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Augmented Reality in Sports

In the world of technology and IT trends, the augmented reality is on everyone’s lips. And though AR may only start to penetrate our lives, but surely it is here to stay, that at least is obvious. This technology is changing the whole consumer experience, and therefore present various opportunities for businesses. In our case, augmented reality in sports industry brings vital and positive changes to fans and audience, training skills and marketing. 

AR in professional sport

AR & VR – these two futuristic technologies are already here and, like any good invention, have a positive impact on people’s lives. Talking about the AR in the sports industry, you’ll see how naturally and gradually it has been entering sportsmen’s routine and sport competitions. Augmented reality in sports is capable to improve the skills of athletes, reduce the risk of failures and injuries, as well as enhance the viewing experiences for the fans.

  • AR during the tournaments

You can apply augmented reality to different sports competitions to secure the more fair game. Already, we were able to watch the work of the Hawk-Eye system in action for several years now. The technology provides a three-dimensional representation of the ball’s trajectory and is used in cricket, tennis, Gaelic football, badminton, hurling, Rugby Union, association football and volleyball.

Augmented reality in sports

Probably, during the next years, and especially during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, we will witness even more AR implications into the competition. Both watching sports events streaming online and being present on the stadium have its advantages and disadvantages.

But the most important pros of watching online or on TV is that you are getting more detailed information. For instance, when you are sitting too far away from the field, it can be challenging to see every team player. But with the smart glasses or a marker-based AR app, you can avoid this issue.


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  • AR in practicing

Sportsmen, sports teams and their trainers are always looking the way to get better results and to ensure the win. New technologies are a big bonus for professional athletes to improve their techniques and estimate the pros and cons of the practice.

AR can become the indispensable tool which will be handled by all sportsmen to get real-time data about every hit, run distance, push, throw, jump. With this information, the sportsmen can correct their actions, change the technique, make the right decision. For the sport industry, the most convenient ways to apply AR is with smart glasses, Augmented reality apps for mobile devices and 3D projections. 

For example, in American football, we can implement AR both into practices and games in various ways. One of the possibilities is to use players’ visors like a Google Glass to provide sportsmen with the real-time data about the positions, the speed of the ball, match time, etc.

Image source: Chris Kluwe TED Talk

Augmented reality in sports marketing

Any sport event is a place for advanced media and marketing tools. Moreover, sports and advertising go hand in hand. Every player, team or club is getting high payments out of promoting the sponsors’ products or services. The implementation of AR into the sports advertising will make every stand, brochure or poster on the field or stadium more entertaining. AR app may help to unlock the extra information or digital objects from the promotion materials, and that’s just one use.

The AR technology also gives the opportunities to collect information about the customers and to offer personalized advertisement. It stimulates the retail sales and fans engagement. One case is hockey team Detroit Red Wings, who have started to use the augmented reality for better fans experience. Their Windscape official app allows to open the team logo and explore videos and animations.

  • AR for sport fans

Have you ever watched any sports match without a crowd of other fans? If your answer “Yes”, wasn’t it weird and quite boring? Any sportsman will confirm – without the audience’s support there won’t be the difference between the practice and competitions. And that is why industry makes regular efforts to make the fans experience better and loyalty deeper.

FC Juventus filter on Snapchat

For sports fans, every game or competition is a fine entertainment. Though, over time, simple watching inevitably becomes not enough. Augmented reality apps in sports can bring some positive change and a fresh breath for the audiences.

To bring an action closer is the main purpose of AR in sports. And to achieve it, the firsts steps have already been made. For example, in September 2017 the Major League Baseball has launched an AR app MLB at Bat. The user just needs to point the mobile device towards the field and on the screen, he/she will see all player’s statistics. Moreover, the information about the speed and the trajectory of every hit will also be given.

AR in fitness

For the last decade, people all around the world became more involved with sports, fitness and healthcare. For better health they are willing to do almost everything. So, why not utilize opportunities of augmented reality. Here’s how AR can help anyone in his/her fitness routine.

  • New way of data

Using AR in fitness opens the new possibilities to gather and analyze information. Devices on AR basis can provide you with the real-time data about what is going inside and outside your body. AR apps show information about the heart rate, number of steps, running distance, number of calories burned, etc.

After the release of iOS 11 and ARKit, we’re going to see more AR apps, including apps for health and fitness. One of the first is Fitness AR. It makes it possible for runners, bikers, and hikers to plan their route and review it in brand-new look. This new app uses 3D landscape map to visualize the bike rides, runs, and hikes.

  • Better workouts

In case you are totally new to fitness, to start your routine can be challenging. Reaching certain goals demands a lot of strength and knowledge. But how to be sure, that what are you doing, you do right? AR technology solves this problem. With such device as the smart glasses, you can get a virtual personal trainer at your home. 

“No fun, no gain” is new “No pain, no gain”

The Pokemon Go mania covered not only the world geographically, but it has also affected other areas of life. Gaming elements can turn even the hardest workouts into something funny. It will also bring some extra motivation to those, who like to skip exercising.

Solving mysteries, puzzles, and other games – is the way AR can be brought into everyday workouts. For example, AR app Zombies, Run! helps you get into a run habit and some even say it prepares you for the future zombie apocalypse. Through your headphones, you follow the instructions to escape the monsters.


The augmented reality in sports improves two major aspects – usefulness and entertainment. Regardless if you are a professional sportsman or an amateur, you may use AR apps to improve your techniques, to get better results or to avoid injuries. If you are a fierce sports fan, AR can be useful to be in touch with favorite players or team, to get a better experience of watching tournaments. And if you base your business in the sports industry, Augmented Reality apps could be your successful marketing tool.

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