency was established in 2016 and is relatively young, VT Labs has proven itself as a safe, efficient, and straightforward Shopify partner for dozens of clients.

VT Labs intends to provide companies with perfect technology solutions that meet their needs, wishes, and visions of business development. For this, the VT Labs team takes a deep approach to customer research and provides the functionalities that are necessary for a particular client at a particular moment of time.

As an outstanding software development company, VT Labs offers e-commerce web development, client-side web applications, back-end development, and UI/UX design solutions.


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  • E-commerce
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VT Labs - a Web Development firm review

Today, only the lazy ones do not think about the Internet presence of their businesses, whether it be a small store or a global supermarket chain. The net attendance significantly expands the sales area and raises the image of the company in the eyes of customers.

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms with all the features the business owners need to sell products. Simple to use, affordable, and customer-friendly, these qualities are key to those who seek the perfect solution for their eCommerce sales. As soon as the decision in favor of Shopify is made, companies need a reliable partner for development, which will take into account all the needs and wishes. This is where VT Labs comes into play.

Service lineseCommerce, Web development, UI & UX design
Avg. hourly rate$25-49
LocationTallinn, Estonia

VT Labs is a trusted e-Residence company, which works in a transparent and trusted business environment. Thanks to that, customers can be confident in the reliability of VT Labs and its team. A team of about 10 professionals can provide the client with everything necessary, whether it is an eCommerce website or design development. This is possible, thanks to the growth-driven development strategy. VT Labs offer only what the client needs, without imposing unnecessary functionality and «features». Thanks to this approach, the client recognizes VT Labs as a partner, who cares about the customer's good, and not about profit. Today, the company has experience in providing services for such industries like eCommerce, marketing, renting, and publication.

  1. eCommerce web development

The company mainly specializes in developing highly functional and user-friendly cross-device eCommerce solutions. VT Labs develops unique results by finding an individual approach to each client, using the growth-driven approach and waterfall methodology.

Of the various eCommerce platforms, VT Labs guys focus on working with Shopify. As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms around, Shopify allows the company to provide solutions that fully satisfy customer needs. VT Labs builds solutions based on Shopify as well as Shopify Plus platform, which allow processing more than 10,000 transactions per minute. Besides web sites, the team is also capable of creating powerful and functional Shopify apps such as ReCharge, MailChimp, Custom Form, Zendesk Support, or Yotpo Review.

  1. Frontend development

Creating eCommerce solutions, the team provides frontend development services as well. Frontend development involves the construction of a user interface or the external public part of the website. VT Labs guys aim to create a client-side web presence with a huge set of features and modern appeal. That's why the company uses one of the richest libraries for complex frontend applications development - React.js.

To create fully functioning dynamic solutions, the team also uses HTML, Javascript, and jQuery in combination with React.js to empower it.

  1. Backend & API development

Backend is a data access layer of software, which implies the implementation of website logic. VT Labs is developing the backend based on best practices and test-driven expertise, specializing in Ruby on Rails. Rails is the perfect development environment for building any type of web application. Suitable for both simple applications and web sites with complex business logic and dynamic web interfaces.

In addition to a backend, the VT Labs team provides application programming interface (API) solutions. The API allows developers to define the functionality that the program provides. For the client, API provides the opportunity, for example, to receive information about the user, its readers, and other useful information.

  1. UI & UX design

The knowledge and skills in the field of UI / UX design are used by the team to develop valid, useful, and good looking interfaces. Most of the company's work is the development of applications and e-commerce sites, one of the main components of which is the appearance and user experience. 

VT Labs is developing branding, graphics, and design in accordance with the principles of functionality and adaptability. At the stage of implementation of the UI (user interface), the prototype compiled on the UX (user experience) stage is visualized. At the initial stage, the team provides consultative insights about the features of content, analytics, brand development, after which work begins on the graphical part of the interface.

In addition to services provided by the VT Labs, it is important to understand how they are performed and what differentiates them from competitors' offers. The growth-driven development strategy has already been mentioned, but the scientifically well-founded and reliable established timeframe is also important. 

Sometimes companies stretch the timeline or reduce it to the detriment of quality. But this is not about VT Labs. The company appreciates the customers' trust, so its approach to the assessment includes a unique project simulator that runs the project 500 times. This allows the calculation of huge amounts of possible scenarios, evaluating all risks according to the law of probability.

VT Labs offers two types of the contract: fixed price for the standard feature set or hourly rate for dynamic specifications and complicated projects. Below you can consider the pricing policy of the company, which depends on the complexity of the work:

- Store Setup will cost the client from $1,000 to $ 2,000 and will be ready in a few weeks;- If the customer is interested in Custom Shopify Theme, then the price is higher - $5000 - $10000, respectively, and duration from one month;- Headless Shopify will have to wait more than 2 months. The price for this type of service starts at $15,000.

Over a relatively short period of its existence, the company has developed and implemented solutions for more than dozens of customers. Each client was distinguished by the specifics of the industry, size, financial capabilities, needs, and requirements. Only one thing remained unchanged - satisfaction with the solutions created by VT Labs.

One way or another, all of the company's projects are created with Shopify technology, which has never disappointed customers and failed to let the company down. So, for example, VT Labs guys were engaged in Shopify Theme Customization for Wiivv - footwear manufacturing company.

The company was hired to add a new line to the product for an existing Wiivv website. The main obstacle was the limited time frame, as well as the need to update the old pages of the store following the original design. Thus, the team worked with several pages at once - homepage, product pages, and collection page. This helped to implement new design solutions without violating the overall concept. Working closely with the client’s team, despite the difference in time zones, the VT Labs guys managed to complete the project even earlier than the designated deadline.

Based on the second project from the company's portfolio, we can make sure that VT Labs can cope with Shopify theme development as easily as with the theme customization. The desire to increase the number of goods and update the design of the store led Bull & Stash to VT Labs. The client initially knew what he wanted, namely obtaining a platform with the addition of built-in functional customer support. Thus, the team focused on the customer contact form, homepage, product page, collection page, as well as customer login pages.

The website creation process was divided into 2 logical steps: creating an e-commerce site and adding Know Your Customer - KYC functionality and support. To achieve its goals, the company used such applied technologies as Shopify, Shopify apps including MailChimp, Custom Form, Zendesk Support, Yotpo Review, Amazon AWS, HTML, JS, Jquery, SCSS. All technologies were used under the Agile methodology, which contributed to the gradual creation of an ideal product in every way.

In conclusion, a third project from the company portfolio. The VT Labs was hired to provide a representative of the publishing industry with Shopify store-setup services. The client no longer competes in the market, so the VT Labs was the customer's last chance. At the end of the collaboration, the client received a highly efficient solution to its problem - more than a competitive new e-commerce store.

So, unlike the competitor’s site, the client received a store containing an exhibition section with books published in order and books by authors that cannot be bought. To make this possible, the company did a great deal of work with the homepage, a variety of secondary pages, as well as additional category pages - our books, portrait gallery of authors, and custom publishing exhibition.

To make everything conceived possible, the company resorted to using Shopify technology as well as HTML, Javascript, and SCSS. In the end, the client received a multi-functional eCommerce solution with a high return-on-investment ratio in just 40 hours of teamwork. The development speed was significantly reduced due to the choice of the finished Icon theme.

Given the completely different solutions that were provided for the customers, there is a confidence that the VT Labs guys are capable of implementing any, even the most daring ideas. Do you have any?


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  • Andrew Published at Oct 15, 08:01
    Published at Oct 15, 08:01
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability
    They won't stop working until you're 100% satisfied with the results.
    Our company is from Montreal, Canada. We turned to VT Labs, which we found on Upwork, in order to develop our Shopify e-commerce website for our jewelry products. Each piece had to be represented at a different product page. We sell quite complex products, therefore we needed some advice on how to carry out the project itself. The choice fell on VT Labs because they have great reviews and big experience in the web development sphere and right after a brief chat they instantly got our vision of the project. We aimed to develop many user easy-to-use product pages which would provide the customers with the possibility to tailor-make all our products. Our wish was to create live preview reproductions that would show all possible user's customization options. Along with fully customizing and re-building existing product pages, they made many other pages for our website, including FAQs, size guides, etc. Their team, which consisted of two frontend and one backend developer, developed a Shopify app for our company. This app allows the image to be generated on the server with being returned to the client afterwards. Their project manager, Alex, was our direct and constant person to contact. Thanks to him the communication was productive and quick. He always quickly replied to all our questions, and we were provided with different solutions to any problems we were facing during the project fulfillment. Their task was a quite difficult one, but their team managed to complete it really quickly and effectively. This project has influenced our business greatly, our customer's user experience as well as satisfaction were improved.� All in all I have several things to point out concerning VT Labs company. They have a lot of e-commerce development experience. Their developers are highly skilled in front-end and back-end development as well. They do care about their clients, that's why they won't stop working until you're 100% satisfied with the results. They are really honest and charge fair prices. I have seen different situations with other companies.
  • Yura Published at Oct 15, 08:01
    Published at Oct 15, 08:01
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Ease of use
    • Ability
    The workflow was great. They had good communication and are reliable partners.
    We hired VT Labs to help us with a digital project, to be more precise, to create a software for a Netherlands car leasing company. The task was to convey components of the software according to the sprints.� Unfortunately I cannot share a lot of details about the project itself. But I must say that the platform was developed and now is running in several countries.� For this project I've been working with a multidisciplinary VT Labs team and the workflow itself was really nice. VT Labs have been great at communication and they are very reliable partners, they fully understand tha atn agreement is an agreement. I can't say there is anything to be improved to these guys.