Microsoft Planner vs Trello vs Asana vs Jira vs YouTrack

Let us compare Trello vs Asana but initially let us start from Microsoft Planner, a new project management tool that helps teams track and collaborate on projects, has been recently launched for the Office 365 suite. The new app has been in the works since the last fall and is now available to all Office subscribers.

The sweetener here is that Microsoft Planner is integrated with other ‘365 products, which makes it a perfect option for users and businesses who are already deep in the Microsoft ecosystem. The application uses Cards and Boards to organize the working process; and each of the card/board can be color-coded, carry attachments (.doc, .xls, .jpeg, etc.), and contain the separate conversation and comments for every single task.

Planner lets professionals organize the process, share files, and chat with other team members — all within the Office pack. As shown in the video below, the app has set its sights on, and borrowed functionality and features, mainly from tools like Asana and Trello.

In short, Microsoft 365 Planner is an app that is aimed for project managers to get the work done more effectively and collaboratively, in a colorful, fun and more interactive way. The user can set due dates, manage visual dashboards and receive email notifications to stay in the loop. It is all about structuring the teamwork.

The great thing about Microsoft Planner is how smoothly it integrates with the rest of the Office 365 toolkit. Dissimilar to other project management tools, like Trello and Asana, where you manually connect users, profiles, etc., the Planner works with Office 365 out of the box. Planner allows you to attach files and tasks, work together on those files, and have conversations around tasks without switching between apps.

Every new plan that is created in the app automatically forms a new Office group that lets individuals quickly create public and private groups. This makes Planner a good tool for teams to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, communicate about what they are working on, and get updates on progress.

Microsoft Planner Software Review

For those of you who work in massive groups across multiple projects, the project management tools like Planner is indeed a worthy thing. This lightweight tool, that complements the Microsoft Office 365 suite, enables teams to quickly organize, efficiently build strategies, share files and communicate on what members are working on.

Besides that, Planner is suitable for administering marketing event, conjuring up brand-new product ideas, and organize your team in a highly effective manner.

One of the main Microsoft Planner benefits is to let teams organize working process visually, and easily lay out plans for projects.

Same like in Trello, each project comes with a unique Board, and each task is represented by a card. You can track your own work, get notifications via email and filter down to take a look at what needs to be done on every running plan.

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The Target Market

Initially, the Planner tool is made for big teams working on multiple projects. This means, professionals who want to efficiently collaborate around tasks with their team members is the main target audience.

If you need help to eliminate the chaos from your teamwork and keep a close track on projects without missing a detail, Office 365 Planner is what you may need. The good thing is that it’s easy to use: create a team (assign members), build a new plan, update tasks and communicate.

The Pricing

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Thank you for this article! After hours and hours of research, this is definitely the best resource I have found.

Asger Johansen

Great article! Would add to your conclusion, that these are very different types of tools for different types of projects. We have found that you often end up at least combining Asana with Trello and Jira if you are doing anything software related.

Also, none of these tools really cater for the basic, simple projects, where you just need messaging, files and task overview, but not all the bells and whistles and complexity. For those projects you should definitely check out SquidHub. Super simple and straight forward.

But overall, awesome comparison! 🙂


Actually, Asana can do Kanban/Card view.

    ThinkMobiles Team

    Thank you for your comment, we will observe this omission