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Searching for the best Vimeo downloader

Nadia Kovach

Nadia Kovach is a dedicated analyst for software development and marketing companies reviews.


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On Vimeo there is no advertising every 5 or so minutes, yet it isn’t free. It is rather a sharing community for users who love high-quality videos, and not a download site. This has led to vast amounts of quality content on the resource, unlike other popular services online. Anyway, everyone at some point wonders how to save a video from Vimeo. So here we are to pinpoint several ways to do it, as well as to seek out the best Vimeo downloader from a pool of contenders.

Option 1: Browser extensions

These are plugins that extend web browser functionality, not a separate program. Therefore, one can download videos without leaving the page. There’s no shortage of such add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Let’s get 2 quick examples.

Simple Vimeo Downloader

More than 10,000 users, 4.7 / 5 rating. Open a video and notice an extra function to download it, next to sharing and playlist options. The maximum resolution possible is 1080p, and the format is MP4. Otherwise, no issues, no trouble, quick and smooth save. 

Simple Vimeo Downloader

Stream Video Downloader

Over 500K users, 4.3 / 5 rating. When clicking Play on a video, Stream is getting active and offers several resolution options to download in MP4, 1080p being the highest value. So if you want videos in 2K or 4K, this won’t do – you’ll need special software (option #3). This extension is available for Chrome, Mozilla and Opera.

how to save vimeo videos

Option 2: Online video downloaders

Go to a website, paste a link, download – what could be easier? Nothing to install is the second nice benefit. In regards to Vimeo, here are two web services to consider.

Vimeo Downloader

An outright online page with an unpretentious title, created by a group of enthusiasts. It works absolutely for free, converts to video format (mp4) or audio (mp3). Just paste a link and hit Submit. 

download videos online

Note that after that a video pops up in a new tab, where you click a dot icon and get the Download option. And the only nuance being that instead of a title, a file will be renamed with digits. 

browser extension to save video

P.S. MP3 conversion seems not to be working – based on test runs of 10 different videos. 

Smallseotools Vimeo Video Downloader

A similar online Vimeo downloader from a UK SEO-focused team SmallSEOTools. After URL processing we get 3 options: 360p, 540p and 720p resolution with output size for each. Although, size does not correspond to the real one, in most cases, but who cares really. In the end we get an MP4 file with the video title preserved.    

Smallseotools Video Downloader

Free and as simple as it gets. Also, don’t disregard other tools: Plagiarism Checker, SEO audit, PDF to Word converter, Image resizer, etc. 

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Option 3: Desktop apps

The most reliable way and the one with the largest amount of features is video editing/conversion software. Numerous output formats besides MP4, resolution up to 4K, support of Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc., extra features – this all indicates a pretty apt option. Judging from user reviews, we’ve selected 5 desktop apps to highlight.


This is primarily a decent video editor app, but it also turns out to be a Vimeo downloader if you will. Go to the Downloader section, insert a link and click the Analyze blue button on the right. An instant benefit compared to browser extensions is the ability to save videos in original quality – a window from 144p to 2K/4K. When it is a playlist, VideoProc allows to get several (or all) videos at once.

videoproc desktop app

After downloading, there are extra features such as editing or reformatting for specific device resolution. One can also capture (record) actions on his own screen and then publish it online. Both full screen or only a part are available.

aTube Catcher

Upon first launch you select a tool – to upload, convert, record screen, download, etc. As for the video download option, there’s a place to insert URL, output format selection, and the main button. One can save to a variety of formats, including 3GP, Apple TV, AVI, MPEG4, MP3, WebM, MOV, FLAC, MKV, etc., also in various resolutions. aTube is free to use. 

aTube Catcher


Another popular (and basic) program for downloading videos. Free version, though, is full of ads and signals to get a subscription. Pro starts at $2 per month, and you’ll need it if you wish to have video quality choices when downloading. YTD saves videos in the optimal format for a user’s specific device. However, the free version won’t allow saving in 4K no matter how big the screen is. As a simplistic Vimeo downloader to use occasionally, it will do.

basic YTD

4K Video Downloader

To diversify our examples, we needed one capable of 4K. This one can even more – up to 8K resolution and 60 FPS, plus saving playlists, channels and subtitles from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo. But high hopes were crushed – in practice, the maximum resolution it got us was 1080p. So the trick is to purchase a subscription to get the original quality, as well as  automatically download content from the subscribed channels. Premium costs 12 Euro as one-time purchase. 

4K Video Downloader


This is a tool for saving streaming videos in original quality. On the left, there’s a menu to view the downloaded files. Paste a Vimeo video link, a window appears to select quality (up to 4320p). One can also extract audio from a video only. After saving, additionally there’s the conversion tool – to change format, e.g. to a device-specific one. Note that trial is limited to 3 video downloads and 3 file conversions.



To compare the aforementioned desktop apps, we’ve taken this “Aurora and whales” Vimeo video, 26 minutes long and 1080p quality – see the speeds in the table. And we’ve added basic features and parameters for a clearer picture.

ITubeGo 4K VD VideoProc aTube Catcher YTD
OS Win, Mac, iOS, Android Win, Mac, Linux Win, Mac Win, Mac Win, Mac, Linux
Multiple formats Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Video services Vimeo + all others Vimeo + all others Vimeo + all others Vimeo + all others Vimeo + all others
Download speed (test video) 2 minutes 6 minutes 3 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes
Free version limits 3 video downloads 1080p max 1 resolution only No Device screen resolution
Extra Convert to audio, download playlist Download playlist Convert to audio, trim Record from webcam or screen No
Pricing (lifetime) $30 $11 $43 Donate $2/month


Basically, each Vimeo downloader app or extension is optimized for all popular resources like ouTube, Facebook, Instagram, too. Some apps also come with additional options such as removing watermarks, conversion, screen capture, media player. Some other products worth mentioning are WinX YouTube Downloader, JDownloader, SaveVideo

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Nadia Kovach
Nadia Kovach

Nadia Kovach is a dedicated analyst for software development and marketing companies reviews.

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