50 Best Augmented Reality apps in 2017

Development of best Augmented Reality apps or simply AR is a technology that enhances your everyday life using an electronic device, such as a smartphone or a tablet from ios to android. This technology uses your current location to project virtual objects on it. It provides enormous potential starting with chasing digital creatures to designing complex machines or engineering structures.

It has grown rapidly over the last few years, providing new possibilities every day. Each product provides unique features to users and upgrades their life in its own way.

 1. SkyView® Free

Have you ever wanted to explore the galaxy, to see what’s in the stars? Then look no further – SkyView Free puts the knowledge of the universe in the palm of your hand.

Certainly, it allows you to scan the sky and see the constellations and the other orbiting objects in space regardless of the time of day. If you want to see what the universe was like in 1944 or fast forward to 2024? This augmented reality apps makes it possible without even using Wi-Fi.

AR features: 1) shows stars, constellations, planets, satellites at any time of day; 2) time lapse feature; 3) tracks the movement of the objects in the sky.

 SkyView® Free for Android

2. INKHUNTER – tattoo designs

Do you want to know what your tattoo would look like when it’s done? This app lets you do that by just putting small marks on the desired body part and scanning it. It is possible to choose from a vast collection of tattoo designs or you can upload your own. As well, you can also get a 360 degree view of your new tattoo thanks to an advanced photo editing technology of this great augmented reality apps.

So, help your friends make the right choice. And not have any more regrets!

AR features: 1) shows the tattoo from any angle; 2) edits the tattoo.

 INKHUNTER for Android

3. ESET Augmented Reality apps BETA

This tool lets you have fun with the infamous ESET android. You can take pictures of yourself and the android in any place in the world and share them on social media with your friends.

It helps you add a futuristic tone to your journey. Or you can pretend that you have an android assistant at your disposal at any time. So, try what it’s like to be a sci-fi hero with your new android companion.

AR features: 1) takes the picture with ESET Android.

 ESET Augmented Reality BETA for Android

4. Anatomy 4D

It’s an easy, extremely detailed and interactive visual guide into the human body. Anatomy 4D gives you the experience to immerse yourself into enigmatic depths of human anatomy. It helps you see the actual interaction of different body systems by adding or removing them from display.

By scanning 2D images from the main menu you get complete interactive access to human body systems at any time – during class, at home or for fun, with friends. Finally, it also lets you compare the distinct differences of the male and female body.

AR features: 1) shows human body systems in any combination; 2) male and female body; 3) examines the heart in extreme detail.

 Anatomy 4D for Android

5. Star Chart

It’s a space observatory in your pocket. Set your coordinates and let the device fly you through the universe. If you were always curious what the sky looked like in the other part of the world – your device will show you that in extreme detail.

It knows all the 88 constellations and the characteristics of every star in them. If you don’t know what you’re looking at just aim your device and there you go – it’s not a star, it’s a planet. And you can use these features without leaving your house during the bright daylight.

And the icing on the cake – it supports voice control.So, say the name of a star, a constellation or a galaxy and you will travel there without even touching the screen.

AR features: 1) shows space objects (planets are very detailed); 2) point your device or use fingers to navigate; 3) voice control; 4) time shift feature; 5) shows characteristics of objects on tapping; 6) shows the Sun even underneath the horizon.

 Star Chart for Android

 6. Spacecraft 3D

This cool app from NASA gives you the opportunity to learn more about spacecraft that investigate the Solar system, monitor The Earth or explore the universe. After scanning a 2D card of the chosen spaceship you can take a closer look at it.

You can see its key features, analyze the way it works and understand how it helps humanity study the universe. It’s possible to investigate Mars and Earth exploring spacecraft, ships that went to unveil the secrets of distant planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and their satellites or far-famed Voyager itself.

AR features: 1) lets you examine various spacecraft objects in extreme detail.

 Spacecraft 3D for Android

 7. Horror AR experience

This cool app lets you snap your pictures or videos with horror effects. You can adjust faces on the picture with different scary and evil masks. It recognizes palms too and can add horror elements on them in real time.

It is also possible to take control of AR objects in the required way. You can perform it if you drag and tap on them. This way you can change their size, color, style or position.

AR features: 1) alters pictures and videos with horror-themed objects and animations; 2) recognizes faces and palms.

Horror Augmented Reality apps in gaming industry

 Horror for Android

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8. Animal 4D+

Who could think learning your ABC would be so fun and interactive? These 4D animal cards make learning easier and more entertaining. You can hear what animals sound and look like from any angle. All you need is just to scan a card.

Additionally, you can get a deck of food cards for your animals and find out what they like to eat. This is possible by interacting cards with each other. And you even can create your own zoo out of your new found digital friends.

AR features: 1) unique animations and sound effects for each animal; 2) animal cards interact with food cards; 3) supports holographic mode.

 Animal 4D+ for Android

9. Wikitude Places – Sony Select

This tool will let you see the world on a whole new level. It will show you things you never noticed before. All you need is to scan the area around you and you’ll get all the information.

It will show you hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment and sightseeing places around you. It will also show you additional data about them. From this point on you’ll never have the issue of ‘where to go?’

AR features: 1) gives landmark and navigation information; 2) serves as a guide to a city.

 Wikitude Places for Android

 10. AR GPS Compass Map 3D

It’s an awesome and a very useful tool for tourists and people who like to navigate. It provides maximum precision and stability using the gear installed in your device. It will also warn you if you have any magnetic fields or metallic objects interfering with you navigation systems.

You can calculate the exact distance to your destination or the landmark if you point at it. Also, AR compass shows your GPS coordinates and your location on the map. Additionally, it can portray the height of towering objects.

AR features: 1) navigation and landmark information; 2) measures distances to objects and their height; 3) shows GPS information and a 3D compass.

 AR GPS Compass Map 3D for Android

11. Ingress

This adventure app lets you take part in world control battle. Choose one of the two sides: rule or protect humanity. Communicate with friends to plan future actions and check global progress to know what to expect.

Travel over the world in search for energy sources. Tap on them to collect. Group up with people around you and make alliances to perceive the victory. The war for world dominance begins.

AR features: 1) transforms the world around you into a field of battle for Earth.

 Ingress for Android

Talk about virtual or augmented reality

 12. iDinosaurAR

This app requires you to have the iDinosaur book to work. If you have one you can set the dinosaurs free from their pages. You can control their movements or make them roar.

To make it work you should find yellow boxes in your book. Scan them and tap to open them. Use controls to make them roam around your room. Eventually, you can save your fellow dinosaurs by getting them back to their crates.

AR features: 1) makes dinosaurs come alive from the pages of iDinosaur book; 2) animated movement and unique sound effects; 3) manual control of dinosaurs.

 iDinosaurAR for Android

 13. AR Fun

The new product from the same developer that brought AR Effect, Horror, Comic and Space apps to life. This app lets you edit your picture or video in a funny and playful way. You can choose things like a clown or noodle wig, or put a bucket on your head or write something on the picture while taking it.

It recognizes faces and adds AR features to the picture. You can also interact with AR objects however you want. You can drag and tap on them to change their position, style, size or color.

AR features: 1) alters pictures and videos with fun objects and animations; 2) recognizes faces and palms.

fun AR game Augmented reality apps

 AR Fun for Android

 14. Clouds and Sheep – AR Effects

Wouldn’t you love to transform your space into a live vibrant cartoon farm? Then look no further, Clouds & Sheep –AR Effects is for you. This app makes your room come to life.

In Clouds & Sheep – AR Effects, you point at any object in your room and you are on farm, wild west or a pirate bay with all the cutest sounds effects. The cool thing is that the objects are all movable so you can change the positions and the size of them.

AR features: 1) animated sheep movement and unique sound effects; 2) movable objects; 3) alters pictures and videos with farm-related objects and animations.

Clouds and Sheep for Android

15. iCarltonAR

If you love the 2015 movie Jurassic World – this is the app for you! This app by Carlton Books goes along with the book Jurassic World. By using the two together, in AR you can explore 5 stunning Jurassic World dinosaurs and with 3 user modes.

You can dive into the world of the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Raptors, Stegosaurus and the super modified Indomius Rex. You can hear their roars and even let them walk around your room.

Try dual user mode to roam with a friend with two dinosaurs together. Also, there is life-size mode where you walk your device around to enjoy a 360-degree view around your environment in great detail.

AR features: 1) makes dinosaurs come alive from the pages of Jurassic World book; 2) animated movement and unique sound effects; 3) 3 modes of exploration – single, dual user and life-size mode.

 iCarltonAR for Android

 16. World Around Me

World Around Me (WAM) offers an interesting way to find things, like shopping malls, restaurants, parks, public transportation and much more. You can find any place around by using your phone’s camera in AR. You will find things no matter where you are in the world! This app is used in more than 200 countries!

WAM features 31 categories, search using keywords, restaurant info, user reviews, ways to navigate, map views, distance, places of interests, get rates for hotels and book them! This app is the most useful and intuitive to explore your surroundings.

AR features: 1) finds interesting events and places in the vicinity in many categories; 2) shows distance, rating, reviews and a lot more info about the object of interest.

World Around Me for Android

17. Kazooloo AR

Bring your video games to life with Kazooloo AR! Turn your ordinary room into a battleground while running after monsters that appear from another world. It offers 3 modes of gameplay for you to enjoy and you can even play with friends!

In Kazooloo, you can choose between the game board AR mode using your view finder on the Kazooloo game board and fight enemies in 3D. There is a device only mode where using only your device you battle enemies. Augmented reality apps Glasses mode is coming very very soon!

AR features: 1) lets you fight your worst enemies in conjunction with the game board.

Kazooloo AR for Android

18. ViewRanger – Trails & Maps

If nature and hiking are your passion – then ViewRanger – Trails & Maps is just for you! Using Ordinance Survey maps, you can navigate the great outdoors. This app has thousands of trails and mountain peaks for an adventure in the outdoors. This app is used by more than 250 search and rescue teams so you know it’s reliable!

ViewRanger – Trails & Maps also allows you to use it with a smartwatch as well. You can record tracks, view bearings, longitude, latitude, and altitude. You can liven up your outdoor map with Skyline in AR. Skyline using GPS, compass, and sensors will identify key geographical features around you using your camera. You can follow the arrows on the screen to see it all.

AR features: 1) identifies key features around you; 2) shows the way to landmarks.

ViewRanger – Trails & Maps for Android

 19. iSolarSystemAR

In conjunction with the book iSolar System, iSolarSystemAR lets you explore the depths of our solar system. You can see the moons, spacecraft and more in 3D! You can see the entire system, take the Mars Rover for a spin, fly a plane across Mars, see an elevator carrying people from Earth to the Moon and explore a base on the moon!

In AR the Mars Rover drives with a touch command and it fires at objects and collects samples. You can even take your own photos of yourself with planets around your head or the Rover landing on you.

AR features: 1) manual control over space vehicles; 2) shows the Solar System and planets and moons separately (if you have the iSolar System book).

iSolarSystemAR for Android

20. Compass 4D

This is an AR compass which allows you to use a panoramic compass, see positions of planets and see countries around using your location via GPS. This compass works using the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerator on any Android device. Anything you may need a compass for, this app has it.

After calibrating the compass, this app allows you to use different types of compasses – one for planets, countries & cities and direction. You will never be lost with Compass 4D when you are navigating or exploring! Your exploration will never be the same again.

AR features: 1) panoramic compass shows cities, counties and planet locations via GPS.

compass 4d

Compass 4D for Android

 21. IKEA Catalog

IKEA Catalog is an app all IKEA shoppers longed for. It has all the important information about IKEA items. The data is updated frequently for customers’ convenience.

The things it provides are pictures, videos, 360° room sets. All this helps you decorate your rooms with ease. Finally, you can assess the looks of your new room and what it will cost you.

AR features: 1) lets you arrange your new room with new furniture.

IKEA Catalog for Android

22. Warp runner

Warp runner is a from augmented reality apps designed for the new generation of puzzle solvers. The game board is your desk, the obstacles and hazards are set and you’re ready to go. Help your character find his way out of the mystery maze.

You can interact with the game board by warping it. Control your character movement by tapping the respective button. The connection between the two worlds has never been this tight.

AR features: 1) warp the game board to find the exit; 2) control your character’s movements to lead him out of the maze

Warp runner for Android

23. Zombify – Be a ZOMBIE

Always wondered how you’d look as a zombie? Then here it is – Zombify – Be a ZOMBIE! Bring your zombie face to life, it can move, bite, groan and much more in AR! In this app, you can customize your eyes, mouth, and face with tons of options.

In Zombify – Be a ZOMBIE you can spread the virus by biting your friends in various social media apps and unlock special effects. You can also add animations to your zombie with flamethrowers, Tasers, and shotguns or have them eaten. Bring your creation to life in 3D and share your pics and video!

AR features: 1) customizes your eyes, mouth, and face with zombie-themed objects and animations.

 Zombify for Android

 24. iScienceAR

Designed to work in conjunction with the iScience book, iScienceAR brings the world of science to life! This app allows you to get a deeper understanding of atoms, gravity, chemistry and materials in AR.

It shows you how science works, from atoms being split to how temperature affects matter. You can even see how materials react when they are exposed to water! And if that’s not enough, you can even explore outer space in the Gravity Space Lab and so much more!

AR features: 1) lets you experiment with matter, atoms, gravity, and chemicals if you have an iScience book. 2) experiment with temperatures of water. 3) split the atom. 4) test the object for strength. 5) take a trip to your favorite planet.

iScienceAR for Android

25. Magic Trick #11

Magic Trick #11 is one of the most downloaded augmented reality apps by more than 250,000 users. This app proves that anyone can learn magic using any device to freak out family and friends. You can use the AR effects by using a standard deck of Bicycle® playing cards – make cards rise, unlock a box and much more!

The tricks in this app are simple and easy to try. The visual effects are great! This augmented reality app received rave reviews by Yahoo Tech, The New York Times, MUM Magazine and various blogs for tech lovers. Besides, never thought you could do magic, then give it try!

AR features: 1) lets you perform card tricks using the Bicycle® standard deck of playing cards.

 Magic Trick #11 for Android

 Best augmented reality apps: Conclusion

Augmented Reality Apps are a cool way to add enhancement to your everyday life. AR makes real life more exciting and a lot more interesting in many ways. You can interactively learn about our galaxy, history, language and navigating the world around you.

An awesome advantage is with it’s innovation in the automobile industry. There is a vast selection of apps to enhance your driving experience on the market. As well these navigation apps even allow you to still use your phone as you normally would as you follow directions or even to be used as a road camera.

AR has a major effect on e-commerce. In effect it allows companies to bring their products to life so consumers can ‘try before they buy’ products. You can try on clothes or even outfit your living space before you buy new furniture and this takes away the guessing from shopping.

Education is a market that needs to stay innovative.Without any doubt, our younger generations are becoming more and more tech savvy earlier in life and app developers are adapting to this culture. Augmented reality has made learning more fun and interactive and spark interests.

The photo and video industry is the largest market for AR on the market. People are always looking for ways to spice up their memories. You can choose from a vast selection of themed apps to make your moments pop and with this advanced technology which can recognize features such as hands and facial features you can do so much in AR.

So you can easily find something fun to play up your pics and videos from zombies, puppets, celebrations, cultural and nature!

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Additional VR/AR resources

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