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How to make a betting app

At first, all of the betting apps were pretty basic, with a limited variety of functions and features. All that user could do back then – place a bet. To get access to any other operation user had to go to their main website. But with the technological progress, sports apps and betting apps have evolved and now feature a rich collection of different functions, that can satisfy every customer. This means, that it is a great time to know how to make a betting app.

Now, there are many different betting apps for different platforms. Using them gamblers from all around the world can bet on the go. In fact, betting from your smartphone has never been easier, it’s literally just a few clicks. Imagine that you have just remembered that you forgot to bet on your favorite team, the game will start in a few minutes. But you have no access to a brick and mortar bookmaker nor to your laptop.

Just then you have a bright idea that there might be an app, that can solve your problem. Few taps on your smartphone and you are already cheering for your team and imagining how you going to spend your prize. You have to agree, today is a great time to be a sports fan. Thus, it’s a great time to find out how to make a betting app.

Betting app features

Any feature of the betting apps could be divided into two groups: for a user and for an owner of the app. To be honest, there are a lot more features for the end user. All that owner gets is the profit in form of percent from every bet or win and the database of clients. On the other hand, a user gets a place to bet, watch games, read news and statistics, communicate with other sports fans. So, the benefits for the customers of betting apps are:

  • Payment system
  • Odds from numerous sources
  • Public betting trends
  • Sports News
  • Watch live games
  • Pop – ups
  • Community


  • Payment system

Nowadays it is possible to make financial transactions with just a few taps from your smartphone. Users of your betting app will not waste any time on tedious tasks like entering the number of their credit card or confirming the payment via phone call.

  • Odds from numerous sources

Fans don’t have to guess when making a bet anymore. Provide them with all of the possible information from a number of sources. For example, reviews and odds calculated by professionals from the established gambling resources. Using all this new information user can make their your own decision.

  • Public betting trends

This shouldn’t be a surprise when you research how to make a betting app. You can promote some event or bet using your app. It is crucial to users to know the popular trends for the particular bet. For them, sometimes, it is best to join the popular vote to ensure victory. Also, you can highlight the potential amount of money won if they bet against the popular vote.

  • Sports News

We are sure that users of any betting app like to keep their ear to the ground when placing a bet. So, they must read a lot of sports news. They can use a separate app for that, or you can provide them all sports news that they need in your own app! This way users will surely know all about every possible event or story that have happened and will be able to make an informed decision. Keep this in mind when finding out how to make a betting app.

  • Watch live games

Same goes for the main event – the game. Customers can waste their time browsing around to find a suitable app to watch live games or make a few taps in their favorite betting app and watch the game without breaking a sweat.

  • Pop-ups

Sensation happens here and there. Users would be very grateful if your app notifies them about an important event or occasion. Especially, if some breaking news is about the team of player they were planning to bet on.

  • Community

The users of your app could share photos, comment, review any match or popular bet. This way your customers will be using your app more often. Don’t underestimate this option when you figuring out how to make a betting app. Some users spend more time in betting apps arguing with each other than in any social network app.

Certain issues on Android

Unfortunately, currently, there are no betting apps available in Play Market for Android. Why? You may ask. Well, the reason is that the policy of Google. They claim that they cannot restrict the age of people who can install and use betting apps, so they decided to ban them alongside with any kind of apps not suitable for all categories of users.

There are only apps that provide advice for bets or any kind of statistic. Be aware of any betting app for Android, none of them is a truly betting app. In best case scenario you will be just redirected to a betting web page. Of Course, there are some workarounds to get a betting app on your Android mobile or a tablet, but this is not suitable for a wide audience. This means, that betting app for Android will never be popular or earn a profit for the creator.

Popular betting apps

Because of the high demand, the mobile app market has a wide range of sport bet apps. All sorts and sizes. But, all of them are not perfect. Tell you a secret? Most of them are not even usable. But, to if you wish to create a betting app you have to do some research and figure out the strong and weak sides of your competitors. So, for your convenience here’s a list of best betting apps.

William Hill betting app is on the top of iPhone rankings. It is visually pleasing, provides in-play markets, great odds rates. One of the most prominent features of the app is that there are functions available only in the mobile version, like betting insurance. This motivates users to install it on their devices.


Bet 365 is another popular betting app for iPhones and iPads. This one features an extensive list of in-play markets, ability to watch live games and events. Convenient design allows users to navigate quickly through the categories and events. This makes this app perfect for people who like to bet at the last minute.

Bovada (also known as Bodog) is one of the famous and oldest online sportsbooks that operate today. Important to mention, that this app is one the few that accept bets from the USA. Bovada covers all of the major US sports such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey and much more.

Betfair app lures customers with clean design style and easy to use menus. There are two apps available that carry the name Betfair. One is a classic sports book, that provides all kind of statistics, news, betting rates and other information. The second app is an exchange app, that allows you to place bets and receive prizes. We think that this division is not very convenient for the end user, but nevertheless, Betfair has its own fair share of customers.

Customers also find Paddy power betting app to be easy on the eyes. But we think that the majority of customers have stuck with this app because it combines a lot of features in one place. Customers can place bets, watch games, there is even a built in a casino. Also, it lures customer with special promotions that are offered periodically. Some say, that it is best all round iPhone app for betting.

How to make a betting app

If you wish to start your own online gambling business before all you will have to acquire following:

  • a gambling license
  • a dedicated server
  • a merchant account

But that’s only a start. You already know general direction on how to make a betting app from this article. You can make an App yourself.  However, if you wish to stand out among other apps,  be sure to include all of the features we have mentioned before. Also, combine them with great visual design and make sure that your app is easy to use. Related topics:

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