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Free driver updater: Top-30 list

Victor Mangur

Chief editor at ThinkMobiles, analyst and business advisor at large.


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PC drivers represent essential software components that are used by devices to interact with computer operating systems. Drivers are the files which the operating system and hardware devices use to send or receive data.

Top free driver updater tools

For the following reviews we used Acer Aspire laptop, with Windows 7 64-bit system, 3 GB RAM. Tests were performed during August-September. Now, the list of free driver updater in random order.

Let’s begin from short comparison of driver updaters key charasteristics:

Product Menu languages Drivers database Installer file size Disk space require Pro version Tray app
Driver Booster 49 3.000.000 24 MB 111 MB $22.95
Driver Easy 14 8.000.000 14 MB 15 MB $29.95
Driver Finder 1 1.000.000 1 MB 14 MB $29.95
Bit Driver Updater 41 N/A 8 MB 27 MB $24.95
DriverMax 17 2.300.000 6 MB 15 MB $10.39
Avast Driver Updater 13 500.000 2 MB 136 MB $39.99
Snappy Driver Installer 41 N/A 27 MB 27 MB
Driver Identifier 1 N/A 5 MB 13 MB
Driver Talent 16 500.000 23 MB 71 MB $19.95
Device Doctor 1 1.100.000 6 MB 24 MB
WinZip Driver Updater 16 N/A 18 MB 46 MB $29.95
Smart Driver Care 2 1.200.000 6 MB 23 MB $39.95
Driver Genius 6 1.500.000 24 MB 66 MB $22.95
DriverDoc 1 16.000.000 6 MB 18 MB $39.95
Carambis Driver Updater 16 230.000 2 MB 24 MB $9.95
Driver Reviver 15 1.000.000 18 MB 45 MB $29.99
Advanced Driver Reviver 14 N/A 10 MB 22 MB $39.95
Ashampoo Driver Updater 25 N/A 14 MB 25 MB $19.00
Auslogics Driver Updater 7 N/A 13 MB 43 MB $33.96
AVG Driver Updater 13 500.000 45 MB 138 MB $39.99
Driver Magician 13 N/A 5 MB 8 MB $29.95
Driver Fusion 42 10.000.000 34 MB 29 MB $19.99
DriverHub 25 N/A 2 MB 59 MB
DriverPack Solution 52 N/A 6 MB 16 MB
DriversCloud 7 N/A 9 MB 23 MB
DUMo 15 N/A 4 MB 9 MB $14.99
Slimware DriveUpdate 5 N/A 1 MB 41 MB $19.97
UpdateStar Drivers 1 1.746.000 1 MB 14 MB $29.95
Outbyte Driver Updater 7 N/A 13 MB 52 MB $29.95
DriverToolkit 2 N/A 3 MB 7 MB $29.90

Driver Booster free version searches and updates drivers for Windows Operating System. For a free version, we find this driver updating software impressive as it picks up vital updates. Unlike the paid version which automatically updates all drivers, the free version can only indicate and you will have to make multiple clicks updating the drivers one-by-one.

Key functions:

  • Scans for outdated drivers
  • Performs a silent installation of drivers
  • Manages a significant number of device drivers which include Samsung, Dell, Intel, Radeon, etc.

free driver updater tools


  • Extensive driver library to update a range of computer hardware devices
  • Silent installation of drivers
  • Restore-point


  • Does not automatically update all drivers at once as it requires the user to manually click on each and every indicated device
  • Lengthy installation (it took us 35 minutes actually), bloatware
  • Takes too much disk space

Tips. Always check the size, date of release, as well as the version number of the driver that needs to be updated to know the best time to perform an update. Also, when installing, select custom installation to avoid unwanted apps and extensions like Yandex.

Verdict. There is not much difference between the free and paid version of Driver Booster. If you have got time, then, it should not be a problem to manually update every single driver indicated. After all, you only need to click and it will install the selected ones on your command.

Read the full Driver Booster review.

Driver Easy is a powerful software that can be used at personal as well as commercial level. The program is compatible with Windows Operating Systems. It scans for issues within the computer drivers components and fixes related problems.

Key functions:

  • Pre-set daily to monthly scan schedule
  • Displays hardware information
  • Silently downloads drivers without the use of an external browser
  • Hide a device to not show in future scans
  • Displays full system info

free driver updating software


  • Can scan for drivers while offline
  • Detects essential drivers
  • Responsive support service via email
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No bulk download
  • Fails to detect some of the drivers
  • Does not ensure whether drivers are obtained from OEM sources
  • Require the user to manually install drivers

Tips. Use the company’s website FAQs as well as knowledge base forums to troubleshoot or gain insights about this particular driver updater tool.

Verdict. Driver Easy should not be a miss if you are looking for a performing free driver updater software. Although, in our test it missed a significant number of drivers, the essential ones were detected. A good free tool to conduct dirty work bt scanning for broken, outdated, and missing drivers.

free driver updater

Driver Finder by DeskToolsSoft selects a driver for the PC, based on and its models. Using unique identifiers for the equipment, the program selects a 100% compatible driver for the system. Programs for devices that were previously connected to a PC and have problems with compatibility / installation of servers. Driver Finder has own small client which will be located in the tray, and provide quick access to the main window of the interface.

Key functions:

  • Low system requirements
  • 3 levels of drivers check
  • Found drivers for removable devices


  • Drivers backup / restore
  • Custom selection of work folders
  • Online knowledge base


  • Online installer
  • Blocks downloads in some countries
  • Custom scan unavailable

Tips. Strange or not, but Driver Finder blocks file downloads in certain countries. So in case of such error, install a VPN and reconnect from a different location.

Verdict. Driver Finder has an excellent driver backup system. Full and customized device drivers backups are available. In the Free version, search and driver update functions are very limited, and on-demand scanning is blocked. In the Pro version, all functionality is available, including increased driver download speed and some other features.

Bit Driver Updater is a relatively new product from Germany that is rapidly gaining users all over the world. Its main traits are simplicity and functionality. Easy-to-use menu contains all important features of driver updater software, conveniently grouped in tabs. Thanks to this, even inexperienced users need only a few minutes to start using it. It has a huge database of actual updates, proving to be of high efficiency. Also it has a built-in tool for rolling back to previous versions of drivers and creating their local backups.

Key functions:

  • Flexible scheduler
  • Sound notifications
  • Detailed driver info
  • Restore points
  • Full and custom driver backups

bit driver updater review


  • Manual driver backup/restore
  • Auto-scan on system load
  • Connection via proxy server possible


  • Only dark interface theme
  • Limited download speed in free version
  • One-click update only in Pro

Tips. Scheduler in Bit Driver Updater supports four modes of checking for updates: one-time, daily, weekly, and Off. In cyclic modes, you can also set the start date, but note that the scheduler can work only in one mode at the same time.

Verdict. Bit Driver Updater is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a simple and convenient driver updater app. There aren’t unnecessary functions, only the crucial ones to search and install driver updates.

free driver updater

Driver Genius by Driver-Soft Inc., a vendor that produces driver utility software exclusively (Drivers Restore, Drivers Backup, Drivers Cleanup, System Transfer Assistant, SSD Speeder), detects, installs and backs up device drivers. With a huge database, comprising of motherboard drivers,  sound card drivers, video card drivers, network drivers, mouse drivers, scanner/printer drivers, etc., users may fix any issues in one click. A cool feature to package all drivers into one executable auto installer.

Key functions:

  • System CleanUp
  • SSD Speeder
  • 1-click update for all drivers

driver genius review


  • A lot of additional features
  • Updates rollback
  • 2 ways of drivers recovery


  • Inconvenient interface
  • Limited download speed in free version
  • One-click update only in Pro

Tips. Driver Genius has a very flexible unwanted changes rollback system. Users can roll back system state to the last recovery point (if the changes were global), or undo last driver installations only, thus restoring the original state without changing system parameters.

Verdict. Driver Genius free edition allows you to search and install updates for drivers with a limited download speed. The Pro version contains additional features (System CleanUp, SSD Speeder, System Booster) aimed at entire PC optimization.

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DriverMax free driver updater version is outstanding compared to other apps as it performs automated installations. It also can be pre-set to execute scheduled scans. The features we found in this driver updating software were impressive for a free version.

With that said, the major turnoff is in the limited number of drivers that the user is allowed to download per day or month. The limitation is so extreme such that only 2 drivers can be downloaded per day.

Key functions:

  • Compatible to recent Windows versions
  • Automatically scans and detect device drivers that need update or issues fixed
  • Performs scheduled scans
  • Lists all drivers with issues and without issues
  • Can back up your system drivers prior to installing updates

driver updating programs


  • Install drivers automatically
  • Drivers are downloaded via the application
  • Detects and display hardware devices unknown
  • Automatic scheduler of driver updates


  • No actual updates in free version, only scan
  • Restrict the user to only 10 driver downloads per month
  • Cannot perform a bulk download of drivers

Tips. If you download 2 drivers per day for the next 5 days, you will not be able to execute any downloads for that particular month as you would have reached the maximum number of allocated monthly downloads.

Verdict. A system runs on many drivers as it has a lot of devices to communicate for smooth operation. Although DriverMax has cool impressive features, the limitation is too extreme to keep your PC in good shape.

However, with most of free driver updater software yet unable to keep users away from digging driver links, DriverMax does it all with a single click. The limitations inflicted can be pushed to the side if you perform a full system update before installing DriverMax. This will allow you to spread incoming updates over a long period.

free driver updater

Avast Driver Updater is a small simple software to update drivers on a Windows PC. It is light, operates fast and smoothly, finds missing, corrupt or drivers that require an update. All you have to do is to press a big green Start Scan button and get results in a matter of seconds, literally. All the features one would need in a driver updater tool are implemented in it, the only issue with Avast Driver Updater is that it’s only partially free – you can scan for free, but to install updates you have to pay $49,99 for one-year subscription.

Key functions:

  • Scans PCs for erroneous and outdated drivers
  • Checks for drivers updates in the background automatically
  • Creates restore points upon each update
  • Targets audio, video, graphics, printers, keyboards

Avast driver updater


  • Set to run o Windows startup or not
  • The ability to select drivers for backup
  • Nice clean interface
  • Online support 24/7


  • Only trial version available for free
  • Does not display driver source when prompting to update it
  • Pop-up messages appearing when switching tabs

Tips. Use this Avast tool to scan for updates or errors, if you need a quick check-up of your device. When using a paid version, check or uncheck a box in Options to set a “reboot PC upon updates” feature. Also, take your time with other settings, which could be handy.  

Verdict. Driver Updater is a nice little addition to the diverse Avast family of security and utility software. Our tests showed that is works faster when comparing to other tools, although we did not test update times available in subscription only, to be frank.

Snappy Driver Installer is an impressive freeware tool for updating multiple drivers at a go. The software detects devices that are in critical conditions in terms of outdated, broken or missing drivers. It then downloads the essential files needed for updates and gives the user access to set up the updates.

Key functions:

  • Can install drivers online as well as offline
  • Does not need installation as it can be used in an external hard drive
  • Displays system information
  • Filter feature to help the user find the best matching drivers to install
  • Downloads in driver packs
  • Compatible with Windows XP and above

best driver updaters


  • Can install drivers while offline
  • Quick driver installation
  • Indicates duplicated drivers
  • Unlimited downloads and updates


  • Cannot be pre-set to run scheduled scans
  • Driver packs to download are too huge
  • Lack of settings

Tips. First, check whether your PC operates on 64 or 34 bit Windows version to download the correct .exe Snappy Driver Installer file.

Verdict. Snappy Driver Installer gave an ambivalent impression. It has a lot of expert features, however, an average PC user will find it hard to manoeuvre the app. Lack of scheduled scans also makes it hard to turn a blind eye to the shortfalls of the software. All in all, the offline use and bulk download of drivers makes it a worthy mention.

free driver updater

Somewhat weird driver updater tool compared to other in the field, though with a library of 25 million device drivers DriverIdentifier could fit for all computer users. The app displays a precise message comparing present drivers installed in your computer vs. the proposed updates. After you click Scan, it will display results and drivers to download in a separate web page.

Key functions:

  • Compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions
  • Scans for drivers to update, then displays links where to get driver files and install them manually
  • The download page displays the driver’s ID and date of release
  • Provides download links from OEM sources

free driver updater tools


  • Displays vital information concerning updates
  • Works offline and is portable
  • No settings required
  • DriverIdentifier is small in size


  • Requires user registration before downloading the setup file
  • Cannot perform scheduled scans
  • Requires user to manually downloads updates from the proposed links

Tips. To avoid installing the wrong update, make sure to check the presently installed device drivers details and compare them to the proposed update.

Verdict. We find this software easy to use. Although it requires the user to go through the hustle of manually downloading driver updates, it satisfies that the majority of the links presented are OEM sources. This makes DriverIdentifier a little bit safer than most of the free driver updating software.

Formerly known as DriveTheLife, Driver Talent scans for outdated or missing drivers and installs them automatically. In addition to updating drivers, this software also fixes corrupt drivers. Driver Talent has a built-in evaluation system that allows users to quickly identify driver versions that may cause problems. Also, it automatically detects USB devices and printers, including those only available as network devices.

Key functions:

  • Backup system drivers
  • Driver packages to use on another computer
  • Game Repair tool
  • Hardware Detection utility

free driver updater


  • Recovery of faulty drivers
  • Fast driver downloads
  • Detailed driver descriptions
  • Lifetime license


  • Some buttons too small for titles
  • Reinstall to change language
  • Does not load drivers detected as corrupt

Tips. You must import a hardware profile before you can create a driver package for another computer

Verdict. The functionality of this free driver updater is sufficient to quickly fix broken or obsolete drivers. On the other hand, useful tools such as Backup / Restore and others, are  available in Pro version only.

free driver updater

Driver Doctor presents an easy to use interface which can be credited to the fact that there is not much packed into the software. The program focuses on scanning for outdated, broken and missing drivers. Its database continues to grow and upon using the software, you will be required to keep on updating the software.

Key functions:

  • Scans the computer from an external hard drive
  • Supports Windows XP and later versions
  • No installation is required to scan for out of date drivers

free driver updater tools


  • Friendly interface
  • Obtain drivers from its database
  • Can be scheduled to scan for drivers
  • Super light and easy to set up/use


  • You have to sign up and pay to unlock full functionality
  • Takes time to begin downloading drivers
  • Limited to only 1 driver per day download

Tips. Since Driver Doctor lets you download one driver per day, it is best to use it as a backup driver updating tool just in case the computer cannot automatically update drivers due to some problem by storing it in a flash drive.

Verdict. Driver Doctor gave us mixed feelings but the major turn off were ads and just 1 driver per day download restriction. Otherwise, it is a great software for updating drivers which have got an extra portable version that does not require an installation.

This Driver Updater is a part of the WinZip optimization tools suite, a Microsoft partner developer. The functionality is very laconic, making it super easy to use. A tray application grants quick access to vital functions, and monitors driver status in the background quietly and permanently. Additional features include creating and restoring driver backups. We should note that both modes support batch (all by 1 click) driver processing, which significantly speeds up the process. To ignore unwanted updates use the Exclusions list.

Key functions:

  • Drivers monitioring
  • Driver recovery from a backup
  • Regular updates
  • Repairs driver-related errors
  • Automatically creates restore points

driver updater tools


  • Capable trial version
  • Full and partial driver backups
  • Friendly interface


  • Identical design with Driver Reviver
  • No data about driver database
  • Scarce info on driver sources

Tips. To create a copy of a specific driver go to the Backup tab and select this option. Check the list of driver categories that WinZip Driver Updater recognizes for backups. All backups then can be found at the Restore tab, sorted by data.

Verdict. This simple utility is useful for users who don’t have time to regularly revise drivers. At the same time, skilled guys will certainly appreciate detailed reports for updates, helping to avoid incompatible drivers.

free driver updater

Smart Driver Care is a universal solution for those who want to keep their drivers up to date. Among such programs, it shows a serious approach to system security. The built-in backup tool allows users to create full and partial copies of drivers, and Smart Driver Care automatically sort them by the creation time. And in improved system restore points feature now include creating and managing it directly in menu.

Key functions:

  • Recovery drivers from backups
  • Silence mode
  • Shows summary about installed drivers


  • Auto Scan on launch
  • Restore points manager
  • Different modes for scheduler
  • Support Windows 10/ 8.1 / 8 / 7


  • Only one interface language
  • Unavailable One-click update
  • Low download speed

Tips. Use this tool for fast search outdated drivers in your system. You can do it manually from time to time, or automatically with built-in scheduler. It  support 4 modes: “Run Once”, “Every day”, “Every week”, “Only on some days of week”.

Verdict. Smart Driver Care functional has everything what are needed for regular and manual driver updates. The modern interface provides user to backup and recovery tabs just in click. Driver database includes many hardware types, including, motherboard controllers, Bluetooth-based equipment or even keyboards. The disadvantages are the low download speed (in comparison with the paid version) and partially blocked backup tool in free version.

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DriverDoc safely downloads and updates PC drivers for all Windows OS back to XP. Note that scanning begins automatically each time a program starts, and even right after installation. This is to save precious time, as well scanning hardware and updating drivers in the correct order, so that a user doesn’t have to do it manually. DriverDoc delivers the largest driver database of any products – 16 million and counting. Plus, it claims to reduce the risk of downloading malware drivers by deep-scanning driver source websites.

Key functions:

  • Can work in background
  • Toolbox – features for PC optimizing
  • Live support

driverdoc review


  • History of downloads
  • Large drivers database
  • One-click install


  • Costly
  • Annoying notifications
  • Slow scanner

Tips. It’s important to have a stable Internet connection for DriverDoc’s first launch. This will allow the application to recognize installed devices correctly and will save traffic on next searches for drivers updates.

Verdict. The main disadvantage of DriverDoc is high (compared to analogues) price. It does its job very well, but for this money one would anticipate extra features or at least an integrated technical support module.

free driver updater

Carambis Driver Updater is an automatic driver installer/updater working on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Vista, or XP. First, it finds  the device’s hardware ID and offers more precise drivers than a user can do manually. It can be set to download, install and update all drivers automatically. In addition, this driver updater has a nice design and costs cheaper than other similar apps.

Key functions:

  • Detect drivers for disconnected devices
  • 150.000 drivers in database
  • Integration with other Carambis software

carambis driver updater


  • Affordable price
  • Supports many languages
  • Verified drivers


  • Ads for 3-rd party software
  • No driver backup
  • No full devices list

Tips. Carambis Driver Updater can be integrated with Carambis Cleaner as a one whole software suite. If so, extra features like PC optimization, duplicates remover, will become available.

Verdict. Carambis Driver Updater has a nice interface, yet it looks like it was published at a 80% readiness stage. Some functions typical of driver updaters (like full devices list) are not available, and only a few functions can be configured. A feature called “Search for drivers for disconnected devices” can be useful in some cases. It also has the cheapest Pro version. Great potential that is not revealed fully yet.

Driver Reviver was created to search, download, and install drivers for PCs with Windows OS on the board. At the first start, the Driver Reviver will connect to its huge database and check the actuality for all drivers which are installed in the system. Using the scheduler, you can schedule regular inspections once a day or weekly. For unstable or unwanted driver versions, an Exclusions list is available. Users can choose for interface any from 15 languages, including English, Dutch, Russian and Chinese.

Key functions:

  • Ignore list
  • Scheduler
  • Deliver drivers for hardware and removable devices

software for drivers upde


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Full backup and restore
  • Proper ignore list


  • No option to cancel installation
  • No partial drivers backup

Tips. A peculiar Driver Reviver issue is a forcefully disabled Cancel button during installation. An alert at the last step of installation is displayed, so perform it carefully.

Verdict. Driver Reviver is flexible in customization, most of its features (like new devices monitoring or automatic updates) can be disabled. The backup tool unfortunately supports only creating full (for all devices) driver copies. Nevertheless, thanks to its simple menu, it is a good solution for casual users.

free driver updater

Advanced Driver Updater finds updates for printers, peripherals, input devices, etc. The vendor is constantly improving the drivers database and now it includes thousands of devices with different versions. For each device, the most suitable driver will be offered. It will be selected according to the user’s system parameters. The Pro version also offers automatic backups before updating.

Key functions:

  • Regular checks for updates
  • Full and partial backups
  • Old and new driver versions comparison

advanced driver updater


  • Friendly free version
  • All drivers checked for malware
  • 60-days money back guarantee


  • Adds too many tasks to autostart
  • High Internet traffic
  • Low-functional tray app

Tips. You can change the default folder for downloading updates, as well as for driver backups. Go to Settings – Select Location.

Verdict. Advanced Driver Updater will be useful for those who need fast updates for 1-2 drivers on their device, thanks to their liberal free version policy. At the same time, it can be used for monitoring of drivers as it supports work in background mode.

This app was introduced by a vendor with 20+ years of experience in PC maintenance software developing. Ashampoo Driver Updater helps troubleshoot problems caused by outdated drivers. It regularly searches for new driver versions on official manufacturers’ websites in order to keep their database relevant. All drivers are being saved on a local disk, which makes it possible to use them even if Internet connection is unavailable.

Key functions:

  • One-click driver repairs
  • Fix incorrect and broken drivers
  • Creates restore points upon each update

ashampoo driver updater


  • Support for 150.000 devices
  • One license for 3 devices


  • No ability to cancel scheduled tasks
  • Basic design

Tips. The scheduler feature supports one-time and regular scans. To create a regular event define the conditions, time and date. In the lower left corner you can always see the current scheduled task.

Verdict.With Ashampoo Driver Updater you can quickly update drivers for your home PC hardware and peripheral devices. This software will be a good solution for Family license users. With the Basic license you can use it on 3 different devices without limits. 

free driver updater

Auslogics is certified as a Silver Microsoft Partner, which means that their products are highly compatible with Windows OS tools. In Auslogics Driver Updater free version all the basic features are at hand, but with some limitations. For example, only 1 free update for 4 hours. The Pro version has better download speed, entire driver library, regular (scheduled) scanning and of course no restrictions.

Key functions:

  • Prevents installation of unsigned drivers
  • “Prefer most stable driver version” feature
  • Tray app can be disabled

auslogics driver updater


  • Automatic maintenance
  • Driver state dashboard
  • Automatic restore points


  • Costly
  • 1 driver for 4 hours in Free
  • 6 interface languages only

Tips. To exclude a certain driver from the recommended updates list, click on it and select Ignore. To undo, go to Settings – Ignore list, tick a driver and press Remove.

Verdict. The app is absolutely safe for users who haven’t worked with similar programs before. Backups and restore points in manual and automatic modes are a fine option.

This utility uses high-speed cloud servers to optimize updates delivery. AVG Driver Updater has an extensive database of 500.000 divers for more than 100 brands of vendors of audio and video cards, networking and printing equipment etc. 

Key functions:

  • Developed by one of the leaders in antivirus industry
  • Automatic checks for updates in background mode
  • Fixes hardware errors

avg driver updater


  • Convenient scheduler
  • Official drivers from hardware vendors


  • Only scanning in Free (no updates)
  • Crashes after backup cancelling

Tips. Use menu tabs carefully, it doesn’t save scan results. If you switch from the scanning tab to any other while a scan is under way, you’ll have to start over.

Verdict. The Pro version allows you to quickly find and install updates. In the Free version, only a fraction of all features are available, yet unlimited in amount of use. In general, AVG Driver Updater is a decent free driver updater, optimal for restoring driver backups.

free driver updater

A bit antiquated design of Driver Magician covers a powerful and functional software. One of the exclusive features is the ability to create 4 different types of backups: “as is” to a folder, zip archive, self-extracting app and self-installing app. The last one type is the most interesting, with it users don’t need to search for location and special software to reinstall drivers. Also it supports recovery from all types of backups and unknown devices detection.

Key functions:

  • Detects unknown hardware
  • Creates drivers auto-setup packages (.exe)

driver magician


  • Discounts for group licenses
  • Drivers uninstalling
  • Offline drivers database


  • Obsolete design
  • No scheduler
  • Only trial

Tips. By default, driver search is disabled in Driver Magician. To see all available drivers select the “Search all drivers” feature on the Driver Backup tab.

Verdict. Driver Magician doesn’t have a Free version, only a 15-days trial. Overall, the app efficiently searches new drivers versions and has several unique features which deserve attention. The disadvantage is inability to work in background mode.

Driver Fusion is a “Swiss knife” type of program, capable of much more than just keeping system drivers in shape. It has a proprietary algorithm that includes: searching for updates, creating backups, removing unnecessary drivers and exporting information about drivers in TXT format. All these features can be used as part of automatic maintenance, separate actions, or as one-click maintenance.

Key functions:

  • Deletes unwanted drivers
  • Can install drivers from local storage
  • Multi-layered driver health checks
  • Real-time hardware monitor

driver fusion


  • Hardware state monitor
  • Recovery system
  • 2 interface themes


  • Can’t work in background
  • Referral program

Tips. Driver Fusion has a special feature called Desktop. It creates backup of current shortcuts and their locations. Later, you can use it to restore the previous Desktop state from backup.

Verdict. Driver Fusion is great for PC diagnosis and management thanks to a variety of features. At the same time, it stays an easy-to-use driver updater with an extensive database.

free driver updater

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DriverHub provides one of the largest driver databases among similar programs. It has a bit of a utilitarian menu in a dark theme, which also makes it easy to master. After completing the initial scan, DriverHub selects the most suitable drivers for the system. Yet, unlike other driver updaters, there are always available alternative driver versions, if current version is incompatible or unwanted. 

Key functions:

  • Several driver versions to choose from
  • Driver database available online via DriverHub website
  • Saves all data in Download history



  • No custom driver backups
  • Supports 14 types of devices
  • Absolutely free


  • Requires stable Internet connection
  • Can’t work in background mode

Tips. In the Useful Utilities tab there are fast-access links to most popular sections in system settings like Control Panel, Display Settings and others.

Verdict. DriverHub is a fairly new product amond driver updaters. It has collected one of the biggest driver databases, remaining a completely free product. It’s especially worth noting that on their website they have a search by driver name.

Driver Pack Solution started a few years ago as a startup, and today is one of the popular driver updaters. It has a lot of advantages, e.g. it is absolutely free, is suitable for any computer, in addition to drivers it contains a geographically tailored list of recommended software from top vendors (Avast, Opera, Microsoft etc). 

Key functions:

  • DriverPack Notifier – a real-time driver status monitor
  • Software recommendations
  • BSoD analyzer

driverpack solution


  • Voice assistant
  • Totally free
  • Offline mode


  • Recommended software installation
  • High Internet traffic
  • Analytics collection enabled by default

Tips. After the first launch, DPS may offer “automatic maintenance”, which also includes silent software installation. To avoid this, tick Run in Expert Mode at the start window, and click Cancel when the initial diagnostic will be finished.

Verdict. Driver Pack allows you to install the most appropriate driver updates just in 1-2 clicks. It has a very flexible customization menu in Expert mode. Additional options include: software updater, protection technology, and ability to download offline driver database (22 GB).

free driver updater

DriversCloud has its own exclusive algorithm for finding and updating drivers. Scan results are available online only, but users can export it. Also there is a possibility to create a profile on the DriversCloud website to save and track changes in scan reports, as well as to share scan results and create GIF signatures with current PC configuration.

Key functions:

  • Partially SaaS
  • BSoD crashes analytic tool
  • Manual driver download from website
  • Hardware report



  • Supports 25+ device categories
  • Offline mode
  • Tools for sharing and exporting reports


  • A lot excess steps
  • Separate apps for scanning and installing drivers
  • No scheduler, no backups

Tips. After a scan, DriversCloud always opens the web report page in the hardware section only. To navigate to detected driver updates, scroll down the page and select “Find the drivers”.

Verdict. In basic mode DriversCloud automatically generates and opens a report in the browser. It keeps the online version available via link for some time so it is good for remote analysis. To use all features, one has to create an account.

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Driver Update Monitor (DUMo) is small in size but fast and handy There are two lists for unwanted updates. The first one for those who will be ignored, as in the traditional ignore list, and the second list to postpone the notifications about updates for a while. It will be very useful for those who prefer to use only stable drivers.

Key functions:

  • Skip updates for some time
  • Drivers list export
  • Group updates by priority
  • 2 driver sources



  • Affordable
  • Lifetime license
  • Recognizes virtual devices


  • No backup system
  • Obsolete design
  • Basic features only

Tips. DUMo can work in the background as a tray app. To enable this feature tick “Minimize in system tray” in Options tab. 

Verdict. It’s a lightweight and fast app. The cheap price was achieved by cutting out non-critical modules, therefore DUMo will be a good match for casual users who just want to update their drivers from time to time.

free driver updater

Slimware is known as a software vendor for PC maintenance and optimization which also includes their proprietary DriverUpdate. It can search, download and backup drivers. Its main advantage is sorting drivers into 4 different categories, which greatly simplifies their management. In the Pro version a search for updates for installed software is also available.

Key functions:

  • Manual selection of drivers to download
  • Automatic checks for updates
  • Can search software and Windows updates

slimware driverupdate


  • Easy access to logs
  • Lifetime license
  • Live chat support


  • Analytics sending enabled by default
  • Limited database and no updates in Free

Tips. DriverUpdate automatically saves all backups in its own directory. To save free space, this feature can be disabled on the Backup tab in settings.

Verdict. Slimware full version allows you to search and download driver updates for any device types. It can also look for updates for certain kinds of third-party software and check for Windows updates. Unfortunately, the free version only provides a scan.

UpdateStar has amassed 12+ years of experience in developing software and UpdateStar Drivers is their main product. Its advantage is an optimized delivery system that downloads drivers from official vendors websites directly in the program. Also users can create driver backup before installing updates.

Key functions:

  • Full devices list
  • Gets optimal drivers based on user’s PC configuration
  • Detect unplugged USB devices

updatestar drivers


  • Free version
  • Custom driver backup
  • Downloads and Backups folders managemente


  • Hard-to-get support
  • Low detection level
  • Inconvenient menu

Tips. There is no visible button for adding a driver to ignore list. To do this, right-click on a concrete driver and choose that option.

Verdict. UpdateStar free plan can be used only for checking drivers current versions. However, the full version offers access to the driver database for devices such as motherboards, printers, CPUs, modems, keyboards.

free driver updater

Outbyte Driver Updater has a huge drivers database for various devices. This list includes network equipment, Bluetooth devices, monitors, CPUs and others. It scans longer than other similar apps because this process also includes hardware performance tests. According to the developer, Windows tweak tool will be added to the interface soon.

Key functions:

  • Automatic search for most stable drivers
  • Built-in CPU, RAM and memory performance tests
  • All updates are divided into device categories

outbyte driver updater


  • Performance report
  • Ignore list
  • Built-in feedback form


  • Only partial scan in Free
  • No logs of performance test results

Tips. If you are tired of ads and discount pop-ups, turn off notifications in settings.  

Verdict. Outbyte Driver Updater improves overall PC efficiency. It ensures timely driver updates. For users safety, there are restrictions on unsigned drivers and automatic backups.

The Superlink Driver Match Technology team has been collecting and publishing drivers from official sources for quite some time. Then, for a convenient use of their database, they created DriverToolkit. When installed, it automatically finds and fixes outdated drivers on your PC. Besides, there is a tool for safe removal of unused drivers.

Key functions:

  • Driver uninstaller
  • Access to drivers’ experimental and beta versions
  • Scans hardware devices



  • Set to run o Windows startup or not
  • The ability to select drivers for backup
  • Nice clean interface
  • Online support 24/7


  • Only trial version available for free
  • Does not display driver source when prompting to update it
  • Pop-up messages appearing when switching tabs

Tips. Changes in performance take effect after system restart. Therefore we recommend to restart the system after removing and/or installing drivers.

Verdict. DriverToolKit is a powerful software for managing system drivers. In the Free version, you can only check installed drivers status. The Pro version provides regular drivers download and installation from trusted sources.

free driver updater


Based on all aforementioned information, we’ve compiled the key features summary tables as a kind of comparison of all 15 driver updater tools. We included crucial parameters such as one-click fix, back up, OS compatibility, file size, design, etc., as well as performance metrics – scanning time, number of drivers/issues found, installation.

I. Performance tests

Product Driver Updates Software Updates Scan time (mm:ss:ms) Driver Restore Driver Backup
Driver Booster 13 13 0:06:67 Pro Pro
Driver Easy 10 0 0:11:84 Pro Pro
Driver Finder 3 0 0:08:17
Bit Driver Updater 10 0 0:25:17 Pro Pro
DriverMax 14 4 0:19:96
Avast Driver Updater 8 0 0:04:37
Snappy Driver Installer 10 0 0:14:91
Driver Identifier 2 0 0:14:51
Driver Talent 4 1 0:13:52
Device Doctor 14 0 0:33:54 Pro Pro
WinZip Driver Updater 11 0 0:06:37
Smart Driver Care 12 0 0:11:83 Pro Pro
Driver Genius 14 0 0:23:22 Pro Pro
DriverDoc 14 0 0:35:18
Carambis Driver Updater 15 0 0:08:22
Driver Reviver 11 0 0:07:46
Advanced Driver Updater 11 0 0:19:72
Ashampoo Driver Updater 10 0 0:25:53
Auslogics Driver Updater 13 0 0:37:78
AVG Driver Updater 8 0 0:07:31
Driver Magician 7 0 0:28:18
Driver Fusion 10 0 0:09:43
DriverHub 14 0 0:09:36
DriverPack Solution 5 2 03:52:45
DriversCloud 2 0 0:10:28
DUMo 5 0 0:03:62
Slimware DriverUpdate 1 0 0:06:14
UpdateStar Drivers 4 0 0:19:66
Outbyte Driver Updater 8 0 0:39:13
DriverToolkit 15 0 0:03:31

II.  Additional features

Product Actual updates for free One-click fix Driver Info Driver versions Devices list Ignore list
Driver Booster Pro
Driver Easy Pro
Driver Finder Pro Pro Pro
Bit Driver Updater
DriverMax Pro
Avast Driver Updater Pro
Snappy Driver Installer
Driver Identifier
Driver Talent Pro Pro Pro
Device Doctor
WinZip Driver Updater Pro
Smart Driver Care Pro
Driver Genius Pro Pro Pro
Carambis Driver Updater Pro
Driver Reviver Pro
Advanced Driver Updater Pro
Ashampoo Driver Updater Pro
Auslogics Driver Updater Pro
AVG Driver Updater Pro
Driver Magician
Driver Fusion Pro
DriverPack Solution
DUMo Pro Pro
Slimware DriverUpdate Pro Pro
UpdateStar Drivers Pro Pro
Outbyte Driver Updater Pro
DriverToolkit Pro Pro

III. Drivers scan modes

Product Auto (regular) Scheduled By demand
Driver Booster
Driver Easy
Driver Finder
Bit Driver Updater
Avast Driver Updater
Snappy Driver Installer
Driver Identifier
Driver Talent
Device Doctor
WinZip Driver Updater Pro
Smart Driver Care
Driver Genius Pro
DriverDoc Pro
Carambis Driver Updater
Driver Reviver
Advanced Driver Updater
Ashampoo Driver Updater
Auslogics Driver Updater Pro
AVG Driver Updater Pro
Driver Magician
Driver Fusion
DriverPack Solution
DUMo Pro
Slimware DriverUpdate
UpdateStar Drivers
Outbyte Driver Updater

free driver updater


Why is it important to update drivers?

In a world full of cyber criminals, keeping the computer drivers updated is essential as it may reduce chances of cyber-attacks. Keeping your drivers up to date will also help boost your PC performance as well as take advantage of new features upon release. A PC full of outdated drivers will likely be destabilized and slow, therefore, making it difficult to run the latest programs as well as have an amazing gaming experience.

What does a driver update do?

A proper driver update could ensure overall PC stability, no errors with connected hardware, enhance gaming experience, improve data security, increase graphic card performance. Basically, a driver update is getting the newest possible version of specific computer drivers, or finding and installing new drivers required for certain apps or hardware.

How often should you update drivers?

Drivers are like a user-manual, by keeping them up to date all the time, hardware software will function smoothly and at their best capability. Logically, it would make more sense for one to update their drivers whenever a chance arises. Good thing is that driver update software can scan and indicate drivers that need an update. Thus, you do not need to go through a painful period of searching for an update in each of your PC devices.

What is a driver updater?

Driver updater / driver update software / driver update tool – is a special software that moitors, finds, updates and installs drivers on a user PC. Top examples of such tools are reviewed in detail above in this current article. Also, you may find out more about How to update all kinds of drivers.

Is it safe to use a driver updater?

Since driver update software has access to vital computer programs, the safety of certain a driver updater can be measured by the vendor reputation. Also, to be safe, it is good to check whether or not the driver finder gives information about where they get their drivers. In most cases, reputable driver update software gives full details or guarantee that the drivers are obtained from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sources.

What is the best driver updater for free?

Start from the top of this article to explore apps like Driver Booster, DriverMax, Driver Easy, Avast Driver Updater, Snappy, Device Doctor and more. Learn all the pros and cons, see how they perform in action and choose accordingly.

What drivers do I need to update?

Keyboard drivers, webcam drivers, modem drivers, motherboard drivers, video/audio/graphics drivers, network drivers, USB drivers, mouse drivers, printer/scanner drivers are particularly important. That is not the full list though.

Do I have to update drivers on Windows 10?

Driver updates for Windows 10 happen by default and in the background via Windows Update, when activated. You can also manually update or install driver too, of course.

How do you update drivers in Windows 7?

Please, refer to this guide: How to update drivers.

How to know if drivers are up to date?

Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Device Drivers. Select a device you want to check, then -> Action -> Update Driver Software. Then it will be scanned and display whether a new driver version is available.

How to choose the best driver update tool?

Pricing, functionality, efficiency, speed, driver database, stability and security, vendor reputation, design/UX, specific features might come into play. Selection depends on user’s preferences.

How to update drivers on Mac?

Find the Apple icon in the top left corner, click it, then select “Software Update”. Available updates , if any, will be listed and ready for a download. When installing drivers manually, please make sure to download the Mac version.

How to update drivers on iPad?

According to Apple support, you have to click and hold the Start button, then go to Device Manager. Locate a  connected device (iPhone in this case), right-click it and select Update driver. Then select “Search automatically for updated driver software” option.

How to install/update drivers on Ubuntu?

Navigate to Software Settings -> Additional Drivers tab. Install the drivers and restart a computer.

How to install hardware drivers on Linux?

Most of hardware drivers are integrated into Linux already. Unlike with Windows, you do not need to find  manufacturer drivers, Linux system should automatically detect hardware and apply proper drivers. However, if one needs to do this, it depends on distribution, e.g. in Ubuntu-based distributions there is an Additional Drivers tab in Settings.

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