Augmented Reality in Medicine and Healthcare

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The purpose of any invention and technology is to simplify our life. Augmented reality has the potential to play a big  role in improving the healthcare industry. Only a few years since the first implementations of augmented reality in medicine, it has already filled an important place in doctors’ and nurses’ routine, as well as patients’ lives.

This new technology is enhancing medicine and healthcare towards more safety and efficiency. For now, augmented reality has already made significant changes in the following medical areas:

  • surgery (minimal invasive surgery);
  • education of future doctors;
  • diagnostics;
  • decease detection.

AR tools may also aid to detect the signs of depression and other mental illnesses by reading from facial expressions, voice tones and physical gestures. If talking about the revenue side of AR implementation, the AR applications forecast gives the following numbers:

  • in 2020 the revenue opportunity estimate is $1,2 bn;
  • in 2025 the revenue opportunity estimate is $5,1 bn.

Ways to implement Augmented Reality in medicine

The augmented reality, as we already can see, everywhere obtains various forms and AR applications. It also found a different use in the healthcare industry.

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Describing symptoms

Have you ever been in a situation when it was hard to describe to the doctor what was bothering you? It is a common problem to all us, the roots of which extend to overreacting and lack of knowledge. And what is the most important, it impacts on finding out the accurate diagnosis.

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