Best 67 Custom Software companies - Aug, 2020

  • 10Clouds image
    33% Custom Software
    • United States, Atlanta
    • 11-50  employees
    • Pinterest
    • Tagasauris
    • CallerSmart
    • TrustStamp
    • GlucoseMama
    • Lily Ann Cabinets
  • 10Pearls image
    14% Custom Software
    • United States, Washington
    • 11-50  employees
    • National Geographic
    • Nextel
    • Zubie
    • AARP


    10Pearls is a software and web development company which started its way in 2004. The company aimed at finding solutions for virtual challenges with which their customers are facing. Today the 10Pearls team counts over 400 talented members and the company has 8 represents in USA, Pakistan, UAE and Canada.

    - New Product Development;
    - Team Augmentation;
    - Emerging Technology.

    It should be noted that 81% of customers absolutely satisfied with the cooperation of 10Pearls and would like to work with the company again. The company has been recognized over 9 times by Crain`s Washington DC, DCA Live, 50 on Fire Award, AARP, The Washington Post, Gartner and by others.

    Notable project

    10Pearls was hired to develop a performance management system - Time Warner Cable. The team successfully provided Google Analytics-like interface and different benefits to ease analysis process.

    "10Pearls has been a very good development partner for us. Their focus on security was very important in our selection process."

  • 4IRE labs

    4IRE labs

    4IRE labs image
    33% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • HiveOnline
    • Kepler Collective
    • CIF
    • RecycleChain
    • Tennagraph
  • 8allocate. image
    15% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Kyiv
    • 101-200  employees
    • MyHeritage
    • XYRality
    • Zirra
    • Loco Travel.
    • OBDS
    • Hurricane Media
    • Wobi
    • Fiapay


    8allocate. is relatively young Estonian software development outsourcing consulting company, based in Kyiv.

    Thanks to the expertise, resources and proven methods the team is capable to implement all the customer's ideas, develops or upgrades their software, improves BI and data-based decision-making.

    Created in 2017 8allocate. not only promises an excellent result for customers ,but also money saving (30-70%) compared to other foreign companies and 80% team staffing success rate. 8allocate. has 50+ talented developers and other team members.

    Notable project

    CryptoRated company hired 8allocate. to finish a project which was started by insecure developer. The team not only had done 70% back-end work in time, but also completely satisfied customer with end result.

    "8allocate`s high-quality code maintains the business`s software in excellent condition. Their team s proactive and meticulously reviews the code for errors." - Roger Sarazin, VP of Products and Services

  • 99 Francs Agency

    99 Francs Agency

    99 Francs Agency image
    5% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Zaporizhia
    • $5000 - $95000/hr
    • 11-50  employees
    • Pro Vision Lab
    • Borjomi
    • Nokia


    We're an award-winning creative agency specialising in #Design, #QA, #Web & #Mobile #Development

  • Amaze One

    Amaze One

    Amaze One image
    10% Custom Software
    • United States, Frisco
    • 101-200  employees


    Amaze One is the leading Mobile App & Software Development Company in USA. Web Application Development, Digital Marketing, and Creative Design Services are some of the best services at Amaze One. Amaze One provides the best software products such as Lead Management software, Facility Management Software, Hospital Management software, Office Collaboration System and more at an affordable cost. Amaze One has a dedicated team of IT Professionals who can help you in solving your business challenges. We build and manage many mission critical applications for global fortune 500 clients.

  • AMCON SOFT image
    15% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Dnipro
    • $25 - $50/hr
    • 101-200  employees
    • BroadTeam
    • InnLogist System
    • Skylog System
    • FLIP Taxi
    • Vervechka
    • NavisGPS


    Worldwide  IT provider & consulting company for market leaders

    Software development and IT consulting company was founded in 2014.  Our company starts as three professionals who wanted to help businesses achieve their goals. Now we are more than 50 professionals and growing.

    For the last 5 years we are working with:

    1. START-UPS

    Help startups to examine their niche, create a startup strategy plan and bring it all to life.


    Create scalable and flexible systems from scratch. Can support or modernise your legacy systems.


    Help the government to meet the needs of modern society. Develop software for state authorities, cities and other public organizations.

  • Andersen image
    40% Custom Software
    • Belarus, Minsk
    • 1000+  employees
    • Ryanair
    • BGL BNP Paribas
    • Samsung Parts
    • ING
    • TUI
    • Tchibo
    • Swarovski Lighting


    Over 800 experienced and qualified IT professionals are ready to start within 10 business days. You control the hiring process, reviewing CVs and trialling professionals, and there’s a 6-month warranty on all our code. Andersen developers, QA engineers, business analysts, project managers and other development professionals will deliver your project end-to-end, on time and in budget, or step into key roles to augment your existing team. Since 2007, Andersen staff have delivered over 640 successful projects.

  • Appentus Technologies

    Appentus Technologies

    Appentus Technologies image
    16% Custom Software
    • 201-500  employees


    Appentus Technologies is a leading mobile app and Web Development Company with branches in India, UK, USA and UAE. With a team of dedicated technology experts, creative designers and quality software developers, our company is renowned for meeting up with the needs of clients who desire top class products and services.

  • Appstronauts Sp. z o.o.

    Appstronauts Sp. z o.o.

    Appstronauts Sp. z o.o. image
    60% Custom Software
    • Poland, Warszawa
    • $25000 - $200000/hr
    • 51-100  employees
    • OTIS
    • CISCO
    • Solution30
    • Agora


    We are not vendors – we’re your partner and advisor on the way to your long-term success. Our Software Development Company provides both backend and frontend development for iOS, Android and web: from workshops, through design and development, to shipping and maintenance. We specialize in cross-platform development and Progressive Web Apps.

  • Apriorit image
    40% Custom Software
    • United States, Dover
    • 11-50  employees
    • Borta
    • OPSWAT
    • PayDay Resources
    • Data Recovery Company


    Apriorit is Ukrainian custom software development company founded in 2002, which provides expert software engineering services to technology companies worldwide, covering the entire software R&D lifecycle.

    The company has more than 400 successful delivered projects. Nearly 96% of their clients continue to work with Apriorit after first successful cooperation.

    The company provides:
    - System Management;
    - Data Management;
    - Digital and Enterprise Security.

    The team comprises over 350 employees and 10 development teams which cooperate with customers from more than 10 countries.

    Notable project

    The project for PDR Group consists in finding solutions for wages and taxes, human resources and managing benefits. During the project Apriorit team designed a brand-new architecture, provided new-made features for users, and created two level accesses.

    "Apriorit helped us to build Custom Driver Development for Data Recovery System. The team couples excellent programming skill with professional conduct and rapid communication."

  • ARmighty image
    10% Custom Software
    • Belarus, Minsk
    • 11-50  employees


    We are a small team of enthusiasts that have great passion in AR and VR software development.

    We provide:

    - research and development services for Android, iOS, Hololens, Magic Leap, HTC & Oculus;

    - 3D modelling, texturing and shadering, rigging and animation;

    - audio for surroundings and effects;

    - UX/UI for best experience.

    We are always open to help you.

  • Azati Software

    Azati Software

    Azati Software image
    25% Custom Software
    • Belarus, Hrodna
    • 11-50  employees
    • Casio
    • IOMSN
    • MedProGroup
    • AMC Networks.
  • BatsHub image
    10% Custom Software
    • India, Ahmedabad
    • 51-100  employees


    We are an Enterprise IT Solution and Mobile Apps Development Company with expertise in Web and Mobile Technologies. We are a pioneer in providing end to end IT Solution Services. We also work in niche domain such as iOT, Advanced AI, Immersive Media and Crypto. We deliver custom solutions based on your needs. Get in touch with us to Hire iOS Developer, Hire Android Developer, Hire Cloud Consultant, Hire Business Analyst, Hire a React Native Developer, Hire AngularJS Developer, Hire Dot Net Developer, Hire Cloud Architect.

  • Belatrix Software

    Belatrix Software

    Belatrix Software image
    33% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • FIS
    • Disney
    • Adobe
    • AOL
    • BCP


    Created in 1993, nowadays Belatrix is one of the most successful software development company in Latin America. Its functions on 3 continents. Belatrix having their annual growth reach 35% for the last years.

    The company has offices not only in Spain, but also in US, Peru, Columbia and Argentina. Belatrix counted over 600 employees globally.

    Belatrix specializes on:
    - Software product development;
    - Software architecture;
    - Software innovation.

    Belatrix combines software engineering expertise with Agile software development and Design Thinking.

    Notable project

    Cooperation with Chatham Financial prepared some challenges for Belatrix. The company had to do a quality testing for the client`s web application and add some new features in short terms.

    "Belatrix Software is involved in development and quality testing for the web application and they also add new features to it on a continuous basis. Belatrix has been very efficient in terms of time and budget." - Patrick Millar

  • Belitsoft image
    45% Custom Software
    • Belarus, Minsk
    • 501-1000  employees
    • Siemens
    • IDT Corporation
    • Crimson
    • Berkeley
    • Honeywell


    Small and flexible, Belitsoft was founded in 2004, Belarus. The Belitsoft positions itself as a solution-oriented company that bases on the principles of high standards and Object-Oriented Programming.

    - Custom Software Development;
    - Software Testing;
    - Automation testing services;
    - Software support.

    Team spends over 2000 hours for each project and for now Belitsoft delivered over 50 successful products for their happy owners. Belitsoft is a proud Microsoft partner and one of the most promising net development solution providers in 2015. In 2008 the company became a part of High Technology Park (Belarus).

    Notable project

    Belitsoft was hired by French company to create a smart flower pot. The main goal was to develop a custom back-end for customer. In this project team used Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, redis technologies.

    "We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner. Any software development, programming, or design needs we have had, Belitsoft company has always been able to handle this for us." - Bjarne Mortensen

  • Bitwissend Technologies

    Bitwissend Technologies

    Bitwissend Technologies image
    10% Custom Software
    • India, Kottayam
    • 51-100  employees


    Bitwissend Technologies is the Best Web Design company Kottayam, Kerala, India. We mainly focused on delivering quality and cost effective IT solutions through strong virtual presence. Commitment to customer satisfaction is the principle value of our company. Our services includes website design I Web development I Mobile Application Development I Software Services I SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Blackthorn Vision LLC image
    20% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'kyy
    • $30/hr
    • 101-200  employees
    • SciChart
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Berkeley Lights
    • unTill
    • RemiPeople
    • Calxa
    • IP Automation
    • SmartCloud
    • Orkus
    • Semex Solutions


    We are Blackthorn Vision - TOP ENGINEERS, PROVEN PROCESSES, and since 2009 we've been building software products and scaling tech teams worldwide. Given that only top engineers are retained in a team, we can successfully deliver such complex services as AI and digital cell biology solutions, machine vision systems, etc.

    With more than 10 years of expertise and 90+ engineers in our delivery centers we can help:

    - enterprise clients to scale their teams in times faster by providing access to a vast pool of talents that can become available in weeks instead of months.

    - startups to get their MVP done asap and with minimal expenses.

    - any client to get their project delivered on time and budget.

    Key technologies: .NET (certified Microsoft Silver Partner), Go, React.js, Angular, TypeScript, Electron.js, Native iOS (Swift, Objective-C), Android (Kotlin), Xamarin, AWS and Google Cloud.

    Features services and areas of expertise:

    - Full-Cycle Custom Software Development

    - Mobile Application Development on Android, iOS and Hybrid platform

    - Requirenments and Business Analysis

    - QA and Software Testing

    - DevOps and Cloud Development

  • BLive Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    BLive Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    BLive Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. image
    2% Custom Software
    • India, Jaipur
    • 51-100  employees
    • Live Well Health Club
    • Tapeso
    • UNA Mattresses
    • Area 51
    • Arxino


    We started in 2007 with a small team and a passion for technology, a pinch of luck and a great deal of hard work. Today we are one of the most sought after Web Design agencies with partners across the globe.

    Serving a wide range of international clients, BLive is a team of 21 Digital specialists, ranging from Designers to Developers, Project managers, Quality Analysts and SEO Consultants all passionate about web design and development.

  • Blockchain Developers

    Blockchain Developers

    Blockchain Developers image
    25% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
  • Boldare image
    97% Custom Software
    • Poland, Wroclaw
    • 11-50  employees
    • Arabia Inc
    • Khaleej Times
    • Medical Lab Network
    • BBC Worldwide


    Created in 2008, Boldare is a custom development company that takes a holistic approach to product development and design. The team uses Javascript, PHP expertise, XSolve and Python to cover all web and mobile platforms.

    Boldare specializes in development not only mobile applications but also complicated software and algorithms for the customers in different industries.

    - Software Development;
    - Team Augmentation.

    Boldare has over 90 satisfied clients in Europe and all around the world. At its disposal are more than 130 talented professionals, 250 digital products and over 10 awards. In 2018 Boldare recognized as "Europe`s Fastest-Growing Company".

    Notable project

    Takamol is an e-commerce platform, similar to eBay or Etsy, that helps small businesses start their own commerce. The main problem of the case was a deadline, but Boldare managed work in time and was the only pitching team who agreed to deliver the product within six weeks.

    "We moved away from our previous developer and made the switch to Boldare. They have a much better process with proper scrum, code reviews, automated testing, and a higher engineering quality." - Development Manager, 9/10ths Programme, Takamol

  • Brainvire Infotech Inc image
    20% Custom Software
    • United Arab Emirates, Dubai
    • 11-50  employees
    • ZeeMedia
    • Alghanim Industries
    • CouponChief
    • Zafco


    Brainvire Infotech Inc is a custom software development company established in 2000. It is headquartered in the USA, but the company also has several presences in the UK, UAE, Europe, Canada, Australia, France and more. Brainvire provides web and mobile custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

    Brainvire is able to develop different custom software solutions delivering the following services:
    - Mobile app development (iOS, Android, Hybrid, Cross-platform)
    - Web app development
    - eCommerce development
    - Microsoft app development
    Augmented Reality, Cloud, Blockchain development

    Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Gaming, Retail Sector, Advertising and more are industry sectors that are serviced by the company.

    Notable project

    Leading recruitment agency wanted to automate its workflow, so it turned to the Brainvire team for help. Braivire succeeded to increase the client's work efficiency by 54% thanks to customized Odoo solution. The solution optimizes the recruitment business processes, allows managing work cycles and teams, and has such features as customized invoice templates, automatic overstay & ESB calculation, and so on.

    "Brainvire is a professional company with professional developers who understand the problems that we are facing as a company. Outsourcing my projects at Brainvire saves me valuable time because they work efficiently and they unburden me from the actual time management." - Mr Clarke Verdel

  • Brights image
    20% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Kyiv
    • 101-200  employees
    • Philip Morris
    • Microsoft
    • Coca-Cola
    • Samsung Parts
    • Kinder
    • Danone
    • SKODA


    Brights has been providing services in Web & Mobile custom software development for over 7 years. The company is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine and keeps more than 70 professionals. The Brights team has already completed 350+ projects using modern technologies.

    They work with various databases and APIs, use a wide technology stack, and implement scaling & integration for creating custom web software. And also they develop custom iOS & Android mobile apps as well as cross-platform.

    The company proposes full-cycle custom software development from design to testing & support. That covers such industries as Enterprise, Fintech, Marketplace, Health & Education, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain.

    Notable project

    Brights has given enterprise software development service for Philip Morris International company. As a result, the company has built the HR tool for managing employees, analytical reports, and monitoring goals. It used ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server technologies.

    “Project efficiency increased and statistics tracking improved. Brights was highly communicative and provided comprehensive documentation. They were also open to feedback and prioritized idea development, which lead to a collaborative partnership.” - Mykola Slyvka, Manager Business Intelligence, Philip Morris International

  • BR Softech

    BR Softech

    BR Softech image
    10% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • EuroWeb
    • Hauke
    • Indiabulls
    • HLC
    • Al Burkhan
    • Bank of Baroda
    • ePsyClinic
  • BVG Software Group

    BVG Software Group

    BVG Software Group image
    16% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Roundpier
    • Diving Universe
    • Health Tech Company
    • Natresnet
  • Byteridge


    Byteridge image
    16% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Microsoft
    • Tata Motors
    • Philips
    • Harvesting
    • Hindware.
  • Cadabra Studio image
    5% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Dnipro
    • $35 - $60/hr
    • 11-50  employees
    • Woglue
    • Chevent


    We are a young team of professionals who have insight into creating magic design of web and mobile platforms. We are also experienced in development of Web/iOS/Android and Quality Assurance as a pleasant bonus. Available for hire 📥 

  • Clarion Technologies

    Clarion Technologies

    Clarion Technologies image
    25% Custom Software
    • India, Pune
    • 501-1000  employees
    • GoldenComm
    • Topline Systems
    • Soft Tools Pro
    • Aaron Equipment company


    Clarion Technologies is a leading Indian outsourcing development company that was established in 2000 and now for over 19 years successfully provides flawless solutions for businesses of different sizes and classes helping them to achieve their goals in the development and profit. The company works on principles of honesty, partner relationships with customers, as well as striving for excellence in the process of providing final products. 

    The company`s development department has a large experience in coding that contains over 250 million lines of codes written. Through the years the Clarion Technologies collected the team of talented and creative developers and today the number of employees exceeds 400 professionals. Also the company has a high degree of trust and satisfaction from customers and boasts a client rating of 4.9 out of 5. 

    As a top development company Clarion Technologies specializes in providing a wide range of services as well as web and mobile solutions. The company offers: 

    - Website Development: PHP development, .NET development; 

    - Frontend Development: HTML5 development, VueJS development, AngularJS development, ReactJS development; 

    - Backend Development: Database programming, Server scripting, API programming and integration, Application re-engineering; 

    - Mobile Development: iPhone application development, Android application development, Windows mobile application development, J2ME application development; 

    - Cloud Strategy & Development: Cloud Consulting (IAAS and PAAS), Cloud Migration Services, Cloud Application Development, Cloud Mobile App Services, DevOps, Big Data/Hadoop; 

    - Internet of Things (IoT); 

    - Analytics & BI

    - Applications Testing

    - Agile Project Management

    In addition, the company also provides services of hire certified developers who are able to make deep and wide technology expertise and provide a huge amount of high-quality development services such as Android & iOS development, Microsoft development, data development, backend & front-end development, jMeter, Selenium, Sikuli testing and much more.

  • Cleveroad image
    10% Custom Software
    • United Kingdom, Manchester
    • 201-500  employees
    • Hicab
    • Bizi
    • Virgin Atlantic
    • AYIO
    • Ayoo AG


    Founded in 2014, Cleveroad is Ukrainian custom development company that positions itself as a team which able to faces literally any IT challenge and finds solutions for each and every problem that market provides.

    The team offers:
    - Project estimate;
    - Development;
    - Release;
    - Support.

    Today Cleveroad team consists of 140 professional members. For over 5 years on market team delivered more than 170 big-time projects for satisfied clients from all over the world.

    Notable project

    The team managed to launch for School App the simultaneous development for three platforms, provide ability of in-app calling, and create responsive mobile panel, email and email-less registration. Plus, these options became available in two languages: English and Spanish.

    "In general, I`m satisfied with my cooperation with Cleveroad. The team is very responsible and rapidly dealt all the changes and suggestions. I suppose I would continue working with them and recommend the company to other. " - Mark Zhuk, Owner, School App

  • Clover Studio

    Clover Studio

    Clover Studio image
    4% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • NeoLife
    • Dentsu
    • Zeality
    • Aluma connect
  • CodigoDelSur image
    20% Custom Software
    • Uruguay, Montevideo
    • 11-50  employees
    • Avon
    • Subway
    • Phoenix Global
    • PubNub
    • Antel
  • Concise Software

    Concise Software

    Concise Software image
    16% Custom Software
    • Poland, Rzeszow
    • 11-50  employees
    • NeuFund
    • Ford
    • Panasonic
    • Volkswagen
    • Ars Electronica
    • Red Bull Records
  • Consagous Technologies

    Consagous Technologies

    Consagous Technologies image
    25% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Mortgage Alliance
    • Kowolar solutions
    • Sahajyatra Android App
    • Mohi App
    • Gateway Integration
  • Contus image
    15% Custom Software
    • United States, Atlanta
    • 11-50  employees
    • Google
    • Amazon
    • Adidas
    • MacDonald’s
    • Ford


    Contus started its way in 2008 as a Software as a Product company that is headquartered in Chennai, India and with one more office in Atlanta, USA. Its team made of over 350 engineers and experts that serve clients from more than 40 countries of different industries. Contus`s specialists have expertise in providing the development of emerging technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, AR/VR.

    The company offers development of such custom software solutions as:
    - Enterprise media solutions
    - Enterprise full-stack web & mobility solutions
    - Video-on-demand solutions
    - Messaging solutions
    - Cloud & IoT solutions

    Notable project

    Contus has created an amazing custom mobile experience both for Android and iOS for Lansdowne Pub, Irish pub chain. In the application realized augmented reality, push notification, GPS, and geofencing features. It provides users access to the list of all pub services and social channels, pub scanner with AR with special offerings, the integrated banking system and more.

    "I like their straight-forward and to-the-point working style. They have a good pace in their work and stick to timelines diligently. Overall, a good recommendation to anyone." - Rafi Chowdhury

  • Coral Team

    Coral Team

    Coral Team image
    10% Custom Software
    • United States, New York
    • 51-100  employees
    • Viacom
    • The New York Times
    • NBCUniversal


    Coral Team is a uniquely talented group of IT professionals with the ability to dive deep for the enduring digital solutions you need. Our strength lies in the cognitive diversity of our team and the productive, long-term relationships we create with our clients.

    We can help if you’ve been fishing for a software development partner able to build elegant, scalable solutions to meet your specific application needs.

  • Corporation Pop

    Corporation Pop

    Corporation Pop image
    20% Custom Software
    • United Kingdom, Manchester
    • 11-50  employees
    • Dazzle It
    • Unilad
    • Bench
    • Asda
    • Manchester


    A mobile app development agency from Britain, that is very enthusiastic about VR. Under B2B model, they build ready-made mobile and VR applications, 3D environments for other companies, virtual conferences, shows and simulations. Those apps were for telecom, healthcare software, education, virtual graduation ceremonies, etc. For instance, at about $200,000 cost this team designed a VR project for global media company, which immerses a viewer into client’s environment to give a close perspective. They also work with quite unique VR headsets such as Zeiss VR One, Pinc, Gear VR, and specific hardware like The Cyberith Virtualizer.

  • Cortex image
    13% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Sony Music
    • BDC
    • Desjardins


    Our incisive creative team evaluates every aspect of your business, seeking out all potential opportunities for innovation or optimization – even the ones you may have overlooked. Once analyzed, they propose novel solutions, custom-designed, and exclusive to your company. The elite-level software we write delivers value and ROI quickly, accelerating our long-term partners into industry leaders. They speed their products to market, expand market reach, drive engagement and loyalty, optimize internal processes, and reframe the way their clients look at their business or industry. Every step of the way, we engage with your existing team, cultivating lasting trust through collaboration and transparency.

  • Credencys Solutions Inc. image
    35% Custom Software
    • United States, Los Angeles
    • 201-500  employees
    • ABB
    • McDonalds
    • Raytheon
    • CISCO
    • Unilever
    • Coca Cola
    • Emerson
    • Weight Watchers
    • Cox & Kings
    • Hilco Global


    In 2008 it was established a custom software development company named Credencys Solutions. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, and it has offices in Mumbai, Singapore, and Ahmedabad. Its team size exceeds 150 specialists who have rich expertise in creating solutions for Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, Logistics, and other industries. Currently, Credencys Solutions has already done more than 500 projects for over 200 customers.

    The company offers the following custom software development services:
    - Consulting, Strategy, Discovery Workshop
    - Design (UI/UX)
    - Mobile (native and cross-platform) & Web app development
    - Support, Maintenance, QA
    - AR/VR & IoT app development

    Credencys Solutions is also capable to create custom eCommerce & CMS solutions using such technologies as Magento, Wordpress, Sitefinity, Pimcore.

    Notable project

    Credencys significantly increased the business effectiveness of the client that gives installation, servicing, and maintenance of washers and dryers. That was achieved thanks to Credencys`s successfully development coin counting solution for the mobile app with intuitive UI.

    "Credencys did a great job. It has been a real pleasure working with all the team members. They were very professional and very clear in all communications, which I appreciate." - Chief Information Officer

  • Crysberry


    Crysberry image
    34% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • 3D Bear
    • Kantar Retail
    • Arkadium
    • Consultica
  • Cubix image
    16% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Pee Spots
    • Swatch Group US
    • DataStream
    • Microwave Media
  • Curotec image
    25% Custom Software
    • United States, Wayne
    • 11-50  employees
    • Monitor daily
    • DiggerLand
    • Barsky Diamonds
  • Cuspy Software image
    20% Custom Software
    • United States, New York
    • $10000 - $500000/hr
    • 51-100  employees
    • Hygger
    • Tengrowth
    • 32dayz


    For over 10 years, Cuspy has been providing software development services to let startups and enterprises solve their business challenges. With a vast talent pool, today, we can gather a professional dedicated team of software engineers and QA specialists to turn your concept or MVP into scalable, secure, and competitive software. Whether you need to grow your internal development team or get a turn-key solution, we will help you achieve your goals within the required time and budget.

  • Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

    Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

    Cyber Infrastructure Inc. image
    40% Custom Software
    • India, Jaipur
    • 1000+  employees
    • Microsoft
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Joomla & Drupal


    With over 16 years of experience Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has more than 1000 professional team members and 5 offices all around the world.

    The company also has a huge experience in web development (12+ years), more than 7 years of experience in mobile development and 7 years marketing experience.

    CIS offers:
    - Enterprise Mobility and Big Data;
    - Microsoft and SAP Solution;
    - BI & Analytics and RPA.

    Cyber Infrastructure Inc. serves and works with all the industrial giants of India and maintain strategic alliances with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Joomla & Drupal. Moreover, The CIS is one of the best blockchain development company.

    Notable project

    eSignly was created by Cyber Infrastructure Inc. as an app that secures electronic signatures. The program is easy to use and after just three simple steps users can have a full access to all the documentation, stored in any gadget.

    "This team works hard, provides excellent service and exceptional products. Weve been working with them over a year and are pleased with the results." - Jessica Seastead

  • Danavero image
    30% Custom Software
    • Canada, Toronto
    • $40/hr
    • 51-100  employees
    • RealCar
    • Aeopsi
    • Olympic Express Inc.
    • CustomerTimes
    • LSMinsurance
    • Credit Card Navigator


    Danavero is a leading provider of outsourced software services, application and technology solutions with a global presence spanning North America and Europe. We specialize in creating, customizing and adopting software solutions and top technologies to drive our customer success through expert consulting and hands-on development services.

    Our expertise lies within leading technologies that are defining the competitive landscape of business today. We operate and structure our engagements through a combination of on-shore and near-shore models, with our business and consulting team working with clients in North America and our development services delivered by our centers of technological excellence located in Eastern Europe.

    12 days ago

    I would recommend Alex and his team at Danavero Inc. I very much appreciated having a project lead who kept the team on track and understood what I wanted and then had it implemented. He has a team of experienced and talented developers who can get things done quickly.

  • Demigos development image
    20% Custom Software
    • Ukraine, Kyiv
    • $5000 - $300000/hr
    • 51-100  employees
    • Wendy's Team
    • YVRSkylynx
    • Mobilism
    • SOJC Portland
    • GapNurse


    We develop IT products people love.

    We know what challenges a startup faces in the early stages. By responding quickly and having adept flexibility, we deliver product solutions in the short term and provide you the ability to focus on the most important things for early-stage deployment: to find the proper product-market fit and gain solid traction. By providing fully layered services, we craft a product that works and looks great, which can attract customers and be successfully presented to investors.

    The automation of business processes decreases labor time, enhances cost efficiency and adds transparency. With our deep involvement in business processes and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we build unique solutions, which help companies operate more efficiently in the areas of transportation, healthcare, retail industries and beyond.

  • Dev Technosys image
    25% Custom Software
    • United States, Philadelphia
    • 101-200  employees
    • Johnson&Johnson
    • Nike
    • Hertz
    • Pfizer
    • Whirpool


    Dev Technosys is a custom app development company established in 2010 and headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This ISO 9001: 2015 certified company has already done over 950 projects for more than 450 clients around the globe. Its team size exceeds 120 specialists.

    Dev Technosys offers a lot of custom development services there are some of them below:
    - Custom mobile app development (Android, iOS, Progressive Web, Hybris apps)
    - Custom software development (POS, CRM, SaaS solutions)
    - Custom Web Development
    - Custom IoT & AI development
    - Custom UI/UX design

    The company provides custom software solutions in industries such as Real Estate & Property, Education, On-demand, Service Marketplace, Healthcare, Automotives, Banking, Finance & Insurance and others.

    Notable project

    Blueline on-demand platform was created by Dev Technosys for the client. The main goal of the software is reviving of home visits of healthcare representatives by the supply-demand system. The app was developed for Android and Web.

    "They suit all of our needs and are incredibly receptive, savvy and knowledgeable. This is one of the best development teams that I have ever worked with. Extremely diligent and professional. Couldn`t ask for a better development partner." - Cedric Thomas

    5 months ago

    We are best leading development company in India. We provide web development, software development, web hosting company, and web data scrapping company at Ahmadabad. Get more information: Email: Con no: +919662520521

  • Dexoc image
    18% Custom Software
    • India, Ahmedabad
    • $5000 - $1000000/hr
    • 51-100  employees
    • LifeTools Software Application
    • Trademark Software Application


    Dexoc is a Custom software development company based in Canada, India, USA & Spain. Our professional software engineers provides offshore software development services to startups, mid-size companies & big enterprises across the globe. Our skilled and professional software developers team uses Agile & DevOps development methodology during the project development life-cycle to deliver robust & scalable solution with continuous software testing. 

    Our core strength is to provide highly qualitative and on-schedule custom software product & enterprise application solution within pre-defined budget of our customers. We make sure that our customers maximize their return on investment by building powerful & innovation custom software software development, web application, Mobile app development for iOS app platform, Android app platform and IoT solutions.

  • DigiFutura


    DigiFutura image
    11% Custom Software
    • India, Bangalore
    • 11-50  employees
    • Google
    • Toshiba
    • DocsApp.
  • Digital Scientists

    Digital Scientists

    Digital Scientists image
    25% Custom Software
    • 11-50  employees
    • Fortiva
    • Intent Solutions
    • Gables Residential
    • Tory Burch
    • Avesta Homes.
  • Digital Skynet image
    65% Custom Software
    • Russia, Taganrog
    • 51-100  employees
    • Delta Apparel
    • SourceOne
    • SWIIM
    • Veolia Energy
    • Cool Gazelle
    • Adobe


    Digital Skynet is a custom software development company that was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the company that wasn't a big team but has already finished around 50 successful projects. Moreover, Digital Skynet has an 88% retention rate.

    Digital Skynet has expertise in serving businesses of various industries. It offers custom software development that includes the following services:
    - Mobile native & cross-platform app development
    - Web software development
    - Desktop app development
    - IoT app development
    - MVP development

    The company also creates Blockchain, AI & ML, and Big Data solutions. It is especially good in data scraping, coding automation, data visualization, virtualization, data transfer protocols, and more.

    Notable project

    Digital Skynet provided the client with a custom web app for creating boat trips. The application was developed especially for tour guides to help them in tour management providing such features as tours tracking, categorizing, reporting and so on.

    "Digital Skynet has skillful developers and hardworking employees. They are focusing on delivering top notch works with a lot of passion. They are fast problem solvers, patient and they explain things in great detail."