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25 top IT companies in India

Sure, there might be a question of credibility for Indian software engineers, or low hourly rates. Although, in recent years, the IT sector in India has turned into a hub for many global tech companies including HP, Dell, TCS, Infosys, Viacom, Oracle. Indian IT is among top destinations for software outsourcing, serving not just local clients, but  reaching out worldwide. After analyzing portfolios, customer reviews, rates and experience, we’ve compiled the list of best IT companies in India.

Top IT companies in India

#1 WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech is a web and mobile development solutions provider that started its way in 2014 in Ahmedabad, India. This company has already implemented over 1, 200 of web development projects by providing customized web solutions, web hosting and web design.
The team of professionals constructs websites which are search engine friendly, develops pages with the dynamic interfaces and designs custom plugins that could be integrated on the client’s website.

Specialties: web development, mobile app development, web designing and e-commerce development.

Hourly rate: $15 / Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India/ Employees:150 / Contact:

#2 Magneto IT Solutions

Founded in 2009, we at Magneto work with passion to bring your ideas to life and create stunning applications for start-up and corporate. We mainly focus on eCommerce, Mobile Application, Customize Web Application, IOT, Chatbot. We understand professional service as an opportunity to walk on the path of values. Every day is a fresh challenge to adhere to our essential milestone principles. From our beginning in 2009, we have been pursuing a set of values as definitive guidelines of providing quality service.

IT development company MAgento

Specialties: eCommerce Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Chatbot Development, IoT Development, Digital Marketing Services

Hourly rate: $15/ Headquarters: India, USA, Bahrain / Founded: 2009 / Employees: 100/ Contact: +1 214 447 0720 , +91-8141301021


#3 Mphasis

For the last two decades, Mphasis was doing a remarkable work on business integration with cloud and cognitive technologies and helped enterprises to reach a new level of digital transformation. Among the company’s clients, there are leaders from banking and capital markets, insurance, communication, energy and utilities, healthcare, life sciences. Mphasis X2C framework- what is the reason the company became one of the top IT companies in India. In collaboration with Front2Back™, it became an ultimate tool for fast digital alteration and advanced personalization of business infrastructure, with minimal breaking already existing systems.

Specialities: cloud infrastructure, digital marketing, Big Data and analytics, Data management, cloud app development, DevOps, API management, cognitive computing platform, robotic process automation, product engineering.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India / Founded: 1998 / Employee/ 28 471 Contact +914466370000


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#4 Appentus

Appentus Technologies is a mobile app and web development company with branches in India, UK, USA and UAE. For years now, they have built the reputation as one of the best B2B providers for agencies, startups and even Fortune 500 companies. The goal of Appentus Technologies is not necessarily to have a large client base but to maintain a customer-friendly environment. So as to give life to ideas and, thus, shape their future into what they desire. The company also addresses and provides IT solutions for various sectors such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, logistics, financial institutions.

list of Indian IT companies

Specialties: mobile apps (iOS, Android, iPad, Ionic, iBeacon), web development (Angular, Node, PHP, Laravel, Joomla, magento, WordPress, Drupal), blockchain development.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Jaipur, India / Founded: 2010 / Employees: 96 / Contact +919116645020


#5 Trigent

After more than two decades of experience and hundreds of delivered products, Trigent occupies a leading position among the top IT companies in India. HP, Honeywell, Oracle, Clarks Emerson and other global players from manufacturing, transportation, financial, healthcare and insurance, and eCommerce industries are partnered with Trigent to get end-to-end software development. Providing offshore software development, Trigent was more than once named by Clutch as a global leader, top IT services company and top software provider during the past few years.

Specialties: cloud development and transformation, QA and testing, SharePoint services, enterprise digital transformation, product engineering, business intelligence, enterprise ADM, mobile app development, SaaS.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Khanija Bhavan, India / Founded: 1995 / Employees: 686 / Contact +918022263000


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#6 Confianz Global

Confianz Global plays a notable role in the Indian IT market. With offices in both eastern and western hemispheres, they develop software products for such companies as AT&T, Short Run Pro, Toledo Zoo, Apptega, Killarney Metals and others. Besides offering package services in ERP, custom mobile and web app development, a significant part of their occupation are Odoo supplying products. They are specialised in Odoo customization, implementation, and Odoo app development.

Specialties: Odoo Implementation, mobile app development, web app development, outsourced product development, Big Data analytics.

Hourly rate: $50 – $99 / Headquarters: Trivandrum, India / Founded: 2008 / Employees: 55 / Contact  +914714015750


#7 Endive Software

Ten years experience and more than thousands of clients behind, Endive Software earned a name as one of the top IT companies in India. The company deliver services for the automobile (Audi, Ford, Mahindra), beauty and wellness (Hugo Boss, Johnsons & Johnsons), real estate, travel, social media, education, logistics and banking industries. As for the preferred technology to work with, Endive Software developers build on PHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Symphony, Magneto, Node.JS, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails. Being an official Salesforce partner, Endive is also able to develop, implement, integrate product and solutions on this CRM platform.

Specialties: mobile app development, UI/UX, web development and responsive web design, Oracle ERP implementation, CRM development, eCommerce web development, digital marketing services.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Jaipur, India / Founded: 2006 / Employees: 61 / Contact +918529006667


#8 Wildnet Technologies

For good reason, Wildnet is on the list of top IT companies in India. Best known for its creative approach to web/mobile app development and UI/UX design, it is named as Deloitte Fast 50 India Technology and Fast 500 Asia Technology in 2014/2015.

For iOS, Android, Windows and hybrid app development, company’s IT specialists work upon Unity 3D, Corona, Sencha, Xamarin, Appcelerator, React Native, Jquery Mobile, Corodova and Salesforce Mobile App technologies, AWS and  Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. As a bonus, Wildnet Technologies’ products are well equipped with all digital marketing tools – SEO, Pay Per Click services and social media marketing.

Specialties: custom mobile app development, UI/UX design, CRM migration,  Salesforce customization and migration, cloud computing, enterprise app development, Smart TV app development, Blockchain, QA and testing, digital marketing, enterprise integration.

Hourly rate: < $25 / Headquarters: Jaipur, India / Founded: 2008 / Employees: 551 / Contact  +911204533500


top tech companies of India

#9 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

The first software service provider in India. The company with revenue of $19.09 billion in 2017. One of 10 world’s largest IT services firms. And all these statements are about Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Worldwide-recognized brand, TCS offers quality engineering, business operations, consulting and systems integration, engineering, technology operations solutions and services. They partnered with leaders from banking and financial, communications and media, manufacturing, retail, HiTech and travel industries. Among their products, the most efficient for business are CHROMA, ignio, TCS iON, TAP, TCS MasterCraft, Customer Intelligence & Insights, Intelligent Urban Exchange, Optumera, TCS BaNCS, and platforms Advanced Drug Development, Connected Intelligence Platform, ERP on Cloud, HOBS and TCS Cloud Plus.

Specialties: IT services, business solutions, consulting, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud computing, Cyber Security, IoT.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India / Founded: 1968 / Employees: 366 339 / Contact  ++91226778 9999


#10 Infosys

Another one global leader on our list of top IT companies in India. The Infosys’ main goal is to assist their client in the digital transformation of business. They always emphasize on how AI-powered core and agile-scale technologies can improve all sides of the business. And that is why the company’s priority is delivering next-generation digital products. Infosys with all its subsidiary, like Infosys BPM, provides end-to-end solutions for a variety of business areas. For implementation digital solutions, the company supplies clients with different platforms. For example, Infosys Nia is an AI platform for process automatization, EdgeVerve is made mostly for banking and interactive commerce services, Panaya for fast application delivery and Skava for mobile commerce.

Specialties: IT solutions and services, products and platforms, engineering services, Cloud services, AI, Digital, Big Data, Blockchain, business applications.

Hourly rate: <$25/ Headquarters: Bangalore, India / Founded: 1981 / Employees: 207 666 / Contact  ++91226778 9999


#11 Clarion Technologies

Being one of the best IT outsourcing companies, Clarion Technologies builds solutions for clients from North America and Europe, from start-ups to big enterprises. With most welcoming industries like manufacturing, education, construction, healthcare, telecom, media and retail, this IT provider helps to cope with all digital tasks and requirements. Clarion team of dedicated developers is a key of successes: in their work, they use a variety of most powerful technologies and tools. For example, for web development ( CMS, apps, eCommerce platforms) it will be PHP, .NET, Python, Joomla, Shopify, Java, and Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker, Puppet, Chef and Jenkins are used for cloud migration and cloud application development.

Specialties: web development, CMS, application maintenance, eCommerce, QA, offshore product development, cloud computing, software testing services, information security.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Pune, India / Founded: 2000 / Employees: 520 / Contact +912049007000


list of Indian IT companies

#12 Wipro

Award-winning company with a unique approach to transforming and integrate the business into the digital environment. Focused on strategy, design and technology, Wipro offers task-solving tools for a wide range of businesses: banking, consumer electronics, healthcare, aerospace, engineering and construction, network equipment providers, pharmaceutical, retail and many others. The IT company shows interests and big experience in app development, in providing cloud and infrastructure services, product engineering and analytics. Wipro creates and launches an as-a-Service solution, powered by automation, advanced analytics, Cloud, security, social and other emerging digital technologies, and able to ensure agility, flexibility, standardization for enterprises.

Specialties: Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud, Cyber Security and  enterprise risk, DevOps, enterprise architecture, enterprise ops transformation, Industry 4.0, IoT, mobility, open source, product lifecycle management.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India / Founded: 1945 / Employees: 175 926 / Contact +918028440011


#13 Ideas2IT Technologies

Another honourable member of the list of top IT companies in India. Since its entering the market ten years ago, Ideas2IT has been growing and developing into a novation associate for Microsoft, Ericsson, IdeaMed, Motorola, eBay, AirAsia. Working with healthcare, retail, financial and marketing companies, Ideas2IT became an expert in mobile, frontend and full stack development, and also machine learning. As for the technologies, the most familiar to work with are Java, Ruby, Rails, Node.js, MongoDB, Tableau and more.

Specialties: Big Data, Frontend, mobile applications, Chatbot, Data Analytics, Data Science, DevOps, Cloud deployment.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Chennai, India / Founded: 2008 / Employees: 239 / Contact +914443589625


#14 HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies like nobody else will help to transform and shift businesses into a new digital environment. Being among the top IT companies in India, HCK has offices in 39 countries, in both Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa. In early 90th the company was lucky enough to launch a few know-how, and since then they play a significant role in the IT sphere.

With annual revenue in more than $7.8 billion, HCL Technologies provides services for the leading members of the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 across such industries like aerospace and defence, automotive, banking, capital markets, Hi-Tech, manufacturing, retail, travel, transport, logistics and hospitality. In pursuit of advanced services, they offer Mode 1-2-3 strategy, based digitalization, analytics, Cloud, IoT and Cybersecurity, and which helps enterprises to integrate with next-generation technologies.

Specialties: application development and maintenance, software engineering, product testing, finance and accounting services, digital and content services, cloud-native services, cyber-security.

Headquarters: Noida, India / Founded: 1991 / Employees: 119 897 / Contact


best software agencies in India

#15 TechJini

Today, having web and mobile presence is the vital requirements for the successful business. And TechJini helps to get original and recognizable applications. Focused on product engineering, application development and its maintenance, the company’s specialists became good Jinns for such companies as Honeywell, Lacoste, Redbox, Flipkart, Jda, Avista Corp, Auchan and many more. Besides app development for iOS, Android and Microsoft, TechJini delivers cloud solutions, digital platform development, UI/UX design and prototyping, and works on implementation innovation technologies into the clients’ business.

Specialties: product engineering, mobile app development, web application development, UI/UX, user-centered design, Virtual Reality, digital transformation services and consulting.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Bangalore, India / Founded: 2005 / Employees: 297 / Contact +918042103414


#16 Tech Mahindra

Being a part of the Mahindra Group, it is not surprising, that Tech Mahindra easily became one of the top IT companies in India. With a more intense emphasis on the delivering services for the telecommunications industry, the company also works with banking, financial, insurance, communication, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, Hi-Tech, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation areas.

To drive and boost business into the new digital era, Tech Mahindra practices customer-centric technologies and tools, and provides highly-integrated and flexible platforms: CareXa (NexGen Customer Care), SOCIO(social media management), UNO (Robotic Process Automation), PRISM, FQCC, CAP (Cloud Aggregation Platform) and others.

Specialties: cloud, customer experience, enterprise architecture, DevOps, analytics and connected enterprise solutions, integrated engineering, infrastructure management services, mobility services, network services, enterprise security and risk management.

Headquarters: Pune, India / Founded: 1986 / Employees: 81 988 / Contact +912049007000


#17 Resourcology

Resourcology is one of the fastest growing IT Company in India and across the Anglosphere. Established in 2016 with their offices in India and Canada, they provide an array of state-of-the-art IT solutions and innovations to clients ranging from SMB’s to Fortune 500 companies. Accenture, ProSAP, Xerox, Whirlpool, British Council are some of their most prominent clients. They focus on the value that they provide to their clients. Before commencing any project, they offer a free consultation so that the clients can decide after they have worked briefly with the Resourcology team.

Specialties: Web development, App development, Software development, UX design, QA
Hourly rate: $20 -$50/ Headquarters: Ontario, Canada/ Founded: 2016/ Employees: 120/ Contact: +1 213 394 3344.


#18 Mindtree

Mindtree has delivered next-generation technologies to world leaders like Honeywell, Purina, GlaxoSmithKline, The Carlyle Group and others from the  Global 2000 list. This IT provider became known as one of the top IT companies in India due to its ability to solve digital tasks of any complexity. Banking, capital markets, education, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, smart devices – if you run your business in one of these industries, you are more than welcomed to collaborate with Mindtree. The company grows fast but not to the detriment of quality. Mindtree has launched such ultimate products for enterprise transformation like Flooresense for in-store analytics, Gladius as a video management and analytics software, and Digital Pumpkin, a digital innovation hub.

Specialties: infrastructure management services, mobility, independent testing, analytics and information management, cloud computing, Data analytics, digital commerce, digital marketing, application and infrastructure optimization.

Headquarters: Bangalore, India / Founded: 1999 / Employees: 22 303 / Contact +918067064000


#19 ThinkPalm Technologies

Still pretty young IT company, ThinkPalm Technologies became a global vendor of enterprise, mobility and communication solutions. If look closely at their previous experience, you can find such names as Royal Arabian, Scorpio, All Day Safety Services, Synergy Marine Group, Riverbed Technology, Drobo and others. Focused on telecom, retail, media and entertainment, and manufacturing industries, ThinkPalm has launched a few products, able to bring end-to-end enterprise mobility services. Those are Q-Aud for mobile audit, Astra, a tracking software, Palm BI, Big Data framework, Think Tax, Avishkar, NetShack and others.

Specialties: enterprise IT, mobile app development, IoT, DevOps, SDN, NFV, cloud computing, firmware development, machine learning, product engineering, business intelligence frameworks, enterprise apps.

Hourly rate: $25 – $49 / Headquarters: Kochi, India / Founded: 2010 / Employees: 287 / Contact +914844104100


#20 Hexaware Technologies

Almost 30 years of experience make Hexaware Technologies one of the leading IT companies not just in India but in the whole world. Determine themselves as a next-generation provider, they have been focusing on automatization, cloud integration and digital transformation of clients’ businesses. Hexaware launched a few platforms able to manage banking and financial services, travel and transportation, healthcare and insurance, manufacturing industries like Orchestrate IT and iD2E. For example, RAISE IT provides automation processes, H2O Platform is a service management with a scalable and intuitive interface.

Specialties: application transformation management, application support and maintenance, business intelligence and analytics, business process services, digital assurance, digital customer enterprise solutions, infrastructure management services, customer experience transformation.

Headquarters: Navi Mumbai, India / Founded: 1990 / Employees: 12 571 / Contact +9102267919595


top it companies in India 2018

#21 KPIT Technologies

Since its beginning, KPIT Technologies show themselves as a strong competitor in providing  IT services and product engineering solutions. Dealing with representatives from automotive and transportation, energy and resources, High Tech, life sciences and utility industries, KPIT is focused on offering customer-focused, innovative, agile, sustainable and safe products. And as for the trust issues to the company, such automobile titans like Jaguar, Land-Rover, Volvo, Ford, Tata, Eicher already have implemented KPIT solutions.

Specialities: business technology services, IT services, product engineering, embedded systems development, enterprise software support, software solutions.

Headquarters: Pune, India / Founded: 1990 / Employees: 13 044 / Contact +912066525000


#22 Sasken

Founded in 1989 and based in the centre of Silicon Valley of India, Sasken became a known specialist in product engineering and providing digital transformation solutions. Their key offerings are hardware design and development, device and platform testing, IC design, multi-domain controller, Smart Mobility and application development. Currently, Sasken has its offices in India, Finland, China, Germany, Japan, UK and USA, 70 patents and already has delivered projects to more than a hundred companies from Fortune 500.

Specialties: electronic design, mechanics design, connectivity, firmware, RF design, production testing, analytics, cross-platform technologies.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India / Founded: 1989 / Employees: 3 523 / Contact +918066943000


top 20 it companies India

#23 Cybage

The list of top IT companies in India won’t be full without Cybage. The company specialised in providing risks-off digital solutions. Working with cutting-edge and cloud computing technologies, Cybage helps to simplify the process of digital transformation and implement in day-to-day routine new generation tools. Who will win from collaboration with this IT service vendor? For sure, the industries like media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, online retail, healthcare.  

Specialities: IT services, offshore software development, outsourced product development, CRM, enterprise content management, SCM, business intelligence, enterprise mobility.

Headquarters: Pune, India / Founded: 1995 / Employees: 7 283 / Contact +912066041700


#24 Datamatics Global Services

Award-winning and recognised by international organizations. Its offices are spread over India, Australia, Philippines, UK, Switzerland, UAE and USA. Datamatics Global Services is not only one of the top IT companies in India but, fairly, one of the global leaders. Their innovative approach is based on implementation five technologies: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Mobility and Advanced Analytics. This gives an ultimate power to boost productivity, increase speed and improve accuracy, and comfort the transformation into the digital environment.

Specialties: engineering, embedded services, finance and accounting services, information management, IT consulting, IT services, research and analytics, resource augmentation, smart document processing, billing and payment Solutions, online retail solutions, robotic process automation, cloud services, AI.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India / Founded: 1975 / Employees: 6 138 / Contact +91226102000009


#25 3i Infotech

After 25 years of activities, the company still shows sustainable growth. With twenty offices in twelve countries and clients across five continents, 3i Infotech by right is on the list of top IT companies in India. Providing IT and infrastructure services, they focused resources on such spheres as banking systems, healthcare and insurance, government and enterprise infrastructures. 3i Infotech has developed the whole set of products, able to empower business performance. For example, Kastle Universal Lending, Kastle Treasure, Kastle Core Banking and others will help to automate core processes, centralize and monitor transactions, automate loan and credit origination,  control over CRM, document management, credit risk analyses, BI, and Fraud Management, etc.

Specialities: business and technology consulting services, BPO, Data end-to-end, mobility, ADMS, infrastructure management services, professional services, testing services.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India / Founded: 1993 / Employees: 8 720 / Contact +9122 71238000


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