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Augmented Reality Companies


Let us talk about types of augmented reality companies and describe each of them:

AR platform:

  • Companies belonging to this type use implements of AR platform companies. They also provide different augmented reality solutions and providing different services. They are the most powerful, advanced and versatile.I can develop all that other types of companies can.

AR product and game:

  • This type of companies develops and sell own products, games and other AR products including books and games. Many of them work also with mobile virtual reality. It is popular among many famous companies.

Companies with own services and universal AR viewers:

  • These companies offer limited effects that users can use as they need. They are designed for quick and easy augmented reality experience. People with technical skills can create simple effects such as simple video or animation. AR solutions of this type augmented reality companies is ideal for users from different areas, such as education, medicine and so on.

Custom app development:

  • These type companies work to designed custom AR solutions for main advertising companies, shows and etc. The user branded applications allow marketers to use AR solutions for making projects. Custom features, as usual, navigation, UI, animations, difficult AR effects, and etc.

VR platform companies


AppReal-VR logotype


AppRealVR is a software development outsourcing company with office in Kiev (Ukraine). They provide a software for all who want to outsource their solutions. This company is an expert in AR, VR and other software development that specializes in gaming with virtual and augmented reality development.

Specialties: virtual reality development, augmented reality development, gaming.

Employees on LinkedIn: 50 employees.

Founded: 2016 with headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine.


Catchoom logotype


This is an augmented reality platform with image recognition that makes solutions for millions of interactions to date. Also, Catchoom’s developed a productCraftAR. It’s thetoolboxwith content management and creation that are webbased, consumption with its Image Recognition and AR SDKs that can compatible with Android, iOS, and with plugins for Unity and PhoneGap/Cordova. Catchoom cooperates with a lot of companies, including Intel, Condé Nast, TimesMobile and powers leading augmented reality providers.

Specialties: augmented reality, image recognition, digital marketing, mobile marketing, eCommerce, visual search & Retail.

Employees on LinkedIn: 18 employees.

Employees by country: 40+ in Spain.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.


Plattar logotype


Plattar is a mixed and augmented reality platform. Their beta platform has a sample app builder and CMS for managing content and augmented reality solutions.
Brands can easily and affordably build, manage and develop their own augmented reality applications and experiences. The team of the company can customise the UI design or customise the augmented reality experiences. Ther know that AR is still new to most of users, so they have a lowcost prototyping service to hand hold you through your first AR experiences.

Specialties: augmented reality, mixed reality, content management system.

Employees on LinkedIn: 15 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in Australia.

Founded: 2015 with headquarters in Australia.


Aurasma logotype

Like many of augmented reality companies – Aurasma is a leading AR platforms provider in worldwide. It provides development tools, software and free applications for IOS and Android users. The company also provides image recognition technology for cameras in smartphones and tablets as video, 3D models, and Web pages.They allow teachers and students to submit digital information as printed materials.

Specialties: augmented reality, app developer, software, marketing, advertising services, mobile & digital.

Employees on LinkedIn: 12 employees.

Employees by country: 40+ in the UK.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in London, UK.

Retinad VR


Retinad one of the first company that build virtual and augmented reality platform. They allow developers to observe everything that happens in their applications, and the behaviour of users. They want to speed up the mass introduction of virtual and augmented reality by helping developers to understand their applications and their users.

Specialty: virtual reality, augmented reality, advertising, analytics.

Employees on LinkedIn: 6 employees.

Employees by country: 6 in Canada.

Founded: 2015 with headquarters Canada.



Wikitude Logotype

Wikitube is one of the major providers of augmented reality technology and solutions for smartphones, tablet. Its AR solutions enable thousands of companies, brands, and developers to achieve a mission.

The main Wikitude’s products are AR SDK that offers augmented reality solutions for image recognition. It also offers apps for Android, iOS, tablets, smart glasses, etc. Also, they have SDK extensions which offer for PhoneGap software, Titanium platforms, and Xamarin components.

Specialties: augmented reality solution, augmented reality SDK, image recognition, computer vision & mobile app.

Employees on LinkedIn: 26 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in Salzburg.

Founded: 2009 with headquarters in Salzburg, Austria.

AR product and game companies


Octosense logotype


The high-quality mixed reality on any device Octosense.They develop solutions for the challenges associated with creating a true mixed reality. Octosense technology enables existing tablets, mobile phones and HMD’s to run lifelike 3d content in real-time, with a level of visual fidelity normally reserved for desktop PC’s, and reacting to the lighting conditions of any real environment, in real time.

Supporting the majority of current generation mobile devices, the company provide robust motion tracking and localization for devices with RGB cameras only.

Specialties: augmented reality, 3D production, mixed reality and real-time rendering.

Employees on LinkedIn: 6 employees.

Founded: 2016 with headquarters in Israel.

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EON Reality


EON Reality logotype

EON Reality is a multinational virtual and augmented reality software developer. The company’s clients include entities such as Boeing, Microsoft, Lexus and Cornell University.
The company’s joint ventures include EonVision, EON Sports, EON Reality TTR, EON Reality KSA and EON Reality Mauritius.EON Reality has subsidiaries in Manchester, Laval, Gothenburg and Singapore.

Specialties: virtual reality, augmented reality, knowledge transfer, education, edutainment, interactive digital centers, entertainment, mobile apps, experience design and mobile apps for education.

Employees on LinkedIn: 261 employees.

Employees by country: 56 in the USA, 62 in the UK, 2 in Australia, 37 in France, 8 in Mexico.

Founded: 1999 with headquarters in Irvine, California, the USA.

Innoactive GmbH

Innoactive GmbH Logotype

At Innoactive® they strive to create game-changing applications that help theirs customers to immersively sell and market their products with virtual and augmented reality. Working with today’s most advanced technology gives us the opportunity to push the envelope of what’s possible with today’s technology.

Specialties: virtual reality, augment reality, Web&App and consulting.

Employees on LinkedIn: 24 employees.

Employees by country: 22 in Germany.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters München.

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QuestUpon logotype

QuestUpon is the main company that developed geolocative AR experience and provide an interactive and offer the engaging experience. They use 3dimensional and animated supplemented and mixed reality to bring things into real world. QuestUpon offer a full range of apps to the customer. The platform allows for different types of tasks including urban race tour, treasure hunt, games and more.
They offer a full range of apps to customers, providing a new way to experience their environment for extreme levels of interaction. The platform allows for different types of tasks including urban race tour, treasure hunt, games and more.
They work in a different area such as brands, tourism, culture and heritage organizations.

Specialties: gamification, augmented reality, virtual reality, geocaching, social messaging, mixed reality, mobile games, mobile augmented reality & brand engagement.

Employees on LinkedIn: 3 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in London.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in London, UK.

Companies with own services and universal AR viewers



Metagram is one of the best representatives augmented reality companies and uses AR to make story-telling experiences in the real world. It’s the only company whose solutions don’t need the special glasses and can move in the real world.
Also, they become the company that have produced first holographic film experience in worldwide.

Specialties: augmented reality, holograms, narrative experiences.

Employees on LinkedIn: 10 employees.

Employees by country: 10 in UK.

Founded: 2016 with headquarters in London, UK.

Augmented Pixels


Augmented Pixels Logo

Augmented Pixels is a Ukrainian project, which is developing technologies in the virtual and augmented reality created sales platforms and robotics, to enter the top 20 technology companies in the world. The main idea of the company is augmented reality technology, which is based on detailed 3D-scanning objects and filling quality content.

Specialties: augmented reality, mixed reality.

Employees on LinkedIn: 17 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in the USA.

Founded: 2010 with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, the USA.

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Zappar Logotype


Zappar want to make augmented and virtual realitythe most powerful, easy to use and affordable platform, tools and solutions. Their specialism is in creating bite-size entertainment experiences: small pieces that can be used easily, connecting the real world of things with theirs digital lives through handheld devices driving interaction, and engagement.

Specialties: augmented reality and virtual reality.

Employees on LinkedIn: 35 employees.

Employees by country: 31 in the UK.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in London, UK.

1000 realities

1000 realities Logotype

1000 realities is a software focused on virtual and augmented reality and craft fully immersive, interactive applications. 1000 Realities create new realities, where human imagination is the only limit. Their products applied in many different areas, from virtual visits, marketing, promotion, brand storytelling to interactive training and simulations. They provide solutions with an amazing sensation of truly ‘living’ the story you find yourself in or create an immersive, super engaging tool.

Specialties: virtual reality, augmented reality, computer software, 3D graphic and computer games.

Employees on LinkedIn: 10 employees.

Employees by country: 10 Poland.

Founded: 2015 with headquarters Krakow.

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Custom branded app development companies



INDE develops award-winning augmented reality experiences for entertainment, education and advertising. It provides professional AR solutions ranging from mobile to large-screen AR experiences with exceptionally high-quality 3D, to create next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with content.

Since 2011 it has launched augmented reality systems on every continent for clients such as AMEX, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Coca-Cola, WWF, Smithsonian, Universal Studios and BBC Worldwide amongst others.

Specialties: augmented Reality, entertainment, marketing, education.

Employees on LinkedIn: 18 employees.

Employees by country: 18 in the UK.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in the UK.


TM logotype

Their core strength is to craft Mobile Apps, Websites and VR masterpieces for start-up ventures and entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, EU, Australia and Israel. In addition, there’s a wide range of cool stuff that they do: Backend / Frontend solutions, QA support, UX / UI design.

Specialties: powerful mobile solutions, iOS, Android, WP, Node.JS, BackBone.JS, UX / UI design & Unity3D, VR, AR, Game development.

Employees on LinkedIn: 183 employees.

Employees by country: 400 in Ukraine.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters Uzhgorod, Ukraine.


Blippar logotype

Blippar provides image-recognition phone applications for smart devices. Its ability to be rich on content and customers has made Blippar a favourite among companies.

Blippar has a great product – Blippbuilder – is a visual browsing application that uses image recognition and augmented reality technologies to portray images through camera-equipped devices such as smartphones, tablets.

Specialties: augmented reality, technology, marketing, advertising, media, computer vision, artificial intelligence, facial recognition & EdTech.

Employees on LinkedIn: 200 employees.

Employees by country: 400+ UK.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in London, UK.


NGRAIN logotype

NGRAIN is creating a solutions with interactive 3D and augmented reality technologies. With NGRAIN products, companies enhance the performance of people, machines, and the interactions between them.

NGRAIN’s integrated, versatile platform combines enterprise 3D assets and data to provide operational intelligence for mission critical equipment and accelerate decision-making across the organization.

Specialties: 3D augmented reality, visual analytics, volume graphics, 3D simulation, interactive 3D platform & 3D software.

Employees on LinkedIn: 33 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in the Vancouver.

Founded: 2000 with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Scope AR

Scope AR logotype


“Scope AR” is the leading provider of industrial augmented reality solutions and products designed for support in areas of training and maintenance. They use the most current AR technologies into their solutions, which are compatibile onto tablets, smartphones, and AR glasses. Their users see immediate advantages in the form of engagement, effectiveness, and content retention and are transforming how training, manufacturing, and field support are optimized within their organizations.

Specialties: augmented reality, software, training.

Employees on LinkedIn: 12 employees.

Employees by country:

  • 35+ in Canada
  • 15+ in San Francisco, the USA.

Founded: 2010 with headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.

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Leap Motion


Leap Motion logotypeLeap Motion live on the verge of a massive shift where theirs physical and digital realities are about to collide. At Leap Motion, they make technology for VR/AR that tracks the movement of your hands and fingers, bringing your hands to “the other side of the looking-glass.” By bringing people and computing devices closer together, a career at Leap Motion offers the opportunity to help bring science fiction to life.

Specialties: virtual reality, augmented reality, software, hardware & human-computer interfaces.

Employees on LinkedIn: 71 employees.

Employees by country: 100+ in the USA.

Founded: 2010 with headquarters in San Francisco, CA.


LightUp logotype

They believe the future of learning will be more personalized and hands-on than ever before, enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence and augmented reality. They recognize the importance of not only building technology, but also harnessing it to create products that are accessible and affordable. Theirs first product, which uses AR to teach kids about circuits, is now available at 1000+ retailers across all 50 states. With theirs next-generation Smart Lens AR technology, they will revolutionize how people learn by bringing together 3D holograms, interactive voice guidance, and adaptive learning analytics.

Specialties: education, virtual reality, augmented reality, teaching STEM concepts.

Employees on LinkedIn: 10 employees.

Employees by country: 10 in the USA.

Founded: 2013 with headquarters in San Mateo, the USA.


Neurable Logotype

Neurable has developed their own method of identification brain activity in order to control the virtual reality by your own mind. With interface brain-computer, their solutions create a direction in virtual reality. In using their products customers can play games, control robots and even drive a car. Their mission is to become the world’s leading provider of neurotechnology.

Specialties: video games, neuroscience, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Employees on LinkedIn: 10 employees.

Employees by country: 10 in UK.

Founded: 2015 with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

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TeliportMe logotype

With TeliportMe solutions, you can see places through the images of panoramas taken by users make on Android application. Customers can discover and share places they travel to including impressions, experiences captured using their smartphones.

Specialties: social travel, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Employees on LinkedIn: 11 employees.

Employees by country: 40 in the USA.

Founded: 2012 with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, the USA.


Augment logotype

Augment is the leading venture-backed augmented reality software solution, helping businesses merge physical and virtual experiences through real-time product visualization.

Our mission is to seamlessly merge theirs physical and virtual experiences. Together, company want to change the way people see and imagine the world around them.

Augment is an augmented reality content and distribution platform, connecting retailers and brands to display products in 3D augmented reality on e-commerce and mobile commerce channels.

Augment helps retailers and manufacturers leverage augmented reality to increase engagement, sell more products, and reduce returns.

Specialties: augmented reality, 3D visualization, ecommerce, design, architecture & emarketing.

Employees on LinkedIn: 49 employees.

Employees by country: 50 in France.

Founded: 2011 with headquarters in Paris, France.

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Merge VR

Merge VR logotype

With the Merge VR Goggles users can transported into another world. Compatible with Android and iOS devices offer an immersive augmented reality experience powered with your smartphone.
Merge VR also provides Merge Start – virtual and augmented reality application where users can find collections of the experiences that can be used on a new Merge Goggles.

Specialties: wearables, casual games, virtual reality, augmented reality.

Employees on LinkedIn: 10 employees.

Employees by country: 10 in the USA.

Founded: 2014 with headquarters in San Antonio, the USA.


Zugara Logotype

Zugara is an augmented reality technology company based in Los Angeles, CA. They develop augmented reality software and robust applications that advance the way in which people are able to interact with real-time digital data. As a company, Zugaras mission is simple and to the point: harness their collective knowledge, passion and creativity to develop augmented reality software that improves the way people experience life.

Specialties: augmented reality, E-commerce, interactive strategy, software development, mobile app dev, natural user interface, interface design, user experience, motion capture games.

Employees on LinkedIn: 7 employees.

Employees by country: 7 in the USA.

Founded: 2001 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, the USA.

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