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ThinkMobiles Team 30/05/2017

New immersive user experiences and technologies are here! 360 camera apps and newest cameras for panoramic images are revolutionizing photography, social media and even marketing. With our mobile devices we can take all-round panoramic pictures to view them in stunning details. Mobile apps and phones’ cameras can take us to virtual tours of any place on Earth.

With all the hype around virtual reality (VR) each one of us can now lift a curtain into this world just having a smartphone. More sophisticated, though, may require special three-sixty cameras and equipment. Yet, there is Cardboard viewer, cheap and comprehensible for everyone – check out 25 best Cardboard apps. There’s also Google Camera, the app for 360-degree images and videos, photo spheres. But that is far from all. As VR content becomes increasingly popular, we’ve decided to gather best 360 camera apps in one place. Here we go.

5 best 360 camera apps for Android

Panorama 360

A first panorama app that comes to mind instantly is Panorama 360. By the way, we should warn you to be prepared for numerous app titles with words Panorama and 360 in it. A bit confusing, apparently, but that’s why we are here to help. So why is this one the best 360 camera apps? It allows capturing three-sixty panoramas and video, in 3 modes – normal, manual and real-time. A single tap to initiate the shooting, move around with the phone and done. The app automatically builds a panorama.

Best 360 camera apps for Android, Panorama360

Over 5 million installs already, which proves the solidity of this Android 360 app. In touch with modern trends, this camera app allows uploading images to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can view images made though the app either flat or with 3D viewers. Another cool feature is geo-tagging – to mark location of panoramas or see the similar ones nearby.

Price: Free

Photaf Panorama Pro

With simple user interface and incredible photographic possibilities, Photaf is highly accessible in use. High definition mode of capturing 360 images lets you set them as your phone’s wallpaper. The company’s one way to market and present the app is that it is a great tool for real-estate agents. They can create fascinating VR tours and/or 3D imagery of apartments and houses to interest clients in new ways.

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Photaf 360 camera app

Photaf camera app features automatic image stitching, 360-degree panorama, social media sharing. Users can export 3D images, or move galleries to phone’s SD card. There’s also a premium version, where you may upload images to Photaf site and view it on PC. Extra possibilities include HD mode, portrait mode and ad-free experience, of course. Also, the affordable price.

Price: $2


This is probably one of the most feature-packed 360 camera apps. Although, the Android app is primarily aimed at viewing three-dimensional VR images on your phone or through a headset with phone inserted. To view properly, a phone should also have the accelerometer and the gyroscope. Its motion-sensitive panorama viewer brings you only best scenery from all over the world. To create and upload your own 360 content you need to use Roundme web service.

Roundme 360 camera app


So with this 360 camera app you can explore places, nature and cities from best photographers, architects and artists. All images are of great quality, JPEG and TIFF formats up to 65.000 pixels in multi-resolution. You can also search any place on the planet through the app and enjoy panoramic views. Social media and feed included, surely.

Price: Free


Not that popular 360 panorama app, nor has it an eye-catching bombastic advertisement, though it does it’s job. Pano app comes with reliable functionality to create 3D images, nice UI, and panorama building. It uses up to 16 images from a smartphone and a semi-transparent guide on a screen to navigate your actions. Such extra options as photo alignment and color correction make it one of the best 360 camera apps.

best 360 panorama apps, Pano app

Created 360 panoramas saved onto your phone. The beauty of this app is its single purpose – to take nice 360-degree pictures and store them on a phone. Nothing else, nothing excessive. Version for iPhone and Windows phones are also available as of lately. To check out what images people take with Pano, go to official Pano 360 camera app group.

Price: $0.7


Ever wondered how Paris looks from the sky? Want to get closer to glaciers in Antarctica? Sphere 360 camera app you are free to take virtual tours around the globe and enjoy panoramic views. As the title suggest, with this app you can create great-looking spherical images while you travel and share it with your friends. This project started back in 2012 and won various tech awards by Mashable, Wired, Travel Weekly.

Sphere - 360 image app

Users can search 360 content by category, by location or check related events. You can also build a newsfeed in the app to follow favorite photographers. And of course, taking panoramic pictures yourself is possible (mainly with Samsung phones so far). One additional sweet thing, especially for VR developers, is Sphere’s 360 Camera APK free download.

Price: Free

5 best 360 camera apps for iPhone

So we are half down the road, and as you can see 360 camera apps are gaining traction. Which is no wonder if take into account huge popularity of virtual reality and 360 videos of any sort on YouTube. Yet most of 360 panorama apps only offer viewing experience. And the tendency naturally appears, that more of them will focus on user generated content. I.e. more apps will allow users create own panoramic photos and share them. Let’s name some of the best 360 camera apps for iOS devices.


The winner of Best iOS app by TechCrunch few years back surely deserves a look. And there are truly certain features sending this 360 camera app to the top. High-definition resolution for images up to 42 Megapixels, that’s first. Secondly, a hands-free mode for 360-degree images. Phone automatic rotation all way round if put on a smooth surface resulting in full panoramas, that one can view in headsets as well.

top ios 360 apps, Cycloramic

With over 20 million downloads, Cycloramic is a great mobile app to create panoramic images fast and easy. It works on iPhone 5 / 5S / 6, iPad and Apple Watch. And it works really fast – it takes about 5 seconds to capture 180-degree panorama. So 10 seconds for full 360 image. What is also incredible is the ability to transfer images into videos, in medium or high resolution.

Price: $2


Yet another Panorama-titled app, but all is not so simple in this case. By that we mean, that this application both for iOS and Mac applies a really scientific approach to image stitching. It’s the mathematical technique for image matching, which especially suits for panoramas of architecture and buildings. The app does not warp horizontal image edges to form a panorama. They, of course, do not reveal the algorithm in use, but resulting 360 images appear rather flat and less spherical.

Panorama app for iPhone

The app automatically adds geographical location data on pictures users take. One cool feature is horizontal or vertical panorama selection – to choose a shooting method, resulting in variety of possibilities. Users can also export separate original images out of a panoramic view. Plenty of editing back-and-forth options as well. Premium version for Mac with advanced features available for $12.

Price: Free


Formerly known as Photonomie, FOV is in the line of best 360 camera app for iPhone that works in real-time mode. You are not only able to make panoramic images by moving around your phone horizontally. The app works in such way that you can move in all directions while taking a pic. What is also great about FOV app, is that users can share 360 content instantly through messengers like iMessenger, Facebook or Whatsapp.

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FOV 360 panorama app for iphone

With this 360 panorama app users also have access to the extensive collection of scenery and places from New-York, Paris. By the way, a little “Designed with love in Paris” slogan on their site adds a touch of romance to the product. Field-of-View, as they call it, was inspired by technology in Mars Rover project by NASA. That is way the method for image stitching is purely native to a smartphone, not depending on wi-fi connection.

Price: Free


They call their images taken ‘fyuses’, to mark 3D images in sort of a special way. This 360 app is full of fun features, and it also is inclined towards social networking. Users create personal profiles, take pictures, share them publicly or privately via messenger services. For instance, incorporating Fyuse with iMessenger or Facebook Messenger, so it can run inside conversations. You can be a part of community, find and invite friends. Fun stuff like stickers, filters, 3D text overlay is being regularly added.

Fyuse, best 360 apps for iPad

But let’s not forget about the main feature – 360-degree images. The process is similar to other 360 camera apps, though Fyuse attaches elements of augmented reality (AR) here. Before you start shooting the object or a person, the app will create a guiding arc for direction. See some of the most stunning results as Top fyuses. Regarding the technical side of Fyuse, the app comes in multiple languages, and requires iOS 8.0 device or newer. It is also compatible with iPads and iPods Touch.

Price: Free


360-degree selfies? Aren’t you curious about that? With this iPhone app your selfie will not only take a picture of you but capture all your surroundings right where you are. In similar fashion, users also can walk around the places and objects and make a kind of virtual tour. This feature is called 360 spot by the vendor. Lots of other handy little functions for your fun included.

best 360 camera apps for iOS, Twister app

Firstly, 360-degree panorama creation with a smartphone in high quality. Many editing tools like image rotation, instant effects, zoom ability, sharp coloring, etc. Twister app is tightly packed with features, like video sessions, voice command, photo timer, social sharing. And one magical option that definitely stands out – autorotation of your phone. Just put it on a flat surface and activate, it will rotate itself and it can also take pictures at the same time. Great 360 app for iPhone and iPad owners.

Price: Free

PS: Player 360, SDK for iOS

Speaking of 360 camera apps we, clearly, can not leave our own project without mention. Player 360 is a mobile app for immersive image and video viewing experiences, currently available for free download at the App Store. It supports high resolution of 4K UHD for three-dimensional content. And there are 4 display modes: spherical, flat, side-by-side, little planet.

Player 360 by ThinkMobiles, panorama app

We’ve developed this 360 camera app to showcase our team’s skills in expertise that you can rely on to start your own project. Install it and see for yourself. You can also run Player 360 as part of another application, embedding it. For that, a full and open SDK comes along with meticulous documentation.

The app enables user control with play, pause, zoom, and navigating with simple touch or phone motion. For virtual reality mode hotspots can be applied and used for navigating. We can use this ready 360 SDK to make travel apps, virtual museums, real-estate tours, VR projects, etc.

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