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13 best Magento development companies

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for launching and managing online stores. More than 100,000 online stores have been built on this platform so far. Among them 20th Century Fox, Gap, Lenovo, Nokia, Olympus, Samsung. Below you will find our top-13 suggestions of Magento developers, who could help to build your online store. But for starters, let’s drop a quick top-3 Magento development companies.

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Top Magento development companies

We have explored over a hundred companies providing Magento services. Based on customer feedback, portfolio and quality of work submitted, we narrowed the list to thirteen Magento agencies.

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Forix offers a full range of Magento-related services. It has more than 100 employees, 65 of which are Magento certified professionals. They provide such Magento services as: store optimization, maintenance, Magento development, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Magento integrations, etc. 

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Portland, USA 2007 100+ $150 $100,000

For example, consider one of the most successful projects by Forix – Dakine, a sportswear brand. Forix conducted an evaluation to determine how it could optimize the content throughout the whole website. The agency introduced a single CMS and updated the frontend with new responsive design. As a result, the number of unique purchases went up almost 3 times.

Magento development companies

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Brainvire is a Digital Enabler and an IT consultancy company. It cooperates with clients from healthcare, education, gaming, finance, advertising, etc. and has completed about 1800 web projects and over 500 mobile applications for different companies. They work with Node.js, PHP and Python frameworks. Brainvire cooperated with Walt Disney, Landmark Group, Eagle Hills, and had partnerships with Microsoft, Magento, AWS, Odoo & SAP. 

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Chicago, USA 2000 250 – 999 $25 $10,000

Let’s take a look at one of the company’s projects, Shoppers Stop – online stores of various brands. The main client’s requirement was a productivity system improvement and order management. Brainvire developed an order management system to make the entire flow easier and faster. Page load time has been reduced from 13 to 1 second.

Magento web development companies


Absolute Web Services is specialized in eCommerce development, design and marketing. They work with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Commerce platforms and have a team of 55 specialists.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Miami, USA 1999 50-200 $150 $5,000

Mig Vapor’s project can serve as an example of AWS successful deals. It is a company that sells electronic cigarettes, evaporators, liquids and other accessories. The customer needed a product-oriented website to drive sales. With Magento, a shopping cart has been created so customers can quickly find what they are looking for and get orders in a few simple steps.

Magento development agencies

Another example is an online alcoholic beverages gift shop Spirited Gifts. Absolute Web Services was tasked with developing an easy-to-use and beautiful design for the site. Special features have been integrated so that people can even choose engraving on bottles when making a purchase. 


Elsner is a web and mobile app development company dealing with digital marketing services and design. They employ over 150 certificated Google, Magento, and ISO specialists and have delivered about 9.000 projects to the USA, Australia, Europe, and India customers so far.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Fremont, USA 2006 50-200 $25 $5,000

As an example, you can have a look at Magento’s online store, Tufferman, a home and industrial storage provider. Elsner developed better navigation to view a specific product, implemented filtering option and improved ordering emails.

top Magento development companies

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is a custom software development company, which help their clients with web, mobile app and games development, design, and marketing. It has 5 worldwide offices and a team of over 1000 specialists.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
San Francisco, USA 2003 250-500 $50 $5,000

Faviana, one of the company’s projects, is a website on the Magento platform for the evening gown brand. CIS has developed a responsive website that includes advanced features, social networking plugins, image sliders and a store locator.

Magento developer companies

It is a global IT consulting company with over 800 executed projects so far, working on various types of Magento implementation, including creating a new site, migrating to an existing site based on Magento from another platform, or even updating the Magento version. 

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
New York, USA 2012 50-250 $50 $10,000

ReVamp is an e-commerce website designed for mobile device wholesalers. Evince combined different models such as Scrum, Prototyping and Iterative model. It also used Magento and Javascript frameworks to provide a secure solution with JQuery for various features, and AJAX interaction to avoid page loading.

Krish Technolabs is a digital ecommerce agency. Their team consists of more than 150 specialists, including Magento certified developers in a number of worldwide offices. KTL have delivered over 300 Magento projects across 25 countries so far. 

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Dubai, UAE 2003 50-250 N/A N/A

KTL has built a strategy for the solutions implementation for Gemperles jewelry brand. It all began with the introduction of a clean UI / UX interface, and a multilingual translation for content, to engage customers all around the globe. 

top Magento developers

Gemperles achieved a 65% increase in their revenue, with a full site load time of 125%. In addition to the design, there were several key integrations: multilingual support, a locator to find the nearest store, directory synchronization, customer data, and orders to further enhance an overall shopping experience.

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Impulsis agency provides cutting-edge solutions for business ideas and helps them grow in future. Ellusionist is one of the largest Magento-based projects. As part of the project upgrade, the functionality of more than 40 modules has been migrated. By integrating the loyalty program with the rules of the Magento basket, they were able to set a percentage discount according to the bonus points received by the user.

Magento company

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Tallinn, Estonia 2006 10-50 $50 $5,000

The company deals with software development and has experience of 95 complex projects in the US, Europe and the CIS.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
New York, USA 2014 10-50 $100 $50,000

Maven provided data migration for Glass Tile Oasis from a dedicated platform to Magento. They also developed their own sensitive download-based theme using a client-side performance optimization approach. A detailed registration form was also developed and manual approval capabilities were added for the wholesale customer registration flow. The performance optimization approach has reduced startup times by three times.

Magento agency

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Viamo is one of the digital experience agencies offering a full range of Magento-related services. They have launched over 400 tailor-made commerce solutions so far, implemented by a team of more than 450 specialists in several worldwide offices. As Magento agency they provide such services as Magento web strategy consulting, web store optimisation, UX/design, cloud hosting.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Stockholm, Sweden 2008 250 $150 $25,000

One of Magento Commerce projects by Viamo is Jewels, a jewels brand and online-store, which wanted to be able to provide an unparalleled purchasing experience. Viamo delivered a full-responsive, easy to navigate and a minimal web-store with a key emphasis on customer experience. 

Magento companies for hire

Meticulosity agency works exclusively with mid-market and enterprise businesses and online retailers. Their possibilities range from cloud hosting and infrastructure to CI/CD and DevOps on platforms like Magento, WordPress and HubSpot. In terms of Magento and marketing they offer expertise in SEO/SEM, content marketing, marketing automation, etc. 

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Kelowna, Canada 2008 10-50 $150 $25,000

Consider one of the agency’s projects, Consuela. It’s an online-store of bags, wallets and accessories. Consuela needed to rebrand their digital presence while futureproofing their site by upgrading to a full-responsive Magento 2 website. Agency role included Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, theme design.

best Magento companies

Shero is an agency offering a full range of Magento-related services and eCommerce solutions with a team of 25 eCommerce specialists. Their goal is to keep clients’ costs down while building a versatile eCommerce website that can help their sites grow. As one of the top Magento development companies, Shero provides web development and design, audit, e-commerce marketing, support.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Poughkeepsie, USA 2010 10-50 $150 $50,000

J.G. Edelen Co. is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of hardware products for furniture that needed 11 new e-commerce websites. Using Magento platform allowed a single catalog to be shared between all stores, with products and price selected on a site-by-site basis. 

Magento development companies

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AheadWorks is also a Magento agency, among other specialties, offering a full range of ecommerce solutions. They do Magento development, design, support, consulting and marketing.

HQ Founded Employees Hourly rate Avg.project cost
Lewes, USA 2001 50-200 N/A N/A

Aheadworks has updated the extension for Softstar Shoes. The AheadWorks team added HTML formatting capabilities to customer service emails and created a service ticket viewer for each customer profile. Setting up Aheadworks extensions has helped the customer service to provide better and more direct answers to customers’ inquiries via email. Now they are able to reduce the time spent on searching for ticket history with customers because of direct links to customer pages.

Magento development companies in USA

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